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Hey, party in my eye socket, and everyone's invited

[everyone startes at Xander]

Xander: Sometimes I shouldn't say words.

Title is quote from Xander on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Last weekend I uploaded a Dawson's Creek video about Jen on youtube.

Jen's Cove

On Sunday was my grandmother's birthday. I totally forget what we had for supper but for dessert we had an awesome spice cake. I bought her some special candies and she really liked them.

On Monday was Family Day, so there was no school. That was the day we tried to take off the old toilet seat and put on the new toilet seat. I just kept getting flashes to the Toilet Seat Tree in Dead Like Me.

Toilet Seat Tree

In Drama, I'm going to the be director for the play called The Bagel Club. The teacher already order the scripts, sothis week I was working out a schedule for auditions and rehearsals.

In Sociology, a sociologist came to talk to my class. She was really fun. She wrote a thesis on Native girls and their culture. Anyways she shared stories about how she got a group of Native girls to take pictures of what was important to them.

I'm watching season4 of Instant Star. I loved season 3.I'll be honest, Patsy kind of scared me, but her death was very sad. I love how this season fully explained Tommy's background. Right now, I'm watching season 4, I can't wait to seethe episodes that have Cassie Steele in them.

"Mini" was an amazing episode. This episode had so many layers. I love how Mini is pregnant and she took like 5-7 pregnancy tests that all said "positive". I really thought her Dad was so cool by letting Mini move in with him, but he totally turned into a jerk when he left the country without Mini. I love how Eric is actually a nice guy and he comforts Mini before she moves back in with her mom. I love the end of the episode with Mini getting an ultrasound and she cries when she sees the movement.

How I Met Your Mother Seaosn 7

"No Pressure" was an awesome episode. I feel like this is the episode that Ted is finally turning his life around, which I'm really happy about. I really love the ending of this episode with a street filled with people holding yellow umbrellas. I love how Ted told the story about how he first said "I love you" to the mother. Anyways, I'm glad Ted and Robin don't get back together. I love how Ted realizes Robin's in love with Barney. I thought the whole Lily and Marshall making bets about the gang was funny.

"On My Way" was such an intense Glee episode! It was so intense how Karofsky gets outed at his school, then gets bullied in the locker room. I was shocked when Karofsky attempted suicide. I'm glad that Glee did a plot about gay teen suicide because that's a current issue that's very relevant to today. I'm happy that Karofsky is alive. I'm happy Sebastian realized his bullying went too far and decided not to threaten to post a sexually explicit picture of Finn on the internet. I love the scene where Kurt visits Karofsky in the hospital and they have very nice moment and decide to be friends. At regionals, I love the Warblers singing "Stand" and "Glad You Came". New Directions shouldn't have performed a mash-up of "Fly" and "I Believe I Can Fly". It sounded awful. I love the Troubletones performing "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)". I love hearing Brittany singing.I love Rachel singing "Here's to Us". Sue us so funny with saying hormones are making her nice and she wants to work with Will to make glee club win nationals. I love how she let Quinn back on the Cheerios. The ending was so intense with that truck crashing into Quinn's car. I can't wait for the next episode to see if Quinn's still alive. I also can't wait to see if Rachel and Finn go through with the wedding.

"Wh0re$ Don't Make That Much" was an exciting episode. First of all, I love how it's finally revealed why Siobhan wants revenge on Bridget. It was so sad to hear that Siobhan had a son named Sean that died when he was in a car accident with Bridget. I love the end of the episode when Bridget tells Malcolm that she wants to tell Andrew and Juliet who she really is. It was so intense when it was revealed Tessa was beaten up and put in a coma. Like Juliet, I thought Mr. Carpenter did it, but I was surprised to find out that it was Catherine, Juliet's mother.

Degrassi Season 11
Degrassi Season 11
"Underneath It All Part One" was a good episode, but not the best episode. I love that Fiona is back from rehab. It was really hard to see her chase after popularity after all her character development in season 10 and the first part of season 11. I really didn't like Fiona becoming friends with Katie and Marisol. I do love how they decided to pull a Senior Prank. I love how they covered everything in tinfoil. I just couldn't believe how they would leave Imogen inside the school. I love the introduction of Maya, Tori, Tristan, and Zig. It's interesting how Tori tells Maya that Zig is the type of guy who dates girls then ditches them. Clare and Jake dating is still creepy and the episode gives the feeling that it's not going to last.

"Underneath It All Part Two" was an awesome episode. It was so much better than part two. I love how this episode dealt with the consequences of the prank. I felt so bad for Imogen in this episode. I couldn't believe it when Marisol revealed she locked Imogen in the theatre. I love how Fiona confessed she was part of the prank and Katie and Marisol just sat there denying that they were part of the prank. I think I'm going to like Katie and Marisol as the new mean girls of the school. I'm glad that Fiona and Imogen became friends at the end of the episode. Maya's plot was entertaining with accidentally getting Tori and Zig back together. I love Clare and Jake's plot because they officially broke up in this episode.

My Top 5 Charmed Storylines

5. Leo and Piper's Love Story
TheMysteryofChris.jpg The Mystery of Chris Halliwell
Leo and Piper's Love Story is my fifth favourite storyline. I love how Piper and Leo first met and Piper was checking Leo out while he worked on the house. I love the first time Piper and Leo kissed. The Elders were so annoying with not wanting Leo and Piper being together, so I loved when Leo and Piper decided to be together anyways. I love how they decided to get married.

4. Cole Turner / Balthezor / The Triad --> Prue's Death
TheMysteryofChris.jpg The Mystery of Chris Halliwell
Cole Turner/Balthezor/The Triad/Prue's Death is my fourth favourite storyline. I love the introduction of Cole even though he was never my favourite character. I love how it's revealed that he's a half-demon named Balthezor who has been hired by The Triad to kill the Charmed Ones. I love how he falls in love with Phoebe, so he can't kill the Charmed Ones. I love how Cole kills all the members of The Triad.
The whole Source of All Evil/Shax/Prue's death is also tied as being my fourth favourite storyline. Although Prue was never my favourite character, the episodes leading up to her death were very exciting.

3. Cole becomes The Source and Takes Phoebe as his Queen
TheMysteryofChris.jpg The Mystery of Chris Halliwell
Cole becoming the The Source is my third favourite storyline. I love how Cole becomes The Source of All Evil and he didn't even know it until he started having dreams that he was on fire. I love how The Seer is all behind this trying to get Cole and Phoebe to get married, but in the evil way. I love how Phoebe becomes evil for one episode. I love how plot about Phoebe becoming pregnant, but then The Seer uses magic to steal Phoebe's unborn baby and place it in her own body. I love how she couldn't handle the baby's power, so she died.

2. Dark Leo / Kyle Brody / Avatars / Zankou
TheMysteryofChris.jpg The Mystery of Chris Halliwell
Dark Leo/Kyle Brody/Avatars/Zankou is my second favourite storyline. I love how Leo became darker in season 7. I love how he was becoming crazy and hearing voices. I love how the Avatars show up and want to work with Leo. I love how Kyle Brody is a new character who believes the Avatars are responsible for his parents' death. I love how Kyra gave Phoebe visions of the future, so The Charmed Ones decide to work the The Avatars. I love how the whole world changes and everyone is nice to each other. It was awful how the Avatars made people disappear if they misbehaved. I love how the Charmed Ones teamed up with Zankou to get rid of the Avatars.

1. The Mystery of Chris
TheMysteryofChris.jpg The Mystery of Chris Halliwell
The Mystery of Chris is my favourite storyline. I love how Chris comes from the future and you know nothing about him. I love how we don't know if he's good or evil. I love how he reveals little things like Wyatt becoming evil in the future and he wants to stop that from happening. I love how we find out about his fiance and his life in the future. I love how he finally reveals that he's Piper's son and he's come back to get Piper and Leo back together.

My Favourite Treats

Favourite Pop: Coca-Cola

Favourite Chips: Ketchup Chips

Favourite Candy: Sour Keys
Sour Keys

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Kit Kat

Favourite Dessert: Chocolate Cake

Question of the Day:
What's your favourite pop, chips, candy, chocolate bar, and dessert?

Have an awesome weekend!!