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Giles, do you have a Jonathan swimsuit calendar?

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Giles: No... Yes... it was a gift. Title is quote from Buffy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This week all I've been doing is relaxing besides cleaning my bedroom. My bedroom is now spotless. I set up a small television in my bedroom and hooked it up to my dvd player and watched Degrassi while cleaning my room. I've been watching at least two episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 every day. The beginning of the season started out slow, but now it's getting more exciting. The last episode I watched was Donna hitting her head and Dylan going to the hospital. I've finished reading Buffy season 8"The Long Way Home", "No Future For You", and "Wolves at the Gate". I've been really enjoying Buffy season 8. I love the return of Amy and Warren as villians. I love all the different references made from the tv show. I love the plot ofXander visiting Dracula and getting Dracula to help the Scooby gang out. himym.jpg HIMYM logo picture by Jon_MW_16 "Tailgate" was a great episode. I love how Marshall went to visit his father's grave for New Years. It was so sweet how Lily told her father about her pregnancy and he rushed to visit her as soon as he heard the news. I love drunk Sandy. That was the best part of the episode. I love how Robin is co-host with Sandy. I even enjoyed Ted and Barney plot of starting their own bar.

"Darkness" was an amazing episode. I love how Cassie's trying to learn more about the black magic in her family. It was so intense how Kate tried to kill Cassie. I love how Cassie escaped the trunk. I enjoyed Faye's plot of going to this mysterious stranger named Lee, and trying to get her powers back. the-vampire-diaries-1.jpg The Vampire Diaries picture by Jon_MW_16
"The New Deal" was an awesome episode. In this episode a lot happens. I love how Klaus is back and will do anything to get his family back. It was awful how Tyler was using Jeremy. My favourite moment of the show was when Jeremy is compelled to stand in the middle of the road and get hit by a car and Alaric saves him. It's sad that Jeremy is leaving the show, but I still have hope that he's going to return. I love how Elena gave Klaus Rebekah, but then Klaus won't wake up Rebekah after learning that she knows abou their mother. I love the Damon and Elena kiss at the end of the episode. My Top 5 Beverly Hills 90210 Storylines
5. Kelly's Amnesia

BH 90210 802 Aloha Beverly Hills Part 2 3
Kelly's Amnesia storyline is my fifth favourite storyline so far. It was really intense how Kelly got shot and then couldn't remember anything afterwards.
4. Andrea's Pregnancy

Andrea's Pregnancy is my fourth favourite storyline so far. Andrea is one of my favourite characters and I love how she gets a big storyline in her final seasons of the show.
3. Valerie's Backstory

Valerie's Backstory is my third favourite storyline in the series so far. Valerie is surpringly one of my favourite characters. It's heartbreaking to find out that she was raped by her father mutilpe times. My favourite part of her storyline is when she reveals that she murdered her father.
2. Donna's Stalker

Donna's stalker storyline is my second favourite storylin in the series so far. Donna had her most exciting plot in season 7 when she got that stalker. It was so scary how she got all those weird calls. It was so intense how she was held at gunpoint by her stalker.
1. Kelly and Crazy Tara

Kelly's storyline in season 7 is my favourite storyline in the series so far. I didn't like her cocaine addiction storyline, but I loved her rehab storyline. I love how her roomate, Tara, was crazy. It was so intense how Tara locked Kelly and herself in the car with gas leaking into the car, so they could die together.

Honourable mentions
Donna's Car Accident/Pain Medicine Addicion/Overdose My Top 5 90210 Storylines
5. Adrianna's Drug Addiction/Rehab/Pregnancy

Adrianna's Drug Addiction/Rehab/Pregnancy is my fifth favourite storyline on the show so far. I love how this storyline was the biggest storyline of the season that dealt with real teen issues. It was just heartbreaking to watch Adrianna give her baby up for adoption.
4. Annie's Hit and Run

Annie's Hit and Run is my fourth favourite storyline so far. This made the season one finale very exciting. I love how these leads to Annie dating Jasper, which leads to Jasper attempting suicide, which leads to Annie telling the truth.
3. Teddy Coming Out Story

Teddy's coming out story is my third favourite storyline so far. I love how Teddy went from hating himself to accepting himself from season 3-4. The writer's did an excellent job on this storyline because they found a way to explain Teddy being a "lady's man" as a cover-up.
2. Silver's Bipolar

Silver's Bipolar storyline is my second favourite storyline so far. I love how their were little hints throughout season 1 that Silver was mentally unstable. I love how crazy she got with making fires and throwing glass bottle at people. It was heartbreaking when she broke down crying and Dixon had to explain that his mother is bipolar.
1. Naomi's Rape

Naomi's rape is my favourite storyline. It's soscary how Mr. Cannon forced himself on Naomi. It was awful how Naomi was having nightmares about it. I love that Naomi eventually went to the police. It was crazy how Naomi proved she was innocent, but then Mr. Cannon went missing before the police could arrest him. It was scary how he was hiding in Naomi's closet and held Naomi hostage. I love how Silver showed up, sprayed hairspray in his eyes, tied him up, and called the police.