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Title is quote from Emma on Glee. I just found that line so funny. Monday was Thanksgiving Day. I had no school. I spent the day helping my mom clean the house. The turkey dinner was amazing. My mom made carrot cake, and it tasted so good. School's going great. I'm doing very well in Data Management. I got 94% on the last math test. In Art, we started painting, and I'm very happy about that because I'm horrible at adding value to my drawings. Writer's Craft is going well. Right now I'm writing a short story about psychic twins. I uploaded a video about Faith, Buffy, and Kendra on youtube. Slayers

dexter-logo.jpg Dexter picture by Jon_MW_16
"Once Upon A Time" wasa great episode. I was a little confused on why Dexter was going after Brother Sam. I know it's because of the body that was found on the beach. But anyways, it seems like Brother Sam really has changed. I love how Dexter went after Julio instead. It's interesting how Harrison is catching on to Dexter's box. I love how Debra becomes homicides new lieutenant and Angel acts like she derserves, but really he's upset about it. It was so cute when Quinn proposed and it was really sad how Debra rejected his proposal. The new Big Bad is named Travis. Does he think the end of the world is coming?

himym.jpg HIMYM logo picture by Jon_MW_16

"Field Trip" was an alright How I Met Your Mother episode. I feel like nothing really happened in this episode. It was interesting with Kevin not wanting to be Robin's therapist because he's attracted her, but they couldn't have sex. I love how Robin becomes Kevin's therapist and you think Kevin wouldn't have an issues to deal with, but he has a lot of them. Marshall's plot could have been funnier. It's interesting that his boss thinks the end of the world is coming. I didn't understand Barney's plot at all. When they were talking about E-Woks, I thought they meant E-Walks, and I was like "Excercise Walking?". It wasn't till later that I figured out it was Star Wars reference, and I've never watched Star Wars. Ted's plot was pointless, but I did like Ted versus Barney debate.

BeingErica-1.jpg Being Erica image by Jon_MW_16
"Baby Mama" was amazing episode. It was awful how Barb was only one who didn't accept Sam's pregnancy. I love how Barb became Erica's patient. I love how Erica goes back in time to Barb's high school days. I love seeing Lauren Collins portraying a younger Barbara. It's so interesting how Erica finds out that her mom got pregnant as a teenager and she gave the baby up for adoption. I love how Barb eventually meets her son. I love the subplot of Adam not knowing whether he wants kids and he goes to Ivan's bachelor party and he figures it all out. I love how Dr. Tom realizes that he needs a personal life, so he called Amanda.

90210 logo

"Party Politics" was a great episode. I love how Jim reveals to Liam and Jane that his body was found and he suffered amnesia. It was intense how he got into a fight with Liam, and he ended up hurting Jane, and he didn't know she was pregnant. I love how Jim appreciates that Liam is willing to raise a baby that's not even his. Teddy's plot is most interesting because he has no clue about politics. It will be interesting to see how that election turns out and how it affects Teddy. I love how Silver is getting her own plot with working with Marissa. I am so glad that Silver found out about Navid's Uncle having a stolen car business, and I love how she left Navid.I finally figured out that Annie's blonde friend is named Bree. I love how Annie has to babysit Leela but she also needs money, so she brings Leela out on her "date". I love how Leela figured out that Annie is an escort. The only thing I disliked in this episode was the Naomi/Max/Austin plot. It was so boring.

"Slither" was an excellent episode. I love how Melissa was possessed by a demon. I love how Cassie finally tells her grandmother that she's a witch and that she needs her help. I love how Cassie's grandmother is a very powerful witch. I love how Nick became possessed by the demon and then he ran off. It was so intense how Charles had to drown Nick to kill the demon, but it was so sad that Nick died.

the-vampire-diaries-1.jpg The Vampire Diaries picture by Jon_MW_16
"The Reckoning" was also an excellent episode. First of all, I love how this episode revovled around the high school. I love how Bonnie, Tyler, Elena, Caroline, and Matt were participating in Senior Prank Night. It was intense how Klaus showed up and he turned Tyler into a hybrid. I love how we find out that Elena doesn't need to die for werewolves to turn into vampires. I love how it's Elena's blood that helps turn werewolves in vampires successfully. It was awful how Elena ended up in the hospital. It was so cute when Damon saved her and told her he'll never leave her. I love how Damon told Klaus that they he found Michael, and Klaus runs off. The ending was funny with Stefan walking in and he's this big jerk. It was so intense how Vicki was trying to contact himself and Matt tries to drown himself to have a near-death experience so he can talk to Vicki. I love how Bonnie saved him. I love how Anna tells Jeremy where to find Michael, but Michael is this vampire that hunts vampires and will destroy anyone.

"A Whole New Kind of B!tch" was a great episode. I love how Gemma finally believes that Shivette is Bridget. I love how Gemma becomes really crazy in this episode and wants Bridget to sleep with Henry so she can catch him. I love how Bridget tells Henry that Gemma knows everything. The end of the episode was really intense with Henry and there's blood everywhere, but there's no Gemma. I thought it was funny how Andrew is sending Juliet to public school. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was Malcolm's plot. I find that it's getting boring.

Halloween Costumes Part 2

"Boo" from Dark Angel

Sketchy - Vampire (Best Costume)
Original Cindy - Michael Jackson? (Second Best Comstume)

"Haunted" from Dead Like Me

Crystal - Grim Reaper (Best Costume)
Roxy - Princess (Second Best Costume)
Daisy - Police Officer (Third Best Coustume)
Delores - Cat (Fourth Best Costume)
Rube - Masked Man (Second Last Best Costume)
George - Masked Girl(Last Best Costume
Mason - Dead Boy (He wasn't wearing a costume, but he looked very ghostly in one scene)
Reggie - Witch (Second Worst Costume)
Joy - ????? (Worst Costume)

"It Creeps!!! from Degrassi High

This isn't a Halloween episode, but the characters get dressed up in this episode.

Caitlin - Seriel Killer (Best Costume)
Joey - Nerd (Second Best Costume)
Snake - Punk (Third Best Costume)
Simon - Football Player (Last Best Costume)
Wheels -????? (Worst Costume)

"Tricks and Treats" from Freaks and Geeks

Bill - Bionic Woman (Best Costume)
Harold - Vampire (Second Best Costume)
Neal - Charlie Chaplin (Third Best Costume)
Sam - Robot (Fourth Best Costume)
Jean - Cowgirl (Fifth Best Costume)
Lindsay - Prince (Sixth Best Costume)
Harris Trinsky - A Guy With Knife Through His Head (Last Best Costume)

"The Rocky Horror Glee Show" from Glee

Kurt - Riff Raff (Best Costume)
Brittany - Columbia (Second Best Costume)
Mercedes - Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Third Best Costume)
Santana - Magenta (Fourth Best Costume)
Quinn and Tina - Transylvanians (Fifth Best Costume)
Sam - Rocky (Sixth Best Costume)
Dr. Carl - Eddie (Seventh Best Costume)
Artie - Dr. Everett V. Scott (Eight Best Costume)
Finn - Brad (Ninth Best Costume)
Rachel - Janet (Last Best Costume)

"$lutty Pumpkin" from How I Met Your Mother

Lily & Marshall - Sonny and Cher / Jack Sparrow and Parrot (Best Costumes)
Barney - Astronaut / Devil / Penguin (Second Best Costumes)
Mike - Hansel (Third Best Costume)

"Canning Randy" from How I Met Your Mother

HIMYM 607 Canning Randy  5
Ted - Hot Dog (Surprisingly Best Costume)
Lily & Marshall - Bullfighter and Bull (Second Best Costumes)
Barney - Karate Master (Third Best Costume)
Randy - Lobster (Fourth Best Costume)
Robin - Nurse (Last Best Costume)

Next blog will be Halloween Costumes Part 3.