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'Cuz you're in Canada now, eh?


Alanis Morisette/Principal: [to Jay and Silent Bob] You boys are too bloody stupid to make the grade down in the States and your last hope is the school system of the great white north, eh? You want to get oot of grade 12?
[Silent Bob nods vigorously]

Alanis Morisette/Principal: You better start learning what the metric system is all aboot!

Jay: I've got three words for you. Go... to...

Alanis Morisette/Principal: [smacks him across the jaw with a hockey stick] There'll be no more cuss words out of you, you potty-mouthed mallrats. You're gonna learn the dual languages of my home and native land, or you're gonna savour my poutine. 'Cuz you're in Canada now, eh?

Title is quote from Alanis Morisette on Degrassi.

Last week I made a Buffy video about Olivia. I know she was only in a couple episodes of Buffy, but I always wanted her to become a recurring character.

Olivia: Demon Carnival

Last Wednesday I had an interview at Stitches. It went really well. I'm hoping to get the job. I think I'm going to hear something about it this week.

On Thursday, I just relaxed and watched Beverly Hills 90210 all day. Then, I was invited to rent movies with friends Thursday Night. We rented the new Tin Tin movie and another movie called Gone. Both movies were very good. I had a lot of fun.

On Friday, I watched The Glee Project. It's really sad to see Tyler go. I think my favourite contestant is Nellie because she seems the most relateable to me.

Yesterday, I had a family BBQ. We had hotdogs and hamburgers. We had a lot of fun especially since my cousin and her boyfriend came and the last time I saw them was at Christmas.

My Top 5 Canadian Characters

5. Joey from Degrassi Junior High

Joey from Degrassi Junior High is my fifth favouirte Canadian character. I love how Joey started the show as this goofy kid who always got into trouble and he turned into a guy that really cared about his friends.

4. Erica from Being Erica

Erica from Being Erica is my fourth favourite Canadian character. I love how she's an intelligent and independent woman. I love how Erica managed to solve all her problems she had the beginning of the show.

3. Shannon from Edgemont

Shannon from Edgemont is my third favourite Canadian character. I love how Shannon was more of the shy and quiet character. I love how her character grew to be more confidant. I love her storyline about her sexuality.

2. Spike from Degrassi Junior High

Spike from Degrassi Junior High is my second favourite Canadian character. I love how Spike never judged anyone. I love how she was open-minded about everything. I loved her attitude about everything. Her pregnancy storyline was one of my favourite on Degrassi Junior High.

1. Spinner from Degrassi: The Next Generation
Spinner Mason
Spinner from Degrassi: The Next Generation is my favourite Canadian character. My favourite Degrassi character is always changing, but I've always liked Spinner. I liked how his character always made mistakes, but he learned from them, and he always redeemed himself. I love how he grew from being a goofy teen to a mature young adult.

Honourable Mentions

Daisy Graves Higher Ground

Riley from Degrassi

Anya from Degrassi

Kai from Being Erica

Dr. Tom from Being Erica

Lucy from Degrassi Junior High

Michelle from Degrassi Junior High

Jen from Edgemont

I hope everyone has an amazing week!!