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Connor: Did you erase me from your memory?......Mo: Did you ever love me at all?

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Title is quote Connor and Mo from Degrassi re-enacting Clare's breakdown earlier this season. I love how Degrassi makes fun of itself.

I finished the first two seasons of Todd & Book of Pure Evil. I'm hoping this show gets picked up for a third season. I really want to know what's going to happen next.

On Sunday I made an Instant Star video.

Instant Star

On Monday, there was a drama rehearsal in which half the cast didn't show up. The teacher did this weird thing where she made all the actors stand on stage and told them not to say a word, but she didn't give them any instructions. She told me to just stare and them to see which one's got nervous. Then, she made them count all the chairs in the theatre and told them that point of the exercise was to give them a purpose. I thought the whole thing was completely weird.

The weather was so hot this week. It went up to 30*C (86*F). It was so hot this week that all the snow melted. It felt like we skipped Spring and went straight to Summer. But now, it's cooler outside, and it's going to be raining every day this week.

I'm reading the third book of The Circle of Three. It's called "Second Sight". It's so much better the second time reading it.


"Mini and Franky" was an awesome episode. It was so intense how Mini had a panic attack and had to go to the hospital. It was so creepy how Matty followed them. I love how Franky and Mini ran away together. As much as I want Mini and Franky to be together, Alo's a good guy and I'm glad he decided to support Mini, and I'm glad Mini choose Alo over Franky. It was sad when Franky was upset about everything. I thought something bad was going to happen to Franky when she ran off in the streets. The end of the episode was surprising when Mini feels blood under her. I think she lost the baby.

How I Met Your Mother Seaosn 7

"The Broath" was a great episode. Even though I didn't like the introduction of Quinn, I realize that she's the female version of Barney. So I wouldn't mind if Quinn was the one Barney married. I love the prank that Barney and Quinn pulled on Lily, Marshall, Ted, and Robin. I didn't like Ted and Robin's plot because I just wish they would stay friends and that things weren't awkward for them. I do love that Robin got promoted to be a co-host with Sandy Rivers. She deserves it.


"The Heart Will Go On" was an amazing episode. I've been waiting for an episode like this. It was so intense when Dixon couldn't breathe and was brought to the hospital. I love how we found out that he was born with heart defect. It was so interesting how Raj was in the same hospital and he was dying. It was heartbreaking when Ivy found out and she had to see Raj die. I'm loving Silver's cancer-gene storyline. I can't wait until the next episode to find out if she has the cancer-gene. I didn't care that Naomi and Jen weren't talking, but I did love their apologies, and I love how Jen knows a secret about PJ. I can't wait to hear about it. I really didn't care about Vanessa's jealousy of Silver and Liam wanting to start a production company with her. I still don't care about Annie and her charity, but I love the introduction of Caleb.

"Curse" was a fantastic episode. I love how Cassie and Adam sleeping together activated a "curse". I love how it made Jake very sick and about to die. I love how the only way they could save Jake was to drink from a potion that would make them fall out of love. It was sad how Cassie was still in love with Adam, but Jake Adam no feelings for her what-so-ever. I love Jake's plot of hallucinating of Calvin and feeling very guilty about killing him. I can't believe John Blackwood has some magic and he completely made up the curse himself. I loved Faye's plot of trying to find Lee. I love how she told Eva that she was a witch. I love how crazy Eva got. I love how breaking that Voo Doo stick took away Eva's magic. I love how seeing Jane again. I wish Dawn and Charles would stop using the crystal on her, so she can get all better again.

The vampire Diaries season 3

"Break On Through" was a crazy-amazing. I love how Alaric has this evil alter-ego. I love how he tried to attack Meredith, then Elena, and Stefan saved them both. I love how Evil Alaric has plans for Jeremy because Jeremy wears a ring as well. I was kind of disappointed that Samantha Gilbert died in a insane asylum. I was hoping she was turned into a vampire. I LOVE HOW ELENA CALLED JEREMY!!! I can't wait until he returns to Mystic Falls! I love how we found out that Finn turned Sage into a vampire, so she's completely loyal to him. I love how Sage betrayed Damon and teamed up with Rebekah to burn wood from the Wickery Bridge, which is made of the White Oak Tree. I love how Damon has the Wickery Bridge sign which is also made of White Oak and now he and Stefan can defeat The Originals. I love Caroline and Bonnie are helping Abby with being a vampire. It was sad how Abby abandoned Bonnie again because she couldn't deal with being a mother and a vampire.

"That Woman's Never Been a Victim Her Entire Life" was another exciting episode. I'm so happy that Andrew is alive. I'm really happy that he isn't a murderer. I love how Henry is finding out that Siobhan is a little more crazier than he thought. It was so shocked when Henry revealed that he accidentally killed Tyler. It was intense how Juliet ran away. I really thought Olivia kidnapped her. I'm so glad that Juliet told Bridget about Juliet's mother, but it seemed like Bridget was disappointed in Juliet. It's very interesting that we found out that one of Bodaway Macawi guys was the person who tried to kill Bridget. The only thing I'm still confused about is if Malcolm is just missing or if he's missing and dead.

Degrassi Season 11

"Not Ready To Make Nice" Part Two was an excellent episode. I love how Clare joined this so-called "cult" without knowing. I love how Summer and Cash turned out be drug dealers growing marijuana in their house. It was intense how Jake showed up to save Clare from this "cult" and the police show up to arrest Summer, Cash, Clare, and Jake. I'm so glad that the police didn't take Clare and Jake to jail. I'm very happy that Summer and Cash are in jail. I love how Clare was laughing hysterically. It was nice to see her laugh. I love how Clare and Jake are finally becoming siblings. Fiona's crush on Imogen is so cute. I still have hope that they'll get together by the end of the season. I do love Eli and Imogen as a couple, so I'm happy they got together in this episode. I love how Connor pranked Mo and then realized that Mo just wants to be accepted just like him. I love how Mo and Connor did a re-enactment of Clare's breakdown earlier this season on the football field. It was so funny.

5 Characters Similar To Me

5. Adam from Degrassi

Adam is the fifth character most similar to me. Both of us have a good sense of humour and like to make jokes. We're both nice guys. We both know what it's like to keep big secrets about ourselves and we both know the relief of telling people those secrets. We're both very confidant about who we are.

4. JT from Degrassi

JT is the fourth character most similar to me. JT and I are both funny guys and the cla$s clown. I wouldn't call myself a cla$s clown but with small groups of people that I know really well, I have cla$s clown behaviour. We both have a sensitive side and care about our friends and family.

3. Pacey from Dawson's Creek

Pacey is the third character most similar to me. We're both really funny guys. We definitely share the same sarcastic humour. At times we both can feel really stupid and doubt ourselves, but in the end we know that we are smart. We don't care what other people think of us.

2. Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Willow Rosenberg
Willow is the second character character similar to me. We both started high school as very shy people and by the end of high school we became very confidant people. Willow and I are very smart and we both get excellent grades in school. We both have similar anxieties when it comes to new situations but we can overcome those anxieties.

1. Clare from Degrassi

Clare is the first character most similar to me. We both started high school as quiet people and we both became very outspoken as we got older. We're both smart and sarcastic people. We both have a similar sense of humour. We're both writers. I've never been in any of Clare's situations, but we both have similar reactions when we get angry, so I can really relate to her emotions.

Question of the Day:
What characters of any TV show are similar to you?

Have an amazing weekend!!