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Buffy: Oh, the one that nearly bit me mentioned something about kissing toast.

Buffy: Oh, the one that nearly bit me mentioned something about 'kissing toast'. He lived for kissing toast.

Giles: [alarmed] You mean, Kakistos?

Buffy: Maybe it was taquitos. Maybe he lived for taquitos. What?

Giles: Kakistos.

Buffy: Is that bad?

Giles: Kakistos is Greek, it means the worst of the worst. It's also the name of a vampire so old that his hands and feet are cloven.

Title is quote from Buffy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Last weekend, I made a Buffy video about Anya.

Anya the Vengeance Demon

On Sunday, was another drama rehearsal. After having 3 really hot days, Sunday was completely cold. I walked to the school and teacher hadn't even arrived. Luckily, a couple people drove to school, so I got into one of the cars to stay out of the wind. For some reason, I was so bored at drama rehearsal. It usually goes by really fast. Watching the same scenes over and over again can get boring.

On Monday, there was a drama rehearsal after school and the dancing scenes were awful. We worked on those scenes for a couple of hours and everyone was so much better by the end of it. We only have 3 dancers in the cla$s and they had to teach everyone the moves. Monday was also the day I had to point out all the flaws in the play. We realized that the writer of play isn't the best writer.

On Wednesday, school buses were cancelled because of icy roads. I stayed home and got caught up on all my school work. I had a 2 big assignments due on Friday and these assignments weren't even close to being finished. Luckily, I got everything done by Thursday night.

On Thursday, the grade 10s were doing their Literacy Test, so the rest of the school got the day off. I stayed home and finished those assignments. I spent the rest of the day watching youtube videos.

I'm reading Circle of Three: What the Cards Said. It's book #4 in the series. The series is about three girls who share an interest in Wicca. In this book, the girl named Annie takes an interest in Tarot reading.

I have amazing news. My aunt is out of the mental health care hospital. She went home on Wednesday. She's doing so much better.


"Finale" was an awesome episode. I love how season ended. I love how Franky ran away and she met her biological sister. Franky meeting her birth mother was the most beautiful scene in this episode. I'm glad that Franky didn't choose between Nick and Matty. I love how Matty went to the police and turned himself in. I'm happy that Mini didn't lose the baby. It was so awesome how she gave birth and Alo was excited about it. I love how Rich sees Grace everywhere he goes, but it's like he's at peace with her death because she'll always be with him. I love how he broke the fourth wall at the end of the episode. Alex leaving was disappointing. I thought he'd be a better character and be a good friend to Liv, but it was like he didn't really care. Overall, this was an amazing season.


"Blue Ivy" was a great episode. I love how 90210 is taking a risk and giving Silver a real storyline that doesn't have the happy ending she was looking for. It's very sad that Silver has the cancer-gene, but it's very realistic, and I appreciate that. I really love how Liam realized that Vanessa was a compulsive liar, a manipulator, and blackmailer. I love how he told her off. Vanessa was an awful mean girl and I'm glad she's gone. Liam and Silver becoming a couple actually makes sense to me. I love Ivy's plot of dealing with the aftermath of Raj's death. I love how she put on a Irish rave and invited all her friends to tell stories about Raj around the fire. It was heartbreaking when she started crying and was honest about all her true feelings. I love how Dixon signed a recording contract and is going on tour with Hayley Reinhart. I'm not sure if Dixon is coming back but I know Tristan Wilds is sick and I hope he has a speedy recovery. It was nice to see the return of Navid. Naomi's plot was disappointing. I thought PJ would have a bigger secret. I'm glad he thinks Naomi is the one, but I dislike that he's only asking to marry her so early because he wants access to his trust fund.

"Sacrifice" was a fantastic episode. I love how Jake's friend, Samuel, who was also a witch hunter shows up and he reveals that Eben is using a witch to summon demons and that Samuel was the next sacrifice. It was interesting when it turned out that Samuel was already possessed by demons. I love how John Blackwell used all his magic to kill the demons in Samuel. I love how the gang knows Blackwell has magic. I love how Blackwell revealed that finding all the crystals will make them stronger than Eban. I'm looking forward to the Circle vs. Witch-hunters!

The vampire Diaries season 3

"The Murder of One" was an a amazing episode. I love how the gang is getting more serious about taking down Klaus in this episode. I love how they made stakes from using The Wickery Bridge sign made out of The White Oak Tree. I can't believe how Klaus kidnapped Bonnie and forced her to do the spell to reverse the link spell. I love how Elena or Matt staked Finn, but Bonnie finished the spell first, so the rest of The Originals are still alive. The way Sage and Troy died was unexpected. I love how they made a connection about staking one vampire kills it's bloodline. It's interesting that they realized if they kill Klaus, that means Tyler dies. I love how Stefan traded all the stakes to save Damon. It's also interesting how Alaric's alter-ego stole the last stake that Klaus wants. JEREMY OFFICIALLY RETURNS IN THE NEXT EPISODE! I CAN'T WAIT!!

"Let's Kill Bridget!" was another exciting episode! I love how Bridget teams up with Machado to fake her own death. I love how the person that wants to kill Siobhan is Catherine. I should have known, but I didn't see that coming. I love how Henry was taken to the police about Tyler's murder and he was turned in by his father-in-law. I still a little confused about Malcolm being missing and Bodaway but I'm sure everything will become clearer in the next couple of episodes.

Degrassi Season 11

"Need You Now" Part One was a excellent episode. I love the continuation of Eli's bipolar storyline. I find this storyline realistic because you don't just take the medication and become all better. It takes so many months for the body to get used of the medication and for there to be a noticeable difference in behaviour. I feel really bad that Eli is being treated differently because he's bipolar, but this episode did show his manic moments, so Bullfrog, Imogen, Adam, and Fiona have the right to be concerned. Eli is definitely manic right now with buying Imogen a very expensive camera, lying to Bullfrog, and continually leaving messages for Imogen. It was really intense how he throw his phone at the door and called Imogen a liar. I LOVE SEEING ADAM IN THIS EPISODE!!! I find it interesting that Imogen's father is blind. Kc's plot was interesting with being invited to Tyson's christening. It was so sad when KC held Tyson and Tyson started crying. I feel kind of bad for KC because he wants to be more involved in Tyson's life, but the adopted parents don't seem to thrilled about KC. I love Tori's plot of trying out for power squad and then becoming the mascot.

5 Shows I'm Extremely Happy I Gave A Second Chance

5. Moonlight

Moonlight is the fifth show I'm extremely happy I gave a second chance. The first time I watched it, I compared it to Angel and thought the show was boring. Then, I realize that I can't compare every vampire show to Buffy and Angel or else I'll never actually enjoy something that may be good. I started watching it again and I loved every minute of it. I wish it was given a second season.

4. Instant Star

Instant Star is the fourth show I'm extremely happy I gave a second chance. I saw an episode of this show a four years ago on the french channel. I thought it was completely boring. Two year ago, I found out this show was made by Linda Schuyler, who created Degrassi. I put on my list of things to watch, and just recently watched the whole show, and I loved it!

3. Skins
Skins is the third show I'm extremely happy I gave a second chance. 3 years ago, my friend was begging me to start watching Skins, so I watched 10 minute clip of the pilot episode on youtube. I thought it was boring and I couldn't understand the accents. Then, a couple of months ago I decided to give this show another chance. I'm glad I did because I love the characters and the storylines.

2. Dexter

Dexter is the second show I'm extremely happy I gave a second chance. I thought the premise of the show was exciting, but watching the first episode, I was so bored that I wasn't going to keep watching. It was summer, so nothing good was on TV, so I decided to give the show another chance and I found it a lot more exciting. This show has become one my favourite shows that is currently on television.

1. Firefly

Firefly is the first show I'm extremely happy I gave a second chance. I remember when I was 14 and has just finished watching Buffy and Angel. I knew Firefly was created by Joss Whedon, so I decided to watch the first episode. I was so bored for the first 10-20 minutes, I just stopped watching. A year later, I decided to give Firefly another chance, and I loved every minute of the pilot episode. I just love all the characters and the humour in each episode.

Question of the Day:

What television shows are you happy about giving a second chance?

Have an awesome weekend!