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Also, I can kill you with my brain

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Title is quote from River on Firefly

This week was an intense week. As some of you know my dad is bipolar. Well, this week, the police showed up at my house searching for him. First of all, he hasn't even lived in my house for over a year. But the police continued to search the house anyways.Apparently, my dad called into the mental hospital because he wanted to check himself in. I guess he forgot to tell them where he lived because he can't drive and leave his car in the parking lot. So anyways, I don't know why the police were so stupid, and just didn't call the hospital, to get his phone number, call him back to ask where he lives so they can escort him to the hospital. Anyways, my dad's alright now. He's in the hospital and he's trying to get better. I actually wanted him to go to the mental hospital for a long time now. He's already been there 3 or 4 times, but he never stays long enough to get the help he needs. So right now, I'm hoping he stays long enough so he can get the help he needs.

I made a Charmed video awhile ago and I just put it back on youtube.

Charmed Brothers

dexter-logo.jpg Dexter picture by Jon_MW_16
"Smokey and the Bandit" was a great episode. I found the Dexter going after The Tooth Fairy Killer was such an entertaining plot. It was interesting how Masuka's new blonde intern stole the hand from the Ice Truck Killer evidence box. I love how Debra felt like she had no authority, but by the end of the episode she started making her own decisions. I felt bad for that man that Travis was torturing. I even felt bad for Travis because he didn't want to torture him. Anyways, the end of the episode was interesting with the dead bodies riding horses.

himym.jpg HIMYM logo picture by Jon_MW_16

"Mystery Versus History" was an awesome How I Met Your Mother. It was way better than last weeks episode. I love how this episode was about the negative effects of technology and using the internet to find out people's background. It was so funny how Ted and Janet had nothing to talk about. I love how Ted searched Janet on the internet anyways, and she's like the greatest person ever, so now Ted feels intimidated. I love the Robin and Kevin plot, with Kevin analyzing all of Robin's friends. I love how he came to the conclusion that they are all crazy. I love the Marshall and Lily plot of finding out their baby will be a boy.

BeingErica-1.jpg Being Erica image by Jon_MW_16
"Born This Way" was an amazing episode. I love how Brent becomes Erica's patient in this episode. I love how Erica tries to help Brent with his situation at work, but helping him, actually got him fired. I love how Erica went back to her high school days where her friend J.C. was in a similar situation to be accepted in school. I love how Erica tries to becomes friends with J.C., but everything turned out for the worse. I love how Dr. Tom's advice was that there was no right or wrong answer. And I also enjoyed Julianne singing "Firework" by Katy Perry. I also love the reference to Jenny appearing on Degrassi Junior High when Paula Brancati actually appeared in Degrassi: The Next Generation.

90210 logo

"Benefit of the Doubt" was a great episode. It's awful how chemotherapy isn't working for Raj. Ivy is so sweet for putting on a talent contest to raise money for Raj. I love how Naomi and Max put on the best magic show. It was sad how Max figured out that Naomi's feelings for Austin are just too strong, so he breaks up with her. I love how Navid finally stood up to his uncle and stopped the car theft business. It was awful how his uncle threaten to hurt Navid. It's interesting that Navid is willing to work with police and start up the car theft business to put his uncle in jail. Annie's escort storyline just got interesting. She went on date with this older guy Patrick and it's like she's falling in love with him. I can't believe the money he donated to Raj and Ivy. Liam's plot was so entertaining. I love how he hates modeling, but he takes good pictures. I love the end of this episode with Adrianna confronting Dixon about his drug problem.

"Wake" was a good episode. It wasn't as exciting as other episodes, but this episode did a great job of introducing the new character Jake, and the potential Big Bad for the season. It's interesting that the Big Bad could be Witch Hunters. I love the end of this episode when it's revealed that Jake is witch that's also a Witch Hunter.

the-vampire-diaries-1.jpg The Vampire Diaries picture by Jon_MW_16
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" was an awesome episode. I love how Elena comes up with this plan to lock up Stefan, so she pretends to be drunk, fall off the bleachers, and Stefan saves her, but Alaric shoots him. I love how Matt can see Vicki and she convinces him to do a spell to make her corporeal. I love how how she thanks Matt by saying she's going to kill Elena. It was intense how Vicki starts this fire and Elean and Stefan are trapped in the car. I love how Bonnie does a spell to stop Vicki and Matt forgets about her to save everyone. Is Anna corporeal now? Do you think Michael killed Katherine? I actually thought when Uncle Mason showed up at the end of the episode that he was Michael.

"The Poor Kids Do It Everyday" was a great episode. First of all, I love how you don't know whose telling the truth and who's lying. At first I thought Henry killed Gemma. But then I thought Shivette killed Gemma. Now, I think the real Siobhan killed Gemma. Maybe Gemma isn't even dead. It was so awesome how Bridget put her fingerprints on the evidence and framed herself, so now she can't ever go back to being Bridget. I love how the Malcolm plot is finally moving forward. I love how he was willing to tell where Bridget was. I just hope he's not dead right now. I love Juliets first day at school and she gets in this big fight and everyone believes she started it. I love how the teacher lies and says he saw the whole thing and that Juliet didn't start it.

Halloween Costumes Part 3

"Halloween" from My So-Called Life

Danielle - Angela (Best Costume)
Rayanne - Vampire (Second Best Costume)
Graham- Pirate (Third Best Costume)
Angela - Nerd (Fourth Best Costume)
Sharon - Cat (Fifth Best Costume)
Ricky - Jock (Sixth Best Costume)
Patty - Rapunzel (Worst Costume)

"I Know What You Did Last Spring Break!" from Popular

This isn't a Halloween episode, but this is a parody of a horror movie. I love how everyone lied about where they went on vacation. I love how the travel agent is the killer. It's a very entertaining episode.

"Unmasked" from 90210

Silver - Lady Gaga (Best Costume)
Adrianna - Marilyn Monroe (Second Best Costume)
Teddy - Dracula (Third Best Costume)
Dixon - Basketball player (Fourth Best Costume)
Naomi - Future C.U. girl (Fifth Best Costume)
Ivy - Gorilla (Sixth Best Costume)
Harry - Barack Obama (Seventh Best Costume)
Liam - Modern Lumberjack or a Farmboy (He's so adorable, he gets eighth best costume)

"Haunted" from The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie - Witch (Best Costume)
Matt - Doctor (Second Best Costume)
Elena - Nurse (Third Best Costume)
Vicki - Vampire (Fourth Best Costume)

"Masquerade" from The Vampire Diaries

Elena/Katherine - (Best Mask)
Caroline - (Second Best Mask)
Damon - (Third Best Mask)
Bonnie - (Fourth Best Mask)
Jeremy - (Fifth Best Mask)
Matt - (Fifth Best Mask)
Stefan - (Worst Mask)

"President Evil" from Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars 305 President Evil 6
Veronica and Logan - Meg and Jack White from The White Stripes (The Best and Only Costumes out of the main characters)

"Bonfire and Betrayal" from Eastwick

Amy - Rag Doll (Best Costume)
Bun - Witch (Second Best Costume)

Next blog will be Halloween Costumes Part 4. That blog will include all the Halloween or Scary episode/specials of Buffy, Dawson's Creek, and Degrassi.