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A kid needs a pet cobra. Ted don't be pill about this

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Title is quote from Barney on How I Met Your Mother

Last weekend was my brother's 24 birthday. He came over and we watched The Big Bang Theory all day. This was my first time watching The Big Bang Theory. The show is pretty funny. For supper, we had Chinese food. It was so good. We had chocolate cake for dessert. That was the best chocolate cake I've ever had. It tasted so good.
My mom got him a grill, my sister got him Friends season 3, and I got him House Season 7.

I made a Charmed video.

Charmed: Power of Four

On Wednesday, I applied for Universities. I applied to Ryerson University, York University, and University of Waterloo. My top choice is Ryerson University and I've already got email from them that they received my application.

I found some facts about The Vampire Diaries:
- Kevin Williamson wanted James Van Der Beek to play Alaric
- Kevin Williamson wanted Sarah Michelle Gellar to play Rose
- Kevin Williamson wanted Neve Campbell to play Isobel
- Kevin Williamson wanted David Gallagher to play either Stefan or Damon

dexter-logo.jpg Dexter picture by Jon_MW_16
"Sin of Omission" was an amazing episode. I love how the plot is speeding up. It was so sad how Gellar murdered Travis's sister and then kidnapped Travis. It was so awesome how Dexter saved Travis and now they are going to work together. I'm really loving Debra's therapy storyline.

himym.jpg HIMYM logo picture by Jon_MW_16
"Rebound Girl" was a great episode. I love how Lily and Marshall want to move, but Robin tries to convince them not to. I love how Robin tells Barney that she's pregnant. I can't wait for the show to return in January. Ted and Barney's plot was cute with wanting to adopt a baby.

90210 logo

"Smoked Turkey" was an awesome and more exciting episode. I love how Dixon tells everyone about his drug addiction and that he's in rehab. It was weird how Annie lied to Silver about getting Marla's inheritance. I love how two girls were arrested for prostitution, so I'm thinking Annie's plot will become more exciting soon. Ivy and Raj realizing that they only got married because Raj was dying was a great plot. It's so sad that Raj still has cancer. But I'm happy that they're breaking up because their marriage was so boring. I liked Liam's plot of his mother visiting him but she only wanted money from him. For once, I enjoyed Naomi and Austin's plot. I love how Naomi got her foot stuck and Austin saved her.

My Top 10 90210 Couples

10. Ivy and Dixon

Ivy and Dixon are my tenth favourite couple. I love how they decided to have a fake relationship to prove that Ivy didn't have a crush on Liam and that Dixon was over Silver.

9. Annie and Ethan

Annie and Ethan are my ninth favourite couple. I liked them because they made season 1 interesting.

9. Teddy and Marco

Teddy and Marco are my eighth favourite couple. I wish they were together longer. If they were together longer than they would be higher on my list. Anyways, they were cute together.

7. Annie and Jasper

Annie and Jasper are my seventh favourite couple. Obviously, this wasn't the most stable relationship, but I enjoyed the creepiness in their relationship

6. Silver and Dixon

Silver and Dixon are my sixth favourite couple. Before Silver was diagnosed as bipolar, I love how they were a very stable couple.

5. Adrianna and Gia

Adrianna and Gia are my fifth favourite couple. Their relationship was a lot of fun to watch. I love how they had so much fun together.

4. Teddy and Ian

Teddy and Ian are my fourth favourite couple. Teddy's storyline of hooking up with Ian was such an exciting storyline. I love how Ian helped Teddy accept his sexuality. They were a pretty good couple until we found out that Ian forced Teddy to come out.

3Naomi and Max

Naomi and Max are my third favourite couple. Their relationship was exciting because Naomi was falling in love with a nerd and after awhile she didn't care what anyone thought about their relationship.

2. Adrianna and Navid
Navid and Adrianna
Adrianna and Navid are mysecond favourite couple. I love how Navid was a devoted boyfriend. He was always there for Adrianna in season 1 and part of season 2.

1. Annie and Liam

Annie and Liam are my favourite couple. I love how Liam was introduced as this bad boy who thought Annie had a bad girl in her. I love how they became friends who understood each other and shared secrets with each other. I love how they became a couple at the end of season 3.

Next blog will be my Top 5 Couples from Freaks and Geeks and My So-Called Life.