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Oh, he's a vampire! Of course! But the cuddly kind, like a Care Bear with fangs

Title is quote from Cordelia on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


On Monday, I dropped art. I haven't been getting good grades in the class. I thought I was an good artist, but apparently the teacher thinks the opposite. I've been consistently getting level 2's on all my assignments. My guidance counselor said that I needed to drop the class because I wouldn't want universities seeing my grade in the class. So, I dropped art. Now, I only have Data Management and Writer's Craft. I'm doing so well in those classes.

I've been watching the UK version of Skins. It's an awesome show. Right now, Cassie is my favourite character. I've only watched a couple episodes so far. I love howeach episode is about a different character.

I'm filming a short horror film about a haunted house. I'm going to be sending that film to universities and colleges. I have the script finished.Sasha is going tobe in it.

Yesturday was my grandparents 50th Anniversary. Today, we're having a big fancy dinner at this place called Cedar Meadows.All myAunts and Unclesfrom out of town came up yesturday. My Aunt Leona and cousin Mariahare staying with us for the weekend.

I made a Willow and Tara video.

Willow and Tara

dexter-logo.jpg Dexter picture by Jon_MW_16
"Smokey and the Bandit" was a great episode. I found the Dexter going after The Tooth Fairy Killer was such an entertaining plot. It was interesting how Masuka's new blonde intern stole the hand from the Ice Truck Killer evidence box. I love how Debra felt like she had no authority, but by the end of the episode she started making her own decisions. I felt bad for that man that Travis was torturing. I even felt bad for Travis because he didn't want to torture him. Anyways, the end of the episode was interesting with the dead bodies riding horses.

Degrassi Season 11
"Nowhere to Run" was an awesome Degrassi special. It had the right amount of humour and horror. First of all, I can't believe Clare's mom and Jake's dad are already getting married in this episode. I love how Jake decides to throw a party at the cabin and he doesn't invite Clare. I love how he tells one scary story which gets everyone paranoid. I love how Marisol is so freaked out, she decides to smoke pot to calm down, which makes her more paranoid. Bianca was hilarious! She had the funniest lines in this episode. I love how she invited Clare to the cabin. I didn't like the Alli and Jake kiss. If Jake was going to move on from Clare, it should be with someone else. It love how Clare runs away and everyone's looking for her. I love how Eli shows up out of nowhere and finds her. The ending of the episode was most surprising with Clare and Jake getting back together even though their parents are married. I think this is Degrassi's first consensual incest storyline.

himym.jpg HIMYM logo picture by Jon_MW_16
"Noretta" was great episode. I love how all the characters significant others reminds them of their parents. Barney's date with Nora was awful. I can't believe how many bad things happened. I love how Lily reminds Marshall of his father and Marshall reminds Lily of her father.I really enjoyed the Ted/Robin/Kevin plot. I love how Kevin was willing to bond with Ted by the end of this episode.

BeingErica-1.jpg Being Erica image by Jon_MW_16
"Sins of the Father" was an excellent episode. I love episodes about Dr. Tom. I love the beginning of episode when Dr. Naadiah shows Dr. Tom her personal life. I love getting to know Dr. Naadiah. I love how she's married to a woman and they have one child. I love how Dr. Tom is willing to go on a date with Amanda, but then there's something about their past that's bugging him. I love how Dr. Naadiah sends him to the time of his engagement party with Amanda. I love how he finds out that he always put his career before his relationships and he did this because his father did it. I love how he visited his father at the end of the episode. YAY, KAI IS BACK! I love how Adam and Kai were bonding. But the ending of the episode was so sad when Adam told Erica he didn't want her seeing Kai again.

"Masked" was a great episode. I love how Cassie caught on to Jake lying. I love how she got him to reveal stuff about witch hunters. I love how Cassie has some dark magic and she used to help everyone from their circle to escape. I can't believe Luke is a witch hunter. I loved the end of the episode when Grams tries to bring back Henry to life and this random guy knocks her out and steals her crystal. I can't wait for the next episode.

the-vampire-diaries-1.jpg The Vampire Diaries picture by Jon_MW_16
"Ghost World" was an awesome episode. I love how Bonnie did a spell and everyone can see the ghosts that have unfinished business. It was sad how Anna stole the necklace because she didn't want to be alone, but she gave it Jeremy, so he could give to Bonnie, so she could destroy it and restore the balance of nature. I love how Lexi shows up and she shows Elena how bring Stefan back. I love how Mason shows up. And he actually helps out Mason and shows him where there's a weapon that can defeat Klaus. I love the end of the episode with Alaric and Damon finding those cave drawings. I love that Jasmine Guy came back to play Bonnie's Grams.

Halloween Costumes and Scary Episodes Part 4

"Halloween" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy - 18th-century woman (Best Costume)
Willow - Sexy Ghost (Second Best Costume)
Xander - Soldier (Third Best Costume)
Cordelia - Cat (Last Best Costume)
Larry - Pirate (Worst Costume)

"Fear, Itself" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Anya - Bunny (Best Costume)
Willow - Joan of Arc (Second Best Costume)
Buffy - Little Red Riding Hood (Third Best Costume)
Oz - God (Fifth Best Costume)
Giles - Mexican (Sixth Best Costume)
Xander - James Bond (Last Best Costume)

"All the Way" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Xander - Pirate (Best Costume)
Giles - Wizard (Second Best Costume)
Anya - Charlie's Angel (Last Best Costume)

"The Scare" from Dawson's Creek

This isn't a Halloween episode, but it is scary episode. I love Dawson pranks all his friends, but doesn't prank Jen because of their recent breakup. I love how Jen wants to get prank and it gets all scary when she gets these weird phone calls. I love how Dawson leaves Joey in the car and this strange man comes up to her asking for directions and by the end of the episode they find out he's a serial killer. I love how Dawson and Pacey meet this strange woman and they invite her to a seance.

"Psychic Friends" from Dawson's Creek

This isn't even a scary episode, but it's a supernatural-type episode since a Gypsy fortuneteller comes to town. Joey visits the fortuneteller and she tells Joey to be open to new opportunities. I thought it was funny how she met this guy who wanted her to model for him and it turns out he was really interesting in Jack. I love when Pacey and Andie go to the fortuneteller and this basically foreshadows Andie going crazy. I love how Jen convinces Grams to go on that date.

"Escape From Witch Island" from Dawson's Creek

"Escape From Witch Island is a horror episode on Dawson's Creek. I love how Joey, Pacey, Dawson, and Jen go to Witch Island and they get haunted by the Witches. It was intense how they went to the church and one second the place is up in flames and the next second everythings back to normal.

"Four Scary Stories" from Dawson's Creek

"Four Scary Stories" is one of my favourite Dawson's Creek episodes. I love Joey's scary story of studying in the library on Halloween night and thinking that creepy guy was stalking her, but was actually trying to protect her. I love how she busts out those karate moves. Also, Audrey makes a good Carrie. I love Jack's story of cleaning out the basement and being visited by a ghost that was in the frat 30 years ago. I love Pacey's story of driving with Karen and there's a car after them. I love how they visit that strange restaurant. I love how they finally get the other car in a ditch and there's no one in there. My favourite story is the one that Grams told about Jen. I love how Jen hears these noises, so she goes outside to check them out. It was really intense how she goes back in the studio and a body smashes throw the window.

"Living Dead Girl" from Dawson's Creek

Jack - Vampire (Best Costume)
Pacey and Audrey - Sid and Nancy from The Sex Pistols (Second Best Costume)
Jen - Fairy? (Third Best Costume)
Emma - Witch? (Fourth Best Costume)
Natasha - Dead Actress (Fifth Best Costume)
Todd - Priest (Sixth Best Costume)
Dawson - James Bond? (Worst Costue)

"Degrassi of the Dead" from Degrassi

Degrassi of the Dead 9
No one wore any costumes in this, but this was an awesome Halloween special. I love how Emma, Jimmy, and Spinner are zombies and Derek is the Evil Mastermind behind it all.

"The Curse of Degrassi" from Degrassi

Again, none of the characters wore any costumes, but this was an amazing Halloween Special. I love this one better than "Degrassi of the Dead". Holly J. makes a good Carrie.

Next blog will have my Top 5 Glee Couples.

Also, I can kill you with my brain

Title is quote from River on Firefly

This week was an intense week. As some of you know my dad is bipolar. Well, this week, the police showed up at my house searching for him. First of all, he hasn't even lived in my house for over a year. But the police continued to search the house anyways.Apparently, my dad called into the mental hospital because he wanted to check himself in. I guess he forgot to tell them where he lived because he can't drive and leave his car in the parking lot. So anyways, I don't know why the police were so stupid, and just didn't call the hospital, to get his phone number, call him back to ask where he lives so they can escort him to the hospital. Anyways, my dad's alright now. He's in the hospital and he's trying to get better. I actually wanted him to go to the mental hospital for a long time now. He's already been there 3 or 4 times, but he never stays long enough to get the help he needs. So right now, I'm hoping he stays long enough so he can get the help he needs.

I made a Charmed video awhile ago and I just put it back on youtube.

Charmed Brothers

dexter-logo.jpg Dexter picture by Jon_MW_16
"Smokey and the Bandit" was a great episode. I found the Dexter going after The Tooth Fairy Killer was such an entertaining plot. It was interesting how Masuka's new blonde intern stole the hand from the Ice Truck Killer evidence box. I love how Debra felt like she had no authority, but by the end of the episode she started making her own decisions. I felt bad for that man that Travis was torturing. I even felt bad for Travis because he didn't want to torture him. Anyways, the end of the episode was interesting with the dead bodies riding horses.

himym.jpg HIMYM logo picture by Jon_MW_16

"Mystery Versus History" was an awesome How I Met Your Mother. It was way better than last weeks episode. I love how this episode was about the negative effects of technology and using the internet to find out people's background. It was so funny how Ted and Janet had nothing to talk about. I love how Ted searched Janet on the internet anyways, and she's like the greatest person ever, so now Ted feels intimidated. I love the Robin and Kevin plot, with Kevin analyzing all of Robin's friends. I love how he came to the conclusion that they are all crazy. I love the Marshall and Lily plot of finding out their baby will be a boy.

BeingErica-1.jpg Being Erica image by Jon_MW_16
"Born This Way" was an amazing episode. I love how Brent becomes Erica's patient in this episode. I love how Erica tries to help Brent with his situation at work, but helping him, actually got him fired. I love how Erica went back to her high school days where her friend J.C. was in a similar situation to be accepted in school. I love how Erica tries to becomes friends with J.C., but everything turned out for the worse. I love how Dr. Tom's advice was that there was no right or wrong answer. And I also enjoyed Julianne singing "Firework" by Katy Perry. I also love the reference to Jenny appearing on Degrassi Junior High when Paula Brancati actually appeared in Degrassi: The Next Generation.

90210 logo

"Benefit of the Doubt" was a great episode. It's awful how chemotherapy isn't working for Raj. Ivy is so sweet for putting on a talent contest to raise money for Raj. I love how Naomi and Max put on the best magic show. It was sad how Max figured out that Naomi's feelings for Austin are just too strong, so he breaks up with her. I love how Navid finally stood up to his uncle and stopped the car theft business. It was awful how his uncle threaten to hurt Navid. It's interesting that Navid is willing to work with police and start up the car theft business to put his uncle in jail. Annie's escort storyline just got interesting. She went on date with this older guy Patrick and it's like she's falling in love with him. I can't believe the money he donated to Raj and Ivy. Liam's plot was so entertaining. I love how he hates modeling, but he takes good pictures. I love the end of this episode with Adrianna confronting Dixon about his drug problem.

"Wake" was a good episode. It wasn't as exciting as other episodes, but this episode did a great job of introducing the new character Jake, and the potential Big Bad for the season. It's interesting that the Big Bad could be Witch Hunters. I love the end of this episode when it's revealed that Jake is witch that's also a Witch Hunter.

the-vampire-diaries-1.jpg The Vampire Diaries picture by Jon_MW_16
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" was an awesome episode. I love how Elena comes up with this plan to lock up Stefan, so she pretends to be drunk, fall off the bleachers, and Stefan saves her, but Alaric shoots him. I love how Matt can see Vicki and she convinces him to do a spell to make her corporeal. I love how how she thanks Matt by saying she's going to kill Elena. It was intense how Vicki starts this fire and Elean and Stefan are trapped in the car. I love how Bonnie does a spell to stop Vicki and Matt forgets about her to save everyone. Is Anna corporeal now? Do you think Michael killed Katherine? I actually thought when Uncle Mason showed up at the end of the episode that he was Michael.

"The Poor Kids Do It Everyday" was a great episode. First of all, I love how you don't know whose telling the truth and who's lying. At first I thought Henry killed Gemma. But then I thought Shivette killed Gemma. Now, I think the real Siobhan killed Gemma. Maybe Gemma isn't even dead. It was so awesome how Bridget put her fingerprints on the evidence and framed herself, so now she can't ever go back to being Bridget. I love how the Malcolm plot is finally moving forward. I love how he was willing to tell where Bridget was. I just hope he's not dead right now. I love Juliets first day at school and she gets in this big fight and everyone believes she started it. I love how the teacher lies and says he saw the whole thing and that Juliet didn't start it.

Halloween Costumes Part 3

"Halloween" from My So-Called Life

Danielle - Angela (Best Costume)
Rayanne - Vampire (Second Best Costume)
Graham- Pirate (Third Best Costume)
Angela - Nerd (Fourth Best Costume)
Sharon - Cat (Fifth Best Costume)
Ricky - Jock (Sixth Best Costume)
Patty - Rapunzel (Worst Costume)

"I Know What You Did Last Spring Break!" from Popular

This isn't a Halloween episode, but this is a parody of a horror movie. I love how everyone lied about where they went on vacation. I love how the travel agent is the killer. It's a very entertaining episode.

"Unmasked" from 90210

Silver - Lady Gaga (Best Costume)
Adrianna - Marilyn Monroe (Second Best Costume)
Teddy - Dracula (Third Best Costume)
Dixon - Basketball player (Fourth Best Costume)
Naomi - Future C.U. girl (Fifth Best Costume)
Ivy - Gorilla (Sixth Best Costume)
Harry - Barack Obama (Seventh Best Costume)
Liam - Modern Lumberjack or a Farmboy (He's so adorable, he gets eighth best costume)

"Haunted" from The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie - Witch (Best Costume)
Matt - Doctor (Second Best Costume)
Elena - Nurse (Third Best Costume)
Vicki - Vampire (Fourth Best Costume)

"Masquerade" from The Vampire Diaries

Elena/Katherine - (Best Mask)
Caroline - (Second Best Mask)
Damon - (Third Best Mask)
Bonnie - (Fourth Best Mask)
Jeremy - (Fifth Best Mask)
Matt - (Fifth Best Mask)
Stefan - (Worst Mask)

"President Evil" from Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars 305 President Evil 6
Veronica and Logan - Meg and Jack White from The White Stripes (The Best and Only Costumes out of the main characters)

"Bonfire and Betrayal" from Eastwick

Amy - Rag Doll (Best Costume)
Bun - Witch (Second Best Costume)

Next blog will be Halloween Costumes Part 4. That blog will include all the Halloween or Scary episode/specials of Buffy, Dawson's Creek, and Degrassi.

Do you want me to iron some bacon for you?

Title is quote from Emma on Glee. I just found that line so funny. Monday was Thanksgiving Day. I had no school. I spent the day helping my mom clean the house. The turkey dinner was amazing. My mom made carrot cake, and it tasted so good. School's going great. I'm doing very well in Data Management. I got 94% on the last math test. In Art, we started painting, and I'm very happy about that because I'm horrible at adding value to my drawings. Writer's Craft is going well. Right now I'm writing a short story about psychic twins. I uploaded a video about Faith, Buffy, and Kendra on youtube. Slayers

dexter-logo.jpg Dexter picture by Jon_MW_16
"Once Upon A Time" wasa great episode. I was a little confused on why Dexter was going after Brother Sam. I know it's because of the body that was found on the beach. But anyways, it seems like Brother Sam really has changed. I love how Dexter went after Julio instead. It's interesting how Harrison is catching on to Dexter's box. I love how Debra becomes homicides new lieutenant and Angel acts like she derserves, but really he's upset about it. It was so cute when Quinn proposed and it was really sad how Debra rejected his proposal. The new Big Bad is named Travis. Does he think the end of the world is coming?

himym.jpg HIMYM logo picture by Jon_MW_16

"Field Trip" was an alright How I Met Your Mother episode. I feel like nothing really happened in this episode. It was interesting with Kevin not wanting to be Robin's therapist because he's attracted her, but they couldn't have sex. I love how Robin becomes Kevin's therapist and you think Kevin wouldn't have an issues to deal with, but he has a lot of them. Marshall's plot could have been funnier. It's interesting that his boss thinks the end of the world is coming. I didn't understand Barney's plot at all. When they were talking about E-Woks, I thought they meant E-Walks, and I was like "Excercise Walking?". It wasn't till later that I figured out it was Star Wars reference, and I've never watched Star Wars. Ted's plot was pointless, but I did like Ted versus Barney debate.

BeingErica-1.jpg Being Erica image by Jon_MW_16
"Baby Mama" was amazing episode. It was awful how Barb was only one who didn't accept Sam's pregnancy. I love how Barb became Erica's patient. I love how Erica goes back in time to Barb's high school days. I love seeing Lauren Collins portraying a younger Barbara. It's so interesting how Erica finds out that her mom got pregnant as a teenager and she gave the baby up for adoption. I love how Barb eventually meets her son. I love the subplot of Adam not knowing whether he wants kids and he goes to Ivan's bachelor party and he figures it all out. I love how Dr. Tom realizes that he needs a personal life, so he called Amanda.

90210 logo

"Party Politics" was a great episode. I love how Jim reveals to Liam and Jane that his body was found and he suffered amnesia. It was intense how he got into a fight with Liam, and he ended up hurting Jane, and he didn't know she was pregnant. I love how Jim appreciates that Liam is willing to raise a baby that's not even his. Teddy's plot is most interesting because he has no clue about politics. It will be interesting to see how that election turns out and how it affects Teddy. I love how Silver is getting her own plot with working with Marissa. I am so glad that Silver found out about Navid's Uncle having a stolen car business, and I love how she left Navid.I finally figured out that Annie's blonde friend is named Bree. I love how Annie has to babysit Leela but she also needs money, so she brings Leela out on her "date". I love how Leela figured out that Annie is an escort. The only thing I disliked in this episode was the Naomi/Max/Austin plot. It was so boring.

"Slither" was an excellent episode. I love how Melissa was possessed by a demon. I love how Cassie finally tells her grandmother that she's a witch and that she needs her help. I love how Cassie's grandmother is a very powerful witch. I love how Nick became possessed by the demon and then he ran off. It was so intense how Charles had to drown Nick to kill the demon, but it was so sad that Nick died.

the-vampire-diaries-1.jpg The Vampire Diaries picture by Jon_MW_16
"The Reckoning" was also an excellent episode. First of all, I love how this episode revovled around the high school. I love how Bonnie, Tyler, Elena, Caroline, and Matt were participating in Senior Prank Night. It was intense how Klaus showed up and he turned Tyler into a hybrid. I love how we find out that Elena doesn't need to die for werewolves to turn into vampires. I love how it's Elena's blood that helps turn werewolves in vampires successfully. It was awful how Elena ended up in the hospital. It was so cute when Damon saved her and told her he'll never leave her. I love how Damon told Klaus that they he found Michael, and Klaus runs off. The ending was funny with Stefan walking in and he's this big jerk. It was so intense how Vicki was trying to contact himself and Matt tries to drown himself to have a near-death experience so he can talk to Vicki. I love how Bonnie saved him. I love how Anna tells Jeremy where to find Michael, but Michael is this vampire that hunts vampires and will destroy anyone.

"A Whole New Kind of B!tch" was a great episode. I love how Gemma finally believes that Shivette is Bridget. I love how Gemma becomes really crazy in this episode and wants Bridget to sleep with Henry so she can catch him. I love how Bridget tells Henry that Gemma knows everything. The end of the episode was really intense with Henry and there's blood everywhere, but there's no Gemma. I thought it was funny how Andrew is sending Juliet to public school. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was Malcolm's plot. I find that it's getting boring.

Halloween Costumes Part 2

"Boo" from Dark Angel

Sketchy - Vampire (Best Costume)
Original Cindy - Michael Jackson? (Second Best Comstume)

"Haunted" from Dead Like Me

Crystal - Grim Reaper (Best Costume)
Roxy - Princess (Second Best Costume)
Daisy - Police Officer (Third Best Coustume)
Delores - Cat (Fourth Best Costume)
Rube - Masked Man (Second Last Best Costume)
George - Masked Girl(Last Best Costume
Mason - Dead Boy (He wasn't wearing a costume, but he looked very ghostly in one scene)
Reggie - Witch (Second Worst Costume)
Joy - ????? (Worst Costume)

"It Creeps!!! from Degrassi High

This isn't a Halloween episode, but the characters get dressed up in this episode.

Caitlin - Seriel Killer (Best Costume)
Joey - Nerd (Second Best Costume)
Snake - Punk (Third Best Costume)
Simon - Football Player (Last Best Costume)
Wheels -????? (Worst Costume)

"Tricks and Treats" from Freaks and Geeks

Bill - Bionic Woman (Best Costume)
Harold - Vampire (Second Best Costume)
Neal - Charlie Chaplin (Third Best Costume)
Sam - Robot (Fourth Best Costume)
Jean - Cowgirl (Fifth Best Costume)
Lindsay - Prince (Sixth Best Costume)
Harris Trinsky - A Guy With Knife Through His Head (Last Best Costume)

"The Rocky Horror Glee Show" from Glee

Kurt - Riff Raff (Best Costume)
Brittany - Columbia (Second Best Costume)
Mercedes - Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Third Best Costume)
Santana - Magenta (Fourth Best Costume)
Quinn and Tina - Transylvanians (Fifth Best Costume)
Sam - Rocky (Sixth Best Costume)
Dr. Carl - Eddie (Seventh Best Costume)
Artie - Dr. Everett V. Scott (Eight Best Costume)
Finn - Brad (Ninth Best Costume)
Rachel - Janet (Last Best Costume)

"$lutty Pumpkin" from How I Met Your Mother

Lily & Marshall - Sonny and Cher / Jack Sparrow and Parrot (Best Costumes)
Barney - Astronaut / Devil / Penguin (Second Best Costumes)
Mike - Hansel (Third Best Costume)

"Canning Randy" from How I Met Your Mother

HIMYM 607 Canning Randy  5
Ted - Hot Dog (Surprisingly Best Costume)
Lily & Marshall - Bullfighter and Bull (Second Best Costumes)
Barney - Karate Master (Third Best Costume)
Randy - Lobster (Fourth Best Costume)
Robin - Nurse (Last Best Costume)

Next blog will be Halloween Costumes Part 3.

The Canadian Thanksgiving celebrates explorer Martin Frobisher's valiant, yet

ultimately, unsuccessful attempt to find the Northwest Passage

Title is quote from Robin on How I Met Your Mother.

This is Thanksgiving weekend, so I have no school on Monday!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians!!!

This week felt like the longest week ever. I am so happy it's the weekend.

This week I lost my wallet, and I just found it today. I had everything in there including my I.D. I couldn't vote in the Ontario provincial election because you need I.D. to vote. So, I was really angry about that. The Liberals won,which I'm very happy about. I just found my wallet this morning before doing laundry and it was in my basket of dirty clothes.

This week I've also started filming with my new Camcorder. I wrote a monologue last week for Sasha to read. She did an amazing job. Right now I'm working on a script for a short movie and I'll be sending it to colleges and universities.

I've been looking through files on my computer and finding so many videos I made.

Charmed - Degrassi Style

dexter-logo.jpg Dexter picture by Jon_MW_16
"Those Kind of Things" - Amazing season premiere! I love how Dexter goes to his high school reunion and he tries to fit in by dancing and he's such a horrible dancer. Colin Hanks and this older man appeared in this episode and I think they are the Big Bads for this season. It was gross how they cut this guy open, put all these baby snakes in him, and they sewed him up. The end of the episode was most interesting with Quinn trying to propose to Debra. Did Debra get shot? And I love the very end of this episode when Colin Hanks said "It has began".

himym.jpg HIMYM logo picture by Jon_MW_16

"The Stinson Missile Crisis" was a strange episode. In this episode, Robin was in therapy for assaulting another woman. I love how Robin still has feelings for Barney and it sucks that he has feelings for Nora. But I do like Nora, so I wouldn't mind if she was the one he married. I love Robin sitting under tables or desks crying, drinking, and eating. I love Marshall and Lily's doctor and how she kept saying "Just a little bit". It was so cute how Ted was team baby. I love how they went into the future and Lily's having her baby and Dr. Sonia turns out to be really crazy.

BeingErica-1.jpg Being Erica image by Jon_MW_16
"Osso Barko" was an amazing episode. I love how Julianne became Erica's patient in this episode. It was awful how Julianne treated Rachel. I love how Erica goes back to the time where she first started working at River Rock and it's revealed that Julianne is insecure when she thinks her assistants are better than her. I love how Erica convinces Julianne to talk to her sister and it turns out they both have been jealous of each other for years. I love how Julianne is going to be nicer to Rachel.

glee_logo.jpg Glee picture by Jon_MW_16

"Asian F" was the most beutiful Glee episode and it was also the best episode this season. I love how this episode was about Mike and his parents are putting too much stress on him to get good grades. I love how he auditions for Riff and he's actually a really good singer. I love how Brittany is running for school president and she sings "Run the World". It was horrible how Emma's parents mocked her OCD. I love how Will stands up for her. I love the Mercedes versus Rachel to get the lead role in the school play. It all lead to this intense fight in glee club. I think the glee club was too harsh on Mercedes, but I also think Mercedes was to harsh on the glee club. Anyways, I love how she wants to join Shelby's glee club.

90210 logo

"Let The Games Begin" was a great episode. Holly is so evil inviting Max to the Greek Games making Naomi lose one of the challenges. I love how Annie helps out Naomi, and gets kicked out of the sorority. I love how Annie is still friends with that blonde girl. And again, I'm interested in how this escort storyline will play out. Dixon's using drugs to help boost his confidence with his music career. I'm actually glad that Dixon is getting a decent storyline. I love how Silver films and commercial for Liam's bar and during the filming, it's just horrible. I love how Silver edited it and Liam ends up loving the final version of the commercial. The guy was so creepy when he was talking to Adrianna. I knew it was Jim, so it wasn't shocking when he revealed he was still alive.

"Heather" was an excellent episode. I love how Cassie wants to get answers from Heather about her mother and what happened on the night of the fire, but Heather hasn't moved in 15 years. I love how Cassie finds the spell to undo her mother's spell and it turns out that Heather was possessed by demons, and Amelia was really helping Heather by taking the pain away. I love how Heather comes after Cassie and it's like a horror movie. It was sad how Heather died. I love the end of the episode with those demon worms or whatever was slithering into Nick's jacket and into Melissa's ear.

the-vampire-diaries-1.jpg The Vampire Diaries picture by Jon_MW_16
"Disturbing Behavior" was a great episode. I love how Gloria is looking for the necklace, but she wants it for herself. I love how she tortures Stefan to get information out of him. It was surprising how Katherine showed up and saved Stefan. I love how Rebekah kissed Stefan and then she knew Stefan was betraying her and Klaus. I love the end of the episode with Klaus bring Stefan back to Mystic Falls. I love how Anna is a ghost and she's always there but Jeremy can only see her when he wants to see her. I love how Vicki is the evil ghost with darkness. I love how Bonnie is back and Jeremy told her everything about seeing Anna and Vicki.

"It's Gonna Kill Me, But I'll Do It" was a fantastic episode. In this episode Shivette, Andrew, Gemma, and Henry celebrate Siobhan's birthday at a cottage. I love how the FBI finds Gemma and tells them that Siobhan has a twin sister Bridget. I how Gemma finds out about the Siobhan and Henry affair and she confronts Shivette. And I love how Shivette reveals to Gemma that she's Bridget.

Halloween Costumes Part 1

Mi Casa, Su Casa Loma from Being Erica

In this episode Erica goes back to the time she worked at Casa Loma on Halloween.

Erica - Madonna (Best costume in this episode)
Judith - Girl Pirate (Second Best Costume in this episode)
Katie - Bunny (Third Best Costume in this episode)
Leo - Dead Boy (Last Best Costume in this episode)
Jenny - Cinderella? (Worst Costume in this episode)

Erica The Vampire Slayer from Being Erica
Being Erica 112 Erica the Vampire Slayer 1

This isn't a Halloween episode, but it has LARPing in which Erica gets involved with a group of people who dress up and role play. I love how Erica role plays as a vampire.

Halloween from Beverly Hills 90210

Donna - Mermaid (Best Costume)
Brandon - Vampire (Second Best Costume)
Brenda & Dylan - Bonnie & Clyde (Third Best Costumes)
Kelly - Modern Witch (Fourth Best Costumes
Steve - Zorro (Last Best Costume
David - No Idea (Worst Costume)

"Things that Go Bang in the Night" from Beverly Hills 90210

This is the episode where David and Clare thought they saw an UFO.

Steve - Knight and Devil (Best costumes)
Donna - Gypsy and Cat (Second Best Costumes)
Kelly - Princess and Nurse (Third Best Costumes)

"Gypsies, Cramps and Fleas" from Beverly Hills 90210

This is the episode where psychic comes to town.
David & Valerie - Cavepeople (Best Costumes)
Clare - Gypsy or Genie (Second Best Costume
Susan - Pocahontas (Third Best Costume)
Donna - Devil (Fourth Best Costume)
Steve - Police Officer (Last Best Costume)
Brandon - James Bond? (Worst Costume)

"Fearless" from Beverly Hills 90210

This is the episode where Donna and Kelly are witches in a haunted house and they scare a little boy.

Kelly & Donna - Witches (Best Costume)
Steve - Masked Ninja? or Elvis Presley? (Second Best Costume)
Tammy - Karate Ninja Girl (Third Best Costume)
Brandon - Man with mustache and cane (Last Best Costume)

Toil and Trouble from Beverly Hills 90210

I don't remember anyone wearing costumes in this episode, but this was a Halloween episode. This was the episode where Donna was hired to have a seance to get in contact with a woman's dead husband.

"All Halliwell's Eve" from Charmed

Phoebe- Elvira (Best Costume)
Piper - Glinda from the Wizard of Oz (Second Best Costume)
Prue - Mother Earth? (Third Best Costume)
Cole - Angel? (Worst Costume. I've seen way better Angel costumes than that)

"Kill Billie Vol. 1" from Charmed

Baby Chris - Wizard (Best Costume)
Piper - Cat (Second Best Costume)
Paige - Angel (Last Best Costume)

"Life of the Party" from Angel

Angel 505 Life of the Party 1
"Life of the Party" is a fun Angel Halloween episode. None of the characters wear costumes in this episode, but I still wanted to add this as part of my Halloween blog. I love how Lorne throws a Halloween party and he's so stressed out that everyone literally does what he says. I love how Fred and Wesley got drunk after Lorne tells them that their problem is that they are sober. I love how Lorne tells Gunn to "mark his territory", and Gunn literally does that as if he was a dog. I love Spike being so happy and dancing after Lorne tells him to "be a little more positive".

Next blog will be Halloween Costumes Part 2.

Oh, it's just it's Buffy's birthday, and we're throwing her a surprise party

Title is quote from Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Last Sunday was the day I celebrated my birthday. My mom ordered pizza. I hadn't had pizza in awhile, so the pizza tasted really good. I had a lot of family dropping by. My brother gave me Degrassi: The Next Generation Season 6. My mom and sister pitched in to get me a Camcorder. I was going to get my camcorder on Monday, but my dad dropped by and he pitched infor theCamcorder as well, so my mom thought it would be a good idea to open my present on Sunday.My aunt gave me lottery tickets. And I got over $100 (not from the lottery tickets). We had chocolate cake which tasted really good. Monday was my real birthday! I am now officially 19 years old. My mom orderered some subs and we had chocolate cake. I actually prefer to have quiet birthday.But people kept coming up to me all day wishing me a happy birthday. Sashagot me some posters. Monday was the first meeting of GSA of this school year. Sasha and I are the presidents of GSA and we didn't prepare anything, so it was horrible. But we laughed about it after. We have some stuff prepared for our next meeting so the next meeting should be much better. Yesturday was picture day. I didn't know it was picture day, but I looked good, so I'm hoping I took a good picture. Sometimes, I try my best to smile, but it comes off looking fake, so I'm hoping my smile looks more sincere this time. I made an Angel video about Illyria a year or two ago. I just found it on my computer and put it on youtube recently. Illyria

himym.jpg HIMYM logo picture by Jon_MW_16

"Ducky Tie" was a great How I Met Your Mother episode. I love Ted and Victoria's little reunion. I love how this episode revealed that Ted will always have feelings for Robin. Marshall and Lily's bet with Barney was very weird, but I love how Barney has to wear the Ducky Tie for a year.

BeingErica-1.jpg Being Erica image by Jon_MW_16
"Doctor Who?" was an awesome season premiere! I love how Erica is a doctor in training and her first assignment is Josh. I love how Erica has to go back in time and try to make a connection with Josh and she tries to understand him more. I love how she actually did understand Josh more and that helped him with getting over Sam.

glee_logo.jpg Glee picture by Jon_MW_16

"I Am Unicorn" was an amazing episode. It was funny but it had some really intense scenes. I love Rachel and Kurt auditioning for lead roles of West Side story. I really loved Kurts audition. I thought it was awful how Coach Beiste, Artie, and Emma laughed at Kurt when he was trying to be a little more masculine. I love how Brittany wants to help run Kurt's campaign for school president, and I love how she decides to run herself. I love how Shelby is back and she's running another glee club at the school and Sugar is apart of it. It was so cute how Puck wanted to hold his daughter. I love how Quinn pretends to change to her old self so she can get her baby back.

90210 logo

"Greek Tragedy" was a enjoyable episode. I really enjoyed the Naomi plot. I love how Naomi joined another sorority to attend some party. I love how she gave all those girls a makeover. It was awful when Holly told those girls that Noami called them losers. But I love how they forgave Naomi and gave her a second chance because they hate Holly just as much as Noami. And I love seeing Sarah Hagen in this episode!! I love Dixon's little freakout in this episode, I think it was because he's taking Austin's ADHD medication. I love Liam's storyline of Jane revealing she's pregnant and Liam revealing that he's in love with Jane even though the baby isn't his. I think Annie being an escort storyline should be interesting. I love Ivy and Silver bonding in this episode. I didn't care for Navid's plot of his uncle running a car theft business.

"Loner" was a great episode. I love how the circle has no powers when they are alone, but their powers grow when they are together. It was so intense how this guy who knew Cassie's mom comes to town and he's trying to kill at least oner person from the circle. I love how the circle took him out.

the-vampire-diaries-1.jpg The Vampire Diaries picture by Jon_MW_16
"The End of The Affair" was an awesome episode! I love how Klaus brings Stefan to Chicago to reveal to him that they used to be friends but he just made Stefan forget that they are friends. I love how Klaus has a sister named Rebeka and he needs her necklace so Gloria can find out about what went wrong with Klau's plan to turn werewolves into hybrids. I love how Katherine is back. I actually thought Elena trying to drug Stefan was funny. But it's sad that he feels so guilty about killing innocent people, he doesn't want to go back. Caroline's dad was horrible. I hated how he tortured her. I love how Liz showed up with Tyler and they saved her.

"If You Ever Want a French Lesson..." was a great episode. It wasn't as good as "She's Ruining Everything" but I still enjoyed it. I love how Bridget is getting closer to finding Siobhan's killer. It was so creepy how she's getting phone calls of this weird guy telling her what to do. I love how she doesn't do what they say on the phone and she tries to blackmail them. It was so intense how Macolm got beat up. I felt so bad for him. But it's interesting how these guys are afte Bridget to make sure she keeps her mouth shut. It's interesting how Siobhan finds out she's pregnant and she thinks Henry's the father.

My Top 5 Birthday Episodes

5. "Rock This Town" from Degrassi
Degrassi 611 Rock This Town
"Rock This Town" is my fifth favourite Birthday episode. This episode is actually pretty fun to watch for the first half the episode. It's Liberty's birthday. I love how Manny gives Liberty a makeover. And I love how J.T. was going to tell Liberty that he still has feelings for her. The ending of the episode was heartbreaking when J.T. died.

4. "Be Careful What You Wish For" from Dawson's Creek
"Be Careful What You Wish For" is my fourth favourite Birthday episode. It's such a fun Dawson's Creek episode to watch. In this episode, both Andie and Dawson get drunk. It's hilarious to watch Andie and Dawson singing together. It's also nice that Andie and Dawson sharing scenes together because it was one of the first times you get to see them as friends. 3. "Family" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
"Family" is my third favourite Birthday episode. Tara's one of my favourite characters, so of course I had to include this episode in my list. I love how this episode is all about Tara and you get to know more about her backyard. Her family was just so awful making her think she'll turn into a demon on her birthday. I love how the whole gang stood up for Tara and they called her their family.

2. "Older and Far Away" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
"Older and Far Away" is my second favourite Birthday episode. I just love this episode. There are so many things I love about this episode. I love how everyone can't leave Buffy's house. And I love how everyone finds out that Dawn is a klepto. I love the humour in this episode between Tara, Spike, and Buffy.

1. "Birthday" from Angel
"Birthday" is my favourite Birthday episode. I love everything about this episode. I love Cordy getting vision that puts her body in a coma. I love how she meets Skip and he gives her option of never meeting Angel, so she'd never get her visions, or becoming a demon. I love how she had her own television show. I love how she found Angel, and they kissed, and she got the visions anyways. I love how she decides to be a demon, so Skip turns her into a demon, but she still looks human, but she wakes up floating in the air. I don't know if I'll continue with My Favourite Couples blogs until after October. I was thinking of doing Halloween blogs throughout October and continue with My Favourite Couples blogs in November. But my next blog could possibly be My Top 5 Glee Couples. Have a good weekend!

You could have like a world with no shrimp.Or with you know, nothing but shrimp

Title is quote from Anya on Buffy the Vampire Slayer I finished Roswell season 3 last weekend. Roswell is such an awesome show. I really became addicted to this show watching episode after episode. Right now I'm watching all the special features. I also made another Buffy video. It's about Glory. Glory This week I figured out which schools I'm going to apply to. I'm applying to Humber College, Toronto Film School, Ryerson University, York Univeristy, University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, and Northern College. In Data Management, I had my first math test. It was so easy. In Art, I drew the values of fruit. And I also made a rough copy for a painting I'm working on in the class. In Writer's Craft, the work load has increased a little bit. This week I wrote a shortstory about a poker game and I know nothing about poker. And I wrote a shortstory in the point of view of Rosa Parks when she sat at the front the bus. My birthday is on Monday. I'm so excited! I'm turning 19!

himym.jpg HIMYM logo picture by Jon_MW_16

"The Best Man" was a great season premiere! I love how this was the story of Marshall ruining Punchy's wedding and everytime you thought the wedding would get ruined, it didn't. I love how Lily is pregnant and doesn't want to tell anyone for at least 3 months because she thinks it's bad luck. I love how Lily pretends to drink but she ends up giving all her drinks to Marshall. I love how Marshall gets really drunk and blurts out to everyone that Lily is pregnant, but he didn't say Lily's name and he pointed at Kelly, and she was so angry because she was keeping her pregnancy a secret as well. The end of this episode really makes me think that Robin could be the person that Barney is going to marry.

"The Naked Truth" is an awesome episode. I love how Marshall is trying to get a job, but he has to go through all the embarrassing stuff online and try to take it down before his boss-to-be looks at it. I love how there's a video of Marshall streaking in college. I love how Marshall tries to get that video deleted, but he gets drunk again and streaks again. I love how Barney just sat in that restaurant until Nora came back. I love the end of the episode with Ted seeing Victoria.

glee_logo.jpg Glee picture by Jon_MW_16

"The Purple Piano Project" was an awesome season premiere. It's too bad that Sam and Lauren left the show. I really liked Lauren and started to like Sam at the end of the second season. Does anyone know if they will return as guest stars? I love how Quinn has a new look and a new group of friends. It's been awhile since I've seen a character who smoked on television, so I think this was really appropriate because there are many teenagers who smoke. I love how Blaine has transfer to McKinley High. He was so cute bursting out into song. I can't believe the piano caught on fire, but I guess Santana poured gasoline on it or something. Sugar was hilarious. Vanessa Lengies is a great Canadian actress. I love how she was an awful singer and she has aspergers. I love Rachel and Kurt's friendship. I love seeing Lindsay from the Glee Project play this girl named Harmony and she intimidates Rachel with her big voice.

90210 logo "Rush Hour" was good episode. It was much better than the season premiere. I love how Naomi and Annie join a sorority and they have all these challenges they have to accomplish before they join. I love how Holly put Naomi through hell just to get revenge because Naomi bought the mansion that she wanted to buy. I love how Naomi wants revenge and she wants Annie to stay in the sorority because she needs her help. Jeremy was such a jerk to Annie. He flirts with her to information out of her because Marla gave Annie all her money. It's scary how he thinks Annie is responsible for Marla committing sucide. Leela was so silly running away, pretending she got kidnapped. Adrianna seems like she's redeeming herself this season. I love how Dixon and Liam don't hate her. I love how Liam bought a bar. I love how this girl named Jane comes into his life. It was so sad when he revealed that he feels guilty for the death of the guy he worked with on the boat. Dixon is finally getting a good storyline. I love how he takes Austin's ADHD pills so he can stay awake. "Bound" is a great episode. I love how this episode revovled around not being able to control their powers. One of my favourite scenes is when they're in Chemistry class and Faye is using magic on her experiment and she does that same to Cassie's experiment, but then Cassie gets upset, and their beakers or whatever they are called blowup. It was so intense how Faye's powers got so strong that she pushed Sally with her powers and she fell and hit her head. I love how Dawn used her powers to heal Sally. I love the end of the episode with everyone doing the spell to bind their powers. the-vampire-diaries-1.jpg The Vampire Diaries picture by Jon_MW_16 "The Hybrid" was an amazing episode! I love how Klaus tried to turn Ray and his pack of werewolves into vampires, but it didn't work because Elena's still alive. Matt and Jeremy was so cute in this episode. I love how Jeremy needs Matt so they can contact Vicki. It was so weird how Vicki wants Jeremy to bring her back to life, then Anna appears and tells him not to listen to Vicki. I love the Tyler plot of confronting his mom about putting vervain in his coffee. I love he turns into a werewolf infront of her, so now she wants to protect Caroline. The end of the episode was shocking with Bill revealing he's Caroline's father.
"She's Ruining Everything" is a great episode. This was much better than the pilot because it was less confusing. I love how this is the aftermath of Bridget killing a guy out of self defense. I love how she tries to get rid of the evidence but something is always happening, so she can't do it. I love how she bonds with Juliet in this episode. I love how Bridget goes to look for the body and it's gone. And this episode confirmed that Siobhan faked her death, which confused me in the pilot episode. My Top 5 How I Met Your Mother Couples 5. Ted and Stella
Ted and Stella are myfifth favourite couple. I love how Stella was previously Ted's doctor trying to remove his butterfly tattoo. I just loved their first "two minute" date. I thought Stella was funny.
4. Barney and Robin

Barney and Robin are my fourth favourite couple. Ever since season 2, I wanted them to get together. I think they're perfect for each other. I love how Barney had the biggest crush on Robin in season 3 and 4. And when they finally entered a relationship in season 3, I thought it was entertaining. I'm really hoping Barney is getting married to Robin this season.
3. Ted and Robin

Ted and Robin are my third favourite couple. I love them in the pilot when Ted steals the blue french horn for Robin. I love how Ted does the rain dance to make it rain to prove to Robin that he really cares for her. I love how they got together in season 2. Even though they were completely opposites, they were funny together.
2. Ted and Victoria

Ted and Victoria are my second favourite couple. Victoria is actually my favourite girlfriend of Ted's. Victoria was nice. She was also awesome because she fit in well with the group. Ted and Victoria's relationship was so cute. It was so sad how Victoria left for Germany. I can't believe she returned for season 7. 1. Lily and Marshall

Lily and Marshall are my favourite couple. I love them because they are so funny together. I love how they work in a team. I love them since the pilot when Marshall proposed to Lily. Their breakup at the end of season 1 was devastating. I love how they got back together in season 2 and I love their wedding in the park in the season finale. Right now, I'm so happy that Lily is finally pregnant. Next blog will be a birthday-related blog. Have a great weekend!

Dawn, the hardest thing in this to live in it. Be brave. Live for me.

Title is quote from Buffy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm almost finished Roswell season 3. I'm planning to finish it this weekend. The last episode I watched was the one with Max trying to heal an old man, and you think he dies, but the old man now looks like Max, and Max is still living in that old man's head, and eventually Max is alive again. I love how Isobel got shot and lived and Jesse finally knows that she's an alien. On Monday, Sasha and I had a "No H8" photoshoot. It was really fun and we couldn't stop laughing. This week, I didn't know if I had a cold or if it was just my allergies. But right now I'm feeling a lot better. I think I did have a cold, but it must have been the smallest cold I've ever had. I started my Writer's Craft course this week. The guidance counselor really exaggerated how tough taking an online class would be. So far it's pretty easy, and I looked at the units and assignments I will be doing, and they seem pretty simple. I've already done 3 assignments and they were pretty easy. The first assignment was introducing myself and three things about me. The second assignment was describing myself as a writer and I had to answer a bunch of questions. My third assignment was like a scavenger hunt. Data Management is so easy so far. For once, I don't have any math homework to do on the weekend. I'm loving art. This week I did gesture drawings based on the Degrassi Mini, "The Curse of the Degrassi". 90210 logo "Up In Smoke" was a good, but not a great season premiere. I feel like this episode was just trying to wrap up storylines from last season which is fine with me. I think Naomi's pregnancy scare was a wasted plot. I feel as though there's more to that storyline. It would have been interesting to have Naomi fake her pregnancy so Max would stick around. Anyways, I love scene where the police show up at Naomi's mansion and she freaks out and throws the weed in the bon-fire. I liked the Silver and Navid plot of having his sister stay with them. This could lead to some interesting storylines. It was so intense how Silver revealed to Adrianna that she almost killed herself because of Adrianna. I don't like Adrianna anymore. Dixon's plot was entertaining with Navid revealing he changed Dixon's gender for the residence applications. Liam proposing to Annie was so weird. I predict he'll have a drinking storyline this season. My favourite part was Teddy coming out to his dad on the phone. "Pilot" was an amazing series premiere episode. The beginning of the episode was so intense when Cassie's mother died. I love the premise of this show about group of witches wanting Cassie to join them to make their powers stronger, And I love how there was a previous generation of witches but something went wrong and now the new generation is discovering their powers. I love all the magic in this episode. I can't wait for the next episode. the-vampire-diaries-1.jpg The Vampire Diaries picture by Jon_MW_16 "The Birthday" was a great season premiere episode! I can't believe how evil Stefan has become doing whatever Klaus tells him to do. I'm very interested in Ray and his werewolf pack. It was awesome how Klaus turned Ray into a vampire. I love how Stefan still cares for Elena and he called her on her birthday. But his cry reminded me of Dawson's cry in that episode when Joey leaves him for Pacey. I love the Jeremy and Matt friendship and I love how Matt knows everything now. Now that he knows about everything, I think his character will become more useful. It's so awesome how Jeremy is seeing vicki and Anna's ghosts and I'm very interested in what help they need. I love how Caroline and Tyler finally got together. I love the ending of this episode with Tyler's mom shooting Caroline. "Pilot" was surprisingly an enjoyable season premiere. Initially, I didn't like the premise of the show, but watching this episode, it kept me interested. It was confusing at timesand that boat scene was awkward, but everything else was enjoyable. I love how Bridget is trying to escape her old life, and when her sister dies, she takes on her sister's identity. The end of the episode seemed very interesting because it looked like Siobhan may have faked her death. My Top 5 Firefly Relationships/Friendships/Couples
5. Kaylee and River

Kaylee and River are my fifth favourite relationship. I love their friendship. I love how Kaylee is like an older sister to River and that she actually gives River a chance when others think she's dangerous.
4. Mal and Zoe

Mal and Zoe are my fourth favourite relationship. I love their freindship as well. I love how Mal and Zoe are a great team and they have each other's backs.
3. Wash and Zoe
Zoe and Wash
Wash and Zoe are my third favourite relationship. They are a funny couple. I love watching them together. I love how they are so different. Zoe is so serious while Wash is so goofy. It's a fun combination.
2. Simon and Kaylee

Simon and Kaylee are my second favourite relationship. I love how Simon has the biggest crush on Kaylee, but he always gets too nervous around her, and he always says the wrong thing. I love how their relationship builds throughout the series.
1. River and Simon

River and Simon are my favourite relationship on Firefly. I love how Simon is the best big brother and he's always looking out for River. I love how he wants to protect River. Even though River may act like she's not 100% there, she and Simon still act like siblings, and it's pretty funny to watch.
Honourable Mention
Mal and Inara

I love the tension between Mal and Inara. And after awhile, I love how Mal gains respect for Inara.
My Top 5 Dollhouse Relationships/Friendships/Couples

5. Echo and Ballard

Echo and Ballard are my fifth favourite relationship. I love how he became Echo's handler and even though he was looking for Caroline, he still loves Echo.
4. Ballard and November

Ballard and November are my fourth favourite relationship. I love how Mellie had the biggest crush on him and it was so funny when we found out she was a doll. But I love how Ballard did care about her, even though he was obsessed with finding Caroline.
3. Echo and Boyd

Echo and Boyd are third favourite relationship. Before we found out that Boyd was all crazy, I love how he acted like a father to Echo. I love how he looked out for her.
2. Topher and Adelle

Topher and Adelle are my second favourite relationship. I love how Adelle acts very motherly towards Topher.
1. Victor and Sierra

Victor and Sierra are my favourite couple. I love how they develop feelings for each other when they were in a blank state. I love when they take on different personas, that they still have a connection. I love how they were automatically attracted to each other when they had their orginal imprint.
Honourable Mention

I find Adelle to be motherly towards all the dolls.

I love the end of season 2 because I love how Alpha was so crazy and he thought Echo deserved to be the "it" girl.

Boyd and Whiskey's relationship was interesting. I wish Amy Acker played a bigger role in season 2, so we could have seen how the development of Boyd and Whiskey's relationship.

Topher and Whiskey sort of acted like siblings, and I wish their relationship could have been explored more. My next blog will have My Top 5 How I Met Your Mother Couples.

I showed up on time, so I got to be Cowboy Guy

Title is quote from Riley on Buffy. It's my favourite Riley quote.

Nothing exciting happened this week. This first week ofschool was kind ofexciting because I got to see some friends who didn't graduate either, and I didn't see them all summer. But I didn't do anything in Data Management or Art. And my online Writer's Craft course doesn't start until Monday.

I finished season 2 of Roswell and now I'm onto the third season of Roswell. I can't believe Tess is the one who killed Alex. I really liked Alex. I just watched the first 4 episodes of season 3, and Max just discovered another shape-shifter. I can't wait to continue watching!

I made a video about Warren, Jonathan, and Andrew from Buffy.

The Trio

Ranking the season premieres of my 3 favourite shows

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

7. "The Freshman"
Buffy 401 The Freshman 1
Season 4 of BUffy is actually one of my favourite seasons, but I found the season 4 premiere was the weakest out of all the other season premieres. I love how Buffy gets her dorm gets robbed and she goes up against Sunday to get her stuff back, but the other premieres are better than this.

6. "Buffy Vs. Dracula"

Buffy 501 Buffy vs Dracula 1
"Buffy vs. Dracula" is the funniest Buffy season premiere. I just love how everyone is under Dracula's spell and Xander is acting all weird. I love how it's revealed that Buffy has a sister named Dawn, and I love how you find out througout the season how she became Buffy sister.

5. "Anne"
Buffy 301 Anne
Even though I wish the episode took place in Sunnydale and I wish it featured Buffy with her friends together, I really love the idea of an underground world where you age quickly.

4. "When She Was Bad"
Buffy 201 When She Was Bad
I love the "Back to School" feel to this episode. I love how Buffy didn't just get over drowning and Xander bringing her back to life. I love how this episode gives Buffy closure as she smashes The Masters bones.

3. "Welcome to the Hellmouth" (1) and "The Harvest" (2)
Buffy - Welcome to The Hellmouth
I love the series premiere of Buffy. It has this high school feeling that I love in teen dramas. I love the introduction to all the main characters and the main storyline of the season.

2. "Bargaining" Parts 1 and 2

"Bargaining" Parts 1 & 2 are my second season premiere episodes. I love how the gang brings Buffy back to life.

1. "Lessons"

"Lessons" is my favourite season premiere on Buffy. I just love how Dawn is going to Sunnydale High and she makes friends with Kit and Carlos in the basement. I love how they see zombie ghosts. And I love Spike when he's insane in the basement and The First Evil is talking to him as all the Big Bads on Buffy.

Dawson's Creek

6. "The Kids Are Alright"

The last two seasons of Dawson's Creek aren't the best seasons. The only thing I like about this episode is that Dawson and JOey finally sleep together, but the next episode just ruins it.

5. "The Bostonians"
DC 501 The Bostonians 1

Like I said, the last two Season's of Dawson's Creek aren't best, but this episode had mores scenes that I enjoyed than "The Kids Are Alright". I love the scene where Dawson freaks out on Todd.

4. Coming Home

"Coming Home" was a good season premiere. I love all the awkwardness in this episode. I love how Joey and Pacey come back but Dawson is completely pissed at Pacey. And I thought it was really cool how they showed that film at the beach.

3. Like a Virgin
Dawson's Creek 301 Like a Virgin
I love Dawson's wild side. I love how he meets this crazy girl named Eve and they crash a boat. I love how Pacey has the idea to host a party with strippers so the boys at school will come and pay to see them.

2. The Kiss
Dawson's Creek - The Kiss B
"The Kiss" ws really romantic with Dawson and Joey nervous about a second kiss. I love how Pacey pretends to be a police officer and Andie thinks she's in trouble, but then she finds out Pacey is a student. I love how Andie gets revenge on Pacey. I love this episode continues where the last one left off with Jen finding out about her grandfather's death.

1. Pilot
Dawson's Creek - Pilot
The "Pilot" is my favourite season premiere. I love the introduction of all the characters. And I love how some of the best storylines are already introduced in this episode. I love Dawson's passion for film-making. I love the Pacey/Tamara, student/teacher relationship. And how Joey notices that Gail is having an affair.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

11. "Uptown Girl"

"Uptown Girl" is my least favourite season premiere. I don't like the character Mia, so I don't enjoy her plots. I think her modeling storyline should have been an one episode plot.

10. "Here Comes Your Man"

I love the rest of the seasons premiere. I love the Emma and Sean reunion and I love the Peter versus Sean streetracing. The only thing I didn't like about these episodes was Peter's jelousy of Sean.

9. "Just Can't Get Enough"

I actually find "Just Can't Get Enough" to be really entertaining. I love watching Peter on meth.

8. "Venus"

I love Manny's passion for being an actress. I love how this episode dealt with body-issues and trying to get into the televison and film industry. I'm really glad that Manny didn't get plastic surgery. I actually enjoyed part 2 more where Peter threatens Manny that he'll send the video of here flashing her breasts to the camera if she isn't nicer to him.

7. "Ghost in the Machine"

Part 1 was boring and I wish it was more exciting. I think these episodes should have been done at the end of season 3. It was sad how Paige lost the court case. I love Part 2 much more than part 1. I love how Paige goes to a party and she's all creepy. I love how she smashes Spinner's car into Dean's car. It made me so angry when Dean admitted he raped Paige, but he did it after the court case.

6. "Father Figure"

I actually enjoy Emma searching for her biological dad. And if you haven't seen Degrassi Junior High, it's shocking that Emma's father is in a mental hospital. Anyways, I love how Spike gives birth to a baby boy and they call him Jack.

5. "What a Girl Wants"

"What A Girl Wants" has this "back to school" feeling that I love so much. I love the Holly J. versus Sav election. And I really wanted Holly J. to win, but I grew to love Sav in season 10, so it's alright that he won. I love Anya's fake pregnancy and fake miscarriage storyline in these episodes. And I love how this season starts off with Fiona's abusive boyfriend storyline because it's a serious issue and the character Fiona finally gets to shine.

4. "Mother and Child Reunion"

"Mother and Child Reunion" is an amazing series premiere. The show was so edgy from the beginning. It was so intense how Emma had this internet boyfriend and she was going to meet him, but he turns out to be a pervert. I love how Mr. Simpson is so much cooler in The Next Generation and he saves Emma.

3. "When Doves Cry"

"When Doves Cry" is my third favourite Degrassi season premiere episode. I love the introduction of Craig. I love how he was crazy right when we met him. I think he could have been diagnosed as bipolar in season 2. It was so heartbreaking how Craig's father abused him. I love how Craig went to live with Joey.

2. "Boom Boom Pow: Spring Fever"

"Boom Boom Pow: Spring Fever" was a great way to start off season 11. It was so intense how Anson was trying to rape Bianca and Drew tries to save her, but then Drew is getting beat up by Anson. It was so shocking how Bianca hits Anson in the head with a brick and kills him to save Drew.

1. "Standing in the Dark"

Degrassi 701/702 Standing in the Dark 13
Standing in the Dark is my favourite season premiere and it's also my favourite Degrasi episode. Darcy getting rape and then attempting suicide was so intense. I love the Toby plot in this episode and how he hates that Lakehurst is overcrowding Degrassi and he makes a podcast about it. I love how he went to visit JT's grave.

My Top 5 Favourite Back to School Episodes

5. "Welcome to the Hellmouth" (1) and "The Harvest" (2) from Buffy
4. "Lessons" from Buffy
3. "What A Girl Wants Parts 1 & 2" from Degrassi

2. "The Phantom Menace" (1) and "Mo Menace, Mo Problems" (2) from Popular

The Popular series premiere definitely had this "Back to School" feeling and it had one of my favourite Carmen plots. I love how she tries out for The Glamazons and she's the best one who tries out. It's so sad that she doesn't make The Glamazons. I love how Brooke's dad, and Sam's mom show up at Brooke's party and they announce their engagement.

1. Dawson's Creek "Pilot"

My next blog will have My Top 5 Firefly and Dollhouse Relationships/ Friendships/ Couples.

Kiss Rocks? Why would anyone want to kiss... Oh wait, I get it

Title is quote from Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I have a new banner!!

On the weekend I made a Buffy video of all the Big Bads on Buffy.

Big Bads

School started on Tuesday. I am now in my 5th Year of high school. I'm taking:
- Online Writer's Craft (which I can do at home)
- Data Management
- Art

I went to a an assembly at school. We can now have ipods and cell phones at school and not get into trouble using them.

Reviewing The Rest of The DEGRASSI Couples

Click here if you missed My Top 5 Degrassi Couples from Season 1-7, and My Top 5 Couples from seasons 8-11, with honourable mentions for both.

Couples That Weren't My Favourite, But I Generally Liked.

Jimmy and Ashley

I liked Jimmy and Ashley in season 1. It's actually weird to see them as a couple if watched seasons 3 and 4 before the first season. I didn't like when the attempted to be a couple in season 2. I loved them as a couple at the end of season 5 until the beginning of season 6. They were both more mature in the later seasons.

Jimmy and Trina

Initially, I didn't like Jimmy and Trina. But now, it's really cute how they're both in wheelchairs. I love how they are the only ones who understand each other because they can relate to one another.

Spinner and Emma

In Degrassi Takes Manhattan, it's surprising that Spinner and Emma get married. And I know this is a ridiculous pairing, but I love how they gave the two longest cast members a good ending.

Liberty and Toby
So Liberty and Toby weren't really a couple, but after JT's death, I thought they really belonged together. They even had feelings for each other for one episode. I really thought Liberty should have taken Toby to the prom as a real date and not just a friend.

Emma and Peter

I love Emma and Peter in season 5. It was really bada$$ how they were sneaking around. I love how Peter helped Emma through her eating disorder. The only thing that was strange was that Sean came back and Emma threw Peter to the side. And then Peter did something dumb which justifies Emma going back to Sean.

Joey and Caitlin

I love when Joey and Caitlin got back together in season 3, but then their characters became so boring after that. I love them much more in Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High.

Ellie and Marco

I loved Ellie and Marco together because they were so shy and it was so cute. I love how Marco came out to Ellie first and she pretended to be his boyfriend until he ofiiciallycame out. I love them as friends.

Alex and Jay

Even though I'm a huge Palex fan and huge Janny fan, I love both Alex and Jay because they were the bad kids of Degrassi before their character became complex.

Jay and Emma

I know that Jay and Emma were just hooking up and were never a couple, but during season 4 these characters were so different, I just really enjoyed their interactions.
Liberty and Towerz

I know we only see Liberty and Towerz interact once, but I love how the character Towerz never said a word.

JT and Manny

I found their relationship to be entertaining. I love how JT was trying to impress Manny but she was never really that impressed. I just love the scene where she walks into the room and JT's using a penis pump.

Toby and Kendra

As annoying as Toby and Kendra were, I'm glad they were couple. I'm glad the Degrassi writers gave Toby a love interest because after season 2, he wasn't given any great storylines or love interests after that point.

Danny and Leia

I actually liked Danny and Leia. I thought they were adorable together in season 8. But then in season 9, they became out of character and broke up.

Jane and Declan

As much as I love Jane and Spinner, I actually enjoyed Jane cheating on Spinner with Declan storyline. I know it was out of character but it was really fun to watch.

Sav and Miss Oh

So Sav and Miss Oh didn't really work out as a couple, but they tried. Alli is still on the show, which means there's still a chance we'll see Sav once in awhile, which means could see a Sav and Miss Oh interaction if Sav comes home for Christmas or something.

Anya and Owen

I like Anya and Owen together. I feel like Owen is redeeming himself from the stuff he did in season 10. And it's so interesting how he didn't like Anya using cocaine and that he actually cares about her.
KC and Clare

I grew to like KC and Clare and I won't forget any of their good moments, I just hated the way KC dumped Clare for Jenna so quickly.

Wesley and Hannah

Wesley and Hannah are so cute together.

Clare and Jake

Clare and Jake were awesome together. I love how their relationship didn't last long, but I still love how their storyline played out with their parents announcing their engagement forcing them to break up.

Drew and Katie

I'm loving Drew and Katie so far. They kind of give each other balance. And even after all that drama in "Don't Panic" and "Dead & Gone", I love how they stayed a couple.

Fiona and Riley

I find them as a couple to be ironic. I think Fiona knew she was lesbian in season 9. She knew Riley was gay even though he was in the closet.

Eli and Imogen

Eli and Imogen hooked up once and were never a couple. But I just really like the character Imogen and I think they would have made an amazing crazy couple.

Dave and Sadie
Dave and Sadie
I actually liked Dave and Sadie. I just wish they were given more screentime as couple.

Dave and Alli
Sometimes I Like Dave and Alli just as friends, but sometimes I like them as couple.

Paige and Matt

I didn't like Paige and Matt at all. I thought it was so out of character for Paige to get into a relationship with an older guy because of what she went through with Dean. And Matt ended up being a jerk.

Paige and Jesse

I didn't like Paige and Jessie at all. I never liked the character Jessie. And it made no sense to me that they hooked up.

Paige and Griffin

I didn't like the character Griffin at all. Sometimes he seemed nice and other times he seemed really cocky. I didn't like how he didn't tell Paige he was HIV postive before he slept with her.

Spinner and Manny

I love every relationship Spinner had on Degrassi besides the one with Manny. I felt like that relationship came out of nowhere. I know the Spinner and Emma relationship came out of nowhere, but it's not like Season 4 was the last season and we weren't seeing these characters again.

Terri and Rick

I hated how Rick abused Terri and put her in a coma. The only good thing that came out of their relationship was a great storyline.
Liberty and Damien

Why do the Degrassi writers always set Liberty up with Manny and Emma's ex-boyfriends? Why couldn't they introduce a character for Liberty to date first? She should have been dating Toby in season 7 and Kelly in season 8.

JT and Mia

I didn't like JT and Mia at all. They had no chemistry at all. And I hated how she treated Liberty. JT and Liberty had all this history and it was like she was trying to destroy it.

Emma and Chris

I didn't like Emma and Chris as a couple. I think they were better off as friends. If they were going to have Emma date Chris, then Chris should have been more developed as a character.

Emma and Damien

I didn't like Emma and Damien as a couple at all. I felt as if Emma should have grieved over Sean returning to the army. And she should have stayed single for the rest of the season.

Emma and Kelly

Emma and Kelly were so annoying. I felt as if Kelly was another Jessie. I seriously think he should have dated Liberty and have different personality.
Manny and Damien

I just didn't like thecharacter Damien.

Ellie and Jessie

Jessie was such a jerk. I didn't like the Ellie and Jessie plots at all. And I hated how he cheated on Ellie with Caitlin.

Marco and Dylan

Initially, I loved Marco and Dylan. They were adorable together in season 3 and 4. I love their first date. Then Dylan cheats on him in season 4. That was such a jerk move. In season 5, they introduce Tim, a guy who would never cheat on Marco, and Marco dumps him to get back together with Dylan. Now, I don't remember if Dylan ever cheated on Marco again, but he was just a huge jerk to Marco in season 6 and never calling him when he went away.

Peter and Mia

Peter and Mia just didn't have the chemistry that Peter and Darcy had. I find they were just forced together.

Holly J. and Blue

I didn't like Blue at all. I didn't like how he was trying to change Holly J. into someone she's not. Maybe I would have liked him if they actually developed his character and gave him storylines. But he just came off as a jerk.

Danny and Chantay

I didn't like how Chantay broke up Danny and Leia. Danny and Chantay did have some cute moments, but their were very small and you don't get to see them evovle as a couple.

Mia and Lucas

I really didn't like the character Mia and Lucas was a jerk until you saw a really soft side of him in season 8 episode "Jane Says". They should have made The Vampire Diaries into a television show before Mia ever got to be on Degrassi because I love Nina Dobrev as Elena. The only thing I love about them is that their daughter is adorable.

Anya and Dr.Chris

I was so excited for Anya and Dr. Chris in season 10, but then he broke her heart and he became the enemy.

KC and Jenna

I don't like KC and Jenna as a couple at all. I don't even like them as characters. But they did have some good storylines, and that was the only thing I liked about them.

KC and Marisol

I really don't know know how I feel about them, but I didn't like that KC cheated on Jenna.

Alli and Drew

I didn't really like Alli and Drew because in season 10 I didn't like the character Drew.

Next Blog I'll be doing a countdown of season premieres for Buffy, Dawson's Creek, and Degrassi.

Xander: Just once I would like to run into a cult of bunny worshippers.

Anya: Great! Thank you very much for those nightmares.

Title is quote from Xander on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love Anya's fear of bunnies.

I've made two Buffy videos. One is about Riley. The video kind of sucks and maybe it isn't as good because I never liked The Initiative. I also made another Dawn video. It's much better than The Initiative video.

The Initiative

The Key

I started Roswell season 2. I'm really enjoying this show. I'm loving this season with the Skins, and with Kyle thinking he's becoming an alien. I love how Max, Isobel, and Michael's powers are growing. Right now I'm at the part where Isobel gets into Kyle's dream but all of sudden it's someone elses dream of this girl getting kidnapped. I can't wait to watch the next episode.

I start school on September 6. I'll be in grade 13. Well technically, there's no grade 13, but it's easier to say than grade 12, because then it sounded like I failed, when I didn't.

Degrassi Season 11
"Take A Bow" Parts 1 & 2 are amazing Degrassi episodes. I love the Fiona "A" plot. It was heartbreaking when she found out that Charlie had a girlfriend. I was shocked when she relapsed and drank alcohol. It was so sad how Fiona let Mr. Tuxdeopants go free. I love how Charlie yelled at Fiona telling her the reason she feels so lonely is because she pushes people away. I love how Fiona brings the prom to Holly J. It gets all emotional when Anya, Holly J., Fiona, and Chantay are talking about being scared of the future and then the put their handprints in wet cement. I love the end of this episode with Mr. Tuxedopants is found and Fiona reveals she's going back to rehab. I love Anya's plot of getting into shape for the army and rekindling her relationship with Owen. Marisol is so weird putting in Katie's head that Drew wants to have sex with her. I love how Katie is all scared and tells Drew she's virgin, but he admits the only reason he invited her over was to meet his mother. I love the graduation scene. I love Holly J.'s speech. It was amazing how Riley officially comes out to his mother and she accepts it.

"Dead & Gone" Parts 1 and 2 are both excellent and shocking midseason finale episodes. I love how Bianca finally reveals to Drew that she's letting Vince abuse her, so that Drew and her friends are protected. I couldn't believe when Drew met with Vince to try and settle everything and the look on Vince face you knew he was lying. I couldn't believe that Vince showed up at the prom. It was awesome when Drew beat him up. It was heartbreaking when Vince took the gun and missed Drew and hit Adam. I am so happy that Adam made it to the hospital and that he's still alive. I seriously thought Bianca was going to kill herself. I love how Drew convinced Bianca to call the police and I love how she told the police everything. Glen and Helen announcing their engagement to Clare and Jake was both entertaining and dramatic. It's entertaining because Clare and Jake are dating, it was dramatic because of their reaction. But I'm glad they broke up in this episode. Sav was so sweet setting up a romantic evening for him and Miss Oh. I love how they kissed goodbye. Then, I love how Sav was taking one last look at Degrassi before he took Alli to that science program.

Reviewing Season 11 Part 1 Storylines

Sav - Even though the student/teacher relationship storyline wasn't a big one, I still enjoyed.

Holly J. - Holly J.'s storyline was my favourite. It was just so heartbreaking with her kidney's failing and then finding out she's adopted. We never had a character that went looking for their birth parents. I love how she got the kidney transplant. I think this was her biggest storyline on the show and she deserved it.

Fiona -I also enjoyed Fiona's storyline of having girlfriend troubles. Having bedbugs was something Degrassihas never done before. And she's the first character to relapse in drugs/alcohol. Other characters only experimented with drugs or went to rehab and were never seen again.

Riley - I wish Riley had a bigger part this season, but he already had his biggest storylines in seasons 8-10, so it wasn't that big od deal. It was sad when he broke up with Zane. I love how he officially came out to his mom at the end of the season and she just accepts him.

Anya - Anya's cocaine storyline was amazing. It was beautiful how the writer's made her so vulnerable when she got rejected from the doctor, got rejected from university, and he friends making her feel bad. I also love how this lead to her using cocaine. I love how she wanted to join the army, fail the drug test, but was given another chance.This is Anya's biggest storyline and she deserved it.

Chantay - Very eventful season for Chantay. She helped planned Anya's surprise party, she was seen leading the swim team to the pool, she walked the runway with Sav, she noticed Sav's crush on Mis Oh, she was in Eli's play, and she put her handprint in the cement and put her signature beside it.

Zane - I wish Zane was given a storyline this season. Riley broke up with him and we didn't even get to see how he dealt with it.

Bianca - Bianca became so likeable this season. It was so intense how Anson tried to rape her. It was even more intense how she killed him to protect herself and Drew. It was heartbreaking that she was stuck in a relationship with Vince and he abused her. I love how she called the police and told them everything about Vince and the gang.

Drew - Drew getting beat severely by a gang and having PTSD was an amazing storyline. I think his cage fighting storyline has very interesting.

Eli - I loved Eli's bipolar storyline. I knew he was bipolar right at the beginning of this season when he revealed he's taking anti-anxiety pills.

Jake - He has a cute smile. His dad dating Helen while he was dating Clare was interesting.

Imogen - I love Imogen. She's so crazy. Now she hasn't had a real storyline, but I love that she's a compulsive liar.

Katie - I love Katie's bulimic storyline. Now it wasn't too intense, but I'm think it's about to get moreintense in the second half of this season.

Marisol - I didn't like her dating KC while KC was still with Jenna. But I love the Marisol versus Katie plot during the school election.

Owen - Owen didn't have a real storyline yet, but I love how his character redeemed himself by actually caring about Anya when she was using cocaine.

Clare - I love how Clare went from still having feelings for Eli to being in a casual relationship with Jake, to being in a serious relationship Jake. And I just love how their parents revealed their engagement to Jake and Clare.

Alli - I really enjoyed Alli's gambling/poker storyline. It makes sense because her character has been really smart from the beginning.

Jenna - Jenna giving her baby up for adoption was heartbreaking.

KC - I dislike KC's storyline of cheating on Jenna with Marisol.

Adam - I really enjoyed Adam's storyline this season of dealing with body issues. I hated how Dave was trans-phobic, but I'm glad Degrassi dealt with this issue. And I love how Dave decided to ask Adam questions about what he doesn't understand about being transgendered instead of just judging Adam. It was so intense how Adam got shot. I am so glad he's still alive.

Dave - I hated how Dave was trans-phobic, but I love how he redeemed himself by apologizing and being sincere about it.

Connor - Connor's underwear obsession was weird. I'm glad he went sent somewhere to get help for that.

Wesley - I enjoyed Wesley's underage driving trying to impress Hannah storyline. I love that this is the first time a character is underage driving and they suffer the consequences of getting caught by the police.

Miss Oh - I've already talked about Miss Oh dating Sav, but Miss Oh never gets any storylines, so it's great that she's getting more screen time.

My Top 5 Dexter Couples

5. Angel and and Maria

Angel and Maria are my fifth favourite couple. I thought it was cute when they were flirting with each other, then started dating each other. I love how they secretly got married. The only thing I didn't like about their relationship was they fought a lot at the beginning of season 5, but I love how they rekindle their relationship by the end of the season.

4. Dexter and Lumen Pierce

Dexter and Lumen are my fourth favourite couple. I love how they learn to trust each other and I love how they become friends first. I love how Dexter shared his secret with Lumen and she completely understood him. I love how Dexter and Lumen develop feelings for each other, but it's sad that she leaves, but it's understandable.

3. Debra and Quinn

Debra and Quinn are my third favourite couple. It's fun watching these two together as they're both very different characters. I love how they flirted with each other in season 3. I love how the sleep together at the beginning of season 5, but then Debra just denies that it happened. Then I love how Debra realizes she has feelings for Quinn and they start dating.

2. Debra and Lundy

Debra and Lundy are my second favourite couple. I love how their relationship develop. It was kind of weird because of their age difference, but I think this is Debra's best relationship because Lundy treated her with respect. He helped her gain confidance. It was heartbreaking when he got shot and died.

1. Dexter and Rita
Dexter and Rita
Dexter and Rita are my favourite couple. Their relationship is the most interesting on the show because Dexter's a serial killer and Rita is the nicest and most innocent person on the show. I love how Dexter really cares about her. I love how each season passes and Dexter love for Rita grows. It was heartbreaking when Rita was murdered. In my opinion, her death is the most heartbreaking death in the series.

Now, I know I was going to review every Degrassi couple that ever existed on the show but there wasn't enough room in this blog with my sudden inspiration to review season 11 storylines of the first half of the season.So that will be in my next blog. Have a good weekend!