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I am the Bug Man, Coo Coo Ca Choo

Title is quote from Xander on Buffy.

I have an update on my aunt. My cousin explained the whole story. My aunt tried to commit suicide. My cousin told me that her mother was drinking and took sleeping pills and she left a note beside her. Right now, my aunt is in mental health care hospital and she's seeing psychiatrist. She'll be there for at least 3 weeks. This whole thing makes me feel very sad, but I'm going stay positive because I know my aunt will get the help that she needs.

On to less depressing news.

I finished Instant Star. I really enjoyed this show. I love how this show gives sneak-peek into what recording an album is like. I love Karma and Spiederman's reality show. I love seeing Cassie Steele as Blue. I love the whole plot where Jamie convinces Blu to work with him instead of Darius. I love the introduction of Zeppelin and I wish there were more seasons so I could see her character develop. My favourite plot in season 4 was Megan holding Jude hostage in Jude's basement and forcing Jude to write a good song. I love that Jude stayed single the series finale.

I uploaded a Buffy video on to youtube on Sunday.

The Watcher Diaries

On Sunday and Monday, there were rehearsal for The Audition. As stage manager, I had to take notes on all the blocking, takes notes on when and where characters enter and exit, make a list of props, sound cues, and lighting changes.

I got rejected from York University. They said they were only accepting 12 out of 200 students into their program. I was sad at first, but I've already gotten accepted to Confederation college, which has the programs I want to take.

On Tuesday was the Winter Carnival at my school. I decided to stay home and sleep in. I watched The Big Bang Theory all day. There's something about that show that makes you want to keep watching. Right now, I'm watched season 4. I love the introduction of Amy Farrah Fowler.

On Wednesday, I finished my longest short film. It's 47 minutes. I called it Teenage Life. It's about 6 teens eachd ealing a particular issue. I watched it from beginning to end and it turned a lot better than I thought.

IT'S MARCH BREAK!!!! No school for a week. I'm just going to relax this week and watch TV.

"Alo" was a great episode. I felt so much sympathy for Alo in this episode. In this episode Alo meets a girl named Poppy and after having sex she reveals that she's much younger that what Alo thought. I love how Alo was responsible and stopped the relationship right away. It was awful how Poppy got Alo arrested and he kept trying to explain that he initially thought Poppy was the same age as him. I love how Poppy finally convinced her mother to convince her father to drop the charges. I really wanted Mini to tell Alo about her pregnancy. She was so close, but then she ran off.


"Babes in Toyland" was an alright episode. The plots are getting more and more boring. The only thing I really enjoyed about this episode was Naomi and Ivy, but even those plots have their flaws. I thought the whole thing with Naomi buying out a sex shop and making it look like her office to impress her sister was entertaining. I love that moment that Jen tells Naomi that she's proud of her and she's actually sincere about it. I love Ivy's vandalism storyline, but I wish she was given this storyline in high school. Annie's plot was completely boring and her character is not even relatable anymore. None of the characters are relatable anymore. Vanessa is an awful villain and I could care less if tries to sabotage Adrianna and Dixon's music careers. Silver's plot was exciting at first with getting accepted to NYU. It even became interesting when she had get vaccinations and blood work done. Then, I was annoyed when she completely shut down when the doctor mentioned the word "breast cancer" like she was doomed to get that very second. At this point, I wish they would copy storylines from the Beverly Hills 90210.

"You're Way Too Pretty to Go to Jail" was another exciting episode. I love how this episode explained why Machado is so obsessed with this case. It's because Bridget witnessed Bodaway Macawi murder Shaylene Briggs who Machado was in love with. I love how all the characters are getting suspicious of everyone. This episode reveals that Andrew has been lying to Bridget and that he's teamed up with Olivia. It seems like Tyler had his own plan for bring down Andrew. The ending of the episode was interesting with Olivia murdering Tyler and Andrew showing up at Malcolm's door. I can't wait for the next episode!

Degrassi Season 11
"Can't Tell Me Nothing" Part 2 was an amazing episode. I love how Katie slowly becomes addicted to codeine and she convinces her sister, Marisol, and Drew that she'll only take codeine before her tryouts. I love how intense this episode gets when Katie falls at tryouts and hears something snap. It's really sad that Katie's on crutches and didn't make the team. I love Jenna's plot of writing song about KC, which gets him angry, so he writes a nasty poem about her. I love how Tori and Zig are totally embarrassed by Tristan's song. It was so cute when Owen walked by to talk to Tristan and give him advice. I love how Tori and Zig decided to join Tristan and save his song.

My Top 5 Degrassi Story Arcs

5. Fitz versus Eli & The Lockdown in season 10 and Drew & Bianca versus Vince's Gang in Season 11
TheLockDown.jpg Degrassi Season 10

Fitz versus Eli & The Lockdown in season 10 and Drew & Bianca versus Vince's Gang in Season 11 are both my fifth favourite storylines. I love them both and couldn't decide between the two. I love how season 10 dealt with a current bullying storyline with Fitz as the bully. I love how intense it got when he brought a knife to school, so the school went on lockdown, and Fitz got arrested. I love how intense season 11 was with Bianca killing Anson in self-defense when he tried to rape her. It was really intense on how Vince's gang severely injured Drew which made him suffer from PTSD. It was intense how Anson brought a gun to the prom and shot Adam. I am so happy that Adam is still alive!

4. LGBT Storylines
TheLockDown.jpg Degrassi Season 10
The LGBT storylines are my fourth storylines. As a member of the LGBT community, I really appreciate that Degrassi has represented every member of our community. It represent the gay community with Marco, Dylan, Riley, Zane and Tristan (who just joined the cast). It represents the lesbian community with Alex and Fiona. It represents the bisexual community with Paige. It represents the transgender community with Adam. Each storyline for these characters are completely unique and their struggles are handled differently. Out of all the LGBT characters Riley is my favourite character because he was a well-developed that never got boring. He started off the show with anger-management issues and hating himself to learning to manage his anger and accepting himself.

3. Emma's Character Development
TheLockDown.jpg Degrassi Season 10
Emma's character development is my third favourite storyline. I love how her character development was a complete roller coaster ride. While some people didn't like that, I love it. I love how she started off the show as vegetarian environmental activist. I love how she was into protesting and stuff like that. I love how her character change in season 4 and she became popular. I love how the shooting changed her as she started giving Jay blowjobs at the ravine. I love her gonorrhea storyline. I love her eating disorder storyline in season 5. I love how she got back into protesting when she was against the Purple Dragon campaign in season 7. Even though it was really random, I'm happy she married Spinner at the end of season 9. Those two were longest characters on the show and they deserved a happy ending.

2. Bullying Rick, The Shooting & It's effect on Everyone in Season 4
TheLockDown.jpg Degrassi Season 10
Bullying Rick, The Shooting & It's effect on Everyone in Season 4 is my second favourite storyline. Usually, a show has one bully that has a specific target, so I thought it was really interesting how all the main characters became bullies to Rick. I understand why they didn't like Rick. I didn't like Rick. He abused Terri and put her in a coma. Anyways, it was really intense how he brought a gun to school and shot Jimmy. The scene where the gun goes off and you think Sean got shot, but it was Rick that really got shot was really intense. I love how the shooting affected everyone. I felt bad for Toby because he was angry that he made friends with a "psycho. I felt bad for Sean the shooting made him think of his past, so he moved back home. I thought it was interesting how they put Jimmy in a wheelchair. I love Jay and Emma's plot in "Secret". I love Spinner's character development of feeling guilty about the whole shooting and his character redeeming himself later in season5.

1. Darcy's Rape in Season 7
TheLockDown.jpg Degrassi Season 10
Darcy's rape in season 7 is my favourite storyline. This is one of the most intense storylines on the show. Shenae Grimes is just an amazing actress. She really improved as an actor on this show. Season 7 showed her amazing acting abilities. First of all, I was completely shocked when someone spiked her drink and then raped her. It was so interesting how the rapist made it look like Peter raped her. It was so intense when Manny found Darcy in the shower cutting herself. It was so intense when Darcy was on top of the school roof thinking about jumping off and Manny had to stop her. I love how Darcy was able to confide in Mr. Simpson. I know it was wrong that Darcy told the principal that Mr. Simpson was flirting with her, but I can understand that she didn't want to tell anyone about the rape. Anyways, I love how she was sent to Brat Camp during Spring break and actually dealt with all her feelings and she came out a better person. I love how Darcy became more confidant in herself and told everyone the truth that Mr. Simpson never flirted with her.

My Top 5 Tv Show Creators

5. Ryan Murphy (Created Popular, Glee, Nip/Tuck, and American Horror Story)
Ryan Murphy

4. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas (Created How I Met Your Mother)

3. Linda Schuyler (Created Degrassi and Instant Star)

2. Kevin Williamson (Created Dawson's Creek, The Vampire Diaries, and The Secret Circle)

1. Joss Whedon (Created Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse)

Question of the Day:
Who are your favourite television show creators?

Have an amazing weekend!!

Tell ya what grams, I'll go to church when you say the word penis

Title is quote from Jen on Dawson's Creek.

On Saturday, my brother and his girlfriend came over to visit. We talked about all kinds of television shows, which was awesome, because sometimes we talk about boring things. For supper we had lasagna, Caesar salad, and garlic bread. The chocolate cake for dessert was so delicious.

On Sunday, we had auditions for the most recent play that we're doing called The Audition.I auditioned for Tommy, which was my best audition. The teacher also wanted me to audition for Carrie's father and Edward, so I did.On Monday, I found out I wasgoing to be the stage manager for this play, which is what I wanted to do the most. So now I'm going to be a director for The Bagel Club and stage manager for The Audition.

I also uploaded a Buffy video onto youtube.


I really don't know the whole story yet, but on Thursday my aunt didn't wake up, or my cousin had trouble waking her up. My cousin called an ambulance and my aunt was taken to the hospital. DON'T WORRY, my Aunt's awake now and she's doing better. Right now she needs to stay in the hospital for a couple days for observations. I still don't know the whole story, but I'm hoping to find everything out by end of this weekend. I'll keep you guys updated about this in my next blog.

I'm almost finished season 4 of Instant Star. I have two more episodes left to watch. I'm really enjoying this season especially with Karma's reality show.

"Nick" was a great episode. I love how Matt and Franky became really good friends. I like Matty, but I haven't missed him and don't blame everyone for not wanting him to come back. I found it entertaining to watch Nick to try and find money to get him a new identity but whatever money he did have wasn't enough. I love how Nick went all crazy then kissed Alex. I love how Franky gives Nick a chance at the end of the episode.

How I Met Your Mother Seaosn 7

"Karma" was a great episode. I found Ted's plot to be very entertaining with trying to figure out what he can use the empty room as. I love Robin's plot of writing in her journal and planning her escape from Lily and Marshall's house. I love how Ted moved out his apartment and Lily and Marshall moved in. I really didn't like Barney's plot. I don't like Karma and I hope she's not Barney's bride at his wedding.

"P.S. You're An Idiot" was another exciting episode. I love Andrew proposing to Bridget to renew their vows. I love how Malcolm finds out that Olivia is up to something criminal-like, and I love how Andrew reveals he's behind everything at the end of the episode. I love how Siobhan is having twins and she thinks Andrew's the father instead of Henry. I love how she told Henry to give Bridget that box with all that information in it. I was shocked when Juliet's mother revealed to be working with Mr. Carpenter. I love how she ditched Mr. Carpenter and took all the money. I hated that she paid someone to beat up Tessa.

Degrassi Season 11
"Can't Tell Me Nothing" Part One was an amazing episode. I love Katie's storyline already of hurting her leg and taking her mother's codeine. I can't wait to see how her pain-killer addiction storyline plays out. I was surprised to find out her mother has Multiple sclerosis. Jenna's plot was boring until Jake suggested that Jenna write a song that's actually meaningful. I love Tristan's plot of trying to break up Zig and Tori.

My Top 5 Roswell Characters

5. Liz

Liz is my fifth favourite character. I love how her character had so much confidence and that she was always looking for the root of a problem.

4. Isabel

Isabel is my fourth favourite character. I love how she just wanted to be a normal girl. I love how she wasn't as serious as Michael and Max. I also love her powers of visiting people's dreams.

3. Sheriff Jim Valenti

Sherriff Jim Valenti is my third favourite character. I love how he protected Max, Isobel, and Michael by keeping their secret.

2. Kyle

Kyle is my second favourite character. I love how his character became more laid-back in season 2 and 3. I love how he became one of the nicest characters on the show.

1. Maria

Maria is my favourite character. I thought she was hilarious. I loved her relationship with Michael. I love how she was a really good friend to Liz.

Honourable Mentions

I love Alex. He was such a nice guy. His death was heartbreaking. The reason he didn't make it in the Top 5 was I think his character could have been developed more before he died.


I really didn't like his character in season 1, but I started liking his character in season 2 and 3.

Tess Harding
Tess is the one character that would totally have made it in the Top 5 if it wasn't for the fact that she killed Alex.

My Top 5 Roswell Storylines

5. Liz Strange-New Powers & New School & Max Switches Bodies

Roswell 314 Chant Down Babylon (4)
Liz strange-new powers storyline is my fifth favourite storyline. I love how she develops these new powers and she turn on the radio when she puts her hand near them. I love how she started that fire while she was talking to Max. I love how Max is the reason she has these new powers. I love how she decided to go to a private school and Max switches bodies with a dying old man. I love how the guy that's in Max's body finds Liz and somehow Max is back in his body again.

4. Tess and Nasedo show up , Max versus Agent Pierce

Tess, Nasado, and Max versus Agent Pierce is my fourth favourite storyline. I love how it's revealed that Tess is an alien and she shows them where the their spaceship crashed. I love how they were born in pods. I love how they were all looking for this guy named Nasedo who was working with Tess all along. I love how Agent Pierce kidnaps Max and puts him in The White Room. I love how Nasado, Isobel, Tess, and Michael save Max.

3. Alex's Death

Alex's death is my third favourite storyline. It was heartbreaking when Sheriff Valenti walks into the Crashdown cafe announcing the death of Alex. It was so surprising to hear that. This storyline was big because the characters didn't know if Alex's death was an accident or suicide. I love how Liz didn't believe it was suicide. I love how she found all this information about Alex's trip. It was so interesting to learn that Tess sent him to this place to decode her book so she could find a way to get home. I was just so shocked to find out that Tess killed Alex. I know she didn't do it on purpose, but it made me really dislike her character.

2. The Gang Versus The Skins

The gang versus The Skins is my second favourite storyline. I think this was great storyline to start off season 2. I love how the gang finds out that Courtney is a Skin and she reveals that there are groups of Skins that what Michael to be king of Antar. I love how Isobel, Max, and Michael go on a trip and they find a town filled with Skins. I love how Isobel finds a place where all the bodies are stored. I love how we find out the human body is just a shell for The Skins and they need to find the Granolith before they die. I love the episode where all the people disappear from the town and Skins try to go after Max, Michael, Isobel, and Tess. I love how Tess uses her powers to destroy The Skins.

1. Isobel, Laurie Dupree, Grant Sorenson & Blue Crystals

Isobel, Laurie Dupree, Grant Sorenson & Blue Crystals is my favourite storyline. I find this storyline to be most exciting storyline on the show. I love how Isobel uses pictures to visit people's dreams. It was so intense when she enters the dream of this girl getting kidnapped. I love how Isobel finally finds out this girl is named Laurie Dupree and she gets the help of Max and Sheriff Valenti to save Laurie. I love how Laurie is totally crazy and she doesn't trust anyone. I love how they find these blue crystals which end up being a sort of parasite. I love how Alex and Kyle are trapped underground with the blue crystals. I love how Grant Sorenson is possessed by the alien parasite queen who's after Laurie Dupree. I love how Michael uses his power to kill the parasite, which allows Alex and Kyle to escape.

Have a great weekend!!

Hey, party in my eye socket, and everyone's invited

[everyone startes at Xander]

Xander: Sometimes I shouldn't say words.

Title is quote from Xander on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Last weekend I uploaded a Dawson's Creek video about Jen on youtube.

Jen's Cove

On Sunday was my grandmother's birthday. I totally forget what we had for supper but for dessert we had an awesome spice cake. I bought her some special candies and she really liked them.

On Monday was Family Day, so there was no school. That was the day we tried to take off the old toilet seat and put on the new toilet seat. I just kept getting flashes to the Toilet Seat Tree in Dead Like Me.

Toilet Seat Tree

In Drama, I'm going to the be director for the play called The Bagel Club. The teacher already order the scripts, sothis week I was working out a schedule for auditions and rehearsals.

In Sociology, a sociologist came to talk to my class. She was really fun. She wrote a thesis on Native girls and their culture. Anyways she shared stories about how she got a group of Native girls to take pictures of what was important to them.

I'm watching season4 of Instant Star. I loved season 3.I'll be honest, Patsy kind of scared me, but her death was very sad. I love how this season fully explained Tommy's background. Right now, I'm watching season 4, I can't wait to seethe episodes that have Cassie Steele in them.

"Mini" was an amazing episode. This episode had so many layers. I love how Mini is pregnant and she took like 5-7 pregnancy tests that all said "positive". I really thought her Dad was so cool by letting Mini move in with him, but he totally turned into a jerk when he left the country without Mini. I love how Eric is actually a nice guy and he comforts Mini before she moves back in with her mom. I love the end of the episode with Mini getting an ultrasound and she cries when she sees the movement.

How I Met Your Mother Seaosn 7

"No Pressure" was an awesome episode. I feel like this is the episode that Ted is finally turning his life around, which I'm really happy about. I really love the ending of this episode with a street filled with people holding yellow umbrellas. I love how Ted told the story about how he first said "I love you" to the mother. Anyways, I'm glad Ted and Robin don't get back together. I love how Ted realizes Robin's in love with Barney. I thought the whole Lily and Marshall making bets about the gang was funny.

"On My Way" was such an intense Glee episode! It was so intense how Karofsky gets outed at his school, then gets bullied in the locker room. I was shocked when Karofsky attempted suicide. I'm glad that Glee did a plot about gay teen suicide because that's a current issue that's very relevant to today. I'm happy that Karofsky is alive. I'm happy Sebastian realized his bullying went too far and decided not to threaten to post a sexually explicit picture of Finn on the internet. I love the scene where Kurt visits Karofsky in the hospital and they have very nice moment and decide to be friends. At regionals, I love the Warblers singing "Stand" and "Glad You Came". New Directions shouldn't have performed a mash-up of "Fly" and "I Believe I Can Fly". It sounded awful. I love the Troubletones performing "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)". I love hearing Brittany singing.I love Rachel singing "Here's to Us". Sue us so funny with saying hormones are making her nice and she wants to work with Will to make glee club win nationals. I love how she let Quinn back on the Cheerios. The ending was so intense with that truck crashing into Quinn's car. I can't wait for the next episode to see if Quinn's still alive. I also can't wait to see if Rachel and Finn go through with the wedding.

"Wh0re$ Don't Make That Much" was an exciting episode. First of all, I love how it's finally revealed why Siobhan wants revenge on Bridget. It was so sad to hear that Siobhan had a son named Sean that died when he was in a car accident with Bridget. I love the end of the episode when Bridget tells Malcolm that she wants to tell Andrew and Juliet who she really is. It was so intense when it was revealed Tessa was beaten up and put in a coma. Like Juliet, I thought Mr. Carpenter did it, but I was surprised to find out that it was Catherine, Juliet's mother.

Degrassi Season 11
Degrassi Season 11
"Underneath It All Part One" was a good episode, but not the best episode. I love that Fiona is back from rehab. It was really hard to see her chase after popularity after all her character development in season 10 and the first part of season 11. I really didn't like Fiona becoming friends with Katie and Marisol. I do love how they decided to pull a Senior Prank. I love how they covered everything in tinfoil. I just couldn't believe how they would leave Imogen inside the school. I love the introduction of Maya, Tori, Tristan, and Zig. It's interesting how Tori tells Maya that Zig is the type of guy who dates girls then ditches them. Clare and Jake dating is still creepy and the episode gives the feeling that it's not going to last.

"Underneath It All Part Two" was an awesome episode. It was so much better than part two. I love how this episode dealt with the consequences of the prank. I felt so bad for Imogen in this episode. I couldn't believe it when Marisol revealed she locked Imogen in the theatre. I love how Fiona confessed she was part of the prank and Katie and Marisol just sat there denying that they were part of the prank. I think I'm going to like Katie and Marisol as the new mean girls of the school. I'm glad that Fiona and Imogen became friends at the end of the episode. Maya's plot was entertaining with accidentally getting Tori and Zig back together. I love Clare and Jake's plot because they officially broke up in this episode.

My Top 5 Charmed Storylines

5. Leo and Piper's Love Story
TheMysteryofChris.jpg The Mystery of Chris Halliwell
Leo and Piper's Love Story is my fifth favourite storyline. I love how Piper and Leo first met and Piper was checking Leo out while he worked on the house. I love the first time Piper and Leo kissed. The Elders were so annoying with not wanting Leo and Piper being together, so I loved when Leo and Piper decided to be together anyways. I love how they decided to get married.

4. Cole Turner / Balthezor / The Triad --> Prue's Death
TheMysteryofChris.jpg The Mystery of Chris Halliwell
Cole Turner/Balthezor/The Triad/Prue's Death is my fourth favourite storyline. I love the introduction of Cole even though he was never my favourite character. I love how it's revealed that he's a half-demon named Balthezor who has been hired by The Triad to kill the Charmed Ones. I love how he falls in love with Phoebe, so he can't kill the Charmed Ones. I love how Cole kills all the members of The Triad.
The whole Source of All Evil/Shax/Prue's death is also tied as being my fourth favourite storyline. Although Prue was never my favourite character, the episodes leading up to her death were very exciting.

3. Cole becomes The Source and Takes Phoebe as his Queen
TheMysteryofChris.jpg The Mystery of Chris Halliwell
Cole becoming the The Source is my third favourite storyline. I love how Cole becomes The Source of All Evil and he didn't even know it until he started having dreams that he was on fire. I love how The Seer is all behind this trying to get Cole and Phoebe to get married, but in the evil way. I love how Phoebe becomes evil for one episode. I love how plot about Phoebe becoming pregnant, but then The Seer uses magic to steal Phoebe's unborn baby and place it in her own body. I love how she couldn't handle the baby's power, so she died.

2. Dark Leo / Kyle Brody / Avatars / Zankou
TheMysteryofChris.jpg The Mystery of Chris Halliwell
Dark Leo/Kyle Brody/Avatars/Zankou is my second favourite storyline. I love how Leo became darker in season 7. I love how he was becoming crazy and hearing voices. I love how the Avatars show up and want to work with Leo. I love how Kyle Brody is a new character who believes the Avatars are responsible for his parents' death. I love how Kyra gave Phoebe visions of the future, so The Charmed Ones decide to work the The Avatars. I love how the whole world changes and everyone is nice to each other. It was awful how the Avatars made people disappear if they misbehaved. I love how the Charmed Ones teamed up with Zankou to get rid of the Avatars.

1. The Mystery of Chris
TheMysteryofChris.jpg The Mystery of Chris Halliwell
The Mystery of Chris is my favourite storyline. I love how Chris comes from the future and you know nothing about him. I love how we don't know if he's good or evil. I love how he reveals little things like Wyatt becoming evil in the future and he wants to stop that from happening. I love how we find out about his fiance and his life in the future. I love how he finally reveals that he's Piper's son and he's come back to get Piper and Leo back together.

My Favourite Treats

Favourite Pop: Coca-Cola

Favourite Chips: Ketchup Chips

Favourite Candy: Sour Keys
Sour Keys

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Kit Kat

Favourite Dessert: Chocolate Cake

Question of the Day:
What's your favourite pop, chips, candy, chocolate bar, and dessert?

Have an awesome weekend!!

A truly scary story should hit you where you live; find you in a safe place...

... and turn into a den of nightmares

Title is a quote from Grams on Dawson's Creek.

Last weekend, I started watching Instant Star season 3. It's so interesting watching Cory Lee play such a different character on Instant Star than her character on Degrassi.

I also made a tribute video about the deaths of Jen, Mitch, Abby, and Mr. Brooks on Dawson's Creek.

Capeside Cemetery

On Monday, I worked all day on a self portrait for drama. The self portraits didn't literally have to be a drawn picture of our face, it could be done symbolically through acting, poem, story, song, dance,or a collage. I decided to do a collage. I took different characters' body parts from my three favourite shows, Buffy, Dawson's Creek, and Degrassi, and put them all together. Then I surrounded the portrait with all my interests and things that I love.

On Tuesday, I received my report card. I got really high grades!

Writer's Craft - 95

Data Management - 90

I get a3 Day weekend. On Monday is Family Day, so there's no school.

"Franky" was an intense episode. Everything was so intense with Franky thinking suicidal thoughts and being in an abusive relationship with Luke. My stomach turned every time Luke pulled on Franky's hair. I'm so glad Franky ended that relationship at the end of the episode. I was so happy that Franky's father was there to protect Franky from Luke when he tried to hurt her again at the end of the episode.

How I Met Your Mother Seaosn 7

"The Drunk Train" was an entertaining episode. I thought Ted and Barney were really funny in this episode. I love how they kept getting rejected on the drunk train until they realized they need to get drunk on the drunk train. I thought Kevin proposing to Robin was so cute. It was really sad how Robin told Lily and Marshall about not having children. It was even sadder when she broke up with Kevin because they both wan different things. I can't wait to see Karma & Barney and Ted & Robin storyline play out in future episodes.

"Heart" was an awesome episode. I love how Sugar throws a party and Artie and Rory both try to be her date. I'm really glad Sugar choose Rory to be her date. I love the introduction of Joe. I thought he was funny. I thought it was cute how The God Squad were singing telegrams for Valentine's Day. I love how they decided to sing to Brittany and Santana at the end of the episode. I love how Rachel's fathers try to use reverse psychology on Finn and Rachel and pretending that they support their engagement. It was so funny how Finn and Rachel got into this huge fight about living arrangements, so it seems like they'd call of the wedding, but then the next moment they make up. It was so sad when Mercedes sang "I Will Always Love You" to Sam. I totally knew Kurt's secret admirer was Karofsky. It seems like we're going to be seeing more of Karofsky by looks of what happened in this episode. I love Blaine's return at the end of the episode.

The L.A. Complex

"Burn It Down" was a fantastic season finale. Connor's plot was so sad with going to the hospital, but then he had no one to call to bring him home. It was so intense how he set his kitchen on fire and he just stood there and watched. I love how Nick's comedy show was amazing, but it was awful how he stole Sabrina's routine. I love how Abby breaks down during her audition and she ends up getting the part. It was so intense how Tariq and Kaldrick King get back together, but then they caught kissing, and Kaldrick King beats up Tariq. I'm so glad Dynasty saved Tariq. I love how Alicia book that music tour. I love how Raquel told Gary the truth about using him and he revealed the he knew the whole time. I love the ending of the episode when it's revealed that she's pregnant.

"Return" was an amazing episode. I love the first appearance of John Blackwell. I love how Cassie gets kidnapped, so Jake offers to trade John Blackwell for Cassie. It was interesting how it turned out that John Blackwell traded Jake for Cassie. I love how Cassie was under a spell and she tried to kill her father. I love how the gang showed up saved Jake, Cassie, and John Blackwell. It will be interesting if Jake and John Blackwell start working together. I love the plot of Melissa finding out that the Voo Doo doll is stealing Faye's magic. Callum really creeped me out in this episode. I love how Melissa got herself out of that situation. I can't wait to see what happens next with Lee's girlfriends since she just woke up from that coma.

The vampire Diaries season 3

"All My Children" was a great episode with a drop of disappointment. I love how Esther got Abby and Bonnie's help to perform the spell. It was interesting how all the Originals found out about their mother's betrayal. It was intense how Rebekah held Elena hostage in the tunnels. I love how Elijah told Damon and Stefan that they should stop the spell or else Rebekah will kill Elena. One thing I wanted to see in this episode was that all The Originals would die, but not permanently. I wish they would make it look like they all died, but have something happen in future episodes, where its revealed the spell didn't work. I also didn't like that they turned Abby into a vampire. Besides those disappointments, this was a very exciting episode. I love the cliffhanger of Meredith shooting Alaric.

"It's Easy to Cry When This Much Cash Is Involved" was an exciting episode. I love how Bridget gets Solomon's help her find out more about what Siobhan was up to before she "died". I love how Bridget figures out that there's a connection between Siobhan and John/Charlie. I love how she figures out that someone is trying to kill her, but she doesn't know that it's her own sister. I love how both Henry and Tyler are becoming more suspicious of Siobhan. Olivia blackmailing Henry was strange. I want to know more about what she's up to. I was completely shocked by Juliet's plot. I couldn't believe both Juliet and Tess lied about Mr. Carpenter raping them. I couldn't believe all three of them teamed up just to get money from Andrew.

My Top 5 Dexter Story Arcs

5. Dexter Versus The Doomsday Killer

Dexter versus The Doomsday Killer is my fifth favourite story-arc. I found season 6 to be very interesting. I love how we are introduced to Professor Gellar and Travis and they think it's the end of the world. I love how they set up these tableus that represent stories from the bible and their supposed to mean that the end of the world is coming. But, it's awful that they had to murder people to set up these tableus. I find the plot to become the most interesting when we find out that Gellar has been dead this whole time and that Travis was only imagining that Gellar was still alive. The last episode was so intense with Travis kidnapping Harrison. I love how Dexter saved Harrison. I love the last scene where Debra catches Dexter killing Travis. I can't wait to see what happens next season.

4. Miami Metro Versus Bay Harbour Butcher
Miami Metro vs. The Bay Harbour Butcher
Miami Metro versus The Bay Harbour Butcher is my fourth favourite storyline. I really think this plot is genious because Dexter's The Bay Harbour Butcher. I love how this season starts off with scuba divers finding Dexter's victims. I love the introduction of Lundy and how he wants catch The Bay Harbour Butcher. I love how Miami Metro figure out that all the victims were criminals. Now, I really hated Doakes for the first part of this season. I hated how he was obsessed with Dexter hiding something. I started loving his character in the last couple episodes of season 2. I love how he figures out that Dexter is the Bay Harbour Butcher. I love how Dexter kept him hostage at a cabin. After the cabin blows up with Doakes in it, I love how Miami Metro concludes that Doakes was The Bay Harbour Butcher.

3. Dexter & Lumen versus Jordan Chase & The Barrel Girl Gang

Dexter & Lumen versus Jordan Chase & The Barrel Girl Gang is my third favourite storyline. I love how Dexter meets Lumen. I love how she witnesses Dexter murder Boyd Fowler and then they become friends. It's heartbreaking to find out that was raped and tortured. It's horrible that this happened to other woman. I love how she teams up with Dexter to get revenge.The storyline started to get very exciting when Lumen tracked down Dan Mendell, shot him, and Dexter snapping his neck. I love the whole arc with Cole Harmon getting into a car accident and Miami Metro finding the bodies from the barrels in his truck. I love how he tries to frame Boyd, but Dexter makes him a suspect. I love how Dexter finds a picture which connects Cole and Boyd together. It was so intense how Lumen got trapped in the room with Cole. I love how Dexter saved her. Alex Tilden plot wasn't the most exciting, but after his death, the plot became much more exciting again. The last episode of season 5 was really intense when Jordan Chase kidnapped Lumen and Dexter. I love how Dexter and Lumen were finally able to get their revenge on Jordan Chase and escape.

2. Dexter Versus Ice Truck Killer

Dexter versus The Ice Truck Killer is my second favourite storyline. Season 1 was so intriguing. I just found it so interesting how this serial killer drained their victim's blood and left the body parts for a crime scene. It was very disturbing. I love how each crime scene was like a message to Dexter. I love how Dexter found that doll, which confirmed that these crime scenes were a message to Dexter. I love how Deb starts dating Rudy Cooper and he turns out the be The Ice Truck Killer. I love how we found out that The Ice Truck Killer real name is Brian Moser, which is Dexter's biological brother. It's very interesting how they both witnessed their mother's murder at a very young age. It was so intense how Brian kidnapped Debra and he wanted Dexter to kill her. I love how Dexter saves Debra. I thought it was very smart for Dexter to kill his brother and stage it as a suicide.

1. Dexter Versus The Trinity Killer

Dexter versus The Trinity Killer is my favourite story-arc. Season 4 was filled with surprises. First of all, Lundy's return was surprising. I love how he came back looking for The Trinity Killer explaining that this serial killer has a pattern of murdering a young woman in a bathtub, an older mother of two falling to her death, and a father of two bludgeoned to death. It's intense how Lundy and Deb get shot and it's heartbreaking how Lundy dies. I love how Dexter finds out the Trinity Killer has a family and he learns his name is Arthur Mitchell. I love how he becomes "friends" with Arthur Mitchell and he figures out that Arthur Mitchell's victims resemble the death of his sister and parents. I love how we find out that the reporter Cristine Hill is The Trinity Killer's daughter and she confesses to killing murder. It's shocking when she commits suicide in front of Debra. The storyline gets strange when Arthur Mitchell kidnaps a boy. I love how Dexter saves the boy. I love how Dexter finally kills The Trinity Killer. The ending of the storyline is the most shocking and heartbreaking, which is Rita's death.

My Top 5 Singers

The majority of these singers are Canadian.

5. VV Brown

Shark in the Water


4. Shania Twain



3. Theo Tams
Theo Tams
I Ain't Crying
Lazy Lovers

2. Jann Arden

Where No One Knows Me
Love Is the Only Soldier

1. Holly McNarland

Every Single Time
Beautiful Blue

Question of the Day:
What are your favourite singers, bands, and songs?

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Willow: Hey, Giles. Sharp wheels... Tara: The rest of the car's nice too.

Title is quote from Willow on Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I made another Buffy video which is way better than my Kendra the Vampire Slayer video.

The Hellmouth: Seal of Danzalthar

Semester 2 started on Monday. I have:

- Drama

- Sociology

I got my first rejection letter. Humber College rejected me from the Writing and Television Producing program at their school. I also applied for Television and Film Production program at Humber College and my guidance counselor said that if you apply to two programs at the same school, the school will reject one program and accept the other program. So, I still have some hope I'll get accepted to the Television and Film Production program.

I'm almost finished season 2 of Instant Star. I love the episode "Personality Crisis" where Aubrey Graham and Stacey Farber guest star in the episode. I just watched "Problem Child" where Jordan Todosey guest stars when she was really young. I can't wait to finish the second season.

""Alex" was an excellent episode. Alex is a great addition to the show. Now that Grace is gone, I think he's already my favourite character. I love the way he lives his life by rolling dice and the number it lands on is the option he picks on those cards. His father was such a jerk I can't believe his grandmother overdosed and died. I really liked her. I love how Alex stole a boat and they all had a funeral for his grandmother and Grace.

How I Met Your Mother Seaosn 7

"The Burning Beekeeper" was a good episode. I liked the format of this episode. I liked how Future Ted told a story about what happened in each room of the house and how it all connected together. It wasn't really that funny of an episode. I did enjoy Ted and Mr. Cootes fight. I thought Barney's plot was funny.

"The Spanish Teacher" was great episode. It had so many amazing moments in this episode. I love how how Glee Club sang in Spanish because the show is all about diversity. I love how Santana stood up to Mr. Shuester and talked to him about stereotypes and telling him that he's awful Spanish teacher but an amazing glee teacher. I love how Rachel tells Kurt and Mercedes about the engagement. I love how Kurt tries to talk some sense into Finn. I love how Emma told Sam and Mercedes not to talk to each other for a week so they can work out their feelings. I love how Sue wants to have a baby. I love how Sue explained to Emma that she wanted Will to be her sperm donor because he's nice and she wants his genes to be passed on to her baby. I love how Coach Beiste thinks Emma's pamphlet idea is genius. I love how Emma is given the tenure at the end of the episode.


"No Good Done" was an awesome episode. First of all, I actually enjoyed Naomi's plot in this episode. I love how she Mitchell Nash has a daughter named Carla, who's a goth, and Naomi has to plan Carla's birthday. Naomi had an amazing moment where she told of Mitchell Nash about parenting because she sees Carla making the same mistakes she did in high school. I love how Liam wants to get into acting. It was so interesting how Vanessa paid a girl to pretend to drown so Liam would save her and get good publicity. I'm loving Ivy's photography storyline and I love how her paintings got vandelised. I love how she realized that that graffiti is a form art, except that it's vandelism and disrepsectful, unless you get permission from the city and buy a wall/building or something. Anyways, I hope Ivy doesn't get into a relationship with that guy on the skateboard. I love how Annie wants to do charity, but I hope she doesn't start dating Preston Hillingsbrook. Navid leaving was totally surprising.

The L.A. Complex

"Home" was a fantastic episode. It was so intense how Kaldrick King threaten Abby because she knew his secret. I love how Tariq broke up with Kaldrick King because even though I thought they were cute together, living in secret is no way to live life. I have no clue what was wrong with Connor in this episode but he seemed really drunk. I think it's really sad that he's lonely and none of the other characters realize this. Nick's improv plot was hilarious. I love how Gary catches Raquel drinking, so Raquel makes this whole speech about mistakes that she made and she actually sounded sincere about it. I love how Alicia decides to do lesbian porn to work with people she's more comfortable with.

"Valentine" was an amazing episode. I love how Issac comes back telling Jake that Cassie's in danger. I love how Cassie sees dead witches that want her medallion. It was so intense how she crashed her car. It got even more intense when the dead ghosts possessed Adam and threaten to kill Adam's body. I love how Cassie gave the magic from the medallion back to the dead witches to save Adam. I still think Issac is up to something more. I love Faye's "anti-Valentine's Day" slumber party. I love how Diana and Melissa take "Devil's Spirit" and Diana is so much more fun. It was intense how Melissa overdosed on "Devil's Spirit". I'm glad she's alright now.

The vampire Diaries season 3

"Dangerous Liaisons" was a wonderful episode. I love how Esther invites Elena to the ball and they talk about linking all her children together, so if she kills one of them, they all die. I love the spell she does to link them all together. It's very interesting how Finn knows about this plan and is willing to sacrifice himself. Klaus flirting with Caroline was so cute. I didn't think his drawings were that amazing, but I love learning that he's an artist, and it was cute how he sent his drawings to Caroline. I thought the Rebekah plot was funny with inviting Matt just to kill him, but I love how he was so nice to her, so she decided not to kill him. I love how Rebekah and Damon hooked up at the end of the episode.

"What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?" was an exciting episode. It was really mindboggling, but I love how all the characters are almost sort of figuring out that Siobhan and Bridget are both alive. When characters 100% figure it out, all people will have to figure out is which one is bad and which one is good. I love how Henry figures everything out, but he's on the wrong side. The only bad thing is that Siobhan is trying to frame Bridget for things she did. I love how Siobhan reveals she's still pregnant and she points out Bridget to Henry. I'm loving Juliet's storyline. It turns out that Mr. Carpenter forced himself on Juliet's friend. I can't wait to see Mr. Carpenter go to jail.

My Top 5 Veronica Mars Storylines

5. Logan and veronica Love Story

Logan and Veronia's Love Story is my fifth favourite storyline. I just love both of these characters and how they got together. I love how they went from hating each other at the beginning of series to falling madly in love by the end of the series. I thought their first kiss was shocking. I love how they kept their relationship was kept a secret until they got caught kissing by everyone. I couldn't believe they broke up in season 2. I love how they slowly get back together by the end of season 2 with Logan saving Veronica from Beaver. I love how Veronica and Logan stay together for a good chunk of season 3. It was sad that they broke up, but I love how there's a tiny piece of hope for them when they look at each other one last time before the episode ends.

4. Duncan, Meg in Coma &Pregnancy

Duncan & Meg in a coma pregnancy is my fourth favourite storyline. I know this wasn't a big storyline on the show, but I really enjoyed it. First of all, I love how Meg is the one student that survived a bus crash. I thought it was fascinating how she was in a coma and then they revealed she was pregnant. I love the episode where Meg wakes up from her coma to warn Veronica about her abusive parents and how she doesn't want her parents having custody of her baby. It's heartbreaking when it's revealed later in the episode that Meg died. I love how the baby survived. I love the whole arc of Duncan and Veronica kidnapping the baby and Duncan taking the baby to a safe place.

3. Veronica's Rape

Veronica's rape is my third favourite storyline. This is a very serious storyline and I think that Veronica Mars handled this storyline very realistically. The one thing I love about this storyline is that it's all done in flashbacks and Veronica pieces it all together just like with Lily's murder. It's awful how she got her drink got spiked at party which knocked her out. Veronica is brave and strong after what she's gone through. It was awful how Duncan was drugged and placed in bed with Veronica so he could be blamed for raping her. It was so intense how Veronica pieced together that Beaver was the one who raped her. It was so heartbreaking when tears were rolling down her face.

2. Bus Crash

The bus crash is my second favourite storyline. The one thing I love about the bus crash is that it's unexpected. I love how we have little clues throughout the season about who may have done it. I love how we find out there was an explosion before the crash through a students phone message. I love how Keith finds a rat on the bus and thinks it's a message for Veronica. I love how it seems like Terrance may be responsible for the bus crash after Veronica finds explosives in his garage. It was cool how Keith figured out he was framed and it was intense how he got shot. The end of the season got a lot more interesting when it was revealed that Woody molested two boys on the baseball team. The end of season 2 is so shocking with Beaver revealing that Woody molested him. It was shocking how Beaver revealed he was behind the bus crash because the other boys that were on the bus were molested by Woody as well and they were going to come forward, but he was too embarrassed about the situation and didn't want them to say anything. Beaver committing suicide is the most shocking thing out of the whole story arc.

1. Lily's Murder

Lily's murder is my favourite storyline. I love how half this storyline is done in flashbacks with Veronica figuring out who murdered Lily. I love how this storyline gets more and more interesting the season goes on. I love how Veronica came up with different scenarios about Duncan, Logan, or Jake Kane possibly being responsible for Lily's murder. I love how Veronica figures out that Abel Kootnz was falsely accused of Lily's murder and that Jake Kane paid him to confess. I love how later in the season it's revealed Weevil dated Lily, which made him another possible suspect. The ending of season one is so shocking. I love how Veronica finds cameras in Logan's house. It's so creepy how she finds a tape of Logan's father having sex with Lily. I love how Veronica figured out that Aaron Echolls murdered Lily. It was so intense how Aaron Echolls went after Veronica and started that fire. The season ended perfectly with Aaron Echolls going to jail.

My Top 5 Movies

5. Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko

4. Heathers

3. The Breakfast Club

2. Mean Girls
Mean Girls

1. Rocky Horror Picture Show

Question of the Day: What are your favourite movies?

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If you leave me here alone, I'll do something evil, like burning something or

Andrew: Okay, well, if you leave me here alone, I'll-I'll do something evil, like burning something or gluing things together.

Title is quote from Andrew on Buffy.

Last weekend, I studied for my math exam all weekend.

On Sunday, I uploaded a Buffy video to youtube.

Kendra the Vampire Slayer

On Monday was Math exam. I think I aced it. It was so easy.

I had the rest of the week off. On Wednesday, my mom needed help with putting together 230 trophies for hockey teams. Anyways, you wouldn't believe how Buffy and Dawson's Creek names showed up. I saw Dawson, Xander, and Willow show up the most. My mom ordered me subs for lunch which was absolutely delicious.

I got accepted to Confederation college!!

Since I'm a part-time student at my school, I go home early and I don't really have a clue about what's socially going on at school. So I just found out that there's a feud between my school and the high school beside us. It's just like the Degrassi versus Lakehurst storyline in 6th season of Degrassi. I read in the newspaper that a boy was sent to the hospital after one of these fights. The police are taking this very seriously and doing an investigation on it.

Semester Two starts on Monday, so I'll probably hear more details from other students about what the whole feud is about.

The rest of the week, I was stuck at home taking care of my dog. He was really sick Thursday and yesterday. He wouldn't stop shaking, he wouldn't eat, and he wouldn't go outside. I had to wrap him in a blanket and he calmed down, but he didn't want me to leave the room. Today, he's all better. He's running around the house excitedly, eating his food, and going outside.

"Rich" was a bizarre episode and amazing episode. I love how Rich kept trying to break into the hospital to see Grace. After Grace moves to Switzerland, I love how Rich breaks into the house and then throws a party with Alo. The end of the episode was the strangest and the saddest. It turns out that Rich has been having these hallucinations about Grace and that she never woke up from the hospital. It was heartbreaking to hear that she died.

"Michael" was an excellent episode. I love New Directions versus The Warblers. I really don't like Sebastian, but he's great villain. It was intense how Sebastian put something in the slushy to purposely hurt Blaine. I can't believe Blaine has to get surgery. I love how Santana gets a confession from Sebastian of what he did and I love how she recorded it. I love how both Kurt and Rachel got into NYADA. It was interesting how Rachel said yes to Finn's proposal. I love the Sam and Mercedes kiss in this episode. I love how so many characters got to sing in this episode!


"Trust, Truth and Traffic" was a terrific episode. I really love the continuation of Annie's storyline and the consequences of her being an escort. I love how the police are still investigating. It's so interesting how Bree set her client list on fire, so it turns out that she's the one who burned down the sorority house. I love how Dixon and Austin spent the whole episode feeling guilty about vandalizing the house. It was so intense when Dixon got arrested. It was very noble for Austin to take the blame for Annie. Even though I think Annie should of went ahead and told the police everything about her being an escort, I think her living with guilt is consequence enough for now. I love how Adrianna and Silver became friends again in this episode. I love how Adrianna got to hang out with Maisie. It was sad how Greg broke up with Silver. Even though Ivy is in a long distance relationship, I'm glad to see her not with a guy. I think her character is better off being an independent woman. I love her photography storyline. It's not an intense storyline, but it fits her character perfectly.

The L.A. Complex

"The Other Side of the Door" was a fantastic episode. I love how the interaction between Connor and his acting coach. I love how his acting coach gave him a lot of confidence. The ending of the episode is so interesting when Connor looks at the kettle. I love Alicia's plot of making a sex tape with Rick, but then having the consequences for not being able to get jobs because of it. It was intense how she decided that she's going to do porn because she was $100 000. I loved the Tariq and Kaldrick King plot. It was so cute how they spent time at the cottage. I love how Raquel gets that older man from the AA meeting to the read the script. It's so interesting how he introduces Raquel to Navid Cooper, an acting agent. Abby and Nick's plot was so cute with spending the day together. And those recycling bins were totally Canadian.

"Medallion" was an amazing episode. I love how the psychic named Lucy visits Cassie and it turns out that she saw Cassie on the boat when Cassie and Jake did that spell. I love how Lucy turns out to be evil and working for the witch hunters. I love how they did that spell and Cassie figured out something was wrong and went all evil on Lucy telling her to leave. I love how Faye and Melissa try the "Devil Spirit". It's interesting how Melissa went back for me. I think I'm going to enjoy this storyline.

The vampire Diaries season 3

"Bringing Out The Dead" was an exciting episode. I love the Brian Walters Murder Mystery storyline. I love how all the evidence points to Elena since the weapons used are from Elena's house. It was intense how Caroline's dad got stabbed. I didn't really like his character, so his death wasn't all that sad, but I was sad for Caroline. It was entertaining to see Klaus, Elijah, Stefan, and Damon eating dinner and trying to come up with a deal. I love how they told the story of Tatia. Anyways, I love how Elijah secretly teamed up with Damon. I love how Elijah woke up Rebekaj, Kol and Finn. I love the scene between Abby and Bonnie where they try to open the coffin. I love how the coffin opens with Bonnie leaves. I love how Klaus's mother shows up and tells everyone she wants to be a family again.

"It Just Got Normal" was an awesome episode. I love how Siobhan's in town and she's confusing Henry. It's interesting how she stole Bridget's ring. It was so intense how Juliet tells Bridget about the rape and Bridget punches Mr. Carpenter in the face. I love how Agent Machado is getting closer to figuring that there's a link between Siobhan and Bridget.

My Top 5 How I Met Your Mother Storylines

5. Ted and Stella's Relationship

Ted and Stella's relationship is my fifth favourite storyline. I love how Ted got the butterfly tattoo while he was drunk and then wants to get removed when he's sober. I love how he continually asked Stella out and she always said no. I love how she gave him a chance and introduced Ted to her daughter. I felt like Stella fit in well with the group. She was funny, so her relationship with Ted was fun. It was sad that they ended their relationship.

4. Ted and Victoria's Short-Relationship

Ted and Victoria's short-relationship is my fourth favourite storyline. I thought Victoria was Ted's perfect girlfriend. I love how they met at a wedding reception and they made up their own rules for dating like the drum-roll kiss. I like how Victoria fit in with the group like in "Game Night" when she was willing to tell the gang more about herself and her most embarrassing moment. It was so see her go to Germany. She was just so perfect for Ted. I'm glad she returned in season 7. It gave closure to her relationship with Ted.

3. Barney's Character Development

HIMYM 702 The Naked Truth
Barney's character development is my third favourite storyline. I love Barney from seasons 1-3 where he was "suiting up", he had all these catchphrases, and he came up with the strangest theories. Sometimes his character could be a complete jerk, but for the most part he was hilarious. I love how Barney changes in season 3 & 4 and starts developing feelings for Robin. One of my favourite Barney scenes is in "Sandcastles" in the sand" and he comforts Robin when she's crying. I love how he starts dating Robin because it was hilarious to see him struggle in a serious relationship because he's not used to that. Also, I love the storyline where Barney meets his biological father because it added a lot more depth to his character. Currently, season 7 is airing and Barney is my favourite character. I loved his relationship with Nora for the same reason I loved his relationship with Robin. Barney may have changed a lot, but I still find him to be one of the funniest characters on the show.

2. Lily & Marshall's Reunion and Wedding

Lily & Marshall's reunion and wedding is my second favourite storyline. I love how they get engaged in the "pilot". It was so sad how they broke up in the season one finale. I love how they got back together in "Swarley". I love how they decided that they were still going to get married when they got back together. I love how they attempted to get married in "Atlantic City". I just love their wedding cermony in "Something Borrowed". I love how Lily & Marshall kind of ditched their wedding and had their own wedding in the park with Barney, Ted, and Robin.

1. Robin's Backstory

Robin's backstory is my favourite storyline on the show. I love how every season features something about Robin's Canadian background. My favourite episode is "Slapbet". I love how Robin reveals that she was a Canadian teen pop star in the 90's. I love the song "Let's Go to the Mall". I love "Sandcastles in the Sand" with Robin worrying about her ex-boyfriend. I love how her ex-boyfriend is played by James Van Der Beek. I love how she shows Barney her "Sandcastles in the Sand" music video. In season 6, I love the episode "Glitter" and that Robin reveals that she was in a Canadian television show called "Space Teens". I just love any episode that has to do with Robin Sparkles.

Have a great weekend!!!

Oh, hello, there, gentle viewers. You caught me catching up on an old favorite.

Andrew Wells: [to camera] Oh, hello, there, gentle viewers. You caught me catching up on an old favorite. It's wonderful to get lost in a story, isn't it? Adventure and heroics and discovery: don't they just take you away? Come with me now, if you will, gentle viewers. Join me on a new voyage of the mind. A little tale I like to call: Buffy, Slayer of the Vampyrs. Title is quote from Andrew on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. On Saturday, I spent all day preparing my portfolio to Ryerson. I sent them my portfolio on Monday. Yesterday, they emailed me saying that they received the portfolio, but they can't read it without me paying a "film fee". I thought this was most ridiculous thing ever because they want me to pay them money,but I haven't even got accepted to the school yet. Anyways, I'm going to be sending them the money on Monday. Even though this is one thing I find really strange about their school, there are many other things that I love about this school. So, I'm doing whatever it takes to get into this school. It was also my grandfather's B-Day on Saturday. My grandparents came over and we ate lasagna, ceasar salad, and garlic bread for supper. Then, we had spice cake for dessert. It was a really good cake. On Sunday, I uploaded a Dawson's Creek video to youtube. Pacey's Waves There was a snow day on Monday and Tuesday. Exams started on Friday, but I didn't have an exam on Friday, so I got to stay home. I only went to school on Wednesday and Thursday to get the exam review and the ask the teacher questions about the exam. I've been studying all week. My math exam is on Monday. I started watching Instant Star. So far, I'm enjoying it. I'm actually excited for the later seasons when some of the actors from Degrassi guest star on the show. I finished Beverly Hills 90210 Season 10, which means I finished watching the whole series. I'm a little sad that it's all over. I wish I took my time watching season 9 and 10, but I was watching 2-4 episodes every day. Beverly Hills 90210 Season 10 Final Review
Beverly Hills 90210 Season 10
Janet & Steve - Janet & Steve are my favourite characters this season. I love Janet's pregnancy storyline. I love how she had baby girl named Madeleine. I love Janet and Steve's wedding and their adventures of married life and parenting storyline. I loved the Darby, the Nanny plot. I actually enjoyed Steve's brother showing up revealing he dropped out of college and then deciding to go back. I love how they decided to make their own newspaper business after getting bought out.

Dylan - I love Dylan a lot more this season than last season. I love Dylan going back to college and graduating. I love him being a god-parent to Janet and Steve's baby. I loved his storyline with getting gay bashed with his friend Andrew. I love how helped Andrew when Andrew was being discriminated against at work. I love Dylan's kidnapping storyline. My favourite Dylan storyline this season was his father showing up, revealing he faked his death and entered the witness protection program.

Donna - I love Donna breaking up with Wayne, who ended up being a huge jerk. I love Donna finally breaking up with Noah after all his lies. I love how Donna finds out that Gina is her sister. The death of her father was surprising and heartbreaking. I love her marriage to David. I was waiting in anticipation for this happen.

Gina - I love Gina hiring strippers at the club storyline. I hated how Gina blackmailed David's father. I didn't like how she broke up Jackie and Mel's marriage. I hated how this all affected Erin and made her very upset about the whole situation. I didn't like how she earned
David's trust just to betray his trust again. I love the storyline of Gina finding out she's Donna sister. I love how she finds out that Donna's father is her biological father. It's heartbreaking how she finally accepted him as a father figure and he dies. I know Gina was supposed to be the next Valerie, but she wasn't the same. I'm glad Gina left the show while I was beginning to like her again.

Kelly - I love Kelly's aftermath of shooting storyline. It seemed like she had a small PTSD storyline that lasted a couple of episodes. I love how she's a god-parent to Janet & Steve's baby. I didn't like her engagement to Matt. I love how they broke up. I love how Kelly became a publicist. I hated how she was told to write a homophobic speech. I love how she quit that job and started her own Public Relations business.

Matt - I loved his work suspension storyline. I loved his spiked punch with acid and cheating on Kelly storyline. I hated how he lied to Kelly
about cheating on her. I'm glad that Kelly decided she didn't want to marry Matt.

Noah - I love Noah's break up with Donna storyline. I hated his drinking and partying storyline. I love his kidnapping storyline. It was so intense how Shane kidnapped him, held him hostage, and how they place went on fire after Dylan saved him. I didn't like Noah's relapse in drinking and depression storyline. It was awful how he broke into Donna & Kelly's apartment. After that moment, I love how he became sober. I loved his alcoholic's anonymous storyline. I love how he met Ellen and found out that she had a daughter.

David - David was so boring until halfway through the season. I didn't care for his jerk radio persona storyline. I did love the episode when he apologised for being jerk. I couldn't stand the Camille/Donna/David love triangle. I loved Donna and David's friendship storyline. I love how they created this "Losers" club. I love how they started watching horror movies together. I just love how David proposed to Donna and how they got married.

Nat - Nat didn't have a storyline this season, but I love how he walked Donna down the aisle on her Wedding day. Skins "Everyone" was anamazing season premiere! This episode was intense with Matty crashing his car, which puts Grace in a coma. The end of the episode makes me wonder what happened between Franky and Luke. I honestly think he tried to hurt her.


"Mama Can You Hear Me?" was a alright episode. I enjoyed Austin and Dixon hanging out. It was interesting how they "egged and toilet paper" a sorority house. It was funny how they broke a window. The end of the episode made it seem like there will be consequences for what they did, so I'm looking forward to that. Liam's hit and run storyline was dissapointment because it mainly focussed on Annie's jealousy of Vanessa. I do love how Vanessa told Liam the whole truth, but I was kind of hoping she would turn out to be evil. I love how Navid found out about Silver dating Greg and that Maisie is his daughter. I love how Navid told Adrianna about it. It's not the best storyline,but it's better than some of the other storylines on the show.

The L.A. Complex

"Who You Know" was an awesome episode. Connor's plot was most interesting in this episode. I love how he can't cry on camera. The ending was so intense when he burned himself with hot water. I'm not sure if he was doing this because he was trying to make himself cry or instead of being a "cutter", he's a "burner". I'm loving Tariq storyline with dating Kaldrick. It's really sad that they have keep their relationship a secret. I love how Raquel goes to an "AA" meeting, meets a movie producer, google stalks him, and lets him read her script. I can't believe Ricky wanted to make a sex tape with Alicia. I love how Nick figured out that talking about his sex-life makes people laugh.

My Top 5 Dawson's Creek Storylines
5. Andie's Departure

Andie's Depature is my fifth favourite storyline. Andie's my favourite character and it was really sad to see her go. I'm glad the writer's gave her a big storyline before she left the show. It's surprising that she takes an ecstacy pill. It was so intense when Andie blacked out and ended up in the hospital. I'm really glad that she didn't die. It's so sad that she decided to leave. I wish the writer's would have come up with more storylines for her. 4. Dawson & Mr. Brooks Friendship

Dawson's Creek 414 A Winter's Tale
Dawson & Mr. Brooks friendship is my fourth favourite storyline. I love how Dawson stole his boat in "The Two Gentlemen of Capeside" to save Jen and Pacey out in the storm. I love how Mr. Brooks doesn't like Dawson and just wants Dawson to pay off the damages of the boat. I love how Dawson founds out that Mr. Brooks used to be a film-maker and he founds out so much about Mr. Brooks life. I love how Dawson decides to make a documentary of Mr. Brooks. I love when Mr. Brooks starts treating Dawson like a friend and when he starts to get sick, he allows Dawson to help take care of him. It was heartbreaking when Mr. Brooks went into a coma and died.
3. Jen's Downward Spiral in Season 2

Jen's Downward Spiral in Season 2 is my third favourite storyline. The first time I watched this show, this was my least favourite storyline, but after watching season 2 a couple times, this storyline has become one of my favourite storylines on the show. At first, it's fun watching Jen's attempt at getting Dawson back. Then, it's fun watching her become friends with Abby. Her storyline gets more intense when she becomes really depressed and starts drinking. It doesn't help that Abby is depressed as well, so they drink together. The first time I watched "A Perfect Wedding", I just couldn't believe the way Abby died. After Abby's death, I like how Jen becomes friends with Jack and she becomes sober again.
2. Jack's Coming Out Storyline

Jack's coming out arc is my second favourite storyline. First of all, I love how Jack was introduces as this clumsy boy who wanted a job at The Ice House. I love his passion for art in season 2. I love the episode where the teacher forces him to read a poem in front of the class and the poem was about a guy. I love how Pacey stands up for Jack and spits in the teacher's face. That teacher was such a jerk. Anyways, I love how Jack comes out to Andie and his dad. It's just heartbreaking watching his crying scenes. It's awful how Jack's father doesn't accept him right away. I love the episode when Jack and his dad finally get along and his father accepts him for who he is.
1. Andie Goes Crazy

Andie going crazy is my favourite storyline on Dawson's Creek. First, I love the episode where she buys medication for herself and she lies and says it's for her mother. It's so sad how Andie's mother is mentally ill after her brother Tim died. I love how Pacey treats her mother like any other human being. Anyways, I love the episode "Election" when Andie gets so mad, she throws a book at the mirror and breaks it. I love the episode "Rest in Peace, Abby Morgan" when Andie looks in the mirror, sees Abby, turns around and Abby is gone. I love the episode "Reunited" where Andie dyes her hair brown and she starts talking to herself. I love how she starts seeing Tim and she goes crazy. The scene where she has to choose between her brother Tim and Pacey was heartbreaking. I love how she chose Pacey. I love how Andie leaves but comes back better.
Honourable Mentions
Jen's Death
Tamara & Pacey's Affair
Mitch's Death

Not awkward, guys. Not awkward if we let it be awkward.

Marshall: I think we're going to wait on the baby thing. I mean I love babies. Babies rule. Pudgy arms and stuff. But, uh, they make you old. Kinda like this anchor weighing you down to one spot... forever.

Claire: I'm three months pregnant.

Marshall: [surprised] Not awkward, guys. Not awkward if we let it be awkward.

[nervously smiles, then walks away]

Title is quote from Marshall on How I Met Your Mother

Last weekend, I made a Dawson's Creek video.

Andie's Bay

This week I've been very busy with culminating activities. For Data Management, I had to write a story based on a fairy tale or children's story that included math problems. I choose to do my story on Peter Pan. For Writer's Craft, I had to write 4 stories. I already had 3 of them written, but this week I was working on the fourth story. It's about a girl that goes to the hospital and placed under quarantine. I have all my culminating activities handed in.

I only have one exam this semester. My Data Management exam is on Monday, January 30. I don't have a Writer's Craft exam. This week, I'll be focusing on studying for my one exam.

I finished watching Skins (US). It's not as good as the UK version, but I still love it. I wish it didn't get cancelled. I wanted to see if they would change the characters every third season like in the UK version.

Buffy Season 8 Review
Buffy Season 8
I really enjoyed the season 8 comics. I found them to be very entertaining.

What I Loved About the Season 8 Comics:
- Warren and Amy as Mini Big Bads
- Faith working with Giles against rogue slayer Gigi and warlock Roden
- Dark Willow in the future
- Kumiko, Toru, and Raidon steal Dracula's powers
- Dawn's transformation from giant, centaur, to a doll and back to being human again
- Harmony's Reality Show
- Return of Oz
- Twilight is Angel
- Spike Returns with Bug Minions
- Andrew as a watcher

Things I'm Not Sure About:
- Buffy getting rid of all magic

What I Didn't Like about the season 8 comics:
- Giles' death
- Humans obsession with vampires and against the slayer army

The Guild Season 5 Review:

The Guild
The Guild season 5 was amazing! I love how the gang goes to a gaming convention What I love about this season:
- Codex attempts at trying to keep the guild together
- Codex Stalker
- Zaboo's caffeine addiction and obsession with getting seats at panels
- Vork & Madeleine
- Finding out Tink is adopted and that she wants to be a fashion designer
- Clara's interest in the steampunk-themed booth
- Bladezz trying to be famous
- Guest appearances from Nathan Fillion, Tom Lenk, Eliza Dushku, and Dichen Lachman

How I Met Your Mother Seaosn 7

"46 Minutes" was an entertaining episode. I actually liked Lily's father in this episode. It was funny how he knew the exact layout of the house. The plot sort of reminded me of a saw movie. I love the different opening credits once Barney decides to become the leader. I love drunk Ted. Kevin and Robin were funny with not being able to say no to each other. I love the ending where the gang visits Lily and Marshall.

Glee Season 3

"Yes/No" was an excellent episode. First of all, I love how this episode is about Becky. I love how she formed a friendship with Artie. I love how Artie stood up for Becky in Glee club. It was so sad when Artie rejected Becky when Becky wanted to become more than just friends. I love that Sam and Mercedes gave more detail about their fling during the summer. One of my favourite plots in this episode was Finn finding out his die in the army, but he died from a drug overdose. It's awful how Emma's parents oppose to Will marrying Emma. I love how Will decided to propose to Emma anyways and she said yes. It was shocking when Finn decided to propose to Rachel.


"Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?" was a great episode. I love this new storyline of Annie thinking Vanessa is responsible for Liam's hit and run. I love how Vanessa and Annie have the same purse, which they switch at a party, and now we find out Vanessa's real name is Claire. I love how Silver finally found out everything that was going on with Navid. I love how Navid's father decided to turn himself and Navid's Uncle in. I love how Silver meets Greg's daughter, and if I'm not mistaken, Greg's daughter is the baby Adrianna gave up for adoption.

"Witness" was an amazing episode! I love how Jake returns and reveals that he witnessed the events of what happened to their parents but his memory is blocked and can't remember a thing about it. I love how Jake and Cassie travel through his memories. I love how we find out that witch-hunters started the fire and that John Blackwell is still alive. I also love that Cassie found that ring. I think it will be interesting to see if Faye tries that "Devil Spirit".

The vampire Diaries season 3

"The Ties That Bind" was an awesome episode. I love how we find out that Bonnie doesn't know her mother. I love how she tracks down her mother and it turns out that a hybrid has already compelled her and her step-son Jamie. I love how Klaus threatens the witches and they reveal the coffins but Damon already moved the coffin that can't open. I love how Meredith steals Damon's blood and later reveals that she uses vampire blood to heal patients. Tyler had the best plot of the episode with trying to resist his sire bond by turning back into a werewolf. It's very interesting that Damon undaggered an original and it turns out to be Elijah.

The L.A. Complex

The L.A. Complex is a new Canadian drama set in L.A. about a group of people trying to become famous. Cassie Steele from Degrasi plays a girl named Abby. Jewel Straite from Firefly plays a woman named Raquel. Dayo Ade who played BLT on Degrassi plays a guy named Dynasty. This show reminds me of Melrose Place. I love all the small Canadian references and even some references to Degrassi.

"Down in L.A" was a good series premiere. I love the introduction of all the characters. My favourite plot in this episode with Abby having sex and then taking the morning after pill.

"Do Something" was a great episode and better than the series premiere. I love how Abby gets evicted from her apartment and has to live with Nick. I love how Nick gets experience for being a stand-in for Connor. I love how Connor and Katee are actors playing characters in a hospital drama. I love how Alicia is a stripper, but she's trying to make money, so she can be a dancer. I love how Raquel can't get any roles for tv shows. My favourite plot in this episode was Kaldrick King working with Tariq and they end up kissing at the end of the episode.

My Top 5 Shows That Are Currently Airing

5. The Secret Circle
The Secret Circle
The Secret Circle just halfway through it's first season and it's already one of my favourite shows on television right now. I have enjoyed every single episode so far. I love all the characters and the storylines are exciting.

4. Dexter

Dexter is one of the most well-done shows I watch. I look forward to watching it every season. Each season is very exciting because you never know what's going to happen next. I can't wait until the seventh season!

3. Glee

Glee is the one show that makes me laugh every time I watch it. I just love all the characters and their energy. They make me smile everytime I watch the show. Once in awhile this show can even make me shed a tear or two.

2. Being Erica

Being Erica is one of my favourite Canadian shows. I love the premise of this show with Dr. Tom sending Erica back in time to fix her regrets. This is an amazing show with new adventures every week. The series just recently ended and even though it had a proper ending, I still wish it had another season with Erica as a doctor.

1. Degrassi

Degrassi is my favourite show currently airing. It's also my favourite Canadian show. I just love all the characters and storylines in this show. This is the most relatable television show I've ever watched. I love how this show deals with real issues with actors and actresses that are the same age or close to the age of their characters.

Honourable Mentions:
Skins (UK)
How I Met Your Mother

Previously,I made a blog about my top 5 television shows of all time. Here they are if anyone didn't read it.

My Top 5 Shows Ever

5. My So-Called Life
4. Angel
3. Degrassi
2. Dawson's Creek
1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Questions of the Day:

What are your Top 5 Shows That Are Currently Airing?

What are your Top 5 Shows out of all the shows?

Have a great weekend!!!

I seem to be British, don't I? Uh, and a man. With... glasses.

Giles:Magic! Magic's all balderdash and chicanery. I'm afraid we don't know a bloody thing. Except I seem to be British, don't I? Uh, and a man. With... glasses. Well, that narrows it down considerably.

Title is quote from Giles on Buffy.

Last weekend, I made a new banner.

My sister also left to go back to university last weekend.

I made a Buffy video about The Cheese Man in "Restless"

The Cheese Man

I've been getting my Circle of Three books in the mail this week. It was only on Tuesday when I realized that I forgot to order the last book. So now, I'm waiting for the last book to arrive in the mail.

On Thursday, my math class went to go see the school band perform in the theatre. In the middle of the concert, the fire alarm went off. We just sat there for two minutes thinking that this was part of the show. The students on stage had to verbally say to us that this wasn't part of the show and to leave the theatre. Anyways, there are doors in the theatre that leade to outside, but it took forever to leave the theatre with so much snow outside. Then, we find out that it wasn't someone just pulling the alarm for fun, there was a real fire in the school. Firetrucks and ambulances showed up, but no one was hurt. We stood outside for like 40 minutes to an hour. Luckily, I had my backpack with me with my jacket inside (I haven't used my locker in months).

On Friday, buses were cancelled. We got at least 20cm-40cm of snow. It was also getting increasingly colder as the day went on. It was pain shoveling the driveway, but it was worth it for a Snow Day. I watched episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 all day.

I'm finished reading Buffy Season 8 Volume 6"Retreat", and now I'm onto reading volume 7 "Twilight". I'm really enjoying the season 8 comics. I find them to be very entertaining.

I'm finished BH 90210 season 9 and now I'm watching season 10.

Beverly Hills 90210 Season 9

Beverly Hills 90210 Season 9 Review

Season 9 was a good season. The beginning of the season was very slow moving, but it became a very exciting season by the end.

Brandon - His departure storyline was interesting, I'm actually kind of glad he's gone. Brandon was never my favourite character. The only reason I liked him was that he kept giving Valerie another chance.

Valerie - Revealing Murdering Father & Departure storyline was the best storyline at the beginning of season. Valerie has been my favourite character for a couple of seasons now, so it was sad to see her go.

Kelly - Her rape storyline and shooting her rapist was the best storyline out of the entire season. I was waiting all season for something exciting like this to happen.

Noah - Initially, I didn't care about Noah's father committing suicide, so I didn't care about Noah's alcohol storyline. Noah was totally a new character and he was too mysterious in season 8 for me to actually care about him. Then, he completely stopped drinking, became the best boyfriend to Donna, and I actually started caring about his character,

Donna - Opening Clothing Store was a great storyline. I love how she hired this girl named Sonia who was in a gang and she helped Sonia get out of the gang. Although it was out of character, her cheating storyline was the best storyline she got this season.

David - I didn't like David/Sophie/Steve love triangle storyline. First of all, Steve's behaviour was way out of character and David deserves someone better. I did enjoy David's fake marriage with Claudia storyline even though she ended up going back to Venezuela. I did like that he got his own radio show

Steve - Taking Over The Beverly Beat Storyline was so entertaining. I loved watching the stories he came up with for the paper. I also love how his relationship with Janet developed over the season.

Janet - Like I said before, I love her relationship with Steve Storyline. I love the plot where she tells her father that she's dating Steve and she gets kicked out of her house.

Dylan - Initially, I love Dylan's return, but then he gave Kelly this creepy look, and I knew I wasn't going to enjoy his character on the show. I hated his cocaine storyline. I hated how he pushed Donna into the pull and she hit her head. The only thing I enjoyed was his recovery.

Gina - Gina's eating disorder storyline was a great storyline for her because now I understand her character a lot better. I didn't like how she tried to ruin everyone's relationships.

Matt - I loved Matt's wife with schizophrenia storyline. I love this storyline because there was a break from love triangles that was starting to get annoying. It was so intense how the medication was killing Lauren, but if she went off the medication, she'd go crazy again.

"Fire/Ice" was just an awesome episode. I love how Faye is working with Lee so she can get individual power. I love how she tries to take away Cassie's dark magic, but insteads takes the whole circle's magic. I love how right away she wanted to reverse the spell. I love the end of the episode with Jake returning.

the-vampire-diaries-1.jpg The Vampire Diaries picture by Jon_MW_16
"The New Deal" was an awesome episode. In this episode a lot happens. I love how Klaus is back and will do anything to get his family back. It was awful how Tyler was using Jeremy. My favourite moment of the show was when Jeremy is compelled to stand in the middle of the road and get hit by a car and Alaric saves him. It's sad that Jeremy is leaving the show, but I still have hope that he's going to return. I love how Elena gave Klaus Rebekah, but then Klaus won't wake up Rebekah after learning that she knows abou their mother. I love the Damon and Elena kiss at the end of the episode. Jeremy leaving was sad and I'm glad Bonnie was able to say goodbye. I love the introduction to this new plot of Alaric watching Meredith and Brian fighting, and later Brian is found dead, and it turns out someone murdered him.

My Top 5 Angel Storylines

5. The Beast & Jasmine Arc

The Beast & Jasmine arc is my fifth favourite storyline. I love Angel losing his soul again, Angelus killing The Beast, Faith escaping jail, and Willow showing up to restore Angel's soul. Even though, I dislike Connor getting Cordelia pregnant, I do love Cordelia's pregnancy because she's evil and possessed by Jasmine. I love the Jasmine arc of everyone being under Jasmine's spell, Fred figuring out her blood overcomes the spell, and slowly everyone figuring out that Jasmine is evilbecause she'sforcing everyone to be peaceful.

4. Darla's Pregnancy, Baby Connor & Holtz Kidnapping Arc

Darla's Pregnancy, Baby Connor & Holtz Kidnapping arc is my fourth favourite storyline. First of all, I love that Darla plays a bigger role on Angel than she did on Buffy. I love how her pregnancy was revealed in "Heartthrob". I love how they found out that their baby was human, which gave Darla a soul. It was interesting how Darla realized she would lose her soul after she had the baby. It was so intense how she staked herself and the baby just appears. It was so cute how Angel became a Dad and named the baby Connor. I love the whole arc of Holtz kidnapping Connor, bringing Connor to another dimension, and then Connor coming back as a teenager. Then, I didn't like Connor until the fifth season.

3. Doyle & Cordelia, Death Arc

Doyle & Cordelia and Doyle's death arc is my third favourite storyline. I love the build of Doyle and Cordelia's relationship. I love how it went from them being annoyed by each other to Doyle having the because crush on Cordy to Cordy starting to develop feelings for Doyle. My favourite part of their arc was their kiss in "Hero" when Doyle kisses Cordelia and gives her his visions. Then, it was heartbreaking when Doyle died.

2. Pylea Arc

Pylea Arc is my second favourite storyline! In "Belonging" I love how Cordy has I love Coredlia's visions of Fred in the library, reading a book, and getting sucked into a portal. I love the endinghow Cordydissappears andwakes up in Pylea.In"Over The Rainbow" I love how Cordy becomes a slave but then has a vision and she becomes a princess by the end of the episode.In "Through the Looking Glass" I love how Cordy is all scared that she has to mate with The Groosalugg and turns out that The Groosalugg is human and is hot. The ending is shocking with Lorne's head being delivered to Cordy. In "No Place Like Plrtz Glrb" I love how Lorne's not actually dead. I love all the Fred's scenes in this arc. I love how Fred goes home with Angel and the gang at the end of this arc.

1. Illyria Arc

The Illyria arc is my favourite storyline on the show. First of all, Fred's death is heartbreaking. It's so sad how she dies in Wesley's arm. That being said, I love Illyria! Illryia is so cool with her blue hair and armour. I love how Illyria is so powerful. I enjoyed watching her go back to her own dimension, but it's sad how her own dimension is destroyed. I love how Illyria saves Gunn at the beginning of "Time Bomb". I love how Illyria can manipulate time and slow it done. I love how she does this when she's training with Spike. I love how Illyria can time travel. It was amazing how she killed Lorned, Spike, and Wesley at once, but then she time travelled with Angel and they were alive again. Wesley sucking all that negative energy from Illyria was sort of sad, but she could have died if he didn't do it, so I'm glad he did it.

My Top 5 Buffy Storylines

5. Caleb Arc

Buffy 722 Chosen
Caleb's arc is my fifth favourite storyline. Caleb is what made the end of season 7 so enjoyable. I love his first appearance in "Dirty Girls" as this priest, and then all of sudden, you find out his evil and working with The First. His superhuman strength is amazing. It was completely awful how he blinded Xander, but I don't hate his character for it. It was so cool how Caleb merged with the The First and became even more powerful in "End of Days". I love the beginning of "Chosen" with the Buffy versus Caleb fight. It makes me flinch everytime Buffy cuts Caleb in half.

4. Faith Goes Bad

Faith Goes Bad is my fourth favourite storyline. It's so surprising how Faith accidentally kills someone in "Bad Girls". I love how she pretends that she didn't do anything wrong. I love how she works with the Scooby gang, but then secretly she's working for The Mayour. Eventually, I love how everyone figures out that Faith has gone bad. It was so intense when Buffy put Faith in a coma. I love Faith's return in season 4 when she wakes up from her coma. I love how she switches bodies with Buffy. When they switch back, I love her arc on Angel. I love when she returns in season 7 and she's working on the side of good.

3. Angel Loses His Soul Arc

Angel Losing His Soul Arc is my third favourite storyline. The one thing that I love about this storyline is the amazing acting from David Boreanaz. Joss Whedon made the right decision on giving David Boreanaz his own show. Anyways, I love how he experiences that one true moment of happiness after sleeping with Buffy, then he loses his soul. I love Angelus. He's just evil and creepy. It was so sad how Angelus killed Jenny. I love how Willow does the spell to restore Angel's soul, but it's so sad that the exact moment he gets his soul back, Buffy kills him.

2. Dawn, The Key & Glory Arc

Dawn, The Key Arc is my second favourite storyline. I just love that Glory is a hell god from a hell dimension and she's looking for this thing called The Key. I love how we find out that Dawn is The Key and that the monks sent The Key to Buffy in human form. I love how Glory can drain the sanity of human beings. It was heartbreaking when she did this Tara. I love how Willow was able to restore Tara's sanity. It was so interesting how Ben and Glory were the same person, but everyone's memory gets erased when they switch. The end of season five got so intense with hiding from Glory and Dawn getting kidnapped by Glory. I love how Giles killed Ben to kill Glory. It was heartbreaking when Buffy died to close the portal.

1. Dark Willow Arc

The Dark Willow Arc is my favourite storyline on Buffy. I love Dark Willow! I love her black hair, the veins inher face, and her clothing. I love how she became the most powerful witch and most powerful person in the group. It was so heartbreaking when Tara died. Tara was one of my favourite characters and I was so happy when she got back together with Willow. Anyways, Dark Willow was so awesome with taking the bullet out of Buffy and flaying Warren. I love the Dark Willow versus Buffy fight. It was so amazing how Giles returned and she took his magic. I love how she was going to end the world and Xander shows up. I love how Xander says "I love you" to Willow and Willow just stops being evil and becomes good again.

Giles, do you have a Jonathan swimsuit calendar?

Giles: No... Yes... it was a gift. Title is quote from Buffy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This week all I've been doing is relaxing besides cleaning my bedroom. My bedroom is now spotless. I set up a small television in my bedroom and hooked it up to my dvd player and watched Degrassi while cleaning my room. I've been watching at least two episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 every day. The beginning of the season started out slow, but now it's getting more exciting. The last episode I watched was Donna hitting her head and Dylan going to the hospital. I've finished reading Buffy season 8"The Long Way Home", "No Future For You", and "Wolves at the Gate". I've been really enjoying Buffy season 8. I love the return of Amy and Warren as villians. I love all the different references made from the tv show. I love the plot ofXander visiting Dracula and getting Dracula to help the Scooby gang out. himym.jpg HIMYM logo picture by Jon_MW_16 "Tailgate" was a great episode. I love how Marshall went to visit his father's grave for New Years. It was so sweet how Lily told her father about her pregnancy and he rushed to visit her as soon as he heard the news. I love drunk Sandy. That was the best part of the episode. I love how Robin is co-host with Sandy. I even enjoyed Ted and Barney plot of starting their own bar.

"Darkness" was an amazing episode. I love how Cassie's trying to learn more about the black magic in her family. It was so intense how Kate tried to kill Cassie. I love how Cassie escaped the trunk. I enjoyed Faye's plot of going to this mysterious stranger named Lee, and trying to get her powers back. the-vampire-diaries-1.jpg The Vampire Diaries picture by Jon_MW_16
"The New Deal" was an awesome episode. In this episode a lot happens. I love how Klaus is back and will do anything to get his family back. It was awful how Tyler was using Jeremy. My favourite moment of the show was when Jeremy is compelled to stand in the middle of the road and get hit by a car and Alaric saves him. It's sad that Jeremy is leaving the show, but I still have hope that he's going to return. I love how Elena gave Klaus Rebekah, but then Klaus won't wake up Rebekah after learning that she knows abou their mother. I love the Damon and Elena kiss at the end of the episode. My Top 5 Beverly Hills 90210 Storylines
5. Kelly's Amnesia

BH 90210 802 Aloha Beverly Hills Part 2 3
Kelly's Amnesia storyline is my fifth favourite storyline so far. It was really intense how Kelly got shot and then couldn't remember anything afterwards.
4. Andrea's Pregnancy

Andrea's Pregnancy is my fourth favourite storyline so far. Andrea is one of my favourite characters and I love how she gets a big storyline in her final seasons of the show.
3. Valerie's Backstory

Valerie's Backstory is my third favourite storyline in the series so far. Valerie is surpringly one of my favourite characters. It's heartbreaking to find out that she was raped by her father mutilpe times. My favourite part of her storyline is when she reveals that she murdered her father.
2. Donna's Stalker

Donna's stalker storyline is my second favourite storylin in the series so far. Donna had her most exciting plot in season 7 when she got that stalker. It was so scary how she got all those weird calls. It was so intense how she was held at gunpoint by her stalker.
1. Kelly and Crazy Tara

Kelly's storyline in season 7 is my favourite storyline in the series so far. I didn't like her cocaine addiction storyline, but I loved her rehab storyline. I love how her roomate, Tara, was crazy. It was so intense how Tara locked Kelly and herself in the car with gas leaking into the car, so they could die together.

Honourable mentions
Donna's Car Accident/Pain Medicine Addicion/Overdose My Top 5 90210 Storylines
5. Adrianna's Drug Addiction/Rehab/Pregnancy

Adrianna's Drug Addiction/Rehab/Pregnancy is my fifth favourite storyline on the show so far. I love how this storyline was the biggest storyline of the season that dealt with real teen issues. It was just heartbreaking to watch Adrianna give her baby up for adoption.
4. Annie's Hit and Run

Annie's Hit and Run is my fourth favourite storyline so far. This made the season one finale very exciting. I love how these leads to Annie dating Jasper, which leads to Jasper attempting suicide, which leads to Annie telling the truth.
3. Teddy Coming Out Story

Teddy's coming out story is my third favourite storyline so far. I love how Teddy went from hating himself to accepting himself from season 3-4. The writer's did an excellent job on this storyline because they found a way to explain Teddy being a "lady's man" as a cover-up.
2. Silver's Bipolar

Silver's Bipolar storyline is my second favourite storyline so far. I love how their were little hints throughout season 1 that Silver was mentally unstable. I love how crazy she got with making fires and throwing glass bottle at people. It was heartbreaking when she broke down crying and Dixon had to explain that his mother is bipolar.
1. Naomi's Rape

Naomi's rape is my favourite storyline. It's soscary how Mr. Cannon forced himself on Naomi. It was awful how Naomi was having nightmares about it. I love that Naomi eventually went to the police. It was crazy how Naomi proved she was innocent, but then Mr. Cannon went missing before the police could arrest him. It was scary how he was hiding in Naomi's closet and held Naomi hostage. I love how Silver showed up, sprayed hairspray in his eyes, tied him up, and called the police.