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MADtv and Moonlight finale

MADtv Season 13 finale was on last night. The episode was good. Michael McDonald did Dr. Phil and Nicole Parker did Britney Spears and Paula Abdul. I liked that Keegan Michael Keys did Coach Hines and Crista Flanagan did Luann Lockhart. I just hope that the next season will be much better. Season 14 will only have 14 episodes so I hope they make them really funny.

Moonlight finale was on Friday. It was a really good episode. Too bad CBS cancelled it. People have been saying that the CW might pick up Moonlight. Hopefully Moonlight will be on the CW, but if it's not then I'll find something else to watch.

I'm going to be watching American Idol finale on Tuesday/Wendesday. I'm not sure who is going to win. According to the Poll of David Archuleta has the most votes but on other websites David Cook has the most votes. I wonder who is going to win. It could be David Archuleta because he has a really huge fanbase full of really younf girls or it could David Cook because of his range in voice. I don't know who I want to win. They are both really talented.

American Idol Results.........Renewed Shows

I'm going to keep this blog short.

I just finished watching American Idol. Syesha got voted off. I knew she was going to get voted off. Now next week it's David A against David C. I don't care who wins. I like both David Archuleta and David Cook. They are both talented.

The top 10 of American Idol are going to be going on tour this summer and they are coming to Canada. I think they are going to be in Toronto at the end of July. I'll try to get some tickets.

Today was the day that we find out what shows are going to be renewed. Samantha Who? is renewed for a 2nd season. How I Met Your Mother is renewed for a 4th season.

Moonlight did not get renewed :( , but it's okay because that means I can hang out with my friends on friday nights.

I have NO SCHOOL on friday!!! YAY!! It's a board designated holiday or something like that. And on Monday it's Victoria Day so there's no school on Monday. I get a 4-day weekend!!!!

American Idol and Canadian Idol......MADtv Renewed........Samantha Who? finale

I was watching American Idol on Tuesday and there's been so much talk whether Jason Castro said "Don't Vote" or "Vote, Vote" It looks like he saying "Don't Vote" no matter how many times I watch it. There are interviews where he confirmed that he said "Vote, Vote", so I'm still deciding if he's lieing or not. He already packed his bags and said he was relieved that he was being sent home but that could just mean he really wanted to see his girlfriend and family again.

So Jason went home last week and tomorrow all the contestants and I think they are going to get to sing three songs each. Then next week we get to find out who the winner is. I was looking forward all day to watching American Idol then I remembered that today was only Monday.

I can't wait until June 3rd!!!! Canadian Idol starts on June 3rd!! I really can't wait to see the auditions. The auditions are really entertaining to see. I can't wait!!! The judges of Canadian Idol is not as entertaining as the judges of American Idol but sometimes I think the judges on Canadian Idol are more sane.

Madtv is rewnewed for a 14 season according to I really hope the next season is way better. The season 13 finale is this Saturday and the promos look good. There's going to be an American Idol Parody and I was waiting for one for so long.

This Wednesday is when everyone finds out what shows are being renewed and which ones are being cancelled. I really want How I Met Your Mother, Moonlight, and Samantha Who? to be renewed.

Tonight I watched Samantha Who? finale. Samantha Who? is one of the funniest shows I watched this year. The most funniest episode was the one I saw last week. I really hope there's a second season. So much could happen in the second season like Sam getting her memory back or her relationship with Todd can evolve.

Britney Spears guest starred in another episode of How I Met Your Mother. I don't think she was as funny as she was in the last episode she was in but it was still pretty good. I'm not sure how many episodes are left in the season but I'm really hoping there's a third season.

American Idol - Paula's Mistake...............MADtv

I didn't really have time this week to write a blog. I wanted to write blog on tuesday night, because I was going to write about Paula Abdul, but I was studying for science test all week.

On tuesday, I was watching American Idol and I felt so sorry for Paula when she thought Jason Castro sang two songs. I think Ryan tried to explain something about in on Wednesday but when he was talking about it, the phone rang and I totally missed what he said. So I tried to look at videos on youtube to see if I could catch what he said but I couldn't find any. So I looked up on some websites and they said that Paula says that she couldn't get her whole family into see the show, so she brought them to the rehearsal. She came in when Jason Castro was practcing and she wrote something about the performance or something like that.

Here's a video from youtube. It's MADtv making fun of American Idol:

Brooke White was my favourite contestant on American Idol and she got eliminated. I wonder who is going to be eliminated next. I want it to be Jason Castro. I think it's so weird that most of the American Idol fan's on are voting for Jason. He has 1 million votes and people are still voting for him. Once a person reaches a million votes you don't need to keep voting for him. Like someone said (I forget who said it),"Good thing the votes at don't count".

I have to wait until May 17th until the finale of MADtv. Its going to be Bobby Lee's last episode. I am really hoping that the whole episode isn't all about Bobby. Because if it is then I don't think there will be a seaosn 14. I wish that Crista will do Luanne Lockhart, and maybe that Arden and Crista will do something like "Coffee Twins" or "Grandma Noni" I hope Nicole Parker will do an impersonaton of Britney Spears. She does the funniest impression of her. I hope Alex Borstein, or Mo Collins guest star in the last episode. (This one is "Coffee Twins") (This one is "Grandma Noni")

Report Cards...My Weekend....Moonlight....MADtv

I got my report card this week. I did very good. Here's what grade I got:

Information Technology in Business (Computers) - 83%

Cored French - 82%

Principles of Mathematics - 90% (I'm really surprised I got this mark because I'm terrible at math, but I did go in to get help with it.)

Science - 90%

So at my high school you need to get 40 hours of volunteer work to graduate. This weekend I got 12 hours and now I have a total of 17 hours. On Saturday, I had to wake up early and be at the arena for 10:00. I had to check to see if people had a stamp on their hand to they let them into the show. The show was called Birds of Prey and it was about this guy showing the different birds we have in Canada. He said these birds were on the shows Zoboomafoo and Darcy's Wild Life. The birds were beuatiful. There was a grey horned owl, a golden eagle, a falcon and more but I forgot the names of the birds. I was there for 4 hours but the guy who signed my sheet was generous and gave me 6 hours. On Sunday I worked at the cotton candy booth and I got cotton candy all over me. I tried to make cotton candy but I really sucked at making them so I just sold them. Again I worked for 4 hours and the guy again gave me 6 hours.

On Saturday night I went to go visit my mom's cousin at my Mummu's house (that's grandma in Finnish. She was born in Finland and moved to canada when she was 6 or 7). My mom's cousin was in town and I don't know how to spell her name because it's Finnish. Anyways, my Mummu wanted to give her picture of her parents but she couldn't find it. I felt so sorry that she couldn't find the picture because she looked so sad but my grandpa cheered her up.

I watched a new episode of Moonlight on Friday. It was AWESOME. I can't believe how good it was since it's been off the air for awhile. The only part I didn't like is that Mick turned human again so fast.

I watched MADtv on Saturday and the episode sucked. I wish it was funny like last week, but it wasn't. It totally ruined it's chances for a 14th season unless the next episode is better. I think there's only one episode left now. I hope it's the best episode this season. I'm going to tell all my friend's to watch it

American Idol

I knew something unexpected would happen on American Idol tonight. Syesha and Carly did not deserve at all to be in the bottom two. I wanted Jason Castro to be in the bottom two and I thought Brooke was going to join him even though she's my favourite contestant. It was just like when Micheal Johns got voted off, except there was less emotion. Carly went home tonight and I was really hoping Jason would get voted off. The look on his face when Carly was being sent off into the bottom two was horrible. He had a big smile on his face and I was thinking how rude. I wonder what the rest of the competion is going to be like.

Leona Lewis was so Amazing on American Idol tonight. I like her song "Bleeding Love". My favourite part of that performance was when the fire was blasted from behind her.

Earth Day.........Math Test..........American Idol

Today is Earth Day. Man, do the teacher's ever make a big deal about it at my school. We had this assembly which was a little boring at first but then got entertaining. There was a group of girls who decieded to sing a song and they were awesome. I don't remember what the song was called though. Later in the assembly two of those girls in the group sang another song and it was even more awesome. I think the song was called "Zombie" by the Berries or something. I forget the name of the band. Then we had to go outside and pick up garbage.

Today I had a stupid Math Test on linear lines. I think I did alright, but there were some really hard questions. Math is not best subject, at all. It's one of the reasons why I had to repeat grade one(well I was being homeschooled for kindergarten and grade one and I was a year behind from public school students). Anyways I hope I did good.

I just finished watching American Idol Tonight. One of the coolest episodes I saw.

Here is list of my favourite performances of tonight starting from greatest to least.

1. David Cook - It seems to me that he can sing any type of song. He's a really good singer and could end up being the next American Idol.

2. Syesha - I liked her performance tonight. She had a lot of personality and it's a tie between her and David Cook.

3. Brooke White - Ok so she forgot her lyrics at the beginning and it was a little pitchy and her she made the some strange faces, but if Candadians were allowed to vote then I'd vote for he over and over again becuse there something about her that I like. She's my favourite contestant on American Idol!!! :)

4. Carly - She did very good but at the end of the song it was a little shouty to me. If it weren't for me liking Brooke so much she would be in 3rd.

5. David A - David is tied with Carly for 4th. He actually did very good, but he's not my favourite so he's in 5th. The only problem I have with his singing is his breathing.

6. Jason Castro - This week I was going to be easy and not judge Jason becasue I realized he has a softer voice but he didn't do too well. It sounded pitchy in some parts and it seemed he didn't want to sing that song.

My guess at who's going home tomorrow is either Brooke or Jason. I really want Brooke to stay but there's a big chance that she'll go home. I am really hoping that Jason will go home, so Brooke can stay another week, but then Brooke might end up going home next week anyways. It depends on what songs everyone is singing next week.

MADtv...Buffy books and comics......Moonlight.....School

MADtv was on last night. I thought it was the funniest episode this season. I really hope the episodes stay this funny, and get a lot of viewers. I really want a season 14. But it's too bad that Bobby Lee and Nicole Parker are leaving the show.

I've been really enjoying reading the Buffy books I bought. I'm trying to decide if I should buy the comics now or wait until my brother buys all comics and burrow them from him. He's going to be home from university in a week and he's studying for his exam like crazy.

Moonlight is airing a new episode this friday. I can't believe there's only 5 days left. I like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel more than Moonlight because how vampires turn to dust and their faces changes, but Moonlight is the only good vampire show that's airing on tv now. I am planning to rewatch Buffy and Angel, but I am going to finish watching Charmed first. I am halfway through the 7th season and it's good so far. It's definately different from all the other seasons. Sometimes the characters act out of character but I';m still enjoying the show.

Last week on Thursday, our school was supposed to go see this hockey game, but I skipped it. The teacher's were so serious on everyone attending but more than half the kids in the school skipped. I skipped it and went home to watch Charmed. Nobody got in trouble.

Ok so on Friday my friend and I were partners for science class, We had to build a model of what a chromosomes look like. So the kid that nobody likes got paired up with us (He sings and talks to himself, and acts like he's the best.) So we're trying to discuss how we are going to build this model when he just starts building it and telling me and my friend what to do. I start mimicking him and making fun of him, and he calls me the stupidest kid in the class, which not true becuase I have the highest grade in the class which 90%. So anyways my friend and I keep making fun of him and then when the teacher comes and we put on this innocent act that he's not listening to our ideas (which is true he wasn't listening to our ideas, but the teacher doesn't know we were making fun of him... unless she does know and she doesn't like him either.) He gets in trouble by the teacher and my friend and I got to work alone for the rest of the period. I am usually not mean, I'm really nice but that kid just pissed me off.

I guess I believe in KARMA now because in my next class which is French (my friend is in this class too), the teacher totally freaked out on everyone. The teacher was asking this really shy blonde girl what the word perdre meant and then this guy interrupts her. The teacher went up to him and started yelling. At first I thought she was going up to the blonde girl, but then she went up to the guy who interrupted her and sent him to the hall. The blonde girl's face was really red. I felt sorry for her. I am one of those people who teacher's call TALKERS. I'm not one of those annoying people who keep talking after the teacher tells you to shut up. Anyways the teacher yelled at me for talking.

American Idol......HIMYM.......Samantha Who?.......NO SCHOOL!!

So I'm watching American Idol until Canadian Idol starts airing. In my opinion, the judges on Canadian Idol are better than the judges on American Idol. Though the American Idol judges are more entertaining than the the Canadian Idol judges.

Anyways, last week on Thursday when I was watching the results for the show, I couldn't believe that Michael Johns went home. He is definately not my favourite contestant, but he deserve to be at least in the Top 5. I would be talking about this in the American Idol Forum but there is not much being mention about him going home. There's no real discussion about him going home. The only discussion I see is about who is everyone's top 7, which is boring to read.

A new episode of How I Met Your Mother is airing on Monday. I can't wait!!! Britney Spears is supposed to be guest starring in this episode coming up or the next episode. I've been reading the forums and there are so many people that don't want her guest starring. I feel like I'm the only one who enjoyed her in the last episode she was in.

Samantha Who? started airing new episodes last week. A new episode is going to air on Monday. I can't wait to see it!!! The episode that aired last week was so funny. Dena and Sam's mother bonding together is so funny!!

I have no school Tomorrow. YAY!!!! It's a Professional Acticity Day. I think it's because the teachers are going to busy doing report cards. My science teacher gave us our marks so we didn't have to wait until we get our report cards. She siad I got 90%. Anyways, I'm probably going to sleep in and watch Charmed all day.

Charmed/ MADtv/ Buffy Books

I watched the 1st episode of Charmed season 7 yesturday. It was really good. I can't wait to finish the series and go on the Charmed forums. I could start talking on the forums now, but I don't want to read any spoilers.

MADtv was on last night. It wasn't a very good episode. Hopefully the next three episodes are better because I want another season of MADtv. If there is a 14th season then I hope it's better than this season. If MADtv gets cancelled then I hope FOX plays reruns every week starting from season 1, but I doubt they would do that. They would replace it with another show.

I bought three Buffy books yesturday. I bought Angel Chronicles Volume 2. It has the "Halloween" and "What's My Line Part 1 & 2" in it from the show. I just started reading it. I bought "How I Surived My Summer Vacation Volume 1." I can't wait to read that one. I usually buy fan fiction books written by Christopher Golden but there were no books by him on the shelves so I bought "Here Be Monsters" by Cameron Dokey. I know I'm going to enjoy those books.