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Which Character Am I? Part 2

I just woke up and I don't really feel like doing anything so I thought I would make Part 2 of which Character Am I?

First I'll tell you about yesturday. So yesturday I was busy all afternoon. My sister and her friend invited me over to her house so we could let my dog and her dog play around for a bit. We decided we were going to go to her grandmother's house and plant some trees. My sister's friend older sister(sorry if that was confusing) was feeling lazy and she asked us to clean the whole apartment for her. She said she would pay us, so we all said yes. Anyways we didn't get to go plant any trees because it was almost supper time so I went home and watched a couple of episodes of Dawsons creek.

OK so here is Part 2:

Dawsons Creek

Andie McPhee

Meredith Monroe


Joey Tribbiani

Matt LeBlanc

How I Met Your Mother

Marshall Eriksen

Jason Segal


Beth Turner

Sophia Myles as Beth Turner

There was another glitch. I was editing my post because I made some spelling mistakes and it said "Invalid Board" or something similar to that. When I went on my profile it said that I had no blogs. I went to see other people's profiles and it said that they had no blogs either so I had to log off and waited a couple of hours and went back on again.

Which Character Am I?

Okay, I am so bored, but that's because there's nothing fun to do on the weekends. I sat at home and watched a couple of episodes of Dawson's Creek and I helped out with gardening stuff.

There's a bad storm outside. There's thunder and lighting and it's raining really hard outside. I hope the power doesn't go out. I'm writing this in a word document and saving every minute because I don't want to lose anything if the power does go out.

Anyways I was going to do a Buffy episode countdown. I made a whole list of the greatest episode to the least greatest episode. The bad news is I lost that list and I have to make a new one. I got this crazy idea that I should take a bunch of online quizzes to see what character I am from my favourite tv shows.

It took me 2 hours to find out how to insert pictures in blog. I was going to add more to this but I'm feeling to lazy to do anymore.

7th Heaven

Martin Brewer



Wesley Wyndam Pryce

Cute in Purple

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Xander Harris

Xander Harris


Piper Halliwell

Piper Halliwell

My next blog will be part 2.

Last Day of School...First Day of Summer

Today was my last day of school. I am so glad it's over. I had my French exam today. It was so easy. It only took me 50 minutes to do. I did well in all of my other exams too. My math and science exam was easy too. I can't believe it's summer already.

Since Summer has started I made a list of things I want to do.

- Go travelling. I might go to Toronto and I might go camping

- I want to buy more Buffy Books and read most of them

- I need to get a good job, but I need to get my social insurance number first

- I want to learn to play the guitar and the piano

- I want to buy Tru Calling because I haven't seen my brother for a long time and he still has it

- My cousin and I are planning on making funny comedy movies. We might try to enter them in a film making contest but first we need to buy and video camera.

- This summer I also plan to make a Buffy episode countdown. I already made a list so maybe that's what my next blog will be.

I've been watching two shows lately, Canadian Idol and Dawson's Creek.

Canadian Idol is doing so many different things this year. Instead of having the top 22 they are having top 24. They never did top 24 before. Also usually you would have 11 girls and 11 guys if it was the top 22. It would make sense to have top 12 guys and top 12 girls but this year there are having 15 guys and 9 girls in the competition.

I am finished watching Dawson's Creek season one. I really got into it. I am watching season 2 and it's pretty good. There are so many things that are happening. I am probably going to watch some episodes tonight. glitch.........Exams.......Dawson's Creek

I tried to post on the forums but whenever I pressed on a thread it said Invalid Topic. I'm not sure if it was my computer or if it was the website. The good thing was I could write blogs and and make reviews. I'm not sure if any else had this problem. Anyways I had to wait over an hour before things got back to normal. I tried posting once and nothing showed up and then later is showed that I posted over 5 times in a thread so I had to delete all those messages.

I am studying for exams this week. Exams are supposed to start tomorrow but my computer teacher said he's not giving us an exam so I only have to go to shcool for half of the day. I've been studying all night so far, taking little breaks here and there. My math exam is on Wednesday, my science exam is on Thursday and my French exam is on Friday. School ends on Friday. I can't wait until this is all over.

I am watching a television show that I never thought I would ever be watching. I am watching Dawson's Creek Season One. I got bored on the weekend because I was studying for my exams all weekend and I got tired of studying. I was checking to see what I could watch and saw Dawson's Creek. So I put in the dvd and I start watching it and now I'm hooked. My sister told me all these horrible things about the show so I thought it was a horrible show. My sister was wrong. I am enjoying it so far.

Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th. To celebrate I'm probably going to watch a horror movie or just hang out with some friends.

This week is finally over. I did a lot this week. In Computers I did my Culminating Activity all week. On tuesday in Computers I had to take a vocabulary test. It had a whole bunch of Computer terms I learned this year. The test was easy. On Wednesday I had to do a bunch of tasks using QuattroPro and WordPerfect. On thursday I made a slideshow and it had to be about everything I learned in that class. Today I had to create a website and it had to be about pets. I didn't get to finish it but the teacher said I will have more time on Monday to finish it.

On thursday and today I had to take EQAO testing for math. The mutiliple choice questions were easy. The Open Response questions were hard. I had to make up solutions to those questions. My math teacher said she's going to take a look at them and she's going give us an idea on how we did. It takes a year for the government to mark the test and for us to receive our marks. Sometimes we don't get our results back.

Today, I had my French Oral Communication exam. It wasn't as bad as I thought. All I had to do was look at two pictures, describe what's happening in the 1st picture in present tense and describe what's happing in the 2nd picture in past tense. Then she gave us a page with pictures on it and we had to say what it was in french. Then she asked my 5 question and I had to answer them using two answers. I thought it was going to be really tough but it wasn't.

Canadian Idol was on Monday and Tuesday. There was some great Auditions. I think next week is the last week for Audtions or maybe it was this week. I'm not sure but I can't wait to watch it next week. There are so many good singers. Though, I haven't found a favourite yet.

Exams are next week. I have to study all weekend, but I'm not going to be as busy as I was last weekend. I don't have a computer exam which is awesome. I have a math exam next week which should be easy, a science exam which shouldn't be too hard. The science teacher said it was going to be easy. And I have my written French Exam which shouldn't be that hard either.

Busiest Weekend Ever

This is my busiest weekend this year. Yesturday I got home from school and instead of watching tv and relaxing I went on the computer and started my Science Culminating Activity. I have to pick 5 places in Space and write about how old it is, how it was formed and how it was discovered. So I thought I was finished with my project when my friends told me we need to add special fetaures or attraction that are on the planet. I read the instruction sheet she gave us and they weren't joking so I spent 3 hours finishing my science project yesturday.

After finishing my science project, I still wasn't finished my homework yet. The math teacher gave use two booklets on the EQAO test I'm having next Thurday and Friday, plus we have to do a review sheet to prepare us for the exam which is in 9 days, and then we have to do a summary sheet on everthing we learned since 3rd term started.

I have to study for my french exam. We have to do a written exam and an oral communications exam. My oral communications exam is on Friday so I have to study a lot for it this weekend. In computers we don't get an exam but we have a 4 day project to do next week and I have to study a list of terms he gave us. Today I'm going to finish some of my homework and tomorrow I'll finish the rest of it.

There's not much to watch on tv. I haven't even watched tv since Monday. I hate homework. That show that I watched was Canadian Idol. I want more shows to watch. After exams are over I'm going to start watching more shows. I'm going to start watching Tru Calling soon. I've decided to watch Grey's Anatomy and Bones but it's going to be when school finishes.

Canadian Idol Premiere........Countdown 'til Summer.........Math Test

The 6th season of Canadian Idol premiered yesturday. It was a good episode. It actually shows how much talent we have in Canada. They didn't show too many people who really sucked which is supposed to be the most entertaining part about the show. There was only guy that I thought was the best singer so far but I forget his name.

I have 14 days of school left. I might have 12 days of school because the teacher's are thinking about having the exams a little bit earlier.

On Tuesday, I had my math test for Unit 8. It was really easy. The teacher gave us a formula sheet so I didn't have to memorize any of the formulas. We just finished Unit 9 today so we're probably going to have the test on Friday.

I started posting on the Charmed Forums. There's a lot to talk about there. The only thing that sucks is you can't play any games in the threads, but I know it's for good reasons. The in the FRIENDS forums there at least 5-7 game threads. Maybe even more.

I decided I'm going to write a review a day. Level 12 was one of the longest levels I was on. It took me forever to get to level 13, so I've decided I'm going to write more reviews.

Summer Countdown....School Stuff.....TV Shows.....Charmed Forums

I have 17 more days of school left and then my summer vacation will start!!! I am going to be really busy. In math we only have two weeks to finish up the last unit and prepare for EQAO(Education Quality and Accountability Office) test. EQAO test is a test that the government(or maybe it's the school board) gives us to see how well we are doing in school. On tuesday I have a math test for Unit 8 and then we have to finish up unit 9. In science were on our last unit. It's about space. I have to make a 5 page booklet about 5 things in space. It's due on June 9th, but I'm almost finished with it. In computers, our teacher is giving us a review of everything we did that year. In French, we are doing nothing big yet. Just doing a bunch of work sheets. Exams are going to be on June 19, 20, 23, and 24.

I am currently not watching any televsion shows, which is kind of good 'cause I can concentrate on school and hang out with friends more. I was going to start watching Tru Calling, but my brother's girlfriend is watching it,but she's almost finished with it. I haven't had any time to go to the mall to buy How I Met Your Mother season 2, so I going buy it after school is over. Canadian Idol starts on Tuesday, so I'm going to start watching that. Last year, I started watching it, but then I went on vacation and missed most of the episodes. So I'm going to ask my mom if she can record them for me if I plan to go on vacation this year.

I was so looking forward to going on the Charmed forums after finishing Charmed, but I'm not really interested in the topics that people are talking about. Well it's not that, I'm not interested, it's just I'm a little shy. I was kinda hoping that there were games to play there; like character elimination game or favourite character game but, I saw no games there. I would start a game thread but it might annoy people so I'll just look to see if games were already startd on other pages of the forums.

Math Exam Part 1.....Charmed......Weird Weather

I watched the last episode of Charmed today. It was a good episode. I can't believe I watched all the episodes. At least there was no cliff hanger ending like in some other shows. It took me 8 months to watch all the episodes.

Since I'm finally finished with watching Charmed, I think I'm going to start watching Tru Calling with Eliza Dushku(I hope I spelled it right). My brother is going to let me burrow season 1, so I get to save my money and buy How I Met Your Mother Season 2.

Yesturday I had a mutliple choice test to help prepare for my math exam today. The multiple choice was really easy. It only took me 15min to finish it. Today was Math Exam Part 1. It was a really easy exam. It took me 1 hour to do it. I am so glad I'm finished with it, now all I have to do is part 2 of the exam, which will be in two or three weeks and I'll be finshed with math for the year.

I have my science test tomorrow. I'll take a couple of hours tonight and study for it. Today we had a practice test and I only got 9 questions wrong, so tomorrow the test shouldn't be too hard.

The weather has been so weird here. It snowed last night and it's almost June. It was cold outside yesturday and very windy. We're supposed to be getting rain at this time of year, not snow. Luckily this morning it warmed up a bit, but there was still some snow on the ground, and by the afternoon all the snow melted. Tomorrow it's suppoed to be 20 degress Celcius. It's going to be really hot outside tomorrow. I can't believe how fast the weather changes. It's really weird.

American Idol Finale..........School

I watched the American Idol Finale last year. It was really good. Mike Myers was on it promoting his new movie, The Love Guru, and he was hilarious. The video where he was giving advice to bothe the Davids was funny. Ryan Seacrest riding that pillow and almost falling off the edge of the stage was funny. It was nice to see the top 12 again. David Cook won this year.

I have Part 1 Math exam next week on Tuesday. I've been practsing polynomials, equations, modelling with graphs and analyse linear relations for over a week now and I'm so tired of it. We get to have a cheat sheet for the exam, which is really good. On Monday we have a multiple choice thing to help prepare us for the exam on Tuesday. Part 2 of my math exam will be at the end of June.

I also have a Science Test next week on Wednesday. It's on Physics: Electricity. I am not really looking forward to next week because I have a lot of studying to do, but the test is probably going to be easy.

I can't wait until June 3rd!!! Canadian Idol starts airing Auditions. The Auditions are really entertaining.