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Why Do I Love The Metal Gear Series?

I, like many others love the Metal Gear series of games. Metal Gear is great no better than great the games are art. That's right ART! My love for Metal Gear is somewhat new I first found the series or should I say the series found me in September of 07. I played and completed MGS: Twin Snakes in a day and the next day started MGS2: Sons of Liberty. I cannot believe how awesome these games were. The next week I started MGS3: Snake Eater. This is my favorite game ever! First game to make me cry (not afraid to admit that). For the curious it was the torture scene with Volgin and Naked Snake. The character development in that game was great, it made me care about the characters. It was the best eleven hours of my life. I hate to admit this but I played all MGS games on Very Easy (I play for the story!) Call me noob I probably deserve that.

What I like most about MGS? I ask myself. The best part is its complicated story and awsome characters. Who could forget Sniper Wolf or Liquid Ocelot or The Joy! If you have no idea who these people are you need to go PLAY METAL GEAR SOLID! It also provided a nice distraction from high school. Am I a Raiden hater. No I am not, I happen to enjoy the addition of Raiden who has no idea of what to fight for.

I don't even know why I am writing this? Who is even going to read this? After all I am just a Level 5 noob! I hate writing on forums I don't why but my love for MGS has compelled me to come here and write about why I love Metal Gear! Maybe I will even meet fellow fans or not. Back to Metal Gear. MGS also covers topics that are relevant today such as nuclear weapons, censorship and even PMCs from MGS4. I was speechless after listening to codec segment in MGS2 when Rose talks about "truth" which what you tell yourself to be true. Rose you are so right! I could go on and on about why Metal Gear Solid and all other Metal Gear games are great but I guess I will continue this discussion at a later time.

Please ignore the grammar mistakes commas and such scare me.