Why Do I Love The Metal Gear Series? Part 2

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I love Metal Gear. Duh. Its sad for me to admit that i probably watched all the MGS4 trailers like 20 times each, I can't help it! They're so good! Last night I finally remembered how I came to love MGS. It was August of 07 and my brother was watching the first MGS4 trailer I on the other hand was playing a game. What caught my attention? The music did that sad Middle Eastern sounding music gave me goose bumps. Afterwards I logged on to Gamespot and watched all the trailers desperate for more. I had to play this series from the beginning, though I did watch my brother play MGS2 and I could not get the graphics out of my head; at the time I thought they were the greatest I have ever seen.

Truthfully I don't have friends; I guess I could say as Naked Snake once said "I've never been interested in other people's lives." Sad but to some extent true. I can bear to be alone for so long but I do get depressed quite often, no I am not emo. A funny story that I will save for another time. Playing games though takes my mind off of these troubled times. When I play MGS I can escape into a world with larger than life heroes and out of this world villains. The cut scenes are another reason I love MGS. These movies are great, we just need more of these and less codec ones. I don't hate the codec parts it's just that they can drag on. I even dress up as Snake for ummm no reason in particular. I did dress as a RPD S.T.A.R.S member from Resident Evil at school one time. Back to MGS the motives for the characters hit close to home with me especially with Solid Snake and his reasons for fighting we all need to fight for what we believe in.

June 12th is fast approaching and I cannot wait to get my hands on MGS4 like many others. Hopefull everything will be revealed and I hope Kojima-san leaves a plot twist after the end credits are finished.

This blog is shorter but more personal than I expected but there will be more to come...