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Metal Gear Solid 4: The Soundtrack

I'm Bored right now so I thought I'd write this blog about the MGS4 soundtrack. From the tracks I listened to so far I can say that this OST is great! That's right might be the best one so far. The Love Theme is a slow but emotionally driven piece that tugs at the heart strings, it's so beautiful and they way it sounds makes it appear that someone will die. Snake? I hope not. The other pieces are great most of them I listened to are from past trailers but I have listened to some newer ones and they are epic in scope. I'm I listening to a video game soundtrack or a Hollywood blockbuster soundtrack? The pieces are that good. Where these tracks are in the game is what I want to find out. As with the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack, the MGS4 OST can present the story through music. Well I'm done for today lol. I expected it to be longer but I'll probably just keep saying how great it is.

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