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Does everybody know what time it is?


"That's right! JonRedfield is proud to present Jon the blog man Redfield!"

Now what to write about. I don't have many friends on here. I believe I have three but again that's my fault still new to the site even though I've been here for what eight months.

First I have to give a shout out to da Plumma for getting me off my butt and into the world of Xbox Live (although I tend to suck at all forms of multiplayer games).

Still I think, "what should I blog about?" My answer is "I don't know" I could blog about how awesome Resident Evil 5 is. Ok I think that's what I will write about. Resident Evil was my first love and will defend it against those RE4 noobs (the ones that complain about the older games cause of the "bad" camera. Ha! I dislike RE4 so all you RE4 noobs can go back to playing your Leon Kennedy wet dream (WTF? It just sprang up in my head) It's late while I write so forgive the craziness. Back to RE5, it is sex, pure and simple I want to make babies with it while on Chris Redfield's biceps. The story of past games may have been weak but not for me. In school when I had nothing to do I would write about the different viruses and what they did and who made them. Obsessed? Yes I was and still am.

RE saved my life. Not really but in a way it did (why do I write these blogs when no one will read them is beyond me but it makes me feel good). Back in middle school and to this day I don't have many friends I have a few, like two (you know who you are. Well, one will know the other doesn't even come to GameSpot and was sadly a high school acquaintance though we did go to Bravo Burger once before they tore it down). Anyway so I was never much of a gamer sure I had the n64 and what not, never owned a PSX did get a PS2 and Resident Evil thus saved my life and brought me into the world of hardcore gaming.

Back to RE5, at first I was disappointed at the fact that appears to play exactly like RE4 (ugh) I didn't care for RE4 but whatever I'll live as long as Wesker is still badass and Jill is a sandwich. Another thing for the love of god someone please bring back BARRY!!! He is a lovable bear that was misunderstood and needs to appear to redeem himself to us gamers. Rebecca I could do without but she is a RE character so she can come back (for a bit). Sherry? What happed with her? And Steve? Will we ever know? I shiver with antici...pation at the thought of these answers.

Should I write more? Maybe tomorrow in the mean time it's off to read A Clash of Kings (damn you Lannisters!!!! And long live the King in the North!!!!) Damn I'm such a nerd.