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My priorities need to be somewhere else

Writing this blob thingy when I should be working on my essay but I don't want to do that it's boring. I need seven pages yet only have four done at the moment. Why I felt the need to post this is beyond me but please anyone who reads this can make up their own crazy theories. Wait! Did someone say Resident Evil? Oh I could write a billion pages on that which I think I may do one day especially since Rebecca and Barry are DLC now…which reminds me I need MS points and a Gold card…blame it on college textbooks.

So I'll leave with a picture of Chris Redfield and his big fish.

Resident Evil 5 1000/1000 sort of...

As of today I have unlocked 50 out of the 50 achievements for Resident Evil 5, I am not counting the DLC ones. So what, right? Well it is my first game that I actually set out to unlock all of the achievements for, that is why I am so excited. Trust me if it was not a Resident Evil game I would not have even bothered.

Resident Evil and Why I Love It

Resident Evil at one point was more than just a game it was my life. It's sad but I liked it that way, of course I was younger and didn't have as many responsibilities like I do now. Enough of this boring crap, let's get to the point. Why Resident Evil is awesome and I dare say one of the best video game series.

The first Resident Evil (RE) game I played was RE Code Veronica X for the PS2. I don't even know why I picked it up maybe I was curious to try one of these so called "survival horror" games. It didn't even dawn on me that Code Veronica X was actually the fourth game in the series. What I do remember is being in awe at the awesome opening video with its awesome graphics and music. For those unfamiliar with the game you start out as Claire Redfield who is imprisoned on Rockfort Island. Was I scared? Hell YES! I don't think I even finished the game for a while I had to have my braver brother finish it. Was I actually scared? When I think back I would say I wasn't. I think my apprehension comes from the surprise element and not knowing what to do or where to go when some monster suddenly pops out from behind a wall.

What this game did though was start my appetite for more games like it. So naturally I hunted down the older games and played them. I soon became engrossed with the rich universe that Capcom created. I wanted to know more about Chris Redfield and how Umbrella came to power. Raccoon City even became a place I wanted to go too (It's alright you can think I'm crazy because I was). I guess the reason why I became close to the series was that it was there when I needed to escape from my personnel troubles (I know what troubles could a 14 year old be having?) Oh and to top off my craziness I even wrote fan fiction, no genre was safe from my creative mind. Yes there were stories about Wesker and Rebecca going to Burger King and Chris Redfield and Barry Burton admitting their love for one another. No one was safe.

Fast forward a year or two and it happened. I got my GameCube for Christmas and I went to my local Blockbuster and bought Resident Evil (the remake). I didn't have a memory card, which I stupidly forgot to buy. Anyway I played some of it and boy was I scared it was like revisiting an old friend only to find out they changed and add some new rooms. When I did get a memory card I was too scared not scared but it should felt like fear to actually play the game. I did eventually and it was awesome. I soon got addicted to speedruns. Many nights wasted trying to beat my record of 1:45:38 seconds. I know it's not the fastest but I'm proud of my time, so there! Next were the Outbreak series. They were okay nothing too great as I never had the chance to go online with them, which I'm sure would be fun.

Now came my hate Resident Evil 4 for the GameCube. I wanted the original one that was scraped not this flashy Hollywood cheese fest that it was. Now I played these games for story. Yes that is true they happen to have a very though provoking stories up there with Metal Gear Solid. Now I never actually played four I've seen it completed enough times to say the story sucked. My real complaints were with the controls. They weren't the greatest like some would say but instead horrible. The GameCube controller is not the greatest to begin with anyway. Ada Wong returning was a good twist for a while, but the whole game was far fetched. The castle was the size of Spain, the locations didn't fit the game at all and there is so much more which I will save for another time maybe in the next blog I will try to go into more detail. This brings me to Resident Evil 5, which I will save for another time as my time with it was filled with awe and disappointment.

Does everybody know what time it is?


"That's right! JonRedfield is proud to present Jon the blog man Redfield!"

Now what to write about. I don't have many friends on here. I believe I have three but again that's my fault still new to the site even though I've been here for what eight months.

First I have to give a shout out to da Plumma for getting me off my butt and into the world of Xbox Live (although I tend to suck at all forms of multiplayer games).

Still I think, "what should I blog about?" My answer is "I don't know" I could blog about how awesome Resident Evil 5 is. Ok I think that's what I will write about. Resident Evil was my first love and will defend it against those RE4 noobs (the ones that complain about the older games cause of the "bad" camera. Ha! I dislike RE4 so all you RE4 noobs can go back to playing your Leon Kennedy wet dream (WTF? It just sprang up in my head) It's late while I write so forgive the craziness. Back to RE5, it is sex, pure and simple I want to make babies with it while on Chris Redfield's biceps. The story of past games may have been weak but not for me. In school when I had nothing to do I would write about the different viruses and what they did and who made them. Obsessed? Yes I was and still am.

RE saved my life. Not really but in a way it did (why do I write these blogs when no one will read them is beyond me but it makes me feel good). Back in middle school and to this day I don't have many friends I have a few, like two (you know who you are. Well, one will know the other doesn't even come to GameSpot and was sadly a high school acquaintance though we did go to Bravo Burger once before they tore it down). Anyway so I was never much of a gamer sure I had the n64 and what not, never owned a PSX did get a PS2 and Resident Evil thus saved my life and brought me into the world of hardcore gaming.

Back to RE5, at first I was disappointed at the fact that appears to play exactly like RE4 (ugh) I didn't care for RE4 but whatever I'll live as long as Wesker is still badass and Jill is a sandwich. Another thing for the love of god someone please bring back BARRY!!! He is a lovable bear that was misunderstood and needs to appear to redeem himself to us gamers. Rebecca I could do without but she is a RE character so she can come back (for a bit). Sherry? What happed with her? And Steve? Will we ever know? I shiver with antici...pation at the thought of these answers.

Should I write more? Maybe tomorrow in the mean time it's off to read A Clash of Kings (damn you Lannisters!!!! And long live the King in the North!!!!) Damn I'm such a nerd.

Metal Gear Solid 4: The Soundtrack

I'm Bored right now so I thought I'd write this blog about the MGS4 soundtrack. From the tracks I listened to so far I can say that this OST is great! That's right might be the best one so far. The Love Theme is a slow but emotionally driven piece that tugs at the heart strings, it's so beautiful and they way it sounds makes it appear that someone will die. Snake? I hope not. The other pieces are great most of them I listened to are from past trailers but I have listened to some newer ones and they are epic in scope. I'm I listening to a video game soundtrack or a Hollywood blockbuster soundtrack? The pieces are that good. Where these tracks are in the game is what I want to find out. As with the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack, the MGS4 OST can present the story through music. Well I'm done for today lol. I expected it to be longer but I'll probably just keep saying how great it is.

Why Do I Love The Metal Gear Series? Part 2

I love Metal Gear. Duh. Its sad for me to admit that i probably watched all the MGS4 trailers like 20 times each, I can't help it! They're so good! Last night I finally remembered how I came to love MGS. It was August of 07 and my brother was watching the first MGS4 trailer I on the other hand was playing a game. What caught my attention? The music did that sad Middle Eastern sounding music gave me goose bumps. Afterwards I logged on to Gamespot and watched all the trailers desperate for more. I had to play this series from the beginning, though I did watch my brother play MGS2 and I could not get the graphics out of my head; at the time I thought they were the greatest I have ever seen.

Truthfully I don't have friends; I guess I could say as Naked Snake once said "I've never been interested in other people's lives." Sad but to some extent true. I can bear to be alone for so long but I do get depressed quite often, no I am not emo. A funny story that I will save for another time. Playing games though takes my mind off of these troubled times. When I play MGS I can escape into a world with larger than life heroes and out of this world villains. The cut scenes are another reason I love MGS. These movies are great, we just need more of these and less codec ones. I don't hate the codec parts it's just that they can drag on. I even dress up as Snake for ummm no reason in particular. I did dress as a RPD S.T.A.R.S member from Resident Evil at school one time. Back to MGS the motives for the characters hit close to home with me especially with Solid Snake and his reasons for fighting we all need to fight for what we believe in.

June 12th is fast approaching and I cannot wait to get my hands on MGS4 like many others. Hopefull everything will be revealed and I hope Kojima-san leaves a plot twist after the end credits are finished.

This blog is shorter but more personal than I expected but there will be more to come...

Why Do I Love The Metal Gear Series?

I, like many others love the Metal Gear series of games. Metal Gear is great no better than great the games are art. That's right ART! My love for Metal Gear is somewhat new I first found the series or should I say the series found me in September of 07. I played and completed MGS: Twin Snakes in a day and the next day started MGS2: Sons of Liberty. I cannot believe how awesome these games were. The next week I started MGS3: Snake Eater. This is my favorite game ever! First game to make me cry (not afraid to admit that). For the curious it was the torture scene with Volgin and Naked Snake. The character development in that game was great, it made me care about the characters. It was the best eleven hours of my life. I hate to admit this but I played all MGS games on Very Easy (I play for the story!) Call me noob I probably deserve that.

What I like most about MGS? I ask myself. The best part is its complicated story and awsome characters. Who could forget Sniper Wolf or Liquid Ocelot or The Joy! If you have no idea who these people are you need to go PLAY METAL GEAR SOLID! It also provided a nice distraction from high school. Am I a Raiden hater. No I am not, I happen to enjoy the addition of Raiden who has no idea of what to fight for.

I don't even know why I am writing this? Who is even going to read this? After all I am just a Level 5 noob! I hate writing on forums I don't why but my love for MGS has compelled me to come here and write about why I love Metal Gear! Maybe I will even meet fellow fans or not. Back to Metal Gear. MGS also covers topics that are relevant today such as nuclear weapons, censorship and even PMCs from MGS4. I was speechless after listening to codec segment in MGS2 when Rose talks about "truth" which what you tell yourself to be true. Rose you are so right! I could go on and on about why Metal Gear Solid and all other Metal Gear games are great but I guess I will continue this discussion at a later time.

Please ignore the grammar mistakes commas and such scare me.