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My -to buy- list

Must buys:

-Mortal Kombat

-Gears 3

-Sonic Generations


-Portal 2



-New laptop (this year)

-Project Cafe (next year)

-3DS (end of 2012)

What's been going on?

Duke Nukem Forever is coming out? Dear god. It's the living dead.

Srsly though, this game looks awesome and I'll probably get it.

In other news, I finally got a new graphx card, the radeon hd 5670. ATI's drivers were being dick as usual but I think I got them under control after some tweaking. Now StarCraft II and Orange Box run so smoothly and it complements the rest of my computer very well. Very pleased with the card but not the drivers, so this might be my last ATI card unless I see some improvements with the drivers.

My Dark Void Demo Impressions, and StarCraft II beta rumors.

I got a chance to play the Demo of Dark Void a little earlier, and found it slightly underwhelming. Controls don't feel too smooth and on-foot combat feels a bit off, but the Jetpack is awesome, and the stunts are interesting (maybe StarFox esc). Even though I don't like judging a game too early (sometimes I need to give it another chance), I feel the reviews got it pretty close. Its a shame because it looked like something with potential. I intend to rent it one day.

If I were to grade the game now I'd give it a C+, for pretty graphics and concept.

In other news, theres a rumor floating around that the StarCraft II beta might be around the corner. Activision-Blizzard will be holding their quarterly conference call on February 10th. What makes this time different is that it will be broadcasted live over the internet, making it a good stage to announce the beta. Besides, if they intended to make their Q2 2010 release window, a beta release in February would be absolutely necessary. In addition to that, multiple media sources reported recieving an email getting their invitation to the beta (deadline January 29th), which should indicate some sort of milestone in the beta progress.

If I were to guess, I would be expecting StarCraft II this July, which is ironically the month WarCraft III and its expansion made retail. We'll wait and see...

What I got on Black Friday...

So I went to gamestop to do some shopping, waiting wasn't so bad, saved $40. I'll review these games in greater detail when I have played them more.

So I got:

Prototype (360) - lots of fun. Feels like every action/sandbox game combined, kinda reminds me of Spiderman 2 and GTA IV. Lots of blood and action, fun controls. If you like games where you can run around like an industructable force with badass powers, this is it.

Tekken 6 (360) - First Tekken I bought since Tag Tournament honestly, so the campaign is new to me, and takes some getting use to, but its fun overall. The cutscenes are insanely long, but thankfully you can tell the game to skip them automatically. The old arcade mode is as fun as ever, and the online component is solid. I'm pretty happy with it.

Also bought the Edge Card... yeah. Not a big fan of Game Informer's reviews, but I did like the particular issue it came with. It had a top 200 game list, and I chose the issue with the pinky demon on it. Their list was okay, better than I expected.

Hey GS people, I review stuff :D

Well, I went on a reviewing frenzy yesterday, check them out if youre interested.

I also have some OLD reviews on IGN. Check em out if you want.