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indifference => resolve

I once decided that for every time a woman snubbed me I would redouble my efforts to win some favor, turning her indifference into my resolve. It seems like sort of the same thing is warranted for updating my blog, because my last entry was at least a month ago.

In an effort to transmute apathy to action, here are a couple of things that I've been up to recently:

Extended Ascii Char support in streaming media:
Aside from listening to No More King's awesome pump-up track "Sweep the Leg" about 5 or 6 times a day, I have also been really digging a Mexican guitar rock outfit called ° niña, but while enjoying their tune I noticed that the flash audio player wasn't properly handling all the high ascii characters in their name and bio. I believe it should all be fxed up now so I'm stoked to announce that any accented or otherwise browser-renderable characters should also work fine in the flash player, and more importantly go listen to nina's awesome "punkrobot".

Play All buttons:
It was getting really annoying to have to click the "play" button once for every song, and it was really turning me off to finding new music so we decided to implement a link to play all of a user artist's tracks with one click. On the Summary tab of an artist there should be a link to play all the featured tracks there, and in the songs tab there should be a link to play all the songs or play them all by album. Also on the homepage the featured music should also have a Play All link. Clicking one link can now queue up any number of tracks in the player. I'm super pumped because with this change we also released a new version of the flash player whose performance is significantly increased compared to the prior version. I think the next logical step will be to surface your saved playlists somewhere on your profile page so that you can more easily share your music with your friends.

here's to beginnings and new beginnings, cheers,