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An outsourced promotional stunt for Aqua Teen Hunger Force (numerous Lite-Brite versions of moon men flipping the bird posted all over Boston and other cities) was misinterpreted as a terrorist threat and resulted in nearly a million dollars in police costs.
In the press conference following their arraignment the defendents justifiably chose to continue the joke and rather than answer the questions from the newspapers (whose sensationalistic journalism is probably the real culprit) they only discussed their hair and hair styles of various decades, declining to answer any non-hair questions.
I've got no real input aside from saying that I'm with the promoters.  I think the real investigation should be who authorized the excessive police action, what information was provided to them, and  why there are there not any measures in place to gradually ramp up from cheap investigation to full-blown security onslaught...
For their part, sensationlist journalists certainly encouraged this (and they are certainly carrying a chip on their shoulder if they expect the same people who were hurt by their actions to pander to them now) but some hothead in the FBI and on each and every local police force mobilized his troops for action, disregarding his son's voice in the background saying "hey! that's the cartoon from the TV"

Fox News has videos