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Top 8 Games of E3 2013!!!!

So E3 Is officially Over and Ive got to say that it was the best E3 in years!!

Lots of Great games were shown for the first time and lots of new games were announced!

But here is my list of the best games i saw in E3,

if you feel like ive missed a game feel free to write it in the comments!


#8 - Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag [Ubisoft]

Even though it had the weakest cinametic trailer of The previous games at E3, the demo was impressive!


#7 - Dead Rising 3 [Capcom]

The Return of the series on the next gen, with even more zombies and more freedom!!


#6 - Batman Arkham Origins [WB Montreal]

Not as Impressive as Arkham City's Presentation at E3 2011, but still a very entertaining Demo and Trailer


#5 - Titanfall [EA, Respawn]

From the Creators of the Modern Warfare series, comes a new IP a Futuristic Shooter with Robots!!


#4 - Infamous Second Son [Sony, SuckerPunch]

The Third game in the Succesfull Infamous franchise stars a new protagonist with tons of new powers

to play with, the trailer also revealed the Graphics which are INSANE!!


#3 - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain [Konami]

New Open World Environments, Sick New graphics Engine, Snake is Back!! YES Please!!!!


#2 - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [CD Project RED]

Even though i only saw a 2 minute gameplay trailer, those were my best 2 minutes of my life!


#1 - Tom Clancy's The Division [Ubisoft]

Best Looking game I Have ever seen in my life!!!

The attention to details in the demo is insane, and the premise of the game which is, 

Open World Shooter MMO set in New York, Is freaking awesome, Ubi you surprised us Again!!

Ubisoft Unveils Tom Clancy's The Division For PS4, Xbox One

Top 10 Movies of 2012

So unlike 2011, this year ive actually been in theatres a lot of times and had the pleasure of watching lots and lots of great movies, however some movies like Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty wont come out in my country until the next week/month, so here is the list of movies i saw in 2012 ONLY!!

#10 -Prometheus -Great Sci Fi Movie in my oppinion, wonderful visuals, the story while it had its dumb moments most of the time the movie was fun and i cant wait for the sequel.


#9 - 21 Jump Street -I Never expected this movie to be this fun that it would reach my list but it deserves its spot, great chemistry between the main characters they are funny, they make the movie funny, the ending was Hillarious, overall great movie!!


#8 - Ted -The movie was hillarious hands down best comedy this year, Mark was funny Mila Kunis was funny, Ted played by Seth MacFarlane was the star of the movie [obviously] the premise of the movie although sounds stupid it was hillarious, dont miss it!


#7 - End of Watch -Great Cops movie, The chemistry between the main characters, the way they show their daily lifes really attach you tho these guys and each time something happened to them you were worried if they survive or not, tension drama the movie had it all its amazing!!


#6 - Argo -Here is a movie that i saw not long ago, the third movie Directed by Ben Affleck that is based on true events that happened in Iran of 80's about group of Americans that were stuck in the country and were hunted by the goverment and the country! The movie was really really tense and the actors were great!!


#5 - The Hobbit -I dont consider myself a big LotR fan but Hobbit was sweet, at times it was slow tbh but most of the times i was glad to see some familiar faces, the action was great it hyped me for the sequel cant wait to see more!


#4 - Looper -Now here is a sci fi movie that came out of nowhere, and amazed everyone that saw it, the main actors were amazing the premise of the movie was great, the execution was perfect i really liked it!! and i highly recommend!!


#3 - The Avengers -Now here is a movie that could have been extremely bad or extremely awesome luckily it became awesome!! All of the superheroes together were amazing the chemistry between them was awesome, all of the previous movies set the bar for this one high and it delivered perfectly for what its tried to be!


#2 -Skyfall -Hands down the best James Bond movie, Daniel Craig is the best Bond in my opinion and the director Sam Mendez really showed that after 50 years and 20+ movies there is still fun to be had there is still more things to do and Skyfall was perfect for what it tried to be.. an Action Espionage movie!!!!


#1 - The Dark Knight Rises -Chris Nolan already proved himself as one of the best Directors in Hollywood with movies like The Prestige, Inception and of course my favorite The Dark Knight!!! So it was only a question of how good the sequel to Dark Knight can be! and in my oppinion it was outstanding while i still think that The Dark Knight is the better one in the series none the less i say that this movie was bad it was outstanding it delivered on everything that i have expected. the story was amazing, the actors were great and the villain was Epic! im a big Batman Fan and this is without any doubt the best movie of this year!!!


Top 5 Most Underrated Games of 2012!

Here are the list of games that offered new and unique gaming experiences but were skipped by the consumers, i personally played all of the games on the list and i dont regret it!

#5 - Prototype 2 - An Improved sequel in almost every way, more awesome powers, more things to do in the game and overall a pretty good story. The Gameplay was the reason the game was really fun and it was a big shame that the studio closed down after the game failed in sales. [Across all platforms: 1.16 million units]

#4 -Spec Ops: The Line - While it looks like a generic TPS, this game offers a deep and intense story like none other in gaming industry, but that wasnt enough to save the game. [Across all platforms: 0.76 million units]

#3 - The Darkness 2 - The game offered very unique gameplay, while you do run and gun like in a typicall FPS you also can tear your enemies apart with your special powers, the story is amazing and the characters are wonderfull. [Across all platforms: 0.57 million units]

#2 - Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning - The game offered a huge open world, tons of quest and things to do in its almost on the same scare as Skyrim, yet somehow it managed to fail at the sales which lead to close of the Developers. [Across all platforms: 1.51 million units]

#1 - Sleeping Dogs - While the game did just barely passed good sales, i think overall for how great the game is a lot of people skipped it, i mean seriously the game have a big open world, a great and tense story, fighting system like in Batman, thats the recipe for succes. [Across all platforms: 1.36 million units]

My Top 10 Games of 2012

#10- Spec Ops The Line - Spec Ops may have fooled all of the people this year but not me, it disguises itself as a generic TPS military shooter when its actully so much deeper and more surprising than that, it features a story based on a novel called Heart of Darkness the same novel that featured in my all time favorite movies Apocalypse Now. The novel in the game takes a modern approach on the war and conflict of the troubled soldier and his teammates, it is without any doubt one of the most well written stories in gaming history. [8.0/10]

#9 -Mark of the Ninja - I only played 2 downloadble games this year and both of them managed to reach this list, Mark of the Ninja does something that i never thought is possible, a 2d side scrolling Action/Adventure stealth game, and not just any stealth game, one of the best stealth games of the past 3 years! A Pleasent surprise from the same people behind the Shank games. [8.4/10]

#8 -Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - It is really sad that the studio that made this game closed down this year because i really wanted to see this turn into an epic franchise, KoA have a huge open world with tons on quests and factions though some of them may get repetitive, overall the amount of content that you can get from this game is like none other this year! [8.5/10]

#7- Sleeping Dogs - This game surprised me, because at the first look it looked like a GTA clone or another open world game but its so much deeper and more original than that, the combat system is the best in any modern open world game, the story is surprisingly awesome, and Hong Kong is an excellent playground for any open world games fan![8.6/10]

#6- Hitman Absolution - After disappearing from gaming shelves for more than 6 years, Hitman is finally back with its latest entry Absolution which in my opinion its best entry yet, perhaps the most surprising aspect of Absolution is how deep the storyline of the game is, levels are shorter then in previous games but this time they are far more detailed, stealth works good and overall the game is great![8.5/10]

#5- Mass Effect 3 - Despite all of the contreversy on the Ending of the game, i didnt cared about that much, i thought the overall package was masterfully done, the gameplay was better than ever this time the combat was fast paced, there were more upgrades and powers, the story was excellent and seeing your friends from previous games back here was really emotional. ME3 is a flawed masterpiece![8.9/10]

#4- Assassin's Creed III - Even though i really hoped that this game would be my GOTY i was little disapointed by it, the ending was stupid and the game felt rushed in my opinion, even with all its flaws the game was bigger than ever and was a proper sequel, with a massive open world, new protagonist, new setting and new hunting additions, AC3 was amazing![9.0/10]

#3- Dishonored - Best Stealth Game of All times! I Really mean it, the game give you so much freedom in how you want to play the gorgeous looking levels, honestly one of the best looking level designs in years, plus the story was amazing as well![9.2/10]

#2- The Walking Dead: Season One - One of the best written games and best point and click adventure games of all times, spread across 5 episodes that were released throughout the year Walking Dead had tension/emotions like no other game that i played in my life! Both of the Main characters Lee and Clementine are great and likeable as well.[9.0/10]

#1- Far Cry 3 - Honestly i did not expect Far Cry 3 to be this good that it will reach the tittle of My GOTY, but it was so huge, there was so much to do and the story was excellently written, Vaas is an amazing villain, that could easily be considered one of the best Villains in gaming history! You can do everything from Hunting animals, Crafting syringes, driving/gliding, diving underwater and finding lost letters of dead japanese soldiers. Truly a masterpiece of this year![9.6/10]

Happy New Year to Everyone!!!!

My E3 2012 - Best Game of the Show!!

E3 is Over and its time to Pick the game that made me go OMFG i have to get it as soon as possible!!

Here are My Nominees for E3 2012's Best Game of the Show:


Assassin's Creed III [w/ Trailer and 2 Gameplay Demo's]

The Last of Us [w/ Gameplay Demo]

Watch_Dogs [w/ Trailer and Gameplay Demo]


Tomb Raider [w/ Trailer and Gameplay Demo]

Splinter Cell Blacklist [w/ Trailer and Gameplay Demo]


And the Winner is...








Watch Dogs was the biggest surprise of E3 it showed a brand New IP from the same team behind the Far Cry, Splinter Cell and Assassins Creed Series. In the Game you play as multiple hackers that pretty much control the city and making the open world gameplay even more fun, The game looks like GTA combined with Deus Ex combined with Assassins Creed in the best way possible, the E3 demo sold me and i cant wait to see more!!!

Best Upcoming Games of May 2012

So im really excited for this month because a long awaited sequels are finally coming out

So let me show you mt most anticipated games of this month.

Sniper Elite v2

While its not one of my most anticipated games of this month, This game still looks interesting.

Max Payne 3

Now this is a game, Im really excited for, i loved the last two games and the fact that i will be able

to recreate the same experience on the next gen console is awesome, super excited!!

Diablo III

FINALLY!!! It comes out finally after being delayed hundreds of times!

Im not that familiar with the Diablo series but after seeing some footage of Diablo 3 Im all eXcited for it!

Game of Thrones

Also not a game Im that excited for but a good looking RPG for me is an interesting game.

The game based on the popular tv show and the gameplay that i saw looks awesome Im excited!!

Dragon's Dogma

A New IP that is created by CAPCOM?? i must be dreamin cause all CAPCOM do is release

Unnecesarry sequels for fighting games, no but seriously the game looks cool and its RPG so Im excited!

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Last but not least is also like Diablo 3 a game that was delayed lots of times but it finally come out this month!

Future Soldier looks awesome, the visuals are beatifull the gameplay is fun and Im all eXcited!

Thats if for me, if there is a game you highly awaiting for like Starhawk

Write in comments and tell me about it !

Now Playing - Kingdoms of Amalur and Walking Dead Ep1 Finished.

So yea i have played Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning for over 17 hours now on PC and i gotta say it is very fun, it is Familiar to Skyrim and Fable in some parts but overall as a great new IP i really like it, The Story so far is nice and i say nice cause i think that the Fate thing that the whole game take place around is being used slightly overrated in the game terms of course other than that the story is interesting enogh to play, there are tons of side quests and faction quests and they are awesome as well, visuals are fine so i enjoy it so far.


I do Plan to review the game after I finish it and i also plan on playing the DLC's - Legend of Dead Kel and Teeth of Narros!


I have just finished playing the 1st Episode in The Walking Dead game series from Telltale games and im going to be honest it is really fun the thing that makes the game awesome is the story and the moral choices like who do you prefer to save? Those things definitly makes the game's story tense and interesting, the gameplay is limited but fun, there are barely any puzzles but they probably saving it for the later episodes and the camera is bit annoying but i think the series will suceed and i hope so cause i really enjoy it so far :D

Thanks for Reading!

Harley Quinn's Revenge and Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition

So a trailer for the GOTY Edition was revealed yesterday and it looked awesome

GOTY containes all of the previous DLC contents and the new and the upcoming final chapter in the Batman Arkham City

named Harley Quinns Revenge, Pictures Below.

which apparently takes place after the events of the original game you play as both Batman and Robin

For the Trailer Click HERE.

The GOTY Edition is Coming in May 29th, the standalone DLC as well.

Harley Quinn's Revenge New Pictures:

Cant Wait :)

40,000 Gamerscore !!!

I have Reached 40,000 Gamerscore in Xbox 360 with over 2000 achievements completed!

Let us celebrate, but First Let me Show you the old Milestones !!!


10,000 Gamerscore - First Milestone


25,000 Gamerscore - Third Milestone


32,000 Gamercore - Not really a Milestone but nice Pic :)



40,000 Gamerscore - 5th Milestone


Thats it just a quick blog hope you liked it, Have a good day :)

Over 80 Hours in Skyrim and still lots to do!

Since my last blog where i reviewed my progress after playing the game for 50 hours, alot of things had progressed in my journey in Skyrim, it is still interesting to play even after 80 hours and im still amazed by how big the game is, How did Bethesda manage to do it this game is GIANT !! So far ive completed over 100 misc quests and over 80 big quests !!

- Quests Progression -

Main Storyline [65%] - Still the same since the last blog, i have stopped at the "Elder Knowledge" quest.

Thieves Quild Storyline [100%] - Finally Restored the Guild to its former glory and got the achievement, it was frustrating making stupid Numbers, Fishing, Shill and etc. jobs but i finally managed to make enough to unlock the special missions in each of the cities and later got the final quest "Under the New Management" and finished the storyline. Final thoughts are first half of the storyline is fun, second is not.

College of Winterhold Storyline [100%] - I finished the storyline in the last blog, since then nothing new only one side quest.

Companions Storyline [5%] - Nothing new since the last blog, Only joined the companions so far.

Daedra Quests [55%] - 8/15 Missions completed, Just got the Oghma Infinium book also known for the biggest XP glitch in Skyrim where you can level up all your skills to 100, i might use the glitch to my advantage once i will complete all of the quests, i also got the best two handed weapon in the game but too bad im only using one handed weapons.

Dark Brotherhood Storyline [5%] - Still the same since the last blog, since I have heard it was the best side story in the game i decided to leave the best for the rest!!

Civil War Storyline [100%] - Since the last blog i actually completed it, i have joined the Legion and lead Solitude to victory against the Stormcloacks, and liberated Windhelm for the Legion, Im really interested in seeing how the story will look if i will join the stormcloacks. Overall it was fun and awesome.

- Player Progression -

Since my Heave Armor Skill is over 90 and i Fully upgraded my Juggernaut Skill, My Daedric set of Armor is now over 750! Which is alot plus i have all kind of cool enchantments on the armor. I have a Necklace that adds +30 to Health, Magika and Stamina and a Ring that adds +17% one handed attack.

My Weapons now are Duel wilded, One Handed Daedric swords both over 120 damage, they are really powerfull and they kill each dragon almost in less than 10 seconds. My Mace is still the best one handed with over 137 damage but i dont use it now.

I Have a Daedric Bow that i only use against dragons that fly, the weapon have over 60 damage.

I have 2 houses one in Whiterun that i purchased for 5000 coins and one in Windhelm that i purchased for 12500 coins.

I have also had a bad case of Vampirism but after watching a guide on YouTube i ahve cured it.

Thats it for now hopefully next time you will see my final progression and a Review !!