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Sim City 5

Watched some developer videos, saw some gameplay concepts and information and it's looking good so far. Hope they don't go overboard on the soacial aspects trying to weave them into every nook and cranny the game offers, I want to play on my own some times.

Looking for Legends of Pegasus feedback

So anyone played the game and can give good feedback as to the good and bad? Been looking at the game but there's practically nothing on the internet except mention that it is buggy, the game looks pretty good and I want to try it but it looks like no one has bought it or if they did they buried it away and never spoke of it.

Guild Wars 2 visuals

Pretty sure the visuals have gotten much better since the last beta, far better shadows and reflections. Hope they keep it up it's shaping up well.

Guild Wars 2

It's shaping up well, onelast Stress Test and then it's almost 25 days of nothing, hope they keep updating us with changes or new additions to the game, would be great!

I'll be rolling a Mesmer and a Guardian as I had quite a lot of fun from them.

Shift 2 at no extra cost!

PS+ you get Shift 2 at no additional cost on top of subscription fee.

The differentiation currently resides in the understanding that the term "Free" is applied to something available at no cost. This is therefore inheritantly mistaken and frequently corrected by the majority of users with the distainment that a game considered free on PS+ is not in any authenticity regarded to be "Free" as there is a stipulation mandatory for the transaction to be consummated. It is however unequaled in definition to be characterized as being available at no additional expense to those participating in the membership of the PS+ service.

New Gaming Rig finally!

Just got my new rig.

Intel i5 2500k @ 4.1Ghz on air with Hyper 212+

8GB Corsair Vengeance 1866Mhz RAM, was going to get 4Gb but the price of RAM is fairly cheap so why not.

120GB Corsair Force 3

Netgear NAS enclosure with my old 500GB drive in it and new 1TB drive as i ran out of money. I wanted more preferably 3TB but can't win them all.

ATI HD 6970 2GB, twice the performance of my 5770 according to some benchmarks.

Decided to get a decent PSU this time around so got a Coolmaster 750W, plenty of room to space for Crossfire in future.

Asus P8Z68 Motherboard which is Asus, because I like Asus products.

All for £1001... Yeah i went over budget(Guess how much).

I'm happy enough with it, the hard drive issue is a pain in the neck though i expected more space than i got but it's not so bad and an oddly long time for the bootloader to be detected and read but after that it's lightning, can't wait to get some games on it see how it goes.

Windows 7

Thought i'd post my nice little experience with Windows 7.

Ok so everyone knows when you get a brand new PC build that you should format and reinstall right? Well a few years back i replaced my rig entirely apart from the HDD and thought rather than reinstalling Windows i'd at least give it a shot at booting up and hoping Microsofts revamped Update service would fix all the firmware and drivers for me as XP never did this sort of thing too well.

So i plugged the HDD in and booted up, i was running an almost Safe Mode as all the hardware was running in compatibility mode and after closing down a wave of errors i was greeted with a window containing quite a long list of newly detected hardware, after all the drivers were found, downloaded and installed i was asked to reboot.

Upon rebooting I had a perfectly good install of Windows 7 x64 and every single application and game opened up and ran as sweet as a nut ever since. Oh and since Windows generally has a huge library of hardware pre-installed anyway I don't believe there was any unused drivers taking up space, apart from nVidia which i removed as i am now using an AMD.

Thought i'd share this as it might save someone time and money if they don't have a windows code or disk at hand.

Those meddling kids

My plans of getting a killer PC seem to be in ruins, until i get some finances sorted out i'm down a hole and won't be building a £1000 rig to max out everything before 2012 or build up my collection of games. Oh well i can always hold off a little longer and survive on the games i have.

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