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All about me....

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My xbox username Joestarchaser and I've got about 12,000 gamer score. The games I play are mainly Cod, halo and forza 3.

My interests are that i'm into Star Wars, Star Trek, Futurama, Top Gear, Mock The Week, Have I Got news For You, Whose Line is it Anyway, some odd bits of manga eg: Tokyo Babylon, X/1999, Kekkashai, Yu- Gi- Oh (But only watched the TERRIBLE 4KIDS VERSION and the Abridged Series) and Dragonball Z and GT. Just getting into Scrubs.

I like to think that Tidus from FFX is Peter Pan, purely to annoy my sister. I am a bit of an introvert (I have a few close friends), can be a little pessimistic and am quite a gamer, mostly on the Xbox and the Computer, shooters, racing and RPGs.