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The Colour of Death

Red ring of death. My Xbox 360 was picked up for repair about 5 hours ago. "Oh noes."

I'm not actually that bothered though, really. I'm currently starting up a website, along with playing Team Fortress 2 and Call of Duty 4 on the PC non-stop, so i'm pretty occupied with other stuff. I guess my 360 dying is just a minor inconvenience.


Yeah, I know my video review isn't up yet. I haven't started it yet, due to technical difficulties with both my computers over the weekend. So expect it sometime this week maybe, if any of you are even bothered anyway.

Also, Level 25: Defias Brotherhood.

Updated Blog

I'd like all of your opinions on my new blog header, it'll serve as the intro logo for my new video blogs that are in the works, with use of my new webcam.

Thanks, GameSpotters!

Team Fortress 2

Pointless test footage of me using the in-game Source Recorder. Seemed to work fairly well, although GameSpot's video player doesn't do it justice.