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Sticking To Games & Consoles

At the moment I seem to have a hard time of sticking to certain games, and consoles; in regards to console I have decided to buy a PS4 when it is released and leave Xbox behind due to their failed promises to fans. I know I am probably going to get a lot of stick for that - but I have my reasons, and some of the PS4's promises and launch titles have swayed me to their camp.

With the launch titles such as Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack, and non-exclusive titles such as Watch Dogs and Battlefield 4 which I would prefer to play on PS4 - it's clear where my loyalties lie. Now in terms of games, as the change-over steadily approaches us I find myself simply buying older, cheaper games to play until the change-over arrives. 

The games I feel drawn to are RPG's, First-Person Shooters, Third-Person Shooters and probably Action/Adventure games, but I continue to ignore sporting games, racing games or fighting games. Reason being is that I've always seen fighting games as not worth what they are priced as, as I do not like paying £20+ for a game that I may only spend an hour or two playing as it becomes tedious for me. 

Sporting and racing games just bore the hell out of me, I cannot get my head around them or even enjoy their content - i.e. paying £40+ for a football game, that I could do for real with my friends outside if I really wanted to. I have never been into the FIFA game franchise, or actual football so it's not worth my forking out so much cash for their titles.

For me personally I truly have a love for RPG games in their general type; I was drawn to buying games such as Fallout, The Witcher 2, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Skyrim, Dragon Age, Mass Effect franchise. These games I can safely say that I've invested probably over a 1,000 hours into all of these RPG games and other similar games on the Xbox 360. There is just the appeal of controlling a character and developing them, as well as questing and completing missions for rewards as well as general exploration. Now with awaiting for the arrival of PS4, I find myself drawn to buying RPG's such as those above, that I've completed or almost completed if I find them cheap to buy.

As for FPS games, I love hectic, war-realistic shooters such as the Battlefield series particularly Bad Company 1 & 2 on the Xbox 360, as well as Farcry 3, Halo 3, Halo: ODST, Halo: Reach and Halo 4 if I find them cheap enough to buy. Usually like the above RPG games I've found them and the above FPS games in most stores and shops for £2+ which is a good find, as I am not particular in buying games to collect for after the PS4 arrives on the Xbox 360.

I'll most likely either do one of two things with my collected Xbox 360 titles; (1) sell them all in their entirety with my old console to buy new games for the PS4, or (2) perhaps sell them all for money to invest in a new handheld console; maybe PSP Vita, or Nintendo 3DS. Still not sure what I plan to do yet.

As for these games I collect now for the Xbox 360, are simply for playing, and not for collecting after the PS4 arrives. This goes for Xbox Live purchases, some would say it's not worth buying Xbox Live titles if I am switching to PS4; but well guys I need something to play to wait out for the PS4 to arrive and that's not until the end of the year anyway. I might take a loss on buying these games, but it's a sacrifice to pay in order to have something to play as I wait.

I plan to purchase three Xbox Live titles in the next few days; Mars War Logs, State of Decay and The Walking Dead: 400 Days. This is going to cost me about 3200 Microsoft Points, about £28+ for the points alone. Quite a price to pay out for three games, but it gives me something to play for the moment. Anyway anyone else feel the same way as I do with the wait, and anyone who has changed loyalties from one console to it's rival? 

Just Running Out The Clock and Betrayal of Microsoft

Basically some may see this post as a simple rant, but there is substance to it - it's now a long wait for the new console change-over in the fall of this year. I have for the past several years been an Xbox fanboy, and have been through three 360 consoles since it's release, now however with the failings of Microsoft to their loyal fans like myself, I am planning to turn to Sony with their PS4. However still with a few months until the release of PS4 and Xbox One, I am just literally running out of the clock in waiting for the new consoles release. 

This literally means for me to continue to buy cheap Xbox 360 titles I haven't played, or haven't completed since I last owned them; or new titles if I can get them for cheap. This means I have playing through the Gears of War titles, Battlefield: Bad Company franchise, GTA 4, and other cheap, older games released on the Xbox 360. I'm trying to avoid spending large amounts of cash on Xbox 360 games now, as I want to save money for buying the PS4 later this year with the new launch titles for the console such as Killzone: Shadow Fall and perhaps I am tinkering with the idea of investing in a hand-held console soon. Maybe a PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS. 

Again now I am just running out the clock until the new console change-over, it sounds quite depressing perhaps playing through older games, until the new consoles arrive but I am not interested in anything else however, except the PS4. Anyway, anyone else feel like they are running out the clock on their PS3 or Xbox 360 for the Xbox One or PS4 to be released? I know quite an odd topic to talk about.

Telling A Tale Within Games and Conveying Emotions

Most of us have a say on emotional games, or games that convey strong emotions particularly this year's Telltale The Walking Dead game series and how it brought most of us who played the final episode of the series cry like little babies. I'm not gonna spoil the tearjerker finale to the game series, but it even brought me close to tears. There aren't many games out there that can do this in my opinion, but there are some great gems out there that can do it well. I stick mainly to the Xbox 360 for my gaming so the list I am going to give, probably includes games that are also on the PS3:

- Mirror's Edge (Great soundtrack, and emotional scenes)

- Telltale's The Walking Dead Episodic Series (Touching Ending, but also some strong emotional moments)

- Dead Space

- Dead Space 2 (Deep storyline involving guilt and loss)

- Final Fantasy XIII (Great soundtrack, and some emotional moments between characters)

- Lost Odyssey

- Mass Effect 1 - 3 (Relationships grow, and destroy over the course of the game and some great moments of sacrifice and heroisim)

- DisHonored

- Bioshock

- Half-Life 2

- Alan Wake

These are just some of the games that really have some heart-wrenching moments in them, again most of these games aren't overly violent. These games are mainly story and character driven, so for those who aren't fans of extremely violent games its quite a comprehensive list.

I personally prefer a game that develops a character, and their story to the point you actually care about them and wish to impact on their decisions within the game. This is what makes a game, not extreme violence or indeed online qualities to a title. I don't buy many games for their online properties as in multiplayer, simply because I don't have the attention span to play online for hours. I do however possess the attention for long story-driven RPG's, shooters and adventure games because the story pulls you in and you can't personally tear yourself away from it.

I want to hear people's opinions on this, games they feel that drew them in and they personally hold in high esteem for this value.

Medal of Honor: Really What Special Forces Are Like or Mainly Just A Game?

We all know about the new Medal of Honor game, based on the experiences of Tier One operatives of the US army. Recently in the news we have heard of the British hostage killed by US special forces, in an attempted rescue. Reportedly, US special forces used a fragmentation grenade when trying to rescue Linda Norgrave. If US special forces are supposedly one of the best in the world second to British SAS operatives, then how could they mistakenly use a lethal explosive in a hostage rescue. Even British SAS operatives have criticised this, saying that a Fragmentation grenade should never have been used.

As a video game, is it possible Medal of Honor is simply to cash in on the War on Terror and to cover up the mistakes and mishaps of the war itself.

I know this isn't really a video game blog, but anyone else agree or have a take on this?

Fun Old School Shooters

Well everyone remembers the old-school shooters, such as Quake 2 and even Half-Life on the PC. I myself grew up with Half-Life, and most of my current gaming trends are based on that game. Now we have a lot of Next-Gen shooters that follow the original Half-Life formula such as Timeshift, The Darkness, Prey, and even Wolfenstein (the 360 version.)

These shooters stay sort of true and faithful to the dynamics of the original old-school shooters, even if they now seem underated in comparison to current big releases.

These are still Next-Gen shooters people should collect and keep on their shelves, as they offer hours of gaming even if you've completed them many a time. I myself I kept Max Payne 1 & 2 on xbox original, simply because I loved the game as a teen and couldn't bear to give it up.

Currently we have the latest release of Singularity, that keeps faithful also to old-school shooter rules.

I personally believe, these old school shooters should be collected as they are fun, enjoyable not to be taken realistically games. They offer hours of gaming.

Anyone agree or wish to put up their own view of these shooters?

DLC For Xbox 360

Recently I bought microsoft points to download, some of the latest DLC on market place. I racked up 2100 points, and so I bought both of the better Borderlands DLC's out; The Zombie Island of Dr Ned and General Knoxx's Armory. In total that cost me 1600 points, so left with 500 left I also purchased The Warden's Keep side quest for 500 points for Dragon Age: Origins. In total i've purchased about 10 or more hours or extra gameplay for both games, i've completed Zombie Island, and Warden's Keep and still have General Knoxx's Armory left to complete.

It got me thinking, yes I did spend £17 on 2100 but I bought myself an extra 10 hours of gameplay that were enjoyable. Anyone else who has recently bought new points to purchase DLC, would love to hear about it and any DLC you can recommend to me to get for games.

Good Value DLC For Current Games

Now as everyone knows right now is a big time for DLC on both the Xbox 360 and PS3, simply because of the current games especially with Modern Warfare 2's Stimulus Map Pack being released, as well as DLC for newly released Bad Company 2.

Now as many have pointed out the Stimulus Map Pack has been criticised for being just re-vamped maps from the first Modern Warfare game, and a few new ones and costly it is at about 1600 MS points which is quite steep for a few maps, as 1600 MS points buys you either both of the new Resident Evil 5 DLC packs or even two of the Borderlands ones.

I think Infinity Ward and Microsoft are taking the mickey out of us for such a small DLC at such a high price. True to word there are some good DLC's out yes, but some aren't and are quite pricey to download.

Personally I believe the good DLC's are for the RPG's like Mass Effect and Dragon Age or indeed action games like Resident Evil 5 as you know you are getting value for money. DLC's are a good idea of course, but not at the prices we are forced to pay. It puts me off wanting to download any as i dont have the money or i do have the points but see it as a waste of money.

Anyone agree?

Xbox 360 DLC and DLC in General

Well we have a lot of DLC coming out now :) some great, and some not so great :( but it is expected. We have been hit by the "DLC Craze" and we are getting hit left, right and centre. Some has been amazing like Fallout 3 DLC, and now Borderlands along with Resident Evil 5 and more to come. I cannot wait, and the prices aren't too high as people complain about. However yes some are quite stupid, such as costume packs.

Yet some have been really great and have only further increase our enjoyment for classic games and new releases, some of my favourites have been weapon DLC's for Dead Space, DLC quest/story packs for Fallout 3 and now Borderlands.

We also have more to come.

So does anyone have anything to shed on this topic?

The Future of RPG's On Console and PC

Well we now have of course have Mass Effect 2 released recently, and its an amazing fluid RPG game.

Bioware I believe are amazing writers and their bread and butter is engrossing deep RPG games, seen with Knight of The Old Republic, Jade Empire, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Games of consequence, games reprecussions of your actions, games and worlds that change and twist due to your choices and actions you take.

However games I once held in high esteem such as Fallout 3 and Oblivion do not meassure up to Bioware's gems, simply because of the simple idea "your actions have consequences" and with both of Bethesda's games there were no consequences from your actions, you could kill and talk to the mother or friend of the dead and they talk to you normally as if nothing happened.

Is that really an RPG, a genre that is about consequences and adapting to world events. Bethesda should take some tips of consequence gaming, and then they would have amazing games. Especially with Fallout: New Vegas coming, we do not need it to becoming stale like its predecesors.

Anyone agree, or have anything to add?

Medal of Honor Versus Bad Company 2

Well now we have Medal of Honor to add to the boiling pot of modern war games on the next generation platforms, it looks good I agree from its trailer. But it could have come out at the same time as Modern Warfare 2 and pit both against one another to see who comes out on top.

It looks very modern, black ops and such considering how the Afghanistan soldiers look; dressed as civilians possibly Delta Force or SAS maybe. We can only hope it is not as linear as its predessesor, as Medal of Honor followed a strict level design.

Anyone feel the same way about this? Would love feedback.

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