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Japan Disaster

Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well. It's been awhile since I've posted and the latest disaster that has stricken Japan is the main reason why I am posting this blog. As you all are aware Japan had been hit with a major earthquake and subsequent tsunami that has devastated the region and currently they are facing a possible nuclear meltdown from three nuclear reactors that have been compromised by the tsunami.

I have made a donation to my local charity to help with relief efforts in Japan as they are in dire need of food, water, medical supplies and body bags/cremation for the hundreds of bodies that are being found as rescue workers search for survivors in the wake of this terrible tragedy. I encourage you guys to please donate to your local charity to help Japan in relief efforts at their time of need.

My thoughts and prayers are with the nation of Japan and the Japanese people.

Demon's Souls

Hey people just wanted to say a few words on my latest purchase, Demon's Souls. One word... well... more then one word Die Die Die Die Die.... and some more dying. That's pretty much what you'll be doing during this exeptionally hard game. Each battle requires you to use strategy and patience, and even then death is at your doorstep. I've just beat the first boss and made it to the 2nd. It's been a challenging run so far to say the least, and I gather this game is going to have me cursing and swearing for the umpteenth time but it is nonetheless a very, very good game.

I do enjoy the class I picked out "Knight" as melee appeals to me, I am also fond of magic users but because I've always picked magic users in the past in RPG's I've decided to go melee this time to see how that pans out. So far I'm loving it. This game is not for everyone, I spoke to the guy who sold me this game at EB Games and he said he quit because he just couldn't take the constant "restarting" from dying constantly. You see you build up souls as you kill your enemies and if you die you lose all the souls that you've accumulated during that run. Souls are used to upgrade and repare your equipment as well as purchase new equipment among other things. So you could say it's the currency of the game.

Well I pretty much am loving this game despite it's insanely difficult gameplay. I do encourage anyone that likes action/rpg or any medieval elements in their gameplay to try this out. There's an online element where others can leave you messages that give you tips before you forge ahead in the adventure. Also you can team up with your friends to beat a certain boss, I haven't tried doing that just yet but it does sound like there is some online co-op play involved. At any rate just wanted to give you guys the heads up on what's going on with me in terms of gaming. Take care for now.

FF XIII First Impressions

Well I just got my hands on FFXIII this morning and played about 2 and half hours so far. It's probably too early in the game to generalize what I think but I'll share with you my initial reactions. First off let's start with what I like about this game, it is absolutely gorgeous visually, stunning, breathtaking and immersive visual design will captivate you without a doubt. Colour schemes are used very well and attention to detail is evident throughout gameplay as well as CGI cutscenes. Voice acting is outstanding, surprisingly as I find most Japanese translations and subsequent voice overs tend to diminish the original intent and meaning of the dialoge. So far the voice acting has been a plus. Music is a pleasant surprise in light of Nabuo's absence, very refreshing and in tune (no pun intended) with the environment and action sequences. Again it's too early in the game to say but the story is shaping out to be interesting, I'll be expecting more involvement with the story as the game progresses but so far I'm liking the direction the plot is taking. Only time will tell if the story is going to influence my overall appeal to the game and the characters involved.

Now on to what I do not like in the game so far, one word....LINEAR. The game is too linear and this is it's major downfall. You have one direction and one direction only...forward. Fortunately it is visually captivating but other than that after the 2 and half hours I've played so far I'm getting tired of the linear direction the game is taking me. The only things keeping me pushing on is the story, and visual design. Battle system is very straightforward and so far I've had no troubles with managing fights. Battles have been very un challenging so to speak but again it's too early to say, as I've read that it does become more complex as you use the paradigm system, but for now it's easy.

I'm hoping the game does become more immersive and gameplay improves, despite the linear direction it is taking me. But I have to say that so far I am slightly disappointed with the game as it does not hold true to the roots of past FF games, but again I hope that it will redeem itself as the game unfolds.

Uncharted 2

Hey guys and gals. Been awhile since posting a blog but here goes. I just purchased a new game, Uncharted 2 and played through it for 16 hours to it's completion. Just wanted to do a quick blog to let you guys know that I thouroughly enjoyed this game! What a refreshing change to what is out there currently. Uncharted 2 is literally like an action/adventure movie with superb voice acting, breathtaking and picturesque environments, outstanding story and gameplay easily engaging and captivating your imagination and senses. No wonder this game received the game of the year award. It's been awhile since a game has had an infulence on me. I've finished this game in normal and hard, now working on "crushing" difficulty level and each playthrough has been a great experience. If you haven't tried this game yet please don't overlook this game, it will unequivically be one of the best games you have ever laid your eyes or hands on.

Hope all of you are doing well and until next time be good and have fun!

New Game

Just picked up Soul Calibur IV today and decided to try it out for a bit. I've played 3 hrs of it testing out some toons and practicing some fighting styles. Then I just had to do it, I downloaded Yoda from the PlayStation store and was hooked on him. Anyway, the game looks and feels great, nice graphics and plenty of eye candy, however I was a bit disappointed with the music, it gets lost in the background or sounds too muffled, either way it drowns out the actual voice acting that comes with the intro with each character. I'm sure there are ways around it by adjusting the sound options and such but I haven't played around with that yet. The game has an online feature and I gotta tell you guys I got my a$$ handed to me by playing online. LOL Well it was fun tho, really putting all insulting private messages like "you play like a girl", "pathetic" and such aside. If u like fighting games this is definitely a must have to your collection, with character customizations, unlockable weapons, skills, other toons, and music addons from the playStation store this game will not grow old anytime soon. :)

Which Game?

Hello everyone, been awhile since i've posted a blog. Been busy with life and such but I would like to say hi to all that I've left behind here at GS. Anyway just writing this blog to figure out which RPG to start playing next. I'm causually playing The World Ends with You on the DS (which is a delightfull game by the way) and I've finished playing MGS2 (which was amazing). Now I'm just debating wheather to start the Shadow Hearts series or the Shin Megami Tensei series. So let me know your thoughts and suggestions as I'm itching to play either one of them. Good to be back.

PS3 psn ID

Hey guys, just want to let you know that I finally set up my PS3 to the Playstation Network and got my account going. The PSN ID is jir11. So if you guys want to hook up with me online you now have my PSN ID. See some of you online. :) I also downloaded the Heavenly Sword Demo and man I'm really excited about this game! Can't wait for Assassins Creed as well.

Finally Finished Final Fantasy XII (no pun intended)

Well I just finished FFXII and I have to say I'm breathless. What a beautiful game. The ending was breathtaking and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The thing with this game is that I bought it when it first came out way back when, then only played about halfway through when I discovered WoW. So ever since then I haven't had the opportunity to finish this game. However the past three days I have been playing FFXII and I have finished it tonight. For a game that's made for the PS2 the special effects were superb. I just wanted to quickly say that I'm glad I finally finished this game and it's been way too long that I let this go by without finishing it but I'm happy that I did. Well I suppose eventually I'll have to sit down and write a review on it. :) Sadly it won't be anytime soon because I just have too much on my plate at the moment, however I will get around to it for those that are interested in hearing what I have to say about this game. Well that's all for now. I'm going to finish Okami next (another game that I have left since I started WoW), which I am almost done with. Take it easy guys.

Help With HDTV

Hi guys,

It's been awhile since I've done a blog so it's good to be back to do a blog. Just recently I been around to local electronics stores to get a sense of what kind of HDTV is out there in the market. I'm looking to get an HDTV for my PS3 gaming needs and Blue Ray movies that I will be watching on the PS3. My budget is 1000 and I just wanted to get some recommendations or opinions on which HDTV I should be getting. I'm looking for either a 26" or 32" TV. So if any of you have any recommendations or tips on what I should go for I would appreciate any advice. Hope you are all doing well and thanks in advance for your suggestions.

PS3 the Wii and More

Hey Guys,

First off I would like to appologize for the long leave of absence from this site. Between WoW and school I've been, well shall we say preoccupied? :)  Anyway I'm back tentatively for now and just want to update you guys on what's been going on in the gaming part of my life. Yesterday I went with my sister and stood in line for almost 3hrs in subzero tempurature outside Toys R Us to purchase a Wii. Yes yes I know, very foolish and crazy, and believe me I'm not the type to do these things, actually this is the very first time I stood in line like this for any of my systems. Normally I would wait 3-6 months until the hype is over and done with before getting a new system. However, my sister wanted to buy this so bad for her fiance who is into gaming as well that she asked me to come along with her. Of course I decided why not I might as well purchase the Wii while I'm waiting with her. So anyway to make a long story short we ended up getting the Wii (both of us) then I went over to Best Buy to buy The Twilight Princess for the Wii since Toys R Us sold out and what do I see? The PS3 60GB version. Let me tell you guys, I wasn't planning on buying 2 systems that day and certainly not the PS3 until later down the road (was shooting for late spring early summer), but the thrill of the moment got to me and I caved in so to speak. I purchased the PS3 along with Marvel Altimate Alliance and The Twilight Princess.  I was also convinced to spend another 100 bucks for a 2 year warranty because the PS3 had Blue Ray chip malfunctioning issues (the sales person told me so far only 10 since release of PS3) and I figured if I'm going to spend 700 bucks I might as well chip in another 100 to cover my a$$. Anyway I got home and tried both systems and so far I'm not dissappointed.  Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages but overall I'm quite pleased with my purchase.  I will have to spend more time on console gaming now that I've pretty much finished indulging myself with WoW (I've reached lv 70 with the expansion), which was an amazing experience that I will share with you guys some other time.  So anyways hope each and every one of you have been well and in good health. Catch you guys later I'm off to play some Final Fantasy XII. :)