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The king is dead, the light goes on.

Its been awhile since I've done one of these. Mainly cause nothing worth mentioning has happened. But since the year is coming towards a close I figured I may as well make one.

First thing I wanna talk about is TV shows. Fall started awhile back, which means new shows, and new seasons of shows. One show in particular which I have been keeping tabs on for over a year is The Walking Dead.

the walking dead Pictures, Images and Photos

Me, as well as many others, have been looking forward to this for quite some time now. It had a great premiere and was off to a good start. However, it sadly went downhill from there, and I was left a bit disappointed in the end. Its by no means a bad show, it still worth a watch if you want something new I guess.

One other show I like, but I lost track of, started and ended a new season, Sons of Anarchy. The show follows a outlaw motorcycle gang, more specifically the Vice-President of the club Jax, the son of the previous president.

sons of anarchy Pictures, Images and Photos

I cant do much justice for this show by talking about it, its much better to watch for yourself and see it. What I will say is that this show is definitely one of the best shows on TV, right next to Dexter, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, all those award winning shows. It keeps you hooked and wanting more. And god what a great and satisfying finale. You reap what you sow. Leave it at that.

Gaming wise, I havent bought many games. Except for Demon's Souls and Blazblue. Demon's Souls is something I wanted to try for myself for a long time now. Its a pain in the ass in the beginning. You feel pretty overwhelmed most of the time, but once you start killing the bosses, you feel the best joy and satisfaction. Blazblue, is alot tricky than I thought. It plays nothing like I thought it would. I havent touched it in awhile though, but Im looking into getting back in it. And my poor Xbox :(. I havent played online with it in so long, mainly cause my Gold membership is gone.

Christmas is looming over the horizon too. All you college people are most likely looking forward to that winter break. So what do you boys and girls want for Christmas this year? I'll probably just get some books, and a bit of money to buy what I want with. Not sure exactly what I want do spend it on yet. Something will catch my eye for sure.

God, 2010. You just came and went. Just like that. Damn I feel old now. This year sucked for me. Man, felt like I wasted it all too. I still have yet to see a Army recruiter. My buddy comes back home from college soon. Im gonna take advantage of this little window of time and goo see one hopefully.

Thats about it for now.

I dont know why, but I've been feeling all philosophical...and writer like. Maybe I should write short stories or something. Or at least write down my thoughts so that I can look at them later. Dont know if you all are interested in whatever Im thinking about.

Nah, no way. None of are interested in the inner workings of Jing.

Or are you? :o

*Dun Dun Dun*

To be continued.

Let those bodies hit the floor!

First listen to this. This beat is sick!!


And now let me introduce you to my latest gaming obsession.

Battlefield Company 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

I cant get enough of this. But the one downside I have to say is that it is plagued with people who have no idea what theyre doing. Running around with their heads cut off and then they start dying left and right. its annoying and frustrating as hell to the point where I feel like breaking my controller to pieces.

Ive been out of school for awhile now. No luck finding a job, and I dont feel like going to college just yet. So I've been thinking that I should join the Army until I actually figure out what I want to do.

Well thats all I have to say about that. Add me on PSN Jing-18 and on LIVE Jing18. Even though my gold expired months ago lol. And I have nothing play. Damn son. I really need to show more love to my 360 hahah.

This isn't a battle anymore. Its a mother f*****g war.

Good news everyone!

I have FINALLY managed to get my hands on a PS3! Yep thats right I got one!

This means....I have all 3 current consoles! Nice.

Bad news is purchasing the PS3 really set me back a couple hundred dollars, so really the only game I have for it is Metal Gear Solid 4. But luckily I downloaded a bunch of demos to play with too so its all good. One of which is by one of the most addicting games I have played....that game is Lost Planet 2!!!


Probably one of the main features which makes this so addicting is the 4 player online co-op that comes with the demo. Even though the game isnt coming out for several months, the demo alone might keep you occupied long enough.

Well thats pretty much all I gotta say for now. If you have a PS3 add my PSN its Jing-18....yeah Im not that good with coming up with wicked awesome screen names....

Til next time this is 3 dog AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....

I need to stop playing Fallout for awhile....

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Whooooaa...... its been ages since I posted a blog. Well I guess nows a good time as any to give an update.

So I finally graduated High School back in June. Man its a good feeling not having to worry about school anymore, yet weird at the same time.

Also, I finally got a 360 as well. I gotDead Rising and Fallout 3 along with it. Though Fallout is buggy as hell and made my 360 Red Ring within like...a week. So I had to get it replaced for free with another 360. Thank god I got the 2 year warranty as back up incase this one messes up...


I dont have LIVE right now and I cant go online with it yet which sucks....

Anywho, two games I have been tracking and following very closely for many months are FINALLY coming State-side!!

The first is Tatsunoko Vs Capcom


The second being one of the most interesting franchises Ive come across.

Monster Hunter Tri


Capcom pretty much saved me the hassel of modding my Wii and importing them...whew...

I seriously need to find a job.

Oh yeah.

My birthday is on the 6th.


I wanna bail. But where the hells the exit? Lets find that exit called Paradise.

Look at this dog.

chill dog Pictures, Images and Photos

That is one chill dog.

Look at these cats.



Those are some chill-ass cats.

Nothing much has happened since my last update but I wanted to say some things.

I was pissed Waltz with Bashir did not win Best Foreign Language film at the Oscars. We all knew Heath was getting Best Supporting Actor. Slumdog Millionare dominated like I predicted.

All in all, it was pretty predictable.

Music Spotlight.

Radiohead is out of my head. I just rhymed. Oh snap. But one song has been on repeat in my head. Some old Supertramp song. The Logical Song actually.

Jesus tap-dancing Christ I have wierd taste in music.

Video Game Spotlight.

Madworld Pictures, Images and Photos

March 10 baby...

Movie Spotlight.

watchmen Pictures, Images and Photos

'Nuff said.

Well that does it for now I guess.

Smile for the camera...


I'm not a monster it's only a mask.

Holy Hell. These past several months have been pretty hectic. But now things are winding down. Final exams are ending. My second semester of my senior year is starting up. I just hope things dont get too out of control.

I have been playing the hell out of Animal Crossing: City Folk. What? Dont give me that look. This sh*t is addicting. Not like I have anything else to play. I need something to pre-occupy myself until Maworld comes out.

MadWorld Wallpaper Pictures, Images and Photos

Hell yeah. Thats what I'm talking about.

The other day I watched an interesting movie called Waltz with Bashir.

waltz with bashir 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

This movie will go down as my favorite movie of 2008. Yes I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed The Dark Knight. Yeah, I'm sure thats gonna upset a few TDK fanboys. If this movie doesnt win the Oscar for Best Foreign Language film I'm gonna be pissed.

I have been listening to Radiohead non-stop for about 3 weeks straight......

......no more....

I'm unemployed. I need work dammit.

School sucks.

I'm bored.....

I wanna do something interesting, fun and new....

Theres....not much else to talk about.....

Oh yes. Before I forget. If you got a Wii. GIMMA YO WII NUMBAS AND STUFF!

No More Heroes Pictures, Images and Photos

Thats it for now...

Answers and future blogs.

I sent you the answers.

Not alot of people asked anything. Shows how much people pay attention.

I might do monthly blogs starting January.


Get some.

get some Pictures, Images and Photos

We must do this again sometime.

fight club gif Pictures, Images and Photos

Ask something.

I seriously have no idea what to blog about.

So since alot of other people have done I thought I should do it too....

Go ahead and ask me some questions I guess. I'll answer them later in the week or something.

Max of 4 questions per person.

Senior year and college.

Oh yeah!

My senior year is right around the corner and I am f**king excited. My last year of dealing with this crap is here and it'll be over in a heartbeat. Then after that, its off to college. Where am I going????...or at least trying to go?

Im trying to go here.


The Art Institue in sunny Miami. Im gonna study film so I can work in the movie business or something. Its gonna awesome!!!

If I dont get into AI........well I'm still going to Florida anyways. that much is a given. I'll get a crappy job somewhere and work my way up.


Im ready for anything now.

What are you guys doing after high school? Or college? Or whatever the hell you're doing.





Seriously, never strike a woman.

Let me share with you, a story. A story, of epic proportions.

The following is a story told to me be my friend Dorion. It happened while he was living in Texas and attending school there. It goes something like this I believe.

It took place at a movie theatre. It was around the time the movie 300 was out. There was a man in line waiting to buy tickets. While in line he saw two large lesbian women making out. He was like "Whoa. Ok...." He bought his ticket and went to go see 300.

He went to the right theatre stadium thing and took his seat. Then the two large women sat in front of him. So he's like "Ugh....great." The movie starts. The beginning of the movie is playing. Then one of the women stands up and says, "This isn't The Number 23! This is the wrong f****** movie!" The man then triumphantly stood up and yelled





BAM!!!!! He kicked one of the women, and she kinda tumbled down. The guy was arrested during the movie.

That was one of the coolest and funniest things I have ever heard in a very long time. I have Dorion tell me the story like every other day because its so f****** funny.


Thats all for now.