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I thought Halo is good in many ways, but I just don't care for the way the big guns are presented, instead of 1st person, they're 3rd, otherwise the game is good I suppose, I don't play it much anymore, I'm more on a battlefeild t ype game since the walls don't blow up in halo :-D

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Simply said, "X-box 360 doesn't have any good hack and slash games" I'd have to say that they don't have anything that can compete with computer hack and slash, just plain and true, sadly to say, x-box has never come out with any type of entertaining hack and slash, I think it's a keyboard mouse thing.


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I don't think it's worth buying because the buildings don't blow up and stuff, otherwise it's descent, but not worth the 70 bucks after tax, I mean that's like time and a half, So In Conclusion, It would be worth 30 bucks
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Wii online is the worst online of all systems hands down, there has never been a worse online - there's no microphone, which might be a good thing cause you don't wanna listen to me, the games are too laggy to finish a complete game, because they hired a 3rd party server that didn't do a good job..... gamespy, and the buddy lists are not connected between games. I don't think there is a worse online experience out there.


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