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Couple new reviews and Video Game Movies from hell

I've posted a couple new reviews here on GameSpote recently. It's been since January since I last posted reviews, but I managed to get an Oblivion and Prey review done recently, and don't plan on stopping there.

Also, since this is a video game site, it is only appropriate that I give a link to my latest review of a movie based on a video game. Not only because it is based on a game, but because it is without a doubt the worst movie I've ever seen. It is Uwe Boll's BloodRayne, and it is the epitome of bad movies.

If only someone with actual talent could adapt a video game that actually has a story. How about Robert Rodriguez's Max Payne or John Woo's Halo? No, instead we get Uwe Boll's House of the Dead and Paul WS Anderson's Alien VS Predator. Also, how about restarting the Resident Evil franchise and actually sticking to the games, huh?

I'll save this rant for another day.


English class, I hate it immensly. But for a culminating project, we get to pick a topic revolving around the media. Well, how about video games? YES! I got the video game topic, and a huge part of my 30-min presentation is a montage. Guess what that means? Just taping myself playing massive amounts of video games. Life is sweet sometimes.

And it seems I have something addictive to play for every system I have. I got RE2 for the N64, I'm revisiting RE4 for the 'Cube, encompassed in Elder Scrolls for the 360, enjoying Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga for the GBA and just got Brain Age for the DS. I should do a review soon, probably Call of Duty 2 or Brain Age, but just wait and see.

Festivus Miracle; Killer7 Review

Well, the Christmas season is over, and that means games. I got Call of Duty 2 for the 360 for Xmas, as well as a second controller (at last). I then bought Pariah and Halo 2 with Christmas money today. This may not even be the end of it yet. Wow.

Also, I got the Killer7 review posted, so check it out.

Got me my 360; ToS Review

First off, I GOT A 360!!! Got Kameo on launch, and PDZ came in the mail last week. Since I didn't have an Xbox 1, I also go the emulators from Xbox.com and bought Vice City, Halo and KOTOR. Should be going online by the end of the week, and I'll be JimD73 still for anyone curious.

Also, beat Killer7 today, the last GC game I was in the middle of when the 360 came knocking. Still confused by the ending, but the game was sweet and a review is coming soon (as well as one for Kameo).

Speaking of reviews, check out my Tales of Symphonia review I just posted, as well as the Feel the Magic review I posted a while ago.

The 360 Rush

I really want the 360 now. All the good things being said about it just fuel the fire. Most games are getting solid 8s at GameSpot, so there must be some great choices (though nothing tops PD0 as the top choice).

Too bad that I waited too long to preorder. Now EB is backordered until around January. Hopefully, I can get into Wal-Mart or some other first-come-first-serve store before they sell out, if not, put my name in the hat and wait a few months.

Thoughts on the Rev controller; new old games

A couple days ago, I picked up Feel the Magic XY/XX for the DS and Grand Theft Auto III for the PC up a EB for $20 each. Aren't used games wonderful? Sure, I had to wait, but my wallet thanked me. The Rev controller was also thrown out since my last blog (which was little more than a bad prank). I must admit, it looks pretty sweet, and completely took me by surprise. Though this will make it more difficult for mainstream games on the 360 and PS3 to be ported to the Rev. Despite my loyalty to Nintendo, the 360 remains the system of choice for me. I wish the Rev luck. And I really need to write another game review, Bomberman was at least two months ago.