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This blog entry is brought to you by...

...the unrelenting guilt that resides in the back of my skull for not writing one for over half a year. :cry: Seriously. It's so bad, people still think I'm in Mexico. And that was like four months ago. :P

So, I've added a few more games to my small and humble PS2 collection since we last met.

1---- Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection

I received Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection as a belated (due to my absence from the U.S.) birthday gift from my good friend and cousin, podisdope. Receiving such a gift planted a big smile on my facial profile, right between my nose and chin.

It all started with MGS3. I'd played it whenever I visited my cousin. I'd played through it once... twice... thrice! Then, I moved on to MGS2, beat it a couple of times, and went right back MGS3. A few years later, I played the first PlayStation release (by questionable means) and ultimately decided it was one of my favorite series of all time.

MGA- Fine Jeez

Being up in my top 5 game series, if not my absolute favorite, I was glad to finally have the PS2 portion of the saga in my possession. Now, all I need is a PS3 for MGS4 and the upcoming MGSR. I'll be taking donations. :D :lol:

2---- Need For Speed: Most Wanted: Black Edition

A little more recently, say a month ago, I bought Need For Speed: Most Wanted: Black Edition. Ever since owning Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit for the PSone as my first console game ever (about a decade ago), I had taken a significant liking to racing games. Midtown Madness, Monster Truck Madness 2, and Lego Racers had all crossed my path in the great highway that is video gaming. As of 2004-ish, my interest started to decline mostly because of a lack of an Internet connection, or any computer literacy for that matter. Without news on new and upcoming games, I slowly, but surely, started to forget about the racing genre.

NFS:MW Gameplay

About a year ago, I saw my brother playing a game that a cousin brought over. This turned out to be NFS: Most Wanted. Weeks later, my cousin would bring over NFS: Carbon. I would just sit on the couch and watch them play as the street lights and colorful cars zipped across the screen. I felt the "need for speed" coming back.

What really made me get back into the genre was my visit to Mexico. Yet another cousin owned Most Wanted (by questionable means. I mean, come on, it is Mexico) and allowed me to start a new profile. I had a blast racing through the blacklist... or at least half of it, anyway.

The GameStop price tag of $10 was well worth paying for this hell of a game. I'd recommend it to anyone that still owns a PS2. :)


So, that about wraps up my blog entry. I hope I didn't bore you too much with my history with video games and my past gaming experiences that define my gaming preferences today.

...so, yeah... :D

P.S. And just for fun, leave a comment listing some of the first games you've played or games that have paved the way to what define your gaming today. 8)

P.P.S. That first pic is from Egoraptor's Metal Gear Awesome flash animation. Go check it out or something. :D (MGA1 and MGA2)


So, I'll be away from the states for the next 5-6 weeks. Mexican soil will be treaded upon and distant family will finally greet. I'll be taking SotC, FFX, and SF:EX3. Maybe I'll even take Advent Children just in case I get bored on a rainy day.

Mexican Chocobo?

I'm super stoked!! I'll be walking the streets of Tlaltenango de Sánchez Román and getting to know all the people my mom and dad used to associate with in their childhood. Going to a waterfall, going to Las Fuentes (waterpark), meeting all my instrument-playing cousins (all of which I'll jam with), and going to chuch on Sunday to see the pastor, my uncle Raul. I'm hoping to grow a little more independent on my stay in Mexico since my parents won't be coming with me. It'll be the start of a great summer!!

So until then: Nos vemos, büey!!

Don't click on spoiler tag if you have a history of or are prone to epileptic attacks. I'M SERIOUS!! Otherwise, CLICK!! :D[spoiler] HA! HA! I'M USING THE INTERNET!!!1!! [/spoiler]

Tenth Time Around Isn't Exactly Final... And Here's An Update!

To start off, I am super excited!! Wanna know why? Then upgrade to GameSpot Plus and find out, now!! Just kidding.

No, but yeah, I am now crossing off yet another game from my wishlist. I just got yet another promising title in the awesome series that is Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy X!! Tidus better get ready to play some blitzball or whatever the hell he does.


The downside on all this is that I won't be able to play until at least Saturday night. Various reasons. For instance, I have a hell of a lot of crap due for school and I will be spending every possible minute on finishing my essay on The Canterbury Tales; makes you really appreciate modern English. Later on Friday, I'll be hanging with my friend that just got back from Mexico at Wings Pub. After THAT, Sunday worship practice. And then after THAT, more hanging with the friends. On saturday, I'll be going to a protest against SB1070 taking place in Atlanta. After I get home, I have a wedding to go to.



...so, yeah... :D

P.S. As for Shadow of the Colossus, IT WAS AWESOME. But for now, all attention is diverted to FFX. :)

Well, that marks one off my wishlist...

Shadow of the Colossus

So, I went to GameStop today with my cuz, podisdope, and I decided to cross off one item on my video game wishlist. After 15 minutes of looking through the PS2 games and accidentally knocking over a shelf of games, I found the next game on my "Now Playing" list: Shadow of the Colossus. I know, I know, it's not exactly a new game, but I tried this game out on a, correct me if I'm wrong, 2005 demo disc featuring some shinobi game my cuz let my brother have. I instantly fell for the unique gameplay and interesting story behind the behemoths.

So, now I'll finally get the chance of experiencing the downfall of all sixteen colossi. :) As a matter of fact, I'm gonna wrap this up so I can go get started on it. :P

...so, yeah... :D

A Fantasy Deferred... so, I guess I'll start another!

It's been almost a year since Final Fantasy was introduced to me. So far, Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus have all succumbed to my completion. I've even seen Advent Children Complete. I've recently been playing Final Fantasy VIII and I've got about halfway to go. But due to certain circumstances, completion is not an option at this moment.

It's been about three months since I've played a Final Fantasy game. Out of boredom came the idea of starting another number in the fabulous franchise. Final Fantasy VI has been at my fingertips for about two weeks now, and I've got to say it's been a blast playing such a wonderful game, a true classic. Five minutes into the game grapples your curiosity as to what will occur next.

This game is definitely up there with Final Fantasy VII, and I recommend this game to any Final Fantasy fan who hasn't already played this masterpiece of a game.

...so, yeah... :D

'Aight... Let's get this started...

So, I guess this is my first "official" blog... and here we go!!!

So, if you haven't already read my "About Me" section, I am a fan of PlayStation. PlayStation out the wazoo!! Anyways, I think its time for a new addition to my family of PlayStations. I have a PS1 which I don't use anymore, and my brother owns a PS2 which I guess is mine also... I guess... Anyways, PS3 here I come!!!

First game I'll get is FFXIII. I just saw the review. I guess an 8.5 is still okay, right?

After that, the game I should have played a looooooooooooong time ago: Metal Gear Solid 4.

Valkyria Chronicles is a must-have for me. I started playing at a friend's house and got hooked immediately.

What other games should I get for my soon-to-be PS3?

...so, yeah... :D

Blog? WTF?

So, um, I've never blogged in my life before, so I don't know quite how to do this. I doubt anybody will be reading this, but if someone happens to, please leave "blog advice" in the comments. I'm just trying to get started.

...so, yeah...