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I am having issues as well, the arrow thing that drops down options, like logging out, inbox, etc. is not working. It did actually work once, but when I navigated away from the page I was onit stopped again.

Plus, for me I don't even see the quick reply/quote buttons at all, just this message in place:

Please wait. Quick reply will be available shortly.

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Woot! I'll go get mine now, lol. :D
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Sadly, I don't have a Wii. I'll likely get a Wii U though which is when I'll play this game. Still however I plan to pre-order the special edition for my friends for Christmas now that I know about it (thanks Zodiac_attack!). :)

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You can't run DSi games from and SD card because they were designed to run off the system memory in the DSi. You can only run 3DS exclusive games and programs off the SD card because they were designed to do that. Nintendo could have developers patch the games or something to run off the SD card, but probably won't. For now you will just have to store them on the system memory. The SD card option is just for backing up software.


Aw, that's lame. :( Ty for the info though.

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I bought an 8 GB SDHC card for my 3DS, which seems to be working just fine for saving things like pictures, but for some reason I noticed that DSiWare titles I purchased, downloaded to the system memory without even giving me a choice of picking the SD card. I went to the system settings and tried to copy the titles over to the card, but it tells me "If you copy this software to the SD card, you will be unable to launch it. Is this ok?".

So my question is, how do I set this up so I can run my games off the card? I heard there was a way, despite what the 3DS's message says. And the system memory is so very limited, It'll be full in no time if I can't figure this out.

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I'd like to get them all, however MGS 3 tops my most wanted list, I played and beat it over 8 times on the PS2, and I can't wait to play it on 3DS with the new features. :)
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Well that's rather unfortunate, but ty for the info, I hope Nintendo changes the way this works soon.
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I am a new 3DS owner, and I have purchased 2 things on the eShop already. My question about the eShop is, since my stuff is linked to my Club Nintendo account, will I be able to re-download the titles I own if I ever have to get another 3DS for any reason (are the titles account bound), or would I have to re-purchase my software?Sony's PSN has it set so all titles you purchase are account bound and can be activated on a max of 5 systems (one at a time of course), and I was hoping eShop was similar.

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Cool thanks, I'll check it out. ;)
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Ok I did get the Island Of Dr. Ned too, but Moxxi I did leave alone. So far I am enjoying the game. I am currently level 7 though, I am pretty much still getting used to it. At first I had problems with game performance (it lagged a lot), but for some reason after re-starting the game it now is running smoothly. The visuals are stunning, this is my first cel-shaded PC game, some of the best cel-shaded graphics I have seen in games imo. I hope a lot of people play this online so I can get into some co-op. :)