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The Vita, I can't buy one, because the merchants won't let me.

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It's been a while since I posted here, expect some blogs about my recent game purchases and more in the coming weeks. This blog is a rant, about something that's got me angry right now.

So yesterday I wanted to buy the Playstation Vita from the Walmart where I work. Everywhere there are the advertisements saying it will be sold on the 15th. When I talked to the electronics associates, whom admitted they had them in stock (plus I even saw one stored away behind a counter) I was told they can't sell it until the 22nd. I said that the advertisement they have is false, and admitted I may take my business elsewhere. It's so dumb that they could have the Vita there, but not sell it to you because of some asinine technicality. They even sell the games already, why those and not the system? There is no logic to it at all.

So I took my business elsewhere. I bought 2 games, a case, and a memory card at EB Games (Gamestop). But they won't sell me the Vita either. They say only those who pre-ordered it can purchase it now. Others have to wait until the next shipment arrives on wednesday.

This is an very, poor business choice. It's like, do you want me to buy the stupid system or not Sony? Whatever the reason is for doing this, it's quite simply dumb, and I'm upset that I have 2 games I can't even play yet. I'm losing an extreme amount of respect for Sony for teasing people like this.