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Metal Gear Solid EC, Demon Hunter, 3 Years on Gamespot + More

Hi everyone, glad to be back and writing another blog for you finally. A lot has been going on, most of the stuff I will talk about here will be good stuff, but first I wanted to ask something of you guys/girls, my grandmother (my Dad's mom) passed away earlier this month, she was 90 years old and died of problems due to old age. Please pray for my family, I myself am doing ok, I sadly did not know her that well as she lived in a different state, but my parents, and my Dad's other family members are, of course,having a hard time.


Ok so aside from that sad part of this blog, I have other news of what's going on, most of it video game, movie, and music related.

First I'll talk about Metal Gear Solid. If you have not seen my blog where I talked about Splinter Cell 3, my parents finally lifted their R- rated movie M- rated game ban from our home, (bout time, being 20 and not being able to play an M game or see an R movie in our own home kinda sucked lol) and as a result I have purchased several M rated games, and seen R rated movies I always wanted to before.

Anyway, I always wanted to play the Metal Gear Solid series, and was happy to find, and eventually purchase:

Metal Gear Solid: Essential Collection Metal Gear Solid: Essential Collection

This collection includes the first Metal Gear Solid game, which was for the PS1, and it takes 2 discs. Also it includes MG2: Sons Of Liberty director's cut, more commonly known as Substance. And MGS 3 is also included in an expanded edition called Substinence, which says it has 2 discs, but this 3 game pack only includes the first disc, I think that is because the second disc is mainly for multiplayer, which if I remember correctly, I heard the servers for it were taken offline a while back.

So, I already beat all 3 of these games, actually the third one I beat 3 times and I am currently on my fourth playthrough trying to unlock everything the game has (Yeah I got too much time on my hands at the moment, lol).

The first game was hard at first to get used to, then after a while I was hooked on the story and fell in love with it, then I moved onto MGS 2 right away after I beat MGS 1, and played it a lot, though I did not try to unlock everything like I am in MGS 3. MGS 3 surprised me as I did not expect it to be a prequel. Quite honestly, when it comes to gameplay in particular, MGS 3 is my favorite of these games, it is, in a word, amazing. These games are a must have for all gamers in my opinion.

Now, whenever I can afford it,I am going to try and get the MGS PSP download bundle on the Playstation store which includes the first PSP MGS game called Portable Ops, Portable Ops Plus, which is a multiplayer expansion, and a digital MGS comic. Then later on I plan to get MGS: Peacewalker, which is a new MGS game for PSP coming out soon, and finally when my brother and I finally get a PS3, I want to get MGS 4.

Yes, it's official, I am a big MGS fan. :D I even changed my avatar to be Snake here on Gamespot.

I think these games are right up there on my favorites list next to the Zelda series.


Ok, now I'm going to talk about one of my favorite bands, Demon Hunter. Demon Hunter released a new album last month, I ordered the deluxe edition of it, but it turned out the store I ordered it from had it on backorder and said it would be delivered about a month later than it was supposed to come, so I cancelled with that store and ordered from another, only for it to go on backorder there too, turns out it was a manufacturers backorder.

I e-mailed Demon Hunter to find out if any more copies were being made of the deluxe edition, sadly they said no, it was only a limited edition. So instead I ordered, and just acouple days ago received my copy of the regular edition in the mail, I listened to it about 5 times now and I love it!

And, as it figures, I came upon the website where they said they had a copy of the deluxe edition in stock, so I ordered it and they already shipped it, so looks like now I will have both versions, lol. :P

Well nothing really wrong with that, I am a big Demon Hunter fan, and I am just glad I found somebody still selling it. Turns out it was $24 instead of the normal $30 too (the only other places that seem to sell it now are amazon and ebay, on amazon it seems people just bought the album to resell it for more since it was a limited edition, they are trying to get $100 per copy lol).

Anyway. now to actually talk about the album, as I said before I love it. The music sounds a bit different than their previous works, largely due to two band member changes.Don Clark, the lead singer Ryan Clark's brother, left the band, I think I heard it was because of more important things he had to focus on in life, like his main job running Invisible Creature. Also the other guitarist left, I am notabsolutely sure why, but I think it was because he joined Relient K or something.

The new guitarists Patrick Judge and Ryan Helm are really great too though. It's always sad to see band members change, but the new ones in Demon Hunter giver it a little bit more of a heavier sound. I'm happy with the choice of guitarists Demon Hunter chose to replace the other ones, though I will always miss Don and Ethan playing the guitars. :(

If you are a fan of Demon Hunter, or just metal music in general, my suggestion is that you buy the album ASAP. The only negative thing about the album, in my opinion, is that it is a little too short.

I will write an in depth review of this new album, titled "The World Is A Thorn"in the coming days and then post it here.


Another update I have, is that, as of March 12, 2007 I have been a member here for 3 years. I would have made a blog about it, but as you may have known I was really addicted to WoW for a time. On March 31st my time ran out though, and thus the reason you see me here now, instead of spending more time on that lol. I do want another time card eventually, but having more time to play other games and do other things as a result of not having WoW feels kinda nice, lol. My level 80 orc hunter can wait, I'm putting more focus on getting other games, and doing other things (like trying to get a job) for right now.


I have seen some pretty good movies so far this year, I never got to blog about them, but here are 3 I recommend seeing, in no particular order:

1. Shutter Island: More psychological thriller than horror, this film is dark and disturbing, and will really play with your emotions. The negative thing, in my opinion,is it has a load of swearing, something the movie could have done without as it adds nothing to it, it could have done just as well without it.

2. Edge Of Darkness: Based on a BBC series, this movie has Mel Gibson as a cop, seeking to find answers to the murder of a loved one. Yet again, this is another movie that has a lot of language, wade through it though and you hav a well made, interesting thriller.

3. Clash Of The Titans: One, if not the favorite movie I have seen this year, must be seen in 3D in my opinion. The action scenes are fantastic, made better by Real 3D. While I hear this movie isn't right on with the cla$$ic, (which honestly I don't remember seeing), it is great fun.


As another update, I realised I don't think I ever made a blog about me leveling up here on Gamespot, but I did a while back, I hit level 41, called Thunder Force, now though I am almost level 42 lol.


Well, that really is it for right now, I'll come back next week with another full blog, though I will make a short one in the middle of the week to show off some cool images from Demon Hunter's new ablum I think you guys/girls should see,along with the in depth review I said I would make.

Take care, have a great weekend, and God bless! :D