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Happy Independence Day! + Mega Updates

Hi everyone, first off, yep, once again I disappeared lol. But here I am, with a big blog. I have gaming updates, more than any others.

So lets start with the gaming updates first:

If you read my blog about the MGS: The Essential Collection, you may recall that I was eager to purchase Portable Ops for my PSP, well I finally got it, in a downloadable bundle though, with the stand alone multiplayer expansion and a digital graphic novel. Here are the boxshots of each:

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (PSP) Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus (PSP) Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus

Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel

So lets start with Portable Ops. I beat the game a long while ago already, I just don't blog much nowadays so really I have had it for quite a bit, I just didn't let you guys/girls know in any blogs until now. :( Lol. Anyway, the game is great, I didn't know what to expect what with the story being presented in a comic book$tyle but they really pulled it off quite well! I was thrilled with the game, I just wish the multiplayer modes were a little more populated.

That's where Portable Ops Plus comes in, it is supposed to be an expanded multiplayer game, but I was only able to get into a game for a little bit (there were not a whole lot of people on, and the ones who were on were in full rooms or ones that would not let me join for some reason), and it was not such a great experience, especially since it kicked me off the connection before we could even finish the game. I may attempt to play Portable Ops Plus again sometime, and hopefully it will be a better experiance then.

I have not seen much of the Digital Graphic Novel yet, but from what I did see, it was really interesting. As soon as I hae time and feel like it, I'll sit down and watch/read it.


Not too long after purchasing that MGS bundle on PSN (Playstation Network), I also purchased, on PSN:

Sega Genesis Collection (PSP) Sega Genesis Collection (PSP)

I grew up in the 90's, and I was really into the NES and Sega Genesis. So getting this collection with over 28 Sega Genesisgames for just over $17was pretty awesome. Though, most of these games I did not play, and some of them I already had on an old Windows 98 PC game. Even though I didn't play a lot of these games, it's still nice to play them now and see some cool games I missed out on a long time ago. Also it's absolutely a blast to have these on my PSP so I can play them wherever I go. :)


More recently, about a little more than a week ago, I purchased a game I had been wanting for a long time:

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GOTY Edtition (PC) The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game Of The Year Edition (PC)

A year or two ago, I purchased The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game Of The Year Edition for my PC. Though I really wanted this game, I didn't think any of the computers we have at my house would play it, plus it's rated M, and until earlier this year there a no M rated game rule in our house.

Well I enjoyed Morrowind, though quite honestly I never got to the main quests. I'm glad I got that game when I did, because now the GOTY edition of Oblivion is only $20. And as it turns out, one of our computers can handle it, it just has to run on medium graphics.

I know some people love this game, but some loyal fans really don't like it compared to Morrowind. I do have to say, Morrowind had some things that were better than what's in Oblivion, such as the ability to become a werewolf (supposedly you can do this with a mod for oblivion, but I prefer to play this kind of game in it's vanilla form), and also Morrowind had the Morag Tong, a "good" assassins guild. This game, however, only allows you to become a member of the evil rival assassins guild called the Dark Brotherhood. It seems that the Dark Brotherhood are everywhere, even the main map of Oblivion, but the Morag Tong just doesn't go beyond Morrowind. Go figure, it would have been so awesome to play in their guild in this game, lol. Aside for those minor grievances, and one or two other ones not really worth mentioning, the game as a whole, in my opinion, is a much better game than Morrowind.

One new feature which I like is the option to purchase (or aqquire by other means eg. stealing) a horse which you can ride all around the map. It makes travelling easier, but an even nicer feature is the ability to instantly travel to other places you have visited before, though cities let you travel to them in this way regardless of whether you have been to them or not.

Anyway, other improvements include a vastly improved stealth system, which makes it easier to geta6x damage attack sneaking up on someone, or to pick pocket someone, or to pick the lock on a door/chest/other various container. Also, though this may be a minor improvement to some, ragdoll physics make the characters react in a much more realistic way to your attacks.

So far I have an Orc Warrior in the Dark Brotherhood, a Khajit thief (custom thiefcla$$) in the Thieve's guild (I beat all of the quests for that guild), and an Imperial Warrior, which is my main character, whom I completed all of the Fighters Guild quests with, and the arena quests, and which I am currently doing the main story quest line with. This game already, though I have only had it for a short time, gets at least a 9.0 from me.


A few games I am looking forward to getting are Metal gear Solid: Peace Walker,Super Scribblenauts, and Just Cause 2 (for PC).

The last one I mentioned there however is not one that would work on any of our computers. Luckily though, I will soon get a new computer that should handle the game quite well, as well as be able to play my Oblivion game, and World Of Warcraft game on high graphics. :)

Just Cause 2 is a crazy, insane, over the top, yet very fun game. I played the demo for the first game which got me even mroe interested in the games, then my friend brought his PS3 over to my house several times, and two times I got a chance to play the demo for Just Cause 2. The first time I did bad playing it, but the second time I understood how it works more, and I was able to do all sorts of crazy stuff. I'm seriously looking forward to finally having that game on PC. :)


One last gaming update, is that I finally renewed my World Of Warcraft Subscription about 2 weeks ago. I had not played it on my account for over 3 months, and decided I had a long enough break from it and I wanted to level a new character. I made a Blood Elf Priest before my subscription ran out last time, and now I decided I want to get him to level 80, though I am working on getting one last bind on account trinket for him. Here is a recent screenshot I uploaded to Gamespot not too long ago, it is my main toon Lurttz, he is level 80, and is standing with my newest pet, which I named Echelon:

My main World Of Warcraft toon Lurttz with his pet Echelon.

Pretty epic huh? Lol, I totally need gear with better stats. :p


You might recall I was supposed to make an in-depth review for Demon Hunter's (a band I really love) latest album. But I'm putting that off for now, and I will make the review in time, and it will first appear on another website I am a part of that is specifically for music reviews. I might actually just link to that site when I have the review done.


Ok so today is the fourth of July, Independence Day. :)

We already had our cookout with some friends yesterday, tonight me and my bro are gonna hang out and watch some local fireworks. No matter how old I get, it's always thrilling to watch them each year. :)

Before I end this blog, I want to aplogize for not responding to some comments on some of my preivious blogs, I just don't have the time to keep up with this site like I used to lol. Rest assured though, from this point forward I will make more of an effort to respond to comments and PMs. ;)

Well, God bless everyone, I hope you have a great week, take care and

Happy Independence Day! :D