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Back From Another Break

Hi all, I took yet another break from this site, only returning here and there to post a few things, though my last blog was in July. A lot has happened since then. I'll stick mostly to the gaming news, as a few months ago I finally got my new PC. The new PC is incredible, my last one was more than 6 years old, so it's about time I can play some of the newer games. I am still going to try and get a PS3 when I can, but at the moment I don't have a job so that will have to wait for a while.

The PC was a gift from my family, along with it I got 2 games:

Just Cause 2 (PC) Just Cause 2(PC)

This was one of my most anticipated games. I already beat it, and I am working on the long journey of reaching 100% complete. The combat is fun, the scenery is beautiful, the pyhsics are awesome. There are only two things this game lacks, one is a good story, which really isn't much of a problem as the gameplay makes up for it. The other is lack of money. Seriously, you can get a lot of cash, especially if you are a completionist and look for all the cash bonuses. But you don't really feel free to use the black market as it drains your funds rather fast. So the black market is more of an emergency thing. But still you can find plenty of vehicles and weapons on the field.

I also have several add-on packs which make the game a little more insteresting, such as extra vehicles (a monster truck with a mounted grenade launcher), guns (an "air gun" that canliterally send enemies flying), and a special pack for your parachute that basically turns it into a fast vehicle as it adds two engines, one on each side of the parachute, which you can activate to fly fast.

Overall I think I'd give this game a 9.0, I recommend it for any action fan, just don't take the game too seriously, everything is very over-the-top. If you have not seen a trailer, just watch one and see what I mean. :P


The other game purchased the day I got my new PC was:

Crysis: Maximum EditionCrysis: Maximum Edition

This pack includes the original Crysis game, along with it's expansions Warhead and Wars. The core game is absolutely amazing. The visuals are great, though even with my new PC I can't handle it on the highest graphics (that will change when I eventually get a new graphics card somewhere down the road). Also the gameplay is simply fantastic, there's so much to do, so many ways to approach a situation. And the story is very interesting, and once the game ends you definitely feel like you want more. And though we are a while away from Crysis 2's release, the expansion pack "Warhead" adds another layer onto the core game's story as you play from another soldiers perspective, "Pyshco". That expansion is just as good as the core game, the only problem I have is a personal one, there is a lot of "salty" language, more so than the first game. I'd rather do without that sort of thing, but as it stand, this is one fantastic FPS I don't think any shooter fan should miss out on.


Aside from those 2 games, I have also purchased a couple others over time, taking advantage of Steam sales:

Borderlands (PC) Borderlands (PC)

Despite the unflattering box art, this game really is rather funny. It has an off-beat humor to it, and it is fun to play. You choose from one of 4 different cla$$es, then you level up, and spend points in a talent tree unique to each cla$$. For instance, playing as a "Solider" allows you to have a turret which also has a shield attached to it which you can spawn every so often. You spend points with that cla$$to make it so the turret can provide healing, provide ammunition, or you can focus more on your own abilities making yourself a "tank", so you can virtually aggro the enemies to you while your teammates down them. Also along the way you can find many varieties of "rare" guns. White weapons are common, green are less common, blue are rare, purple are really rare, and orange (I have not seen one yet) are even more rare than purple. And the more rare they are, the better they are for the level the can use them.

Playing it online really is the way to have a better experience.

Overall this isn't a game for everyone, aside from content issues some may not like, it isn't a straight up FPS, for instance,aside from the other RPG elements I mentioned,when you shoot enemies you actually see how much HP you take off, also you need to level up by grinding and completing quests. Much of this game, from the loot system, the talent trees, the cla$$es, to the whole HP and XP thing really reminds me of a game like World Of Warcraft, but just in the form of a shooter. This is a fun hybrid of genres, and fans of both should probably check out this game.

I also have two add-on packs that increase the content by a lot. Though I have not played much of them yet, so this score I have is only for the core game thus far: 8.0.


Another game I got from a Steam sale was:

Company Of Heroes Company of Heroes

The original price was $10, but it was on sale for $2.49. The expansion packs were on sale too, but I did not have the money for them at the time, and I figured I didn't need them anyway as I didn't know how I would like this game yet. Turns out it is a very incredible WWII experience. I am not that far into the game yet, but it is already hard and intense, I am not very good at RTS games as I have not played many in a long time, but this game has gotten me interested in the genre a lot again.


One game I do not yet have, but will be getting soon is:

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

I mentioned this a while back, I have been into the MGS series as of earlier this year, andI am very eager to play this one.


Other games I have acquired are a Dungeon Siege game for PSP, and another copy of Animal Crossing: Wild World for DS, both were given to me by a friend. I know, I have a rather interesting variety of games I am into :P

Animal Crossing WW is simply a good relaxing game, fun to play when I am taking a break from all the other intense games I play lol. I'm glad I have a second copy as new I can build a whole new town. :)

Other than that I just, as of yesterday, started taking a break from World Of Warcraft. I was really addicted and need some time off. If you are into WoW you'll understand the following: I had been raiding in ICC a lot (unfortunately my guild can't get to LK and down him) and my hunter now has a 5701 GS! Also I have a level 63 priest, who will eventually become a healer for dungeons and raids, and a DPS for PvP. I'll provide pictures when I can of my toons.


That's it for the gaming news. Now, I have been on this site here and there, as I was saying before, and I did gain a level or two. My new level is 44, and is called "Violence Fight". Also I have earned a new emblem for entering a bracket into the "Greatest Villain" contest.


I'm going to take up posting in forums again, as I completely dropped my responsibilities to my own union, and as an officer in others, so, don't worry I won't suddenly disappear again this time lol. :P

I've been out of the loop on just about everything with you guys, but I'm also going to be reading blogs again, though there may be too many to keep up with them all, you will likely see a comment from me from time to time.

That's it for now, I'm glad to be back here again as it is a great website with a amazing community. Take care everyone, talk to you soon, God bless! :)