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My Birthday + Other Updates

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Hi everyone, before I talk about the blog's title, I'd like to say sorry again (for the millionth time) for not being active and keeping up with your blogs, or with the unions. World Of Warcraft has still taken up a lot of my free time.

Now to the main point of the blog,yesterday was my birthday, I am now 20! :D It's kind of weird that my teenage years went by so fast.

I got a World Of Warcraft time card late last month as an early birthday present from my brother, and one day before my birthday my parents gave me an early gift:

World Of Warcraft: Wrath Of The Lich KingWorld Of Warcraft: Wrath Of The Lich King (the second WoW expansion)

This expansion extends the level cap, bringing it from 70 to 80. And it also opens up a new land in the game for you, Northend. Also it lets you create a newer cla$$ called the Death Knight.

In one of my last blogs I mentioned I was in the 30's, well, partly due to Recruit A Friend (which I got triple XP from enemies and quests from for a while, while I was with my friend, this cut out once I hit level 60), I am now level 70! I would show you a screenshot, but I need to upload some, something I said I'd do a while back, but I only got around to uploading one for a blog.

I am still liking this game a lot, but I am really, and I mean really going to try to get on here on Gamespot more again, I miss chatting with you all.


Another thing which I received for my birthday is Skillet's newest album, called Awake. I have not heard the whole thing yet, but I can say it is a pretty great album. :)


I have 2 Gamespot updates, for the short time that I have been on this site in the past few months, I managed to get to level 41, which is called "Thunder Force".

Also, I voted in the best of 2009 readers choice awards here on Gamespot, and because of that I recently got this emblem:

Best Of 2009


Participant in 2009 Readers' Choice Awards.
"Sure, that game is good... FOR BABIES!" "That game sucks! It doesn't even have online capture the flag!" "Barbie Horse Adventure: Riding Camp just lost so much of the magic that made Barbie Horse Adventure great." And so on. These intrepid readers braved the chaos of the Readers' Choice process and let their opinions be heard above the cacophony of argumentative commenters. Congratulations, voters!


One new thing I am kind of excited about, is that my parents lifted the "no R rated movie no M rated game in this house" rule finally. So I don't have to wait until I move out to finally play games like Call Of Duty 4, Metal Gear Solid, and the Orange Box games here.


That is all for now, I will be back here over the weekend with a new blog. Take care everyone, have a great week, and God bless! :D

World Of Warcraft: My Character + Screenshots

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Well, here's the blog I promised where I talk about my character in World Of Warcraft!

Thus far I have done pretty bad with the game, I can never seem to keep my professions (mining and engineering) up to the skill level they should be, and there are other various things I can't seem to get right yet, though I am learning, The game is so vast, it's overwhelming all the stuff you can do when you are a newbie. But thanks to my high leveled friends helping me, 2 of which my account is linked to (they are brothers and they share an account, I'm not linked to 2 accounts), I have had it a lot easier than most new people.

My main is an hunter named Lurttz. Lurtz is the name of an Uruk-hai in Lord Of The Rings, I had a bunch of other names ready to use, but it seems all the really good ones were taken. Actually Lurttz is spelled with one T, but I changed it to two so I could make the name work, lol. :P

Here is my character:

World Of Warcraft Character: Lurttz and his pet

This is the only screenshot I could upload for now. Anyway, the server I play on is Rexxar, and as part of this I want to ask if any of you play on that server. If so, please let me know and we can befriend each other on WoW if you want. :)

That's all for now, I'll come back with another WoW related blog soon.

Take care have a great week and God bless! :D

WoW Update, Shadow Of The Colossus, Dissidia

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Hey everyone. I have still been using a lot of my free time for World Of Warcraft, though I am about to be active here again, especially in the forums. Also, over the weekend I will be uploading images from WoW, mostly of my character. I am currently a level 31 hunter, which is my main character. I'll talk more about that character in a blog I will write over the weekend, after I have uploaded the images I mentioned.

Aside from World Of Warcraft, I also purchased another game about a week ago, one which I had almost beat before after renting it, and just had to pick up for only $10:

Shadow Of The Colossus Shadow Of The Colossus

I beat it in the first two days I had it,and I am now working on the time trial mode to unlock stuff. This game is truly unique, sure it does not have any enemies to fight other than the 16 Colossi, but it doesen't really need anything else, it's amazing as is. This, in my opinion, is a must own for any action/adventure fan that has a PS2. :)

Alright, now if you read my blog where I talked about things I got for Christmas, you know that I have Dissidia: Final Fantasy for my PSP. I have used the replay and replay covers ion system to provide you with some gameplay, though I converted in the highest format, which has made it a little laggy. Anyway, I don't do particularly well in the fight, but still it looks cool. :) I am going to upload some more gameplay videos soon. Anyway, here is the video I made:


That's all for now, look forward to the updates this weekend, especially if you are a World Of Warcraft player. Take care, have a great week, and God bless! :D

Happy New Year!!!

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I'm a little late in writing this, but anyway, I hope you all had a good time celebrating the new year. I celebrated by hanging out with friends playing some Halo 2, playing some ping pong, eating pizza, watching a movie, it was a pretty good time. :)

God bless you all, I pray this year goes well for all of you. :)

Happy New Year! :D

Gifts I recieved (and gifts I gave) for Christmas

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Well, here's the blog I said I'd make, where I talk about the gifts I received for Christmas this year.Also, I will talk about gifts I gave.First off I'll say that Christmas was awesome, I had a great time with my family and friends. Though, it kind of went by fast. :(

I recieved some pretty awesome gifts, lets start with the first one, which I got from my parents:

Little Big Planet (PSP) Little Big Planet (PSP)

I had been eager to get this game since before it came out, and I am glad my parents bought it for me. In addition, I got a card with it for 3 free sets of costumes which are based on the games Uncharted, Killzone, and Motorstorm. The thing is though, my mom did not pre-order or reserve the game, while she was in the game store she said she just asked if they had any of the cards left, and they did! What luck, right? Well I got the costumes, and they are pretty awesome, my favorites are the Helghast Soldier's costume from Killzone, and Nathan Drake's costume from uncharted.

Playing the game is great, but what makes the game so amazing, are it'slevel creating tools. You have so much you can use to create things, it really is limitless, the amount of things you can make. Though, altogether you do have a limit of 60 (at least I think it was 60) levels you may create, 20 of which may be posted online. That is a really good amount though, we are talking full, detailed levels here, not something incredibly small like the levels you can make in a game like Scribblenauts.

Downloading levels from others is fun too, you can rate them, "heart" them, and even"heart" the authors of the levels. My only complaints about the game so far, are 1: The game has crashed twice on me during level creation, I doubt it will keep on happening, but if it does, it will put a damper on the fun of creating levels. 2: Already I have seen PSN's infamous hackers have made they're way onto the scoreboards, with impossible scores no one can ever really achieve. (what fun is that, hacking your way up a scoreboard...). Playstation still needs to listen to some of it's community members, and do more to stop the hacking of PSP games. 3: My last complaint for now, is that there is no way to comment on other people's levels. It would have been nice to have that feature, so that you could get/give feedback that may help in the creation (or re-creation) of levels in the future.

All that aside, the game is really alltogether amazing, I truly reccomend it if you have a PSP, a love for platforming games, and if you are patient enough to wade through all the tutorials as you learn how to create levels and get parts for creating levels in the game's story mode.


Now for the next gift, which I also relieved from my parents:

The Secret Window (UMD)The Secret Window (UMD Video)

This is a Johnny Depp movie I have been wanting to see for a while, and now that my parents got it for me on UMD (universal media disc, the discs you use for PSP) I can finally see it! Sadly though, I know, and have known for a while, the entire movie basically, as once when I mentioned it, someone said "hey isn't that the movie where..." and they ruined the entire plot for me. :(

Still though, I am a fan of Johnny Depp, and this movie looks good, I will be watching it soon, I'll post back here when I have seen it to let you know what I thought of it.


My brother got me:

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

I have the first game in this series, I played it until the last boss then stopped. I just took a break for a bit, and never went back to it. Also I tried playing the second game, I borrowed it from my cousin, but I didn't really get into it. I still plan to go back and finish the first one, as I was really enjoying it, I just took too long of a break and lost interest, but first I am playing this one all the way through. I had heard that this was the best in the series, and from what I have played thus far, I may agree with that. Though I am still early on in the game, I am enjoying every bit of it!


My cousin bought me:

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Dissidia: Final Fantasy

After playing the demo for this game over and over, on all the difficulties, I knew I would enjoy this game, I actually wanted to purchase it when it came out, but ended up not having the money for it, because I used the money I had for other things. Anyway, now that I have it, I am really enjoying it, far more than I expected! One thing that blew me away, is actually a feature this game has, which I have never seen in a PSP game before it: A battle replay saver, that actually lets you convert the files for viewing in the video section of the PSP! Sure some games have had the replay saving system, like Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero?, but none before this, that I have played at least, have let you actually convert the replays for viewing outside of the game. Also, you can edit the replay to change the camera of the battle to the way you want it to be, for instance you can have the camera follow the battle as a whole, rather than just from one person's perspective.

If I canpost these converted video files on Gamespot, or if I can re-convert them to a format acceptable by Gamespot, you can expect to see a lot of them on here in the near future.

Dissidia also lets you download some of the games files onto your memory card for faster loading. You have 3 choices of how much memory to download, and I chose the max, which was over 500 MB, and I think it really has made a difference!

I wish the game could play online, but sadly it is only ad-hoc (local players). :( But fortunately, the cousin of mine that bought this game for me, owns it as well, so we can duel each other at least. :)


Our friends got me and my brother:

The Office DVD Board Game The Office DVD Board Game

Me and my brother are big fans of The Office, and this game is awesome, and perfect for us. :lol:

So far we only played it once, on Christmas night, and we played a shorter way, not adhering to all of the rules because it was getting late already when we were playing. We plan to play again eventually though. It was great fun, the time we did spend playing it. We really do know a lot about The Office, lol.

I reccomend this DVD board game to all fans of The Office. :)


I got some money from my aunt, some of which I used today to see the movie Avatar in 3D. I had never seen a movie in 3D before. Sure I had seen other various things in 3D, like a short film in a theme park I was at, but it wasn't a full film, and I don't think it was as good as the kind of 3D film I saw today. Avatar was a phenomenal film, one I will most definitely buy when it is released. I absolutely recommend seeing it, and in 3D if you can. The way the film looks normally is already amazing, but in 3D, well, now that I have seen how great the 3D technology is in theatres, I woulden't want see this movie any other way in theatres (too bad it probably won't be available to buy in 3D when it's released on DVD in the future).

I am putting the rest of the money I got towards getting the World Of Warcraft Battlechest. Once I get it, and I level up a good deal with my real life friends who guided me through my WoW trial, I will tell you my character/s name/s so that you can add me to your friends list if you play the game and are on the same server.


I got some candy, deodorant, socks, and other random things as well. So all in all, I got a lot of stuff! But, of course, I also gave. I gave my brother the new CD from the band Flyleaf, titled "Momento Mori", I got my Mom a movie called "Faith Like Potatoes", and I got my Dad the movie "Terminator Salvation".


JodyR, a staff member from here on Gamespot, had a blog in which people could get a chance to receive various gaming related items for free, she listed the items and people who were first to comment saying they liked an item, received it. I managed to get a strategy guide for the game Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. I don't have the game yet, but It's one of the first I am getting in the coming year, when I get my new PC. So I'll study up on the guide and be ready for the game when I get it. :)

I also got a couple GI Joe comics and magnets, which I gave to some friends (thank you for everything JodyR and all of you Gamespot staff!).


That's it for now, I will be back to normal activity as soon as this year is over. Before I end this blog, I want throw in a question: How was your Christmas? If you don't want to say it all in a comment, but you have written a blog about it,which I have not commented on, let me know and I will visit your blog and comment there ASAP!

Take care, have a great week, and God bless! :D

Merry Christmas!!!

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Today is the day we celebrate Jesus' birth, and exchange gifts with friends and family. I have gotten some cool stuff this Christmas, but I'll let all of you know what I got in another blog during the weekend. Take care everyone, enjoy the day, God bless and

Merry Christmas!

What I've been up to (WoW)

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Hey all, since it's close to Christmas, there is a lot of stuff going on, so I'll be busy and I won't return to normal activity until January.

Well that's just one reason I haven't been here much, another has to do with a game I started playing.

I have done something I never thought I'd do, I have gotten into World Of Warcraft. My friends, one of which has some level 80 characters, told me I should get into it. I played a little in the past at my friends house, but didn't like it much. But after playing again on Thanksgiving, I started liking it, and now I have the free 10 Day trial, which ends on the 16th.

I told my friends that I will be getting the game to continue with my characters in January, when I will pick up the Battlechest version of the game, which includes the first expansion pack called Burning Crusade. I really don't like the idea of paying $30 for 60 days, I have always been opposed to charging people such a highprice for a game they already own. But then I realised, they have a lot of servers that need money to maintain, so this is kind of like a forced donation that really is needed.

Still I wish they would make it so that days you don't log in don't count against you, that would be so much better. But anyway, I will be playing it a lot next month, but don't worry I will be here enough, probably talking about the game a lot. :P

Well, that's all for now. Take care, have a great weekend, and God bless!

Happy Thanksgiving

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Hey everyone, I know Thanksgiving is almost over, so I am a little late writing this blog. Anyway, today was awesome, I just love celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family. Eating lots of turkey, sweet potatoes, and other great foods. But most importantly, taking the time to think about all we have and be thankful to God for it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Finished The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

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Hey all, as the title says, I have finally finished this game:

The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

I reserved a copy of this game back in 2007, and picked it up the day of it's release in October of that year, and now, just over two years later, I decided to start playing it again. I had been very frustrated and annoyed with the "Temple of the Ocean King", if you have played this game, you know why. You have to continually return to the temple, and redo the same things in it over and over again, with one new section being added each time.

Well, after putting this game down from my frustration, I often forgot I even had it as I moved on to other games. I had originally intended to go back to it after a short break, but I didn't actually start really playing it again until just several days ago. I used a free Prima strategy guide I received for re-subscribing to Nintendo Power, but mostly just to get my bearings, because after not playing for a while, I forgot a lot of what to do in the temple.

I did use the guide a couple other times, but not for anything too important, as I really wanted to finish the game without cheating with the guide.

Anyway, I'm going to talk about the last boss, and the last scene of the game for a bit, but saying anything about it may spoil the game for you if you have not played it, so click the following spoiler only if you have beaten the game, or you just don't care if what I say ruins it for you:

[spoiler] Bellum, the last boss, was too easy... or so I thought at first. Believe it or not, when it got to the scene you think will be the scene of the game, I was actually surprised to find that Bellum was still alive. And the 2 other battles with him, well at the least the very last one, did prove to be challenging. After Bellum possesses Linebeck, the battle that followed was hard, but very fun. I loved using the time stopping ability, which you get in the last battle, then running up behind Bellum to attack his exposed eye. Anyway, the last scene that followed that battle was pretty cool, and it was interesting to find that everything you and Tetra went through really happened all in the course of 10 minutes in the real world. [/spoiler]

So, the ending of the game was truly great, and now that I have finally beaten this game, I can't wait to get the new DS Zelda game titled "Spirit Tracks", which comes out soon.

All in all I give this Zelda game a 9.0. If I was still able to score games here on Gamespot in 0.1 increments instead of 0.5, I would really give it a 9.1.

I may write an actual detailed review for the game sometime, if I do I'll let you know in another blog.

That's all for now, take care, have a great week, and God bless! :D

Level 40 - Abobo + some updates

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Hi everyone, as the blog title suggests, I have reached level 40 here on Gamespot! The level is called Abobo. I don't think it took me very long to get to this level, I have only been here just over 2 years. :D

Anyway, I have some game updates for you guys/girls, some about new games, some about games I started playing again. First lets start with the new games.

As some of you may know, I have a PSP which I play a lot, I have 19 UMD games for it right now, and 1 PSN exclusive game (Syphon Filter:Combat Ops), and also some PS1 cla$$ics. One cla$$ic, which I purchased not too long ago, is:

Syphon Filter Syphon Filter

The first Syphon Filter game I ever played was the PS2 port of Dark Mirror (which was edited to make a T rating), and after that I got Logan's Shadow for my PSP, which I think is amazing. I decided to get this cla$$ic to see how the first game was, and it was totally worth the money I paid for it. Though, on the PSP it is a little clumsy with the controls. I plan to play the other Syphon Filter games someday, but as you may know, "M" games are not allowed in my house, it's a rule which my parents have, so I will have to wait until I move out to play other SF games. :(

Another game, which really isn't mine (it's my brother's) is:

Star Wars: Empire At War (He got the Gold version, which I could not find an image for)

As I said, it's really my brother's game, but I can play it still. And I have played it, not much, but from I have played of it I can tell you it is awesome. The graphics are really nice, and one thing I really like is that there is a cinematic camera option which lets you really see the battle up close. Anyway, I will be playing this on and off, but there is another RTS which I started playing again recently, which I will talk about soon in this blog.


There are some games I am looking forward to getting whenever I can (some are not out yet though) :

Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP)

I have wanted Dissidia for a while now, but have not had the money to buy it. I have the demo, and have beaten it on all difficulty modes several times. I can't wait to finally play the full game.

Little Big Planet PSP

I don't have a PS3 yet, but when I get one, LBP is one of the first games I want, but since I won't get a PS3 until sometime next year, the new PSP version of LBP sounds promising, and I want to get the pre-order or reserved version, though, as I mentioned before, I don't even have the money for Dissidia right now.

I suggested this to one of my parents, who wanted to know what kind of stuff I'd like, so they have an idea of what to get for me for Christmas. So I might get it, but if not I will buy it late in January if I can. The reason I wanted the pre-ordered/reserved version though, is that it comes with a bonus card, which contains a code that you enter in on PSN to get some free costumes for your sackboy.

Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier (PSP)

I played the demo for this, and it was ok, nothing particularly special. It is toned down a bit from the Jak games, you can no longer hurt civilians or steal vehicles, and instead of guns you have a gun staff which lets you add attachments to it. I am a fan of the series, and I will get it at some point of time, I just hope it isn't going to be like Ratchet & Clank for the PSP, which was really amazing, but way too short.

The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Ok so I still have never finished Phantom Hourglass due to the frustrating temple thing (which is a first, I never usually play a Zelda game without stopping until I have beaten it), but now I have motivation to get to beating it, because the new DS Zelda game is coming out next month! I can't wait to get it, it may be odd that Link has a train... but I'm sure it will be a great game like all the other Zelda games.

Drawn To Life 2 (DS)

I never played the first DTL game, but instead of getting that one I want the new one as it seems better, at least from what I read in the Nintendo Power review it is. From the sound of it, it will be an easy game, but being able to draw your own character to use in a game is awesome, and I can't wait to play this game for that reason.

Professor Layton and the Diablolical Box

I have the first Layton game, and I love it. I sort of cheated a few times though, asking family members for help with a couple puzzles, using a guide for a few, but this time I won't cheat (at least not by looking at a guide). Anyway,I can't wait to get it!

The World Ends With You

Looks like a good Square Enix game, I don't know too much about it, but from what I have seen, it looks like a truly great DS game.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Not really at the top of my list of things to buy, but it looks like fun.

Shadow Of The Colossus

I rented SOTC a long while back, but never beat it. I got far in the game, though I looked at a guide for a few of the bosses. Luckily, I don't remember much about the bosses, so when I finally get this game (only $10 in Walmart!), I will play it from the beginning, and figure out how to defeat all of the bosses on my own this time.


There are some music CD's I would like to get sometime also, they are:

Pillar: Confessions

Project 86: Picket Fence Cartel

The Cla$$ic Crime: The Silver Cord

Skillet: Awake

X 2009 (Christian music/music video compilation)


Now, as I mentioned when I talked about Empire At War, there is another RTS game I have been playing again lately, which I am enjoying now more than ever, and that is Lord Of The Rings: Battle For Middle Earth. LOTR: BFME is an incredible RTS, and I am currently trying to beat the game's campaign modes.


That's all for now, take care everyone, have a great week, and God bless! :D