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Legend by Ridley Scott

If there ever was a movie that captured that fantasy feeling it was Legend. Even at it time it was a commercial flop , I still remember watching the movie everytime I got the chance on channel 9 or 11. I remember always cheering Jack on he battles the forces of Darkness (Tim Curry). Every time I saw the movie I felt like I was taken away to a far away land, whatever worries I had where taken the way because the magic of the money, I could not get enough of the movie.

You may ask why I am writing this , well to be honest I don't know, I was channel surfing and just happen to see it and love every minute it. (for the million time :D)

Guess I wanted to let people now how great it is , granted it not the best review or blog at that, I am a man of few words but if your a fantasy nut check this movie out. One of Rildley most underrated movies.

Excuse my grammer I know it not the best.

P.S. Man where the 80's great. :)

Admitting you where wrong.

It takes a real man to admit when he is wrong, and I was totally wrong about Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. I tried it at a friend house and found out I was pleasantly wrong about the game. Bottom line was I Had fun So I went and bought it for steam for $45. I know I said I was not going to support capcom but well I am not perfect and I love the game. IF you dont like it

Deal with it...


Capcom Added to the ban list......Period.

So that "dlc" that just happens to be locked in the disc will cost players $20.............

so it either buy the game for vita with it crappy controls for $40 or literally spend double that to get same experience on the console version.?

or... take my money else where like ohh.. I don't know .... like Guild Wars 2 collection edition , you know to a company who does not f$%%^ it customers over.

Capcom added to the ban listperiod, as much I love how dragon dogma looks and the new Coop RE game, this is the last straw.

Seriously all I wanted was Bryanfury .. F you, back to Dota 2.....

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