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Well- there is one thing that I can't figure out. How to get the missle tank in the bio weapons research center. It is right there in a windowed wall with a morph ball tube in veiw....but I can't find any open vents.
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I learned all that last the wave beam, grapple beam, speed boost and shinespark. Got a whole lot of stuff last night I saw before.
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I am new to the game myself, and really wish I could be of more help...the only thing I can offer is that there is an entire playlist on Youtube which gives the rundown of the game and how to get past the tough areas. HOWEVER, it doesn't show how to get the tricky items, just the ones which are probably easy enough to get on your own. It shows nothing as far as I know on how to get---Super Missile, Super Bomb, Grapple Beam, or Super/Fast slide. The author of the playlist is capoland.
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I have only just started playing a few days ago, and have turned to a number of walk thrus and videos to help me out. However, there are a few things that are really bothering me. Firstly, there is an item at the beginning of the game early in Sector 1 that I can not get. In the first elevator room where you jump the platforms to get to the top, on the right side of the room there is a windowed corridor with a switch that opens a wall, allowing you to go in and grab the item. I have tried everything to shoot the switch but all my shots-normal wave beam and charged wave beam just bounce off. I have seen from a site a 2 part picture shot f this item grab area. The first picture shows Shamus in first person lining up the shot, and the second is her waling thru the now open wall, into the corridor to get the item. The other items are just spread throughout the multiple levels, also items listed in the various websites which don't mention or show how to get the items, just that yuo go this way or that and get it. Also lease answer me this..why am I not able to get the grapple beam and super missile??? I have reached numerous areas in the game--near the Test Complex area that require both of those and I have not been able to get them.