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Who knows maybe next year they will release the Final Mix of both Kingdom Hearts.

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So far what I have are:

Coins were used:

Animal Crossing Game Case

Super Mario Game case

3DS game case

Giant AR card (more like paper)

Blooper fan

Messenger bag

Platinum Rewards:

Mario Hat

Mario Button set

Mario Group Figurine

Other Rewards:

Kid Icarus AR Promo cards

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I got mine for 30. It was worth it. :)


It's one of the most underated games of the series, I don't know why people complain about it.

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sure we always wanted postcards, like the previous kingdom hearts preorder bonus was. we dont want POST CARDS Square Enix


Basically all you are paying for is the 3DS case and Special edition box, yeah its a poor Special edition, but hey it's a 10th anniversery of the franchise.

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I paid $20 for mine.

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Hi I don't know you remember me, well let me repost this:

The Wii does get alot of hate for many reasons:

1.) Nintendo has been citicized because the vast majority of the games are kiddish.

2.) There is hardly much support on quality games from third parties, which people look at it as "don't bother paying attention to them". Look at Capcom, I believe the newests game they had on the Wii were Tatsunoko Vs Cpacom and Monster Hunter Tri.

3.) Because of their image of having kiddish games, the older demographic believe they are too old for those kind of games and they have to move on to games and consoles that are "mature", better quality, and "HARDCORE".

4.) Most of the time, the stories of the big franchise games like Mario and Zelda are just rehashed story. I mean look at Mario, how many times does he have to save the Princess.

5.) Another factor is the control mechanic that most videogamers get discouraged. They believe that motion controls are stupid and it will never catch on.

Now I have a couple of things to say about those reasons:

1.) Blood and gore does not make a game or a mature game for that matter.

2.) You know who's fault it is, you the gamer. You guys are too insecure of buying games that are different. Why the heck do you buy every Call of Duty that comes out?

3.)Oh don't get me started with Hardcore, if you people claim to be hardcore look at your game library and your save data. if you collection/data consist of mostly FPS, Fighting games, and/or Sports, you are not "HARDCORE", you are a 'COMPETETIVE" player. If you were a hardcore gamer you would have games like these: Hyperdimension Neptunia, Loco Roco, Monster Rancher, Little Big Planet, and Professor Layton, just to name a few, and you would play them equally and enjoy them with great love.

4.) Okay, how many more types of guns do you need do you need in a Call of Duty game?

5.) OMG, it is submersive playing!!! It's the next step in playing videogames. Do you honestly think huddling yourself with a control is the same way if you were holding a gun or a sword? NO. When I play Zelda on the Wii, I have so much thrill of swinging my control then pressing a button just to attack.

So yeah I believe people should not be hating Nintendo or the Wii, they should be ashamed of theirselves of their biggotry towards any game/system.

Also I want to add, that the Wii is the only true system that you can play with anyone in the same household.

There are some Wii fans that are upset that now they are releasing the good games on the Wii when it's time is running out.

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I go bargain hunting for my games.

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As for what I did, I will get any game in the Bargain bin and try them out.

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The only pricedrop that is going to happen will be the PSP going on sale on Black Friday for $79.99

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It's a side scroller. Of course I'm going to use the D pad.