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Rise of the Fight Night Franchise

When Knockout Kings made an exit but it was still left in the hearts of the fans, the year 2004 came around and Fight Night made its debut in April 2004. Bringing all the realism to the game introducing Total Punch Control making the controls more alot easier to function and bringing all the punches too life. Having updated rosters with an legit career mode and so on, but what makes fight night different from other boxing games the controls and punches knockdowns with ragdoll physics. With the release of Fight Night Round 2 bringing the Total Punch Control back with all new haymaker control and stun punch making the game even better then its original game also with better graphics and a more updated rosters. Fight Night Round 3 is the king of Boxing games with film quality graphics top notch gameplay adding flash KO with EA SPORTS Haymaker to take control of the fight. Also with the Playstation 3 version of the game adding a whole new different mode called GET IN THE RING this mode allows you to fight through the boxers eye making a new level of realism, With the release of Fight Night Round 4 and Fight Night Champion are pretty much the 2 Gods of the Fight Night Series making its way to the next gen consoles with all new Spectrum Punch Control and modify haymakers as well and bare knuckle brawl fighting to the game I forgot to mention being the first rated M for a boxing game on the market. Fight Night will continue to bring the fans all the boxing action they want out of this huge franchise as the fans want it EA will deliever it too us.

The Playstation 3 Game Eight Days

Wow Eight Days was shown back at E306 at the Playstation Press Conference, being one of the greatest game trailers Ive seen so far for the playstation 3 that year. The game was being developed by SCE London Studio, but on June 4th 2008 the game was cancelled due to lack of online play, 2 weeks after cancellation the president of SCE Shuhei Yoshida stated that the cancellation was due to the lack of online modes. Around October 2009 it was confirmed that the game hasnt been canceled but put on hold. I believe if the game was still in development right now and they finish it I think it will be one of Sony's greatest game ever release on the playstation 3 because around the time they showed it in 2006 the graphics are very out dated to the graphics we seen now in video games, so to shine all the new graphic engines on this game and put more into the gameplay mechanices omg you will have your so a true solid action game that was brought back from the dead. Dont forget to menitioned that The Getaway was gonna be release alongside with Eight Days but even that game was put into cancellation on the same day June 4 2008. Hopefully these 2 games will be released some day maybe with the launch of the Playstation 4(hopefully).

NBA Live Series - Not Good for EA

NBA LIVE started out to be fans favorite basketball game throughout the years EA gives us something different like the freestyle control and so on. The Live series started too take its beating when NBA Live 2007 released and I gotta say the game was crap the gameplay was terrible the models wasnt as impressive as the previous live games. So NBA Live 2010 was the best Live game they put out so they had a comeback with NBA Elite and I gotta say that was the worst game ever being that the game never released due to poor development so the game was canned. EA released a demo over the Playstation Network and talk about the worst gameplay in probably basketball games Ive ever seen, we enter 2012 EA announced NBA LIVE 13 at first they talked about the game being a digital download at first instead of retail release. Come to find out EA was having a tough time with the game as well especially with development they wasnt sure will the game be released before the NBA Season starts. It had a release date of October 2 2012 the same day NBA 2K13 would be released, EA decide to cancel the game due to poor development same as NBA Elite. EA is having a very very tough time with there basketball sim it was said that they will wait until next year too put out a great basketball game. Its time to focus EA.

Sega Dreamcast Era

Lets talk Dreamcast for abit alright, on September 9 1999 Sega released the Dreamcast and I gotta say it was very different then most gaming consoles. It was the first to have onlineplay there controllers were alot bigger then the Saturn and Genesis controllers, having such titles like Sonic Adventure The House of the Dead 2 Space Channel 5 and others Dreamcast was an success for alittle while. But little as consumers know that the Sony Playstation 2 was on the way a year later Dreamcast was having a very tough time even in Japan,it was a shocker but they will still release games like Shenmue along with Vitrua Fighter series. But lets not knock Dreamcast down even though it was before its time like I said it was one of the first to have a built in modem to have onlineplay and that was amazing especially in the year 1999 way before next gen consoles came out. During E31999 i believe they show the playstation 2 and everybody faces drop because of how powerful the PS2 was and showing off games like Madden Tekken and others but the thing that makes playstation 2 so wonderful is that it was the first console to have a DVD player and that was a big deal at the time you see in stores people showing movies using the Playstation 2 DVD player. All i can say is that Dreamcast was a good console for its time but Sony shut them out even still consumers still bought the console but games just sat on store shelves then the word got out that Sega was not making hardware anymore but just software come to find out that it was all true we all know Sega still remains one of the top names in the industry.

Mortal Kombat 9

Mortal Kombat 9 is one of the most brutal fighting games ive every played, the game was brought back to its roots in the most amazing way every using todays technology. Ed Boon and his team worked hard on bringing everything back to how we first played mortal kombat in the arcades of 1992, with all the fatatiles even babitiles and pit stages makes the game feel like the first 3 games and on top of that adding X-Rays attack moves to spice up the gameplay. With all the gory finishers im surprised it didnt get an A RATING but hey im glad it didnt spark any bad news being that Mortal Kombat was the most violent game of its time along with DOOM. So with the success of Mortal Kombat 9 they should continue the series dont call quits yet continue to make it better but this time Mortal Kombat 10 should be based of Mortal Kombat 4 and Mortal Kombat 5. Over the years Mortal Kombat became one of the most successful fighting franchises out there and winning the award Best Fighting Game of 2011.

My Resident Evil 6 Review

Resident Evil debuted back in March 1996 bringing a whole new meaning to the genre survival horror. The game features alot of puzzle solving especially back tracking as well, but the mainthing about the game is its crappy live cutscenes and very bad dialogues. I wont get into the next 2 games but they were well decent alot better then the original game, in 2005 Capcom took a different appoarch with the franchise making it more action survival horror with a new camera system behind the shoulder, it was decent but i didnt like how you have to stop to shoot enemies it kinda slows the action down in most cases. Now with the release of Resident Evil 5 was pretty much Resident Evil 4 just with better graphics and different storyline. Capcom now took a better look at RE4 & RE5 and making Resident Evil 6 the best in the series Resident Evil 6 is such an amazing game to gameplay graphics voice acting dialogues and beyond. Capcom made it all better now you can shoot while moving the melee combat is more affective but i gotta say the game lost its scares from left to right top to bottom but it doesnt make it a terrible game at all in my mind. RE6 is not at its roots but its definitely better then the last 2 games. I say Capcom should bring the franchise back to its roots again with Resident Evil 7 if they decide to make it.