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Gone Blogging??

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Man my blogs havent been updated since april 28th and my world has totally changed since then, as you read this you notice there is nothing to talk about really but, my dream computer I saw it in one of dells mags

 The best part 740G`s I never seen that in my life What can you do with that

Yet it cost 3,029 Dollars which would take some work but its possible

another thing I love the fact that everyone seems active and are responding to everyone elses blogging as well as mine i hope this continues because it seems gamespot is going good this year. Im off to go respond to someother bloggs and to update my profile



I'm Back!!!

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I remebered my pass and im back on baby!!! Im so happy to have this account back, Thanks to all of my friends who F/R my other name...Now its time to catch up on somethings. TTYL


Time ta update! 

My Internet Crashed!!!

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My Mom was on her laptop when all of a sudden the internet said to call our provider(Verizon) so we call and they say to call dell so we call them up and they say to fix the problem we would have to pay $245 dollors and im like. :o so i decide to just go ahead and try to fix it again myself.

What a Coinkidink I fixed it. Imangine Spending $245 dollars and you can fix it yourself. HA! 8)

This is Curt Signing off. Thx for Reading/Replying

Nearly Lvl. 13 and feelin good

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Well ive been working really hard latly on this site.from posting like crazie to Trying to get all the infomation on a game as possible.Heck im just one laid back guy with a passion for GS.

It feels so good to kno all my work has paid off.

Nascar 07

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News finaly its about time EA put out some news on the game im glad to report so far that EA has tryed to do a better job this year.

The new momentum bar sounds cool and the other feautures are also to my liking id like to hear about drivinig under caution and also driving on pit road so its all up to EA how to finsih this dont screw it up now ea you have closing time to go through. KEEP IT STRONG.

Rained out

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Well first off id like to say happy 4th to everyone second off id like to say my 4th is rained out which means no fireworks today Awell i guess we just had a major storm which is still going on pass through which is drowning everythying!!

Well have a happy and joyus 4th you guys

Which One to get??

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Specs: Sony PlayStation 3 General
Controller Bluetooth Wireless
Form Factor Console
Graphics Processor and Memory
Embedded Video Memory 0MB
Graphics Processor RSX "Reality Synthesizer"
Graphics Core Clock Speed 550MHz
System Memory 256MB XDR
Vector Units 1 VMX vector unit per core
System Memory Bandwith 22.4GB/s, RSX 20GB/s (write)/15GB/s (read), SB 2.5GB/s (write)/ 2.5GB/s (read)
Shaders 100 Billion Shader Operations/s
Video Memory 256MB
Product Identification
Manufacturer Sony
Product Line Sony PlayStation 3
Video Output
Resolution 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Expansion and Connectivity
Digital Media Formats Compatible with CR-ROM, CDR+W, DVD, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R
Game Media Format Blu-ray BD-ROM
Other I/O Connectors Ethernet (RJ45), 6 USB 2.0, CF Slot (Type I, II), SD Slot (Regular, Compact), Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, 1 x Optical Audio
Controller Ports Supports up to 7 Bluetooth Controllers
Plug and Play Storage 2.5in Removable Hard Drive (Unkown Size)
Standard AV Output Connectors 2 x HDMI, 1 x AV
Integrated Communications 802.11 B/G Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0
Processor Core Spec 1 Core, 7 x SPE 3.2GHz (256KB SRAM per SPE), 7 x 128b 128 SIMD GPRs
Marketing Performance Measurement 2.18 TFLOPs
Processor Clock Speed 3.2GHz
L2 Cache 512KB L2 cache, 256KB per SPE
Processor Cell processor
Integrated Devices
Built-in Features Backward Compatible with PlayStation 2, Stands Vertically or Horizontally
System Memory
Memory Bandwidth 25.6GB/s main memory bandwidth, 22.4GB/s video memory bandwidth
Media Drive Blue-Ray BD-ROM
Surround Sound Multichannel Output (software driven)


Specs: Microsoft Xbox 360 General
Controller 2.4GHz Wireless
Weight 7.7 lbs.
Form Factor Console
Dimensions (WxDxH) 12.15 in x 3.27 in x 10.15 in
Graphics Processor and Memory
Embedded Video Memory 10MB
Graphics Processor Custom ATI Processor
Graphics Core Clock Speed 500MHz
System Memory 512MB UMA (Shared with GPU)
Vector Units 1 VMX-128 unit per core (3 total)
CPU Math Performance 9 Billion Dot Product Operations per Second
System Memory Bandwith 22.4GB/s, 256GB/s to EDRAM
Memory Architecture Unified Memory Architecture
Shaders 48-way Parallel Floating Point Dynamically-Scheduled, 48 billion Operations/s
Video Memory 512MB UMA (Shared with CPU)
Fill Rate (pixels) 16 Gigasamples/s using 4X MSAA
Fill Rate (triangles) 500 Million/s
Product Identification
Manufacturer Microsoft
Product Line Microsoft Xbox 360
Video Output
Resolution 480p, 480i, 720p, 1080i
Expansion and Connectivity
Digital Media Formats DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, WMA CD, MP3 CD, JPEG Photo CD
Game Media Format Dual-Layer DVD-ROM
Other I/O Connectors 3 USB 2.0, 2 Memory Slots, Ethernet Port (RJ45)
Controller Ports Supports up to 4 Controllers
Plug and Play Storage 20GB Removable Hard Drive
Standard AV Output Connectors n/a
Integrated Communications 802.11 A/B/G Wi-Fi ready, adapter not included
Processor Core Spec 3 Cores, 2 hardware threads per core
Marketing Performance Measurement 1 TFLOP
Processor Clock Speed 3.2GHz
L2 Cache 1MB
Processor Custom IBM PowerPC CPU
Integrated Devices
Built-in Features Backward Compatible with Xbox (limited), Stands Vertically or Horizontally, Interchangable Face Plates, Xbox Live Service, Media Center Extender
System Memory
Memory Bandwidth 22.4GB/s main memory bandwidth, 256GB/s to eDRAM, 21.6GB/s FSB
Media Drive 12 x Dual-Layer DVD-ROM
Decompression Channels 320 Independent Decompression Channels
Surround Sound Multichannel Output (software driven)
Sampling Frequency 48KHz 16-bit

which one to buy? I say PS3, cuz the discs hold 50GB more memory, meaning bigger and better games

Days Of a Down

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My Teacher Told Me something that i will remeber for along time to come.

When Your Mad about something and need it to go out of ur mind.

You could Just follow these instructions and ull feel a whole lot better....

1.Pick a Very quiet Place for this to work it must be very quiet

2.Close your Eyes and think of some of ur favorite things

3.Put all those things together

4.DayDream about those things that make you happy/Feel good.

5.Just chill out and Close ur Eyes and thik about those items,it should only take 3 minutes of ur time or less,you can even do it all day(Which i dont recommend)

If you mad and try it out tell me how it went and if  it worked for you.


NASCAR Changes

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From Cars,To Teams,To owners,even Crew chiefs

I think this NASCAR season will be a big one with a very hard way to Track it.It wont be that easy i think to Keep up with the changes of  NASCAR.Speakingof which any word of NASCAR 07 yet??(The game)

06 for me sucked!!!!!Except for the carrear Mode

And does anybody know about the Driver Changes,Its very confusing for me