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Horrible Grinding Noise, Extreme Confusion, Stunned Silence

The office's Xbox 360 Elite just died today. Pretty crazy, and not at all a red ring error. Was loading upa game, and all of a sudden a sound starting coming out of the system that made it sound like it was grinding the disc into a million pieces, or at least putting a deep gouge into the bottom of the disc. I freaked out and popped the drive, the disc was still spinning in the tray. After putting it back it, it started to grind again, then a quiet whirring noise, then silence.

The drive's totally dead. Now it just whirs and makes a bit of a beeping noise and lists any disc I put in it as "unplayable." I went ahead and filed a regular support claim with Microsoft, mostly because I'm curious to see how long it takes to fix. Some people are reporting as much as a two-month turnaround on busted consoles these days, which is totally nuts.