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Blind Item.

From Bungie's 9/14 Weekly Update:

The only sounds (during Campaign playthroughs) were the occasional curse as a Jackal sniper ended a battle. Otherwise it was eerie silence. It's scary for us because we can't tell what they're thinking. The groups of journalists got on very well, in spite of working for rival publications -and played a ton of co-op, multiplayer and Forge. Campaign scoring seemed very popular and I can say that some of the press are total achievement whores. A small group came back after they were theoretically done, to go through co-op on Legendary because they were missing one scoring item they felt they could unlock.

Total achievement whores? I have no idea who he could be talking about.

Expect to see reviews landing on just about every review source you can think of on 9/23. And stop sending me Xbox Live messages about the game, I think the thing I had to sign means they can set everything I own on fire if I talk about it.

Pizza Sticks, Slurpee... Halo 3?

So I finally got around to investigating this whole "pre-order Halo 3 at 7-11" thing that some locations are advertising, and it doesn't seem like it's going to be quite that simple. At least not just yet. The guys behind the counter weren't any help at all. The older one looked at me like I had just landed from space. The younger one quickly rushed over once he realized what I was asking about and mumbled something about how they had no idea how it was all working because "the guy hadn't shown up to tell them how to do it" or something to that effect, and that I should try back ina few days.

You know, you'd think they'd get that sort of stuff squared away before putting the poster up.

Anyway, I gave up on it and pre-ordered from an online retailer, and, like a total sucker, I pre-ordered the Legendary edition. I'm surprised that places are still taking pre-orders for it, seeing as how it's supposed to actually be a somewhat-limited item. Maybe even the rabid Halo fanbase isn't falling for this. Seriously, after shipping, $160 for one game? One game that doesn't come with any peripherals or rock guitars or anything? I might just cancel it and go with the regular limited edition, I don't know. Even though it's not big enough to wear, I just don't really have room for a silly little helmet around here.

Enter the Tekken?

So I might be imagining things, but I have a feeling that the new online version of Tekken might not be wired up for cross-region play. I've had the Japanese version installed for some time now, but it's only giving me Japanese players. I would think that there'd be a lot more low-ranking US games up and running right about now.

I've done what any sensible person would do: I've dropped 30 more bucks on the US version of the game, and now I'm downloading that. Unfortunately, it won't let you have both versions installed at the same time. On the upside, that gives me hope that all the money I've earned and costume parts I've purchased will carry over to the US version. That'd be nice. Hwoarang without his silly-ass cowboy hat is hardly Hwoarang at all! At least I'll be able to actually read what all the costume parts are now...

And dude, is it just me, or did the PlayStation Store go from zero to 60 over the course of, like, three days? Between Warhawk, Tekken Online, and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, the Sony download store looks...

A) Pretty radical.

B) Pretty different from Xbox Live Arcade.

Between Tekken being out in the US now (better connections with closer opponents) and Warhawk, I suspect my PS3 is going to be getting a lot more use from here on out. Though I still prefer the 360 version of Puzzle Fighter because, you know, points? Broke 45k last night, by the way. Streets of Rage 2 is easy.

This is Your 100% Guaranteed Spoiler-Free BioShock (360) Review!

OK, now that that'sout of the way...

Full text and video reviewcoming on Monday. I will make no guarantees about the nature of that review because for some people (total jerks), saying "THIS GAME HAS WATER" could be considered a spoiler.

Blog entry on how anyone who has ever said "I AM STAYING OFF THE INTERNET TO AVOID SPOILERS FOR " is a bad person coming soon!

Points Report for 08/07/2007


The best part about owning a newer, faster PC: I can render these goofy videos in like four minutes, instead of the 45-60 minutes it took on my old machine.


I've abandoned this blog as of late, because I'm spending a bunch of my at-home hours moving files and hardware from my old PC to my new one. But I'm just about done, so that's pretty nice. Just need to get this video camera wired up, then maybe we can have us a chat about some points!

And by points I guess I really mean Garry's Mod, Picross DS, and Tekken Online, which are the three games totally dominating the rest of my spare gamin' time.

Well that's random...

So I'm messing around with my 360voice profile a bit to make sure it lists all the games I actually own, right? As part of that, I have to pop in my NHL 2K6 disc. I left it running for a bit, and when it got to the demo, it just totally locked up. During the demo! Totally sweet.

Anyway, some people have been asking about a points report, and yeah, I'll probably get one going next week, but I probably won't talk about E3 very much at all. Between the podcast, On the Spot, our gut reactions piece, and our E3 awards, I think I've said everything that I'd have to say about E3, really.

E3 shopping list

Burnout: Paradise
Call of Duty 4
Killzone 2
Rock Band
Unreal Tournament 3
Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
a new PSP
a new PC
World in Conflict
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
Guitar Hero III
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground
The Simpsons Game
Super Mario Galaxy
Virtua Fighter 5
Everyday Shooter

This... is Jeopardy!

A: When you're trying to pack for E3.

Q: When is the exact wrong time to crack open your copy of Puzzle Quest and get totally hooked on it?

Sega says "hey, us too!"

So now the Xbox 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5 is going online, joining Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection on the PS3, which will also receive an online update later this year. That's pretty cool. But will it work well enough to matter?

It seems like every time you talked to anyone involved with either series, and the question of online came up, they'd always sort of claim that it'd never work out well enough to meet their high standards or something. You'd see a lot of quotes like "we're focusing on the single-player experience" or something, which never makes much sense when you're talking about a fighting game.

So what happened? Well, online gaming sort of keeps blowing up, for one. For another, other fighting games, like DOA4 and the retro releases on the Xbox 360 and PS3, have gone online with varying levels of success. Have they been perfect? Heck no, but they've certainly been playable. At some point, I guess, the Tekken and VF developers must have realized that the bandwidth situation isn't going to suddenly skyrocket and allow them to offer zero-latency games, so they're making do with what we've got.

It's pretty exciting, but at the same time, it's all probably going to come down to how much lag you're willing to put up with. For the religious zealots of the Virtua Fighter world, any lag is probably too much lag. For the rest of us, though, it should work out just fine.