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2012, already eventful!

Happy new year everyone. I hope you all had a good new years eve.

For me the new year has already got of to a eventful start for me.
Instead of partying on new years eve we were waiting at home anxiously while my brother was at the vets
helping them give our dog a c-section.

Of course it had to be on new years eve! So the next few days are going to be spent staying up late caring for
puppies instead of late night skyrim leveling!

Happy 2012 everyone :D

On the Radar: Class 3

I don't usually find myself hyped and excited about indie games, except for the odd minecraft update, but recently there's a game i just can't wait to play. That game is Class 3.

Class 3 is an open world zombie survival game that is currently being developed by Undead Labs.

Well, who are Undead Labs? Undead Labs are a game development studio founded by Jeff Strain (A big name in the MMO industry, one of the founders of ArenaNet (Guild Wars) and the lead programmer of World of Warcraft). The studio aims to create a studio with the most zombie loving developers in the industry. All this makes Class 3 seem promising already.

Class 3 is exclusively being developed for the Xbox 360 at the moment and plans to be released on Xbox Live Arcade (Unfortunate news for PC & PS3 gamers). The game sounds like a mash up between minecraft and well any other zombie game out there.

The player and a friend (over Xbox live co-op) will need to gather food, water, ammo and make a shelter for themselves; this is the minecraft sort of side to the game.

Then comes the action oriented side, smashing the undead with baseball bats, mowing them down in big trucks, diving through windows to raid shops for the world's last Twinkie or a new "boom stick" and chainsaw. The choice is yours.

That isn't all though, Undead Labs are also planning to create Class 4, they plan to take the feedback they get from players from Class 3, improve on them, and then turn it into a big zombie MMO for thousands of people at a time.

No release date has been given yet but Class 3 will definitely be one of my games to watch.