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So.... I searched and didn't find a topic for this in the first few pages, so apologies if it exists already.

Anyway, back on topic, the Destiny PS4 beta started today (folks who pre-ordered on PS4 from select retailers should've received their codes by now. The Xbox One beta starts later this month.

To me, coming from someone who played the Destiny Alpha, the Beta is even more amazing. The game is really opened up, the visuals have received a HUGE upgrade and are now beautiful. Then there's the gameplay, which is incredibly fun and reminiscent of Halo (which IMO is a good thing). Overall I'm very impressed and can't wait for this game to fully release.

Very curious to hear other gamer's impressions.

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I still have an insane PS3 backlog from PS+ that's gonna help during the next - gen blues (half-assed multi-gen releases, long game droughts). I definitely think it's worth keeping your old systems, at least until the new machines mature a little.

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This game is oddly fascinating to me. I think that goes to show the lack of good games in the current generation so far.

I'll grab it when it's $10 most likely.

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I look forward to your ban. Have a great day! :)

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Awesome. I fucking love this game. About to hit Gen 5. I know, I'm slackin'.

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Glad it turned out. Bluepoint remains damn good.

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@dvader654: I'm glad I'm not the only one who was disappointed in Infamous. It started out with so much promise -- those visuals, andTroy Baker! But 2 hours in, it becomes clear that you've seen all the game has to offer, after that it's just the same shit over and over. I couldn't return to Titanfall fast enough.

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Been playing the game since Saturday. I can confirm there's no downgrade from trailers, the e3 reveal, or footage you've seen. It looks amazing. Also really fun so far, might be my favorite Infamous yet.

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@tobougg: My advice to you would be to return your PS4 and start saving up for a good gaming PC -- it's obvious you desire bleeding edge graphical technology, and now more than ever you're going to find that exclusively on PC. I also suggest getting a 4K capable display once you do. You also need to remember that last generation we experienced a pretty huge leap -- from standard definition to HD -- that simply isn't present in this console transition. That being said, I can see a pretty damn big difference between Killzone 3 and Shadow Fall. I mean, it's a very obvious leap. AC4 to a lesser extent (but it's still much clearer, smoother, and faster loading), but that's expected since the game is being released on 6 platforms with a scalable engine. As everyone else here has said, the games will look better every year, there's no question.

Also, are you playing on a 1080p capable television? Seems like an obvious question, but you shouldn't even have a PS4 if your TV is stuck at 720p (you'd be surprised how many gamers have no idea what their TV max output is) :P

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@boonetown: Super Mario World. Holy shit it's tough. :P