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Rayman Legends Is The Best Game I've Played This Year

I liked Rayman Origins a great deal, even buying it twice on different systems (360, then my Vita), but at times it was the game became really frustrating -- the final few levels were devilish in their trial-and-error gameplay memorization requirements, and really took a lot of the joy out of the experience for me.  Still a great game though, make no mistake.


I knew from playing the Rayman Legends demo back on Wii U in February that it was going to be something special -- the musical levels alone were better than anything I'd played in Origins.   



However, nothing prepared me for what is easily one of the best 2D platformers ever made, a game that puts everything Miyamoto has done in the 2D realm in the last 20 years to absolute shame.  Yes, it's that good.


Rayman Legends is just a more refined work -- more beautiful, more joyous, more varied, and more importantly, much more playable.   Gone are the nasty trial-and-error time based chase levels, replaced with gleeful musical levels that top off each already amazing world.   They're more or less a reward for your hard work -- something to look forward to after a dastardly (but awesome) boss battle.  


It's really sad to see Nintendo beat so badly at their own game.   Mario remains entertaining but boringly safe.  Rayman Legends is crazy, beautiful, and wonderful.  



This is a single player game with tons of content.  True, you can play couch co-op with up to 3 additional (4 if you have a Wii U) players, but it's really obvious this game is meant to be enjoyed on your own.   



So put down your dreary, cynical shooters and multiplayer pissing contests.   Embrace teriffic creativty, beautiful art, and a game that embodies pure happiness.   Trust me, you won't be disappointed.