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PS3 And Heavenly Sword? Yes Please

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Finally took the plunge. As a lover of many Sony-exclusive franchises (MGS, Final Fantasy, Ratchet and Clank), and in need of a Blu-Ray player, I decided to give it a shot. So far, so good. The AWESOME: 1) Incredible Blu-Ray functionality. Since I got a newer TV, I wanted to see what the 1080p looked like, and Blu-Ray is jaw-dropping indeed. So far I've only seen Ice Age 2. Am going to rent 300, but I've seen it too many times already on standard DVD. :D 2) Heavenly Sword. The only game I bought with the system. Some of the most incredible visuals I've seen in a game to date, period. Fun, frantic gameplay that reminds me of a cross between Devil May Cry, and God Of War. I'm just happy to be a playing an action game on a Next-Gen console that doesn't qualify as FPS diahrea. I will post a full review soon. The CRAPTACULAR: Online, Online, Online and Online: Want to appreciate Xbox Live? Then tune into Sony's clunky, slow, and poorly-interfaced online service. It took me close to an hour to download the Motorstorm demo. And the background downloading STOPS WHEN YOU PLAY A GAME. What kinda crap is that? Am I supposed to go to work and leave my PS3 on so I can complete 2 downloads? Home is coming, and I really hope they make some serious improvements. This service is free for a reason: You get what you pay for. :) All in all I'm very happy. The only Next-Gen I don't have is the Wii. Until Nintendo changes their stance (or rather lack of support for) regarding hardcore gamers, I will not hop on board. Later all!