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I can't believe i did it!!!!

After all this time I have finally given up and purchased an xbox360 this weekend.  I have always been and always will be a supporter of sony but i needed something new and the ps3 just isn't there yet.  Don't get me wrong i always buy all the new systems but this is the first time I didn't pre-order the new playstation before it came out and also the first time sony wasn't in my house before anyone else.  And just to stop all the fanboys before they start it had nothing to do with the price.  The 360 still cost me over $600 dollars when I was done.  The raw fact of the matter is that the developers just aren't up to the challenge yet to use the ps3's power. i'll probable buy the ps3 in 6-8 months once the developers are caught up and the really crazy games that it is capable of handling should start coming out then.