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Sony Crapstation Slim = Total Fail

Introducing the latest way Sony plans on failing this generation......

:::::::::: DRUMROLL PLEASE ::::::::::::


What? No applause?
Oh yeah, of course there's not, because it's crap.

Sony has decided that people don't want nice things in their homes. Who'd want something that looks nice in their entertainment center? That would let others speculate that the owner had taste and standards and you know, eyes that worked.

So we're fortunate enough that Sony has released the ugliest console in recent memory. But wait, you ask "Leroy, it can't be THAT bad"

In response I'd like to remind readers that my name is Jason and no, it's bad.

Yes it's smaller but it's got basically the same footprint, what's changed is it's height and that's never been an issue. Also by lowering it's height when horizontal that means that when it's vertical it easily tips over. Don't worry though Sony is already making stands for the console. See they knew there'd be a problem there and instead of including the stand they have you buy it separately, isn't Sony great?

Let's get to my biggest issue, it's finish, or lack thereof.

The console is wrapped in flat unfinished plastic that has a texture. The outside of the console looks like it's at step 2 out of 5 on the assembly line. Know when writable DVD's started picking up and everyone got one of those cheap Apex DVD players so they could watch home movies of family events on them? The Apex DVD players that brand new out of the box looked the same as components that are heavily weathered at a yard sale?

That's what the Slim looks like

Kitty's tongue = PS3 Slim

Who gives electronic components a texture?
I mean who else besides a company trying to cut costs by releasing an inferior product releases electronic components with a texture?

What's the number one threat to all electronics?
Gorilla drinking Red Bull with a sack of hammers

But you know the SECOND biggest problem?

So what does Sony do? They release a console that if you listen veeeery close you can actually hear it sucking the dust towards it. Run a Swiffer over it and you'll have a very nice contrast between the dusted plastic on top and the dust filled texture underneath.

I'm sure Sony's original plan was to just throw all the PS3 components in a cardboard box and let users cut a slit in the side and call it a "green" console.

The new Slims can't run third party applications on them. That's not a big deal since most users don't even know it can so that's not something worth complaining about. If someone wants me to I'd be more then happy to edit this but I'd much rather do another sentence on how awful the thing looks.

Honestly, this thing is the console eqivalent of watching how hot dogs are made.

So let us count some Sony failures this generation shall we?

That worked well for them

Glad to see that was such a pressing need they had to work to eliminate it.

Which after reading the last link has to make you giggle lol

Now that's not even counting it's underwhelming PSN service which I always say...

"The best way to describe the PSN service is that it feels like it's free"

The fact that the PS3 is just weak when it comes to games. I hear Sally Struthers is starting a new charity getting game disks into hungry PS3 drive slots. I mean the console is pathetic when it comes to games.

It's got a few exclusives and then......nothing lol

Multiplats are all better elsewhere save maybe 3 titles?
"Sony, when you can't possibly want the best"

I mean the refs in Madden this year don't even have striped socks. I'm also pretty sure that Hasselbeck only has one hand and Adrian Peterson just "hovers" over the field because he's only got a torso, head, and arms.

But let's stick to the PS3 Slim just like all the dust on the planet

Not only is it a failed attempt to beat Microsoft....(how's that Elite price drop taste Sony? Want another bite?)

It's giving the users less and hoping they fall for it

The Slim is inferior to the "fat" but Sony doesn't care, they're content with failing this gen. The "fat's" nice buttons? Gone, too expensive. They're just trying to cover their losses as much as possible before the next gen starts.

So remember this saying for the current generation

"Not everything that fails is Sony, but everything that's Sony fails"

Stop Asking For Games!


Oh dear LORD it's thread after thread asking "what game should I get?". No, that's a good day, usually what it is some sort of broken monosyllabic utterance like "wut game iz gud?"

Now that the fatman is on the way there's even more of these threads asking what games they should ask for Christmas.

Stop it, stop asking for games
I don't care, no one cares
All you're doing is showing that you have NO BUSINESS PLAYING GAMES.

You're on a gaming site with literally hundreds of thousands of pieces of literature on games of all sorts. Every single possible game you can think of has some sort of notation here. Go look it up.

Now someone is going to say "well what about my economic status?" Yeah terrific, watch me break this down...

YOU'RE POOR: Since you can't get a game whenever you want don't trust strangers to make the choice for you. Go do the research so you'll get the game you want since you'll be stuck with it for a while.

YOU'RE RICH: It doesn't matter if you like the game or not. Enjoy what you can out of it then go grab another.

Now if you fall in between these two (WHICH EVERYONE DOES) then there is not one single reason to ask for a game.

I've had people personally ask me about games. I have a friend (who will remain nameless so he's not associated with a jerk) who knows my taste and history with certain franchises and companies and asked my advice on some games. He broke down each game with their pros and cons and offered a very intelligent conversation between the games.

That's fine. That's the way it should be done. He didn't just create a thread asking "What games are good?"

Also, back on the threads people make, here's two all time favorites...

"What games are good and don't say Mario" or "What's a good game and no Halo plz"

Do you not want any Mario games because you already have them all and want something different? Do you not like platformers and that's why you said that? Do you just not like THAT kind of platformer?

Same with Halo, do you have it, do you like the genre and just not the franchise or do you hate it altogether?

If you need to ask such vague questions then you have no business gaming. This hobby is not for you. What's more your speed is the library. Lots of books there and you can flip through anything you want before you take it home.

Go do your own research or get out of gaming, stop bothering everyone else with your inability to work your hobby.

Why Dating A Gamer Is Awful

Never date a gamer, gamers are the worst possible people you could date.
You always hear gamers say "Oh I wish I could find a girl/guy who was a gamer".
Oh no you don't, that is your worst nightmare.  

Why are gamers so awful, well let's start with the hardware and software you'll need in a relationship with a gamer...  

2 television sets: You're gamers so the standard 20 inch tube set wont work. So be prepared to buy 2 LCD sets that range from the bedroom size of 40 inches to a living room of 60 or more. All playing together will be online because neither one will share TV space for split screen. You'll each have your own TV for your gaming, and they better be close in specs or one will always be complaining.

2 of every console. Have a Wii? Well then you have two. Can't wait for the XBOX 720? Well the two 360's is an interesting way to do it. You'll need 2 consoles so you can play...

2 of every title. When a new game comes out you're both going to want to play it. That means 2 Fables, 2 Little Big Planets, 2 Mario Galaxies. No one is going to wait until the other one is done with it.

One heck of a broadband service. No wimpy DSL or cable service. We're talking Verizon FIOS or higher so both consoles are able to download all the patches and demos you need without slowing down the other person too much.   

That's just the hardware side of things, let's also get into the other aspect of the relationship...  

You can't talk about almost all of the games you're playing because you don't want to spoil it for the other person. That means any part of the 60 hours you've logged on Fallout? Mum's the word! Unlock the secret mystery in Fable? Zip it!  

You can't even ask each other for help because it spoils something for the other person.  

So great job, now you're unable to talk about your hobby completely  

Dating a gamer may look good on the surface but in the end it's a costly and complicated relationship that leaves no one the winner.

Jesus Christ's New Job

With it being Sunday and all sometimes the thoughts drift into religion.

Today I'm wondering if Jesus Christ is still a carpenter plus what else is he doing these days?

Back in the day a carpenter was a high tech job. So when Jesus Christ was doing it you knew he was a capable guy doing a job that needed smarts and skill. When you asked Jesus Christ to make a desk for you he didn't open a box and put together the pre arranged pieces. He measured and cut and sanded everything himself.

Is he still doing it today?
I understand that he died for our sins but does that include being under the worst glass ceiling in history?

With all the people always getting an invite upstairs he must always be learning new things. Maybe he even goes back to school every once and a while. He wouldn't be a teacher though because that's too easy a job that doesn't even have a year long commitment. Whatever Jesus Christ picks it would be a career where you have to be trustworthy and would need long term dedication.

Maybe Jesus Christ is doing IT work these days. He's in charge of a giant network and he fixes everything that glitches up the lines. People send him requests and he has to help them with their problems.

Also, if we're on the subject of Jesus Christ doing new things don't you think he's sick of the music by now?

For centuries he's heard songs like "Oh Jesus Christ walk on water" "Died for our sins" "Up on the cross" I always imagine that when he hears these songs he's yelling down "Great, I walked on water...........two thousand years ago! I took up golf, anyone want to sing about that? Not only is my handicap a 3 but I cured 3 handicaps on the way to the 7th hole last weekend. Nope, don't want to disturb you, you just sing the 20,000th song about me hopping across the pond"

Plus, don't you think the cross bothers him?
Do this, imagine your favorite grandmother. Now imagine that grandmother died by slipping on a bath mat and hitting her head on the toilet. When she died you went out and had a charm made of your grandmother laying prone on that bath mat with the toilet. You think your family is going to love your new jewelry? Way to do Nana proud?

What happens if Jesus Christ runs into someone with a cross on the street on his way to pick up his dry cleaning? He just looks at them puzzled for a sec then says "Hey, I don't want to be rude but you know that I died on one of those right? I mean they NAILED me to it and they tortured me until I died. It was pretty well known and I'm just wondering why you're wearing that?"

It's gotta be a sore spot.

When I think Jesus Christ I don't think about a guy who did things in the past. I think of a guy who did them in the past and he's still doing things today.

Nintendo Has Failed It's Users

Well Nintendo's done it.

They pulled the wool over everyone's eyes. Suckered them all into investing in the Wii this generation and then pulled the rug out from under everyone who they fooled.

We shoudnt be angry, it's just how their "kind" operates.
You know their "kind" don't you?

A developer who knows that they can fool people into buying whatever they throw out just because of a name on the box.

Usually this is reserved for companies like Capcom, now it's Nintendo.

In the past Nintendo has been respected. As being one of the best developers and publishers with so many franchises followed by millions, they COULD have released anything but they chose not to. Their games all had a level of care and polish not seen from anyone else in the industry.

Their new games might take a while but you always looked forward to their new titles because they were going to fantastic.

Nintendo has decided that users don't want games in 2008 and 2009, instead they want to play all the Gamecube games again. They want it's users to go back to 2001.

Oh and they don't want to just PORT the games over. No, that would be silly. They want to tack on new control schemes! If it's one thing the Wii desperately needs it's MORE last gen games with tacked on controls. Shoddy looking games with controls never intended for the game? Where do I sign up???

Now I know some of you are having a hard time understanding that Nintendo pulled the wool over your eyes and you're going to try to make yourself feel better with the next sentence...

"Nintendo has rereleased games before, lots of times"

Here's where I crush your last shred of hope.....

Games like "Link to the Past" HAVE been rereleased but there's one major difference.

The game was always rereleased on a platform that could not play the other version. That means if you bought the SNES version and you want it for the GameBoy Advance you can't stick the NES cart in your handheld. If you have a Wii that's not going to take that SNES cart either.

Nintendo is rereleasing Gamecube games.
Just to point this out, the Wii plays every single Gamecube game ever made. The insides of the Wii hide a Gamecube. There's no software emulation, no code to be written, nothing, nada, zilch. The hardware is Gamcube hardware. Put in a Gamecube game and you have Gamecube hardware playing that game.

Nintendo knows it can make money though. Never mind the fact that they make profit on the Wii and the DS. Never mind the fact that their first party games are already huge sellers.

Nintendo knows it can fool it's base into getting old games just because it has the name Nintendo slapped on the front of the case.

Nintendo is also doing this with the Gamecube. The worst modern day console and one of the worst consoles of all time. A console with such a sucktacular library and hardware that it forced Nintendo to change everything and make the Wii.

The Gamecube was such a huge failure that Nintendo had to change it's strategy or stop making games. So of course what all gamers want to do is revisit this generation of fail.

Maybe this is Nintendo trying to make up the money it lost last gen with it's awful hardware and game support. Maybe they think they can sucker enough people to finally make the money they thought they'd make last gen.

Another thing people are going to say is this.....

"You don't have to buy the remakes"

Oh, did a little glimmer of hope pop up that I didn't crush earlier? Let me get that.....

Nintendo is using time and money making these games. They're using time and money that could be going for new games and putting them towards old games. Nintendo doesn't use it's low level guys for anything, heck Nintendo doesn't even HAVE low level guys. If you look at the history of Nintendo rereleasing games on different platforms they are all polished and have problems fixed. Once again I'll bring up "Link to the Past", the rerelease on the GBA was more polished and fixed flaws that were in the SNES version.

So yeah, the guys who SHOULD be making new games? They'll be busy making the old ones.

Nintendo already has your money since you bought a Wii so you helped their market share. They fooled you into thinking that they were going to support you and they failed you. Not only did they fail you but now they're insulting you as well by trying to show off the fact that you can do everything you did last gen all over again. The Wii isn't a whole new way to play games, it's a whole new way to sucker people.

I wish I could tell all of you I told you so but the sad fact is they suckered me too.

Happy Birthday Jason, Here Is Disease!

It is my birthday and for such an event my body thought the perfect gift was disease.

Nothing bad, either a cold or a flu. Except you die from a flu so I always like the cold option. I actually prefer the 24 hour bug version,nah I like the 72 hour bug. See if it's a 24 hour bug then people think you were just faking that one day and making it out to be more then it was. 72 hour bug gives you time to act sick, understand that being sick SUCKS, and then you're better.

I've been sick all week so I have an "official" sickness. I cough, I have a fever, sore throat, I'm a little loopy in the head, and when I rinse out my sinuses it looks like I'm trying to smuggle pineapple yogurt because about a quarter cup of fluid with that viscosity runs out of my nose each and every time I do it.

That's the weird thing with noses. You blow your nose and nothing much comes out. Go flush out your sinuses and here comes the yogurt. Sometimes I wonder if losing so much mucous makes you dizzy because your head is lighter after it's all empty.

It's also Go Nagai's birthday today.
Who is Go Nagai? Well if you're asking that then I'll tell you, if you didn't ask that then please hold on a second why I explain to everyone else.

Go Nagai is the man who created all of the super robots I love. He's one of the fathers of anime and is the father of giant robots. He made...

Getter Robo



Cutey Honey

If there is a Japanese Giant Robot he probably had a hand in creating it. Heck some places even have statues of his giant robots as shown here....

I'm pretty sure that's in Spain

He didn't do just robots but those are the ones I love the most.

Heck just this morning I was racing in Forza 2 to the soundtrack from Great Sea Battle and then the Getter Robo G soundtrack.

I downloaded every single demo on XBOXLive. It wasn't that I wanted to play them all it was to see if I could fill up my hard drive.

I'm sick, I'm going now. I'll do my usual stuff when I run out of yogurt.

The Wii Is A Trash Can

Yes, the Wii is a trash can.

Well ok, that's not fair. That's an insult to the trash can because at least a trash can doesn't require you to buy specially developed trash to throw away.

With the latest rumors swirling around with Capcom's Resident Evil 2 being redone (please GOD let them be false) it's now official. The Wii is the place where trash goes.

It's not a surprise that the best selling console gets shovelware, if you have a profitable console you get shovelware. You HOPE for shovelware because that means your console is doing well. Lesser devs who can't compete with the big boys make crappy games trying to lure a few inexperienced buyers, it's the circle of life.

What's depressing about the Wii is that REAL developers put out trash for the console.

Capcom's latest blunder is proof positive it's following the line of devs that dump their trash on the Wii. They started off well with Resident Evil 4 and then made a strong follow up with Zack and Wiki, then their REAL intentions started coming with a broken, ugly Okami. Not only did the PS2 version control better but it LOOKED better as well. Then Capcom decided to release Resident Evil 0 with Wii controls and all was lost. Capcom has found out that even though these games are old and dated they can be rehashed over and over for the Wii.

Goodbye new titles, hello new trash for the Wii!!!

It's not just Capcom either. The Wii gets plenty of trash from everyone.

No More Heroes was supposed to be a huge title for the Wii. Instead it was a broken game that looked bad, played bad, and sounded bad. The only thing that saved it was the story. Slow, repetitive, boring gameplay to get further in the story. The SAME EXACT THING over and over and over. While you're not focusing on the story you can take time out to see just how little care was given when the game was made.

I've come to the conclusion the "dumpster scenario" is why some people like it. Normally you'd scoff at the idea of eating a 2 day old hamburger BUT if you had to eat something out of a dumpster and it was between the 2 day old hamburger and a shoe covered in mold you'd pick the hamburger over hobo shoe any day of the week.

Same with No More Heroes. If you want a game like that and you have a Wii it's that or nothing.

Anyone who is interested in the game should just rent a Tarantino movie and wave your arms while you navigate the menus. You'll have more fun.

Even good games are an example of trying to be transformed into trash.

MLB Power Pros and MLB Power Pros are the best games that the Wii has to offer. They're great in every possible way except one.

2K neuters the titles!!!!!!

That's right, the best games on the Wii could be better. But 2K doesn't want to do that. Instead they'll water down the games by takes out features and gameplay modes.

The Wii is a great console but more and more it's a trash can. Used by developers that put their least capapable people on games (Capcom with Okami) and stripped titles that are laughable compared to what the games are supposed to have (2K with MLB)

So next time you take a look at the Wii make sure you're seeing this

and not seeing this

Because it's plain as day that developers can't tell the difference.


Resident Evil 2 will NOT be remade!!!!!

Now all they have to do is stop that awful Dead Rising game and we'll be getting somewhere!

Move Over Wii - Hello New XBOX360

Well the time has come.
I was a Wii only gamer this gen but I decided that the time is right to get a 360.

I picked up an Elite bundle and I love it.

Before I get the "You should have waited for the Jasper chipset you noob" let me explain my plan because it's awesome.

  1. 1. I had the store take off the 50 dollar price cut when I bought it.
  2. 2. It came with two games that I want that each retail for 29.99 (Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance)
  3. 3. I bought the extended warranty for 59.99

Now check this out. The warranty is the same price as those two games that I would be buying if I bought the Jasper so I paid the same amount of money PLUS I get the extended warranty.

This one has the Falcon and people say that the XBOX360 is loud? All you can hear is the fan and the disk drive spinning. The people that are like "It's so loud don't even think about watching movies with it because you wont hear the dialogue" To those people I say you are nuttier then a Snickers.

The Wii is great and I don't know how any gamer can NOT have it since it breathes new life into a ton of different genres and franchises but it can only go so far. To put it another way, it's great to try new foods but sometimes you want a tried and true home cooked meal. The 360 is the tried and true home cooked meal.

The software for the console has grown to the point to where there's titles already released that I want and there's titles in the future that I'm looking forward to. Heck I even did something I NEVER said I'd do, I preordered a game! How crazy is that? Of course I broke it down factoring in that if I preordered Fable 2 I'd get Pub Games free and then I got the limited edition with extra game content all for the price of the regular edition plus tax at the store so I was like "ehh screw it" and picked it up.

Netflix was another grab for me. The ability to watch movies and shows instantly was HUGE for me. I like a lot of obscure stuff and the XBOX360 is the ONLY console to offer me the ability to watch it on my TV.

I like the demo service, it's not a big deal to me but it's a nice addition to try out games. With a 120gig drive and awesome broadband connection I've downloaded every demo possible I think lol That's more to seeing if I can download them all rather then actually trying the games. I do try a few but I just wanted to see what that puppy could do lol

In the fall when we're able to download games to the hard drive (although leaving the disk in the drive to check for ownership) there will be another jump in performance. Load times and small glitches will be erased.

The avatar system sounds fun too. Sure it's a total rip off of the Mii's but it works for the Wii and they're using it on the 360. It's stupid to not do what works when you're able. I like the idea of avatars because it takes creativity to create something to represent you instead of just copy/pasting a picture made by someone else and calling it you. The pictures seem like a "casual" thing where they give you a picture quick so you can start learning to play video games, well versed gamers can take the time to create something unique.

So now the Wii has to give up some space for the 360. There's just too much to play this gen to say the Wii can do everything, it can't and it will never be able to. Games wont be able to be ported to it and if they are they'll suck. Heck even last gen games ported to it suck (Hi Okami you broken heap of a game). The Wii simply cannot do it all, it has it's own area of games and it does them very well but if you want the opportunity to play all the genres available these days you need a second console so why not pick the best?

Right now the 360 is doing everything the best. It's not limited in it's games and it's not making you wait for a future date to utilize the console. It's the best for games, online, and media right now and for the foreseeable future.

It was a nice upgrade and I'm glad I did it.

Microsoft Has Won - Sony Has Lost

Well that's it, Microsoft has won.
Honestly, it was never a race but now Sony is so busy falling over themselves that it's laughable. There was a time you could just not see eye to eye with someone who took Sony up on their promises, now you just feel bad.

Sony wants you to wait and one day you'll have the best console. They love talking about their ten year plan, what they forget to tell everyone is that in the beginning of that cycle they'd be offering nothing but crap. It's one of the most sophisticated pieces of hardware you can buy yet it fails to beat the 360 at anything.

This is what Sony is saying....

USER : "I wonder what console I want?"
SONY : "Please buy the most sophisticated console ever"

USER : "Oh great, so it'll do everything the best right? I love the best!"
SONY : "Well no, new technology takes time, research and development, you know"

USER : "Oh, well that's ok, so it'll do most things best?"
SONY : "As we said before, it takes time. Did we mention the ten year plan?"

USER : "Oh, well I guess that's ok then. I have my last gen library to hold me over"
SONY : "And you'll love playing them on your PS2!"

USER : "Don't you mean my PS3?"
SONY : "We don't support that anymore"

USER : "Why did you do that?"
SONY : "You said you didn't want it anymore"

USER : "I did? I could have sworn......Well anyhow as long as I'm able to play the exclusive Final Fantasy I'm in!"
SONY : "Yeah, about that.........."

Sony doesn't want to offer you the best games, the best media experience, the best online service, the best content.......
The list can go on and on, everything they want to offer users now is SECOND RATE.
With the hope that someday you MAY have the best, maybe.

Microsoft on the other hand wants to offer you the best.
If you want the best games you play them on the 360
If you want the best online service you pick the 360
If you want the best media content you pick the 360

How did Grand Theft Auto feel on the PS3? Lacking? Oh that's right because the full version isn't on the PS3, it's on the 360. Want the incomplete version of Fallout? Well the PS3 version is right there waiting for you. Do you want the FULL Version? Well then you'll want to get the 360 version.
I could make the joke that in Madden the 360 version has all the teams while the PS3 version never heard of a team called "The Packers" but something tells me it's too close to the truth.

As I mentioned before, Final Fantasy is now on the 360. That sound you heard when Final Fantasy was announced was every Sony exec wailing in a panic.

Netflix is another 7 million plus waiting to join the 360's ranks. With a larger userbase installed Netflix will be able to offer more movies online PLUS entertainment you can't get anywhere else on your TV.

Sony's last arguing point is that the PS3 is outselling the 360 right now. Well that's very true, it is. Although when we take a closer look we see that at the margin it's selling the PS3 will beat the 360 in sales in 200 months, to put it another way that's.....


At the current rate the PS3 will outsell the 360 in 16 years. Now I wasn't a math major in school but I'm almost positive that's over a half decade more then Sony's 10 year plan.

Microsoft has won.

Do You Have Self Esteem For Gaming?

Time for a game everybody!

We're going to play "Do I have healthy self esteem for gaming?"

It's really easy to play, all you need to do is see if some of the following comments describe how you feel.

  • 1. There are certain games that I feel funny about buying, maybe even some I wouldn't buy at all because I'm afraid how I might look doing it.
  • 2. I care what systems I buy. I limit myself to choices that don't allow others to question who I am.
  • 3. I care about what else is on my system of choice. I'm afraid that others people's choices will reflect on me and I'm afraid to be judged that way.
  • 4. I care who is playing the system of my choice. I don't want to play a system that my Mom or grandmother can play. That would make people think less of me as a gamer and that threatens me.

If you answered yes to any of those statements then I'd like you to sell off your systems and pick another hobby. You're lacking self esteem needed for gaming.

All gaming comes down to one thing.

Pretending to be an imaginary character in a world of make believe.

Let me say that again. You're playing MAKE BELIEVE!

What's sad is that there's such a large chunk of people that are scared, afraid, even petrified to make a misstep when it comes to gaming.

I also love how many people think that people care.

Some people actually use this logic.......

"Buying Super Princess Peach is bad, buying Super Mario Bros is ok, buying Grand Theft Auto is best!"

Yes that's right, that hottt girl you see really thinks you're a cool customer because you're buying a certain game. She is no way unimpressed that you're afraid to buy certain games. You know what they say? The best way to show a woman you're a stud is to be afraid of things.

Who cares what games are on a system?

Are you buying them?


Ok then what is it? And don't give me this "I'm worried about how the company looks" because that's a lie and we both know it. You're worried that people are going to see through your shell and once that happens it's all over.

It's the same for who plays what system and who you play with. Heck, I play Pokemon with my Mom and I don't feel "ashamed", I'm not scared that someone might see me a certain way. I don't care because here's another thing in life, the people who worry about these things don't matter in real life. They're too busy hiding away trying to look cool instead of being cool.

That's the nice thing about self esteem. When you have it you don't care about who plays what or who does what. You don't worry about yourself and you do what you want, if you want a certain game you go to the store and buy it. You want a system go buy it. You want to play with someone you go do it. Makes life a lot easier.

Just remember, it's all make believe!

Enjoy yourself

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