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Best BC2 Weapons

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My favourite Weapons

In my opinion, the burst fire rifles are by far the best as they control recoil, deliver a lot of damage and takes down targets quicker.

Very similar to the AN-94 but pumps out more lead, this can be good or bad depending on how many times you pull the trigger and how many targets are in your field of view.


Has the edge over the XMBC because of the lower fire rate, raising the capability of shooting long range targets and lowering recoil. But is no match for the top SMG.

Easily the best SMG for me so far (DAMN, HAVEN'T GOTTEN UMP). It is an all round performer!


M249 SAW
Great stats however the sights are hard to use, when combined with a red dot sight or 4x scope, this LMG annihilates enemies with its 200 bullet magazine.

The definition of over powered, great for counter attacking snipers as it can kill from range with just five shots. Also performs well in close quarters with ease.

So, who is an M95 fanboy? Face it, if you know how to use a sniper, you don't need that tiny bit of extra damage. In my opinion it is the best sniper as it has an easy to use scope and has a fast bolting time.

Same as the M24 but offers more precision over long ranges, the bullet drop is much lower as a magnum round is fired. When combined with magnum ammo (ironic) it is a killing machine. It also has the fastest bolting time.


I may be writing a full weapons guide for the Veteran Shooters Union so keep an eye out for that! It will include the full statistics for the weapons with my opinion of them among other things.

Blog Question

What cl@ss do you like to play as in Battlefield Bad Company 2? If you don't own Battlefield Bad Company 2, what cl@ss would you like to play as?

Blaster Master and BC2 Stats

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Another level up, leveling now seems SOOO much easier than it previously used to be.

Blaster Master - One of the greatest (and hardest) NES games of all time. Game play switched between walking and driving, which was pretty darn cool at the time.


I've mastered the Assault, Recon and Vehicle cl@sses now and I am now on the last tier for the Engineer cl@ss but I am getting a little bored now that I have most of the weapons and gadgets.

General Stats
Score:403,972 - Kills:1,991 - Deaths:1,593 - K/D Ratio:1.25 - Time:1d 12h

Gold Star Weapons

XM8 PROTOTYPE Kills:123 Headshots:23

AN-94 ABAKAN Kills:188 Headshots:47

M16A2 Kills:116 Headshots:40

AKS-74U KRINKOV Kills:149 Headshots:26

M249 SAW Kills:166 Headshots:32

M24 SNIPER Kills:119 Headshots:94

WWII M1911 .45 Kills:91 Headshots:8




Anyone like the new blog layout with the new titles?

Backorder...and taking computers apart!

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I pre-odered Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City for PS3 about a week ago and now my copy has become a backorder so it won't be arriving for a while, that's if it arrives. There were too many pre-orders, and I ordered pretty late so I should have expected it.

Backorder - "Seller's order for goods from a supplier that have been requested by the seller's customer but are not in the seller's current inventory. A back order is an open obligation (of the supplier to ship and of the buyer to accept) until the merchandise becomes available and the transaction can be completed."

Yesterday I took my old computer apart and took out its old graphics card. It was a Nvidia 6600, pretty old, but it's still probably better than the crappy Intel chipset that I have right now, damn family computers. Hopefully getting a gaming computer in about ten weeks, might even put it together myself. Then I can play Splinter Cell: Conviction and other awesome exclusives that I missed out on.

Level Up!

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Just got to level 21 recently. Rescue Ranger.

Right now, I'm pinned down to my desk finishing off what remains of my geography assignment which is preventing me from playing Bad Company 2. I managed to play a few multiplayer matches yesterday and they were superior to any experience retained from playing Modern Warfare 2. My favourite cl@sses are recon and engineer so far!

I can't get around that wall...

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I got Battlefield Bad Company 2 after two weeks of waiting but it was definitely worth the wait. BFBC2 has significantly improved from its origins and is a blast to play!

I have managed to make it half way through the campaign and the gameplay is simply amazing. Movement and gun use feels realistic. Not to mention shotgun range is close to realistic. Unknown to most gamers, modern shotguns can have as much range as an assault rifle, a good example is the AA12, which has fatal effects on targets within 250 metres. The mood of the series has changed, even though some comedy remains, it is now more serious. My favourite weapon is by far an explosive round shotgun that I found, ultimate destructive power!

I havn't got around to multiplayer yet but I'll play it straight after I finish the campaign.

Got the Laptop!!!!

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Hey guys I'm actually at school right now and I just got that laptop that I was talking about in my last blog! It's AWESOME and I am really enjoying it! I can't put any pictures in my blog, only simple text, but it's OK. When I get home later today, I'll post another blog tonight with the laptop specs and a picture.

I also bought Battlefield Bad Company 2 on CDWOW and I'm just waiting for it to arrive. It seems to be really good and plenty of my friends are getting it aswell.

Heavy Workload

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Haven't been blogging recently because of all the worked being pumped out from my school. A big bulk of it is made up of assignments, but unfortunately they are no longer those 'kiddie' assignments where you only create a flashy poster. At this age, they expect more and I guess they should. But I wish the teachers were aware of the work we get from other subjects or gave us a week of warning before the assignment is handed out, so we can plan out our time before it is thrown in our faces.

Enough of the doom of school. On a much brighter side, all students hitting grade nine this year will be receiving laptops! YAY! It will be able to replace our textbooks and make taking notes a lot easier. The laptop itself isn't impressive but it is a generous offer from the government that I am willing to take. I wish they didn't modify the laptop to have a smaller screen, I have no idea what that is meant to achieve but it is rather inconvenient. It is unclear when we will be given the laptops but we do know that they will be issued within the next two weeks.

The laptop looks similar to the one below but with a 10" screen instead of a 11.6" one.

Da Best Game EVER!

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Top 20 Favourite Games

Number ONE!

My favourite game of all time! Grand Theft Auto IV is an amazing sandbox action-adventure game. GTA's famed over-the-top action and tongue-in-cheek humor are intact, but there is a new level of sophistication in the characters and the game world that raises the story above the norm. The GTA series was revolutionised and it showed the sophistication of the game consoles. This game is simply outstanding and one of the only games to receive a 10, atleast from Gamespot! It is very addictive and worth getting!

Quick Question!!!

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It's my 50th blog and I just need to ask a quick question.

Do you guys know any good flash games?

Please leave a comment with your favourite flash games!

Thank you to everyone who had a positive reaction to my new Rockstar themed page on my last blog!